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7 Best Crypto Exchanges In UAE And Dubai

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7 Best Crypto Exchanges In UAE And Dubai

If you are trading crypto from the United Arab Emirates then this article of the best crypto exchange in UAE and Dubai is for you. The platforms in this article have all been verified as top platforms in UAE based on positive customer reviews, advanced trading features, high security, low fees, and plenty of listed cryptocurrencies.

Best Crypto Exchanges in UAE and Dubai
Best Crypto Exchanges in UAE and Dubai

Our team of professional crypto reviewers consisting of Hamid, Adrien, and Rafiq have made a list of the best platforms to buy and trade crypto from the UAE. Out 40+ exchanges, only 7 made it to the top list.

Best crypto exchange in UAE list

  1. BYDFi - Best crypto exchange and trading platform UAE and Dubai (lowest fees)
  2. Bybit - Best crypto copy exchange in Dubai
  3. Binance - Largest crypto exchange in UAE and Dubai for altcoins
  4. Phemex - Best app for crypto trading in UAE
  5. - Best crypto bot trading platform UAE
  6. Coinbase - Best exchange to buy crypto in UAE
  7. Margex - Top Bitcoin exchange UAE

(This article is not financial advice. Research before investing. Some links are affiliate links, earning us a commission without extra cost for you. Our content remains unbiased regardless of affiliates.)

Short summary

  • Among the reviewed platforms, BYDFi takes the spot as the best crypto exchange in UAE and Dubai, ranking at number one. It boasts a range of user-friendly features, advanced contracts, high liquidity, AED deposits, regulatory compliance, and competitive fees.
  • The UAE and Dubai offers trading in many different crypto exchanges, each catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you're lookgin for an easy way to buy crypto with AED or to actively day trade crypto, this article has covered it all.
  • Trading crypto in the UAE and Dubai can be very rewarding and very profitable, however, it goes without saying that the crypto market comes with high risk of loss. Use leverage and other margin-traded contracts with proper risk management.

Top crypto exchanges and trading platforms in UAE reviewed

During the review stage of each exchange, our team has looked at many different factors, including:

  • Government regulation
  • Security
  • Platform fees
  • Liquidity
  • Trading features
  • Pros and cons
  • KYC
  • Signup process
  • User interface

1. BYDFi - Best crypto exchange and trading platform UAE and Dubai

BYDFi rating 4.9/5

Best crypto exchange in UAE and Dubai: BYDFi review

When considering the best crypto exchange and trading platform in the UAE and Dubai, BYDFi stands out as a top choice based on overall positive customer reviews, high liquidity, government regulation, low fees, and an advanced crypto trading platform.

Launched in 2019, BYDFi has gained popularity due to its user-friendly features and reliable services. Located in Singapore, the platform ensures accessibility to traders in the UAE.

Fees on BYDFi are competitive, with trading fees set at 0.05%. The platform supports a variety of crypto assets, boasting over 30 options. Withdrawal limits are set at 4 BTC for unverified accounts and 100 BTC for verified accounts, ensuring flexibility for users.

Adrien checked the trading fee of BYDFi during his review period of the exchange and confirms that it is 15% cheaper to trade on BYDFi than the other competitors. He reports that he opened 20 positions with a $25,000 lot in the perpetual contracts pit and spent an average of $5 per trade for a total cost of $100. Most other similar exchanges had an average cost of $5,75 per lot traded.

The KYC process is straightforward, enhancing security and compliance. To get started, sign up by providing an email or mobile number, followed by a simple verification.

BYDFi's commitment to user satisfaction, coupled with its array of features, makes it a premier choice for crypto trading in the UAE, aligning with both beginners and experienced traders.

BYDFi features

  • Regulatory Compliance: UAE-approved platform
  • Advanced Trading Tools: Technical indicators
  • Secure Wallet Integration
  • Instant KYC Verification
  • Quick Deposit/Withdrawals
  • High Liquidity Pairs
  • Low Trading Fees
  • Margin Trading: Leverage options
  • Exclusive UAE Promotions
  • One-click Execution


  • Trading fee: 0.02% - 0.3%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.0002 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free

Why we like it

BYDFi's fiat-to-crypto payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers, provide seamless transactions for investors who want to buy and trade crypto in the UAE or Dubai. Customers appreciate its intuitive interface and top-notch security measures, reflected in its high customer satisfaction rate of over 90%.


  1. Multi-Coin Wallet
  2. Global User Base
  3. Innovative Contracts
  4. Copy Trading Feature
  5. AED Fiat Support


  1. Third-Party Integrations
  2. Limited Educational Depth
  3. Limited Staking Coins
  4. No Defi Integrations

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2. Bybit - Best crypto copy exchange UAE

Bybit rating 4.8/5

Best crypto copy exchange UAE: Bybit review

The best crypto copy trading platform in the UAE and Dubai is Bybit which stand out for a multitude of reasons such as a big social community, advanced trading features, futures contract with leverage up to 100x, and a lightning-fast order execution engine. Launched in 2018, Bybit has rapidly positioned itself as a premier crypto trading hub.

Situated in Singapore, it conveniently caters to the UAE market, offering seamless fiat-to-crypto transactions. Notably, Bybit boasts a comprehensive array of features including leverage trading, perpetual contracts, and advanced order types.

Bybit is also famous for its top crypto options trading platform in UAE and Dubai where traders can speculate on short-term price movement and profit from high leverage up to 100x.

Withdrawal limits are generous, allowing users to withdraw up to 100 BTC daily. Bybit's portfolio spans over 30 cryptocurrencies, providing extensive trading options. Stringent KYC protocols ensure security and compliance, enhancing user confidence.

Hamid tested the KYC process of Bybit during his review of the platform and reports that the KYC procedure took less than 40 minutes to complete and the Bybit customer care team helped him on all this requests very successfully. Most other exchange that are similar to Bybit has an account activation time of more than 2 hours.

To begin, sign-up on Bybit involves a straightforward process: provide an email, set a password, and enable two-factor authentication. This ease of onboarding expedites the journey into crypto trading.

Bybit features

  • Arabic Language Interface
  • Social Trading Integration
  • Advanced Charting Tools
  • Dubai Financial Regulations
  • Arabic Customer Support
  • Multilingual Tutorials
  • Market Analysis Blog
  • Demo Trading Mode
  • Fiat Onramp Support


  • Trading fee: 0.03% - 0.1%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.0005 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free

Why we like it

Bybit's commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by its remarkable user ratings, averaging 4.8/5 across multiple review platforms. The platform's fee structure is notably competitive, with trading fees as low as 0.075%.


  1. Futures Trading Available
  2. Liquidation Protection System
  3. Integration with TradingView
  4. VIP Membership Benefits
  5. Tight Spreads


  1. Somewhat complex for beginners
  2. Regulatory Uncertainty
  3. Margin Call Volatility
  4. Limited Staking Options

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3. Binance - Biggest crypto exchange for altcoin trading in UAE

Binance rating 4.7/5

 Biggest crypto exchange in UAE and Dubai: Binanc review

Binance ranks as the best altcoin exchange and trading platform in the UAE and Dubai for various compelling reasons such as user-friendly user interface/trading platform, incentiviced fee structure, cold storage wallets, and a mobile crypto app. Established in 2017, Binance has solidified its reputation as a reliable and innovative platform.

Binance boasts competitive fees, with trading fees as low as 0.1%. The platform supports an extensive range of altcoins, exceeding 300 options, thus providing diverse investment opportunities.

Withdrawal limits are generous, allowing users to withdraw up to 100 BTC daily for verified accounts. Binance implements robust KYC procedures to ensure security and compliance.

To start trading, sign-up is straightforward: visit the Binance website or app, provide necessary details, complete verification, and you're set. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and solid track record, Binance indisputably emerges as the leading altcoin exchange choice for traders in the UAE and Dubai.

Rafiq researched the altcoin selection on Binance during his review period of the platform. He confirms that Binance has one of the largest selections of altcoins among all the platforms in our list and he reports that he found some rare altcoins such as CVP, PNT, FIDA, PSG token, and also the rare Milan fan token called ACM.

Binance features

  • AED Trading Pairs: AED/USDT, AED/BTC
  • Fiat Onramps: Easy AED deposits
  • Leverage Trading: Up to 125x leverage
  • Security Measures: SAFU fund
  • OTC Trading: Large volume trades
  • Price Alerts: Customized notifications
  • Cross-platform Access: Web, app, desktop
  • Crypto Loans: Instant liquidity
  • Binance Visa Card: Crypto payments
  • Innovative Projects: NFTs, DeFi


  • Trading fee: 0.05% - 0.1%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.00005 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free

Why we like it

We like Binance because operating within the UAE, it offers convenient fiat-to-crypto payment methods with the local UAE currency AED(dirham) including credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Customer satisfaction is also evident through its high Trustpilot rating of 4.8, reflecting user contentment with its services which was confired by Hamid during his review period of the exchange.


  1. 300+ coins listed
  2. Trustworthy Reputation
  3. Institutional Services
  4. Low Trading Fees
  5. Binance Academy: Crypto learning


  1. Security Breach History: Past incidents
  2. Limited Customer Support: Delayed responses
  3. Geographical Restrictions: Limited access
  4. Dependence on BNB

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4. Phemex - Best app for crypto trading in UAE and Dubai

Phemex rating 4.6/5

Best app for crypto trading in UAE and Dubai: Phemex review

Phemex stands out as the premier crypto trading app in the UAE and Dubai for numerous compelling reasons. Launched in 2019, it has swiftly gained traction as a reliable platform for crypto enthusiasts. Situated in Singapore, Phemex ensures a secure and regulated environment for trading.

The app offers seamless fiat-to-crypto transactions, including methods like credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Notably, users can conveniently purchase crypto with AED using credit cards and Apple Pay.

Hamid spent 5 hours testing the Phemex app and confirms that it is one of the best crypto apps in UAE with impressive features such as mobile perpetual futures contracts, a savings system, and a market prediction protocol. He tried the savings system with USDT which gave him a 10% yield over 24 hours. He deposited $200 worth of USDT in this protocol and made a $20 profit over 1 day.

Fees on Phemex are competitive, with trading fees starting at 0.10%. Withdrawal limits are generous, allowing users to withdraw up to 100 BTC daily. The platform supports a wide range of crypto assets, over 30 in number, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and popular altcoins.

Stringent KYC measures ensure security, and signing up is a breeze. Simply download the app, provide necessary documents, complete verification, and start trading. In sum, Phemex combines a user-friendly experience, diverse assets, robust security, and favorable fees, making it the ultimate choice for crypto trading in the UAE.

Phemex features

  • Margin Trading Options
  • Fiat-to-Crypto Options
  • Debit/Credit Card Support
  • Automated Trading Bots
  • High Withdrawal Limits
  • OTC Trading Desk
  • Cross-Asset Collateral
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Market Analysis Tools


  • Trading fee: 0.06% - 0.1%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.00057 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free

Why we like it

Phemex's mobile app boasts a user-friendly interface and robust technical specifications such as stop loss orders, take profit orders, in chart customization, technical indicators (MACD + RSI), and a full order book showing depth and order history. With high customer satisfaction, it holds an average rating of 4.8/5 on app stores, reflecting its commitment to user needs.


  1. Spot and Derivatives
  2. AED Trading Pairs
  3. Demo Trading Mode
  4. Referral Rewards Program
  5. Price Alerts System


  1. Complex Interface for Beginners
  2. No Insurance Coverage
  3. No Fiat Withdrawals
  4. Limited Staking Coins

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5. - Best crypto bot trading platform in UAE rating 4.5/5

Best crypto trading bot platform in UAE: review is by far the best crypto trading bot platform in the UAE and Dubai, delivering exceptional services since its launch in 2017. offers a diverse range of fiat-to-crypto payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers, ensuring easy accessibility for users. Examples of supported payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, and SEPA transfers.'s fee structure remains competitive, with a nominal trading fee of 0.2%. Noteworthy features include advanced charting tools, real-time market insights, and a user-friendly interface making it a top automated crypto trading platform in UAE.

Withdrawal limits are generous, allowing users to withdraw up to 100 BTC daily. The platform supports a wide array of crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP), totaling over 100 cryptocurrencies.

Adrien tested the withdrawal speed of the platform during his review period. He first deposited 0.005 BTC at a value of $130 and then made a withdrawal of the total amount to see how long it would take to receive the funds. First the deposit was free of charge, the only fee he reported was the blockchain fee of 0.00005 BTC. The deposit took less than 7 minutes. For the withdrawal fee, he reports that he also only paid the blockchain network fee of 0.00005 BTC and the withdrawal took 8 minutes to arrive in his wallet. ensures security through a robust KYC process, fostering a safe trading environment. The signup process is straightforward: create an account, complete KYC verification, deposit funds, and commence trading. features

  • Fiat Onramps: AED deposits
  • Localized UI: Arabic interface
  • Mobile App
  • IEOs: New tokens access
  • Demo Mode: Practice trading
  • Security Fund: User protection
  • Social Trading: Copy strategies
  • Futures Contracts: Long/short positions
  • Stablecoin Support: Trading stability


  • Trading fee: 0.20%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.001BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free

Why we like it

We chose thanks to its cutting-edge bot features underscore its excellence. offers intelligent trading bots with technical indicators like RSI, Bollinger Bands, and MACD, empowering users to execute informed trades. The platform boasts a user satisfaction rating of 4.8/5, reflecting its commitment to quality service.


  1. Futures Trading
  2. Global Accessibility
  3. Mobile App
  4. Discounted Trading Fees
  5. Margin Borrowing
  6. Auto-Deleveraging


  1. Limited Regulation
  2. Limited Fiat Options
  3. Limited Educational Content
  4. No Insurance

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6. Coinbase - Best exchange to buy crypto in UAE and Dubai

Coinbase rating 4.5/5

 Best exchange to buy crypto in UAE and Dubai: Coinbase review

Coinbase takes the spot as the best exchange to buy Bitcoin and crypto in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. Launched in 2012, it has established itself as a reliable platform globally.

Situated in San Francisco, Coinbase's presence resonates globally, ensuring credibility.

When it comes to fiat-to-crypto payment methods, Coinbase offers seamless transactions through local bank transfers and credit/debit cards. Notably, you can use UAE-based payment methods such as Emirates NBD, ADCB, and Visa/Mastercard.

Coinbase also ranks as the best crypto staking platform in UAE and offer some of the most solid APY rewards for crypto deposits, especially in Dubai. Staking rewards on Coinbase vary from betwee 3.50% up to 7.82% depending on the cryptocurrency you stake.

Its user-friendly interface coupled with bank-level security makes it an ideal platform for both beginners and experienced traders. It boasts features like multi-signature vaults, biometric access, and insurance coverage, ensuring utmost security for your investments.

Customer satisfaction is evident with a Trustpilot rating of 4.6, reflecting users' contentment with its services. Fees are competitive, averaging around 1.49% for transactions.

Rafiq researched the overall customer satisfaction of Coinbase online and found many great reviews on sites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, G2, and also some trusted affiliate websites. On Sitejabber, Coinbase has a review score of 4,3, on Trustpilor a score of 4,2, on G2 a score of 3,8 where most of the customer complaints were coming from delayed withdrawals. He reports that the comments of Coinbase were overall positive.

Coinbase supports an array of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, with over 60 altcoins available. The platform enforces KYC (Know Your Customer) norms, enhancing security and compliance.

Coinbase features

  • AED Trading Pairs: Local currency options
  • AED Fiat Withdrawals: Cash out Bitcoin in UAE
  • Staking Rewards: Passive income
  • Algorithmic Orders: Complex strategies
  • Tax Reporting Tools: Financial clarity
  • Crypto Debit Card
  • Crypto-backed Loans
  • Recurring Buys: Dollar-cost averaging
  • Crypto Education: Learning resources


  • Trading fee: 0.2% - 3.99%
  • Withdrawal fee: 1% + standard network fees
  • Deposit fee: USD10 - 3.99%

Why we like it

We like Coinbase thanks to its withdrawal limits which are set at $30,000 daily for verified UAE users, offering flexibility. Signing up is also a quick process: visit the Coinbase website, provide your email, create a password, complete verification, and you're set to buy and trade crypto.


  1. Instant Buy Options
  2. FDIC Insurance (USD)
  3. Strong Reputation
  4. Cryptocurrency Custody
  5. High Security Standards


  1. Limited Asset Listings
  2. High Fees for Small Trades
  3. Customer Service Delays
  4. High Withdrawal Fees

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7. Margex - Good alternative Bitcoin exchange in UAE

Margex rating 4.5/5

Crypto exchange alternative UAE: Margex review

Looking for the best alternative Bitcoin exchange in UAE and Dubai? Look no further than Margex. Launched in 2020, Margex has swiftly gained popularity for its exceptional offerings. Headquartered in Dubai, it stands as a promising option for traders.

The platform entices stakers with enticing technical specs – a minimum of 0.01 BTC staking and up to 5% APY. Evident in its high customer satisfaction ratings, Margex boasts real ratings above 4.5 on Trustpilot.

Fees are competitive, with a 0.075% taker fee and a -0.025% maker fee, indicating potential earnings for market makers. Noteworthy features include demo trading, up to 100x leverage, and advanced charting tools.

Hamid reviewed the Margex exchange and he wanted to see how the perpetual contract fees were compared to other competitors. He made a deposit of $500 worth of USDT to trade with 100x leverage. He used the maker fee and took 5 trades with the maximum exposure of $500 times 100x leverage which resulted in a position size worth of $50,000. He reports that he made an average fee profit of $12,50 on each trade. This happens because he used the limit order and by adding liquidity to the order book on Margex he was rewarded with a negative fee of 0.025% earning a 0.025% profit on every executed trade.

Withdrawal limits are generous, set at 5 BTC for unverified and 100 BTC for verified accounts. Choose from 30+ crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Margex ensures compliance with KYC regulations, promoting a secure trading environment. Signing up is a breeze – provide an email, set a password, and you're in. Margex's user-centric approach, coupled with its array of features, makes it a standout top Bitcoin exchange in the UAE.

Margex features

  • VIP Account Options
  • Dubai Time Zone Support
  • Auto Trading Algorithms
  • Cold Storage Security
  • Islamic Account Option
  • Automated Portfolio Tracking
  • Shariah-Compliant Services
  • AI-Powered Insights


  • Trading fee: 0.06%
  • Withdrawal fee: Standard network fees
  • Deposit fee: Free

Why we like it

Margex's forte lies in its diverse futures contracts and accurate price alerts, empowering users with real-time insights. Notably, it supports seamless fiat-to-crypto transactions through local methods like bank transfers and credit cards. For instance, Emirates NBD Bank and ADCB debit cards ensure swift transactions.


  1. AED Trading Pairs
  2. Advanced Charting Tools
  3. Margin Trading Options
  4. Dubai Timezone Support
  5. Auto Trading Algorithms


  1. New Exchange
  2. Limited Customer Reviews
  3. Variable Spreads
  4. Limited Fiat Offramps

What is a UAE crypto exchange?

A UAE crypto exchange is a website where people in the United Arab Emirates can do things with digital money, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They can buy, sell, and trade these digital coins on these websites.

These websites work like online stores where users can make accounts, put money in, and do transactions with these digital coins.

They are easy to use and offer lots of different altcoins, even some new ones that have just been released to the market.

This lets people living in the UAE, like in Dubai, be part of the changing world of digital money.

Different types of crypto exchanges in UAE and Dubai

Crypto exchanges in the UAE encompass various categories tailored to different user preferences and experience levels. Centralized exchanges have a centralized control over the tokens deposited into the platform and the user-interface is often very beginner-friendly making it easy to buy, sell, and trade coins.

Decentralized exchanges are platforms where users transact directly over the blockchain and the users are in control over their own tokens and keys. Certain platforms adopt hybrid approaches, amalgamating elements from centralized and decentralized exchanges to accommodate a broader spectrum of users.

How to buy crypto in UAE

To purchase cryptocurrencies in the UAE, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an Exchange: Select a reputable crypto exchange that operates in the UAE, such as those regulated by relevant authorities.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up on the chosen exchange by providing your personal information and completing any required verification steps.
  3. Deposit Funds: Fund your exchange account using local payment methods like bank transfers or credit cards.
  4. Buy Cryptocurrencies: Once your account is funded, navigate the platform to select and purchase the desired cryptocurrencies.
  5. Secure Storage: For enhanced security, consider transferring your purchased crypto to a personal wallet.

Things to consider when choosing a crypto exchange in UAE

When evaluating crypto exchanges in the UAE, consider factors such as:

  • Security Measures: Look for exchanges with robust security features, including two-factor authentication and cold storage.
  • Fees: Compare trading fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, and any other charges associated with the platform.
  • Cryptocurrency Variety: Ensure the exchange offers a diverse range of cryptocurrencies that align with your investment goals.
  • User Experience: A user-friendly interface and responsive customer support contribute to a positive trading experience.
  • Regulation: Opt for exchanges that adhere to UAE's regulatory framework to ensure compliance and safety.

Is it legal to buy and trade crypto in UAE?

Yes, it is legal to buy and trade cryptocurrencies in the UAE. The government has been regulating and promoting the legit projects and banned illicit projects that might do harm to retail investors. People living in the UAE can buy and sell coins without any risk of theft and since the law is behind it all.

Why you should buy crypto in the UAE

Purchasing cryptocurrencies in the UAE presents several advantages. Cryptocurrencies are highly regulated in UAE making it a safe option when investors are looking for ways to add new assets in their portfolio.

The blockchain technology is often seen as the new internet and this might be a good time to jump on the next hot investment of this century.

This is how we review and select crypto exchanges

Our approach to reviewing and selecting crypto exchanges involves a comprehensive analysis of various key factors:

  • Reputation: We assess the exchange's reputation in the crypto community and its track record for security and customer service.
  • Security Measures: We delve into the security protocols, encryption methods, and insurance coverage provided by the exchange.
  • Fees and Costs: We look at fees, deposits, and how much the exchange charges for withdrawing crypto.
  • Cryptocurrency Variety: We consider the range of available cryptocurrencies, ensuring users have access to diverse investment options.
  • User Experience: We explore the platform's user interface, mobile compatibility, and ease of navigation.
  • Customer Support: We assess the responsiveness and quality of customer support, including assistance with technical issues.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We verify that the exchange operates within UAE's regulatory framework, promoting legal and safe trading practices.


What is the best way to buy crypto in UAE?

The best way to buy crypto in the UAE is to use a reputable crypto exchange that's available in the region, our recommendation is Coinbase. Coinbase offers fiat payment in AED.

Is Binance legal in UAE?

Yes, Binance is legal in the UAE. You can use Binance to trade cryptocurrencies in the country. Just make sure to follow the local regulations and use secure practices while trading.

Is eToro safe in UAE?

Yes, eToro can be trusted inthe UAE and in Dubai as it is a regulated platform with great reviews on many trusted platforms.

Which banks in UAE support Binance?

Several banks in the UAE support Binance transactions. Some of these include Emirates NBD, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. You can use these banks to transfer funds to and from your Binance account.

Can I cash out crypto in UAE?

Yes, you can cash out your cryptocurrencies in the UAE. Most reputable crypto exchanges allow you to sell your cryptocurrencies and withdraw the resulting funds to your bank account.

Is crypto tax free in Dubai?

As of now, cryptocurrencies are generally tax-free in Dubai and the UAE.

Can I trade crypto in UAE?

Absolutely, you can trade cryptocurrencies in the UAE. You can trade crypto on platforms like BYDFi, Bybit, and Binance.

What is the easiest way to buy crypto in UAE?

The easiest way to buy crypto in the UAE is often through user-friendly platforms like Coinbase or local exchanges that support fiat-to-crypto purchases. These platforms streamline the process for beginners.

Which platform is best for crypto trading?

The best platform for crypto trading depends on your preferences and experience. BYDFi, Bybit, and Binance are some of the best Bitcoin trading platforms in UAE, offering various features for different types of traders.

Is Binance better than Coinbase?

Whether Binance is better than Coinbase depends on what you're looking for. Binance is better for altocin trading while Coinbase is better for long-term investors looking for high security.

Is Revolut good for crypto?

Yes, Revolut can be a convenient option for crypto. You can buy, sell, and store crypto on the Revolut app.


In this article we have made a list of the top crypto exchanges in the UAE and narrowed it down to 7 platforms out of 30 reviewed platforms.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, there's a suitable exchange to match your preferences. BYDFi came out on top as the best crypto exchange in UAE and Dubai thanks to exceptional features in trading, investing, and security making it a preferred choice for traders and investors.

About the authors

Let's meet the clever folks who wrote this article about cryptocurrency in the UAE and Dubai.

Hamid: He's a finance wizard who knows a great deal about money and investments. His thinking helps explain how crypto exchanges work, especially BYDFi and the others.

Adrien: He’s a tech and business whiz. Adrien takes his tech skills and mixes them with how crypto exchanges do things. His careful look at the features of exchanges like BYDFi makes his explanations really clear.

Rafiq: Imagine a person who's really good at money decisions. That's Rafiq. He knows a lot about how money moves and what might happen next. His thoughts about BYDFi show how smart he is about the future and money.

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