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4 Best Steroids for Weight Loss 2022 - Shred Fat In No Time

“Looking to get shredded with visible veins and muscle pumps? Check out the best steroids for weight loss in 2022.”


Best Steroids for Weight Loss

The term 'Best steroids for weight loss' can create a wrong impression. Steroids are a misnomer that has a perception of being dangerous drugs. However, there are safe steroids that can help you lose body fat quickly without any side effects.

When trying to shred fat and get in shape, many people turn to these safe steroids as a way to speed up the process. While steroids can help you lose weight quickly, not all of them are designed to help you burn body fat.

Best Steroids for Weight Loss


  • Clenbutrol – Best Legal Alternative to Clenbuterol

  • Anvarol - Best Legal Alternative to Anavar

  • Winsol - Best Legal Alternative to Winstol

  • Most of them in fact are designed to help you build muscle, which while beneficial may not be what you're looking for if your primary goal is to shred fat.

    There are however, a few steroids that can help you burn fat without jeopardizing your muscle mass in the process. These are the best steroids for weight loss. Let's dive straight in.

    #1 - CrazyBulk Cutting Stack - Editor's Choice


    CrazyBulk is the first brand in history to delve into the science of legal steroids and create an alternative to illegal steroids that is safe, gentle, and highly effective.


    The Cutting Stack from CrazyBulk is a perfect blend of four different steroids that help you lose weight quickly without sacrificing your hard-earned muscle mass in the process.

    This makes it our top pick for the best steroid for weight loss. The Stack helps you cut through fat while preserving your muscle, so you can get the best of both worlds.

    What is the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack?

    CrazyBulk's Cutting Stack is exactly what the name suggests - a stack of four different steroids that help you lose weight quickly. Steroid stacks are created to eliminate guesswork from using steroids.

    A lot of first-timers get confused about which steroids to take, how much to take, and when to take them. A stack takes away all the guesswork by providing you with a pre-planned cycle of steroids that work together synergistically to help you shred fat quickly.

    That's precisely what you get here. You know exactly which steroid to take and what aspect of the weight loss journey it deals with.

    The stack includes the following steroids:

    • Anvarol: Helps you shred fat quickly while preserving your muscle mass

  • Clenbutrol: Increases your metabolic rate and helps you burn fat at a faster rate

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  • Winsol: Helps you lose weight by reducing your water retention

    • Testo-Max: Helps you lose weight by increasing your testosterone levels

    How does the Cutting Stack work?

    CrazyBulk's Cutting Stack has four unique supplements, each one of which deals with one particular aspect of weight loss.

    Taken together, they work synergistically to help you lose weight quickly and efficiently. Here's a quick breakdown of how each

    Clenbutrol Triggers Rapid Stored Body Fat Loss

    Clenbutrol is a powerful thermogenic fat burner that's stronger than commonly used anabolic steroids. It's 100% safer too. This all natural steroid quickly shreds through stored body fat, making it the perfect component of any cutting cycle.


    It works primarily by revving up your metabolism and increasing your internal body temperature. This makes your body burn through stored fat for energy, resulting in significant weight loss.

    Anvarol Preserves Muscle Mass

    There's nothing more annoying than the loss of lean muscle tissue while trying to lose weight. Lean muscle mass is much harder to earn than fat. But it's easier to lose sadly. That's why Anvarol is such an important part of the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack.

    Anvarol helps you maintain every last bit of muscle tissue while you're in a calorie deficit and trying to lose weight. Not only that, but it also gives you the energy and strength necessary to power through intense workouts. As a result, you look muscular and lean, rather than just looking skinny.


    Winsol Makes You Veiny and Dry

    We are sure you hate looking soft and puffy. We all do. The water retention caused by many anabolic steroids can really kill your aesthetic appeal. But not with Winsol.

    Winsol is designed to help you lose water weight, so you look lean, dry, and veiny. It flushes out subcutaneous water, which when clubbed with the stored body fat loss of Clen creates an amazing cutting physique.

    You'll look like you just walked out of a photo shoot once you're done with your cutting cycle and have used these three steroids.


    Testo-Max Keeps You Buff

    Testo-Max is a natural testosterone booster that increases your natural testosterone production to the upper end of the baseline. Testosterone is the hormone responsible to increase muscle mass and maintenance.

    It also plays a very important role in fat loss. Higher testosterone levels help you lose weight by reducing your fat cells storing hormones like cortisol.

    So, even for women, who have much lower testosterone levels than men, Testo-Max can be a great addition to their cutting cycles.

    The Cutting Stack Cost

    The CrazyBulk Cutting Stack is priced at $185 for a 30-day supply. That's one bottle each of Testo-Max, Winsol, Clenbutrol, and Anvarol. It saves you around $45, as compared to buying each steroid separately.


    Moreover, if you buy two stacks, you get one free. So, it's actually quite a bargain.

    The Cutting Stack - Our Review

    For us, the cutting stack is a shortcut to the best physique possible. It's the best way to lose weight quickly and efficiently, without losing muscle mass or looking flat and skinny. It takes the guesswork out of which steroids to take and when, so you can focus on working out and getting results.

    If you have hit a plateau, are struggling to lose that last bit of fat, or just want to look your absolute best, then the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack is for you.


    #2 - Clenbutrol - #1 Selling Fat Burning Steroid


    Clenbutrol is the #1 selling fat burning steroid on the market today. And for good reason. Clenbutrol is a powerful thermogenic fat burner that's stronger than anything else out there. Clenbutrol will help you shred fat and get ripped in no time.

    A lot of people are unaware that ClenbutErol, with the 'E', is a sympathomimetic amine, which is a fancy way of saying that it's a drug that acts on the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the fight-or-flight response.

    It's a prescription drug that was originally approved by the FDA in 1964 to treat asthma.


    Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator, which means it helps to open up the airways and make it easier to breathe. It does this by relaxing the smooth muscle in the airway, which allows more air to flow through.

    But it is so effective in burning stored body fat, that off-label use far outweighs the on-label use. That said, it is one of the most side-effect prone steroids out there. That's why CrazyBulk came up with an all-natural alternative called 'Clenbutrol' without the 'E'.

    What is Clenbutrol?

    Clenbutrol is an incredibly powerful fat burner. It's been shown to increase metabolic rate by up to 20%, which means it burns more calories even when you're at rest. It also increases lipolysis, which is the breakdown of stored body fat.


    So not only does it help you burn more fat, but it also helps you to shred the fat that you have.

    Clenbutrol also has the added benefits of increased oxygen transportation and improved cardiovascular performance. This means that not only will you be burning more fat, but you'll also be able to work out for longer and harder.

    It is designed to mimic the results of Clenbuterol, without causing the side effects, such as tremors, palpitations, or seizures.

    How does Clenbutrol work?

    The term thermogenesis and thermogenics have to be the most overused and abused terms in the fitness industry.


    Most people have no idea what thermogenesis actually is and how it works. They just know that it's 'supposed' to help you burn fat.

    Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in the body. It occurs when your body burns calories to produce heat. This process increases your metabolism, forcing your body to burn more calories.

    Clenbutrol triggers this process in your body.

    Amplifies thermogenesis

    When Clenbutrol enters your system, it amplifies thermogenesis by increasing your internal temperature. This forces your body to work harder to cool itself down, burning more calories, rather than storing them as fat.


    As a result, people start to lose body fat even if their diet is not up to par. Ditto with exercise. It's so hard-grained in our system that without exercise, you cannot lose weight. The fact is that exercise is the best way to lose body fat. But you can also lose it with a strong thermogenic like Clenbutrol.

    Helps burn stored body fat

    Clenbutrol also helps to increase lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process of breaking down stored body fat. You see, the fat that the body stores due to excessive calorie intake or poor calorie break down is just one part of the equation.


    What about the fat that you are already carrying? You need to break that down as well. This is where lipolysis comes in.

    Clenbutrol helps to increase lipolysis by increasing cAMP levels in the body. cAMP stands for cyclic adenosine monophosphate. It's a molecule that's involved in a whole host of cellular processes, including lipolysis.

    So by increasing cAMP levels, Clenbutrol helps to increase the rate of fat breakdown.

    This is why Clenbutrol is so effective at shredding fat. It's not just about burning more calories.

    Increases ATP production

    Clenbutrol also helps to increase ATP production. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the energy currency of the body. It's what powers all cellular processes, including thermogenesis.


    By increasing ATP levels, Clenbutrol helps to increase the amount of energy available to the body, which in turn helps to increase metabolic rate and burn more calories.

    It also helps to improve athletic performance by providing the muscles with more energy.

    Clenbutrol Ingredients

    Clenbutrol is 100% natural. CrazyBulk is very particular about the ingredients they add to their dietary supplements. They avoid using any synthetic ingredients or fillers.

    The Clenbutrol formula contains just four ingredients:

    • Vitamin B3 Or Niacin

  • Guarana

    • Garcinia

  • Bitter Orange

  • Vitamin B3 is an essential vitamin that helps to increase energy levels and metabolic rate. It is associated with the elimination of lipids from the body. Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA is associated with the inhibition of lipid synthesis.


    Bitter Orange Extract is a natural stimulant that helps to increase thermogenesis. Guarana Extract is a natural source of caffeine. It helps to increase energy levels, metabolic rate, and thermogenesis.

    Clenbutrol Cost

    Clenbutrol is the bestseller at CrazyBulk. So it's quite surprising that it's one of the most affordable fat burners on the market.

    A bottle of Clenbutrol costs just $64.99 (30-days) and $109.98 (2 months). That's a no-brainer solution really.

    Clenbutrol - Our Review

    Clenbutrol is a powerful thermogenic that helps to shred fat, without the need for exercise or diet. It's 100% natural and very safe to use. But more importantly, it ticks the three most important boxes for a fat burner:


    • It helps to burn more calories

  • It helps to break down stored body fat

  • It helps to increase ATP production

  • With Clenbutrol, you don't need to worry about exercise or diet. Just take the supplement and watch the fat melt away. It's the top choice for maximum weight loss.

    #3 - Anvarol - Look Strong and Athletic while you burn fat


    When the fact that women can use anabolic steroids became well-known, the quest began to find a steroid that would provide the maximum anabolic effect, with the minimum androgenic effect.

    After all, women don't want to get bulky muscles like men. Nor do they want to grow hair. They just want to tone their bodies and look more athletic.


    Anvarol is the perfect solution for women who want to shred fat without adding any bulk.

    It's a powerful anabolic legal steroid that helps to increase lean muscle mass, while simultaneously helping to shred fat.

    What is Anvarol?

    Anvarol is CrazyBulk's answer to Anavar. In case you are unaware, Anavar is a very popular anabolic steroid, that was once used by women bodybuilders. It is one of the few anabolic steroids that have a reasonably safe side effect profile.

    Unlike other anabolic steroids that are taken in injectable form, Anavar is taken orally.

    But the problem with Anavar is that it's a C17-aa steroid, which means it's toxic to the liver.


    CrazyBulk has created a safe and legal alternative to Anavar, that doesn't have any of the side effects.

    Anvarol is taken orally, in the form of capsules. It helps to increase strength and power, while simultaneously helping to shred fat. It's the perfect steroid for women who want to get a ripped and toned body, without any bulk.

    How does Anvarol work?

    Anvarol works in multiple ways. For starters, it helps by altering your endogenous hormone levels ever so slightly. It won't turn you into a mass monster. But it will definitely help you preserve your hard earned muscle mass, while you are in a calorie deficit. Let's take a closer look.


    Anvarol Increases IGF-1 Levels

    IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 is a hormone that is very similar to insulin. It has anabolic effects on the body and helps to promote lean muscle mass gains.

    While most anabolic steroids work by increasing testosterone levels, Anvarol works by increasing IGF-1 levels. An increase in IGF-1 levels is accompanied by a subsequent increase in growth hormone levels. As a result, you get the anabolic effects of both hormones.

    Your cutting cycle is suddenly a body recomposition cycle, which means you are building muscle and burning fat, at the same time.

    Anvarol Increases ATP Production


    ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is the energy currency of the cells. It's what allows your muscles to contract and generate force.

    The more ATP you have, the more energy you have and the longer you can train for.

    Anvarol helps to increase ATP production in the muscles, which results in more energy during workouts. This is why Anvarol is often taken by bodybuilders and athletes, during cutting cycles. It helps them to train harder for longer, without getting fatigued.

    Anvarol Alters HSL Levels

    HSL or Hormone Sensitive Lipase is an enzyme that plays a key role in the breakdown of stored body fat, into free fatty acids.


    Anvarol increases HSL levels, which results in more stored body fat being broken down. This explains why it is rated as one of the top steroids for aesthetics. You see visible results in your body fat percentage within a few weeks of taking it.

    The most prominent weight loss is from the belly, hips, and thighs.

    Anvarol Ingredients

    Anvarol is an amazing natural supplement that can help women to shred fat and get toned bodies, without any bulk.

    It's a safe and legal alternative to Anavar. But what never ceases to amaze us, is how easily CrazyBulk has managed to create an Anavar clone with the bare minimum ingredients.


    • Soy Protein

  • Yam

    • PeakATP

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids

  • Whey Protein

  • That's all there is to it. There are two protein concentrates in there. There are some branched chain amino acids for recovery. PeakATP is a trademarked ingredient, that helps to increase ATP production in the muscles. The Soy and Whey combo helps offset any potential amino acid deficiencies allowing muscle gain and to maintain lean muscle tissue.

    The Yam is the only ingredient that's in there for a specific purpose. It's a source of diosgenin, which is a precursor to DHEA. DHEA is a hormone that's involved in the production of testosterone and other androgens.


    So, by including Yam in Anvarol, CrazyBulk has ensured that your testosterone levels don't dip too low, while you are in a calorie deficit.

    Anvarol Cost

    Just like Clenbutrol, Anvarol is amongst the most popular CrazyBulk products and as a result, despite this, it is one of the most inexpensive ones. A single bottle of Anvarol costs $64.99. That's a one-month supply.

    If you want to save some money, then you can opt for the 2-bottle. That gives you 1 bottle for free.

    Anvarol - Our Review


    It's a safe and legal alternative to Anavar, which means it can preserve lean muscle mass as well as protect lean muscle mass during the strongest cutting cycles. Unlike fat burners which sometimes end up sabotaging lean muscle tissues during fat loss, Anvarol will help you in retaining lean muscle mass while peeling away belly fat.

    #4 - Winsol - Get Ripped, Vascular & Beach Ready


    Winsol is the cosmetic steroid on this list. You might be wondering what a cosmetic steroid is. Well, each steroid has a unique trait. Some will help you in losing belly fat, better than other anabolic steroids do.


    Some are better at building muscle and strength. Others are better at helping you to retain your muscle mass, while you are in a calorie deficit (cutting). But Winsol helps you polish your physique. It makes you look ripped and vascular.

    Winsol is a steroid for fitness buffs who want to get on the beach and show off their beach bodies.

    What is Winsol?

    Winsol is the legal steroid alternative to Winstrol, one of the most widely used steroids of all time.

    Winstrol is a very powerful steroid, especially for building lean muscle mass tissue and peeling away fat. But it comes with some nasty side effects.


    That's where Winsol comes in. It helps you to achieve similar results as Winstrol, but without the side effects. Winsol is popular as a cutting steroid these days because people are no longer satisfied with just losing fat.

    They want to look chiselled, with every ounce of fat burned off and the muscles looking ripped.

    Winsol helps you to do that, by helping you to lose fat, flush out water, pump those surface veins and capillaries. The result is a rock solid, muscular body.

    How does Winsol work?

    Winsol's working is based on some simple principles of anabolism and performance enhancement. It helps you to burn fat, without causing any muscle loss and it also helps you to increase your strength and power. Here's how it manages to do that.


    Flushes out subcutaneous water to harden the appearance

    Subcutaneous water retention is a common occurrence when you are on anabolic steroids. The extra water makes your muscles look flat and puffy. This soft of takes away from the whole shredded look.

    Winsol helps you to get rid of that water, so your muscles look hard and vascular. This also makes your muscles look more defined. In fact, many a time, you might have a layer of hard muscle coated by a layer of thick fat and water. Winsol helps to melt that away, so you can see the veins and capillaries on your muscles.


    Shreds away visceral and subcutaneous fat

    Winsol increases the internal temperature of your body. This helps to increase the metabolic rate and causes more fat to be burned for energy.

    This is useful for 2 types of fat - visceral and subcutaneous. Visceral fat is the type of fat that's deposited around your organs and deep in your belly. It can be tough to get rid of this type of fat.

    Subcutaneous fat is the type that's deposited under your skin, around your arms, legs, and hips. This type of fat is easier to shed.

    Winsol helps you melt away both types of fat, so you can get that shredded look that you desire.


    Pumps and visible veins

    What is exercising without a good pump to go along with it?

    Winsol ensures that you get a nice pump every time you hit the weights. It achieves this thanks to its ability to amplify nitric oxide levels in your body.

    Nitric oxide is a gas that's produced naturally in your body. It helps to dilate blood vessels, so more blood can flow through them.

    This increased blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. This results in a nice pump.

    Winsol also helps to increase the number of visible veins in your body. This is because it causes the blood vessels to contract, so the veins become more pronounced.


    Winsol Ingredients

    Every time we look at a CrazyBulk supplement ingredient list, we are amazed to see how they use natural ingredients to get such amazing results.

    Winsol is no different. It uses a blend of natural ingredients like

    • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

  • Choline

  • Wild Yam

  • Safflower Oil

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that's produced in your body. It helps to transport fatty acids to your cells, so they can be used for energy. Choline is another nutrient that's found in your body. It helps to improve your cognitive function and memory.


    Wild Yam is a plant that's native to North America. It has a long history of use in traditional medicine, especially for hormonal imbalances. In other words, androgens.

    DMAE is a compound that's found in your brain. It helps to improve your cognitive function and memory. But it's also a precursor to acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that's involved in muscle contraction.

    Safflower Oil is a plant oil that's extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant. It's rich in linoleic acid, which is a type of omega-6 fatty acid. This fatty acid is involved in fat metabolism.

    Winsol Cost


    Winsol is priced at an even $64.99, just like all the other CrazyBulk supplements. This means that there are some great deals to be had if you buy in bulk. The best deal is the Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer. This saves you 33% off the retail price.

    As a bonus, you get free shipping all over the world when you buy 3 bottles of Winsol.

    Winsol - Our Thoughts

    Winsol is a great supplement for anyone who's looking to shred some fat and get lean. It's also a good choice for those who are preparing for a bodybuilding competition.


    The ingredient list is impressive and the results speak for themselves. When taken with the Cutting stack or even as a standalone supplement, you can expect to see some great results.

    How we selected the best steroids for weight loss?

    Given that weight loss is one of the commonest goals for people who take steroids, we have selected the best steroids for weight loss based on the following criteria:

    Working mechanism

    Weight loss is a catchall term that can be used to describe the process of losing fat, water weight, or muscle mass. But if you are a fitness buff, weight loss generally means selectively losing body fat while retaining muscle tissue.


    To that end, we picked the best steroids for fat loss. But we paid close attention to how the steroid actually triggers the fat loss process in the body. Does it boost your metabolism? Does it help you lose water weight?

    It is important to know how the steroid actually works to lose weight because that will help you determine if it is the best one for your particular goals.


    Not all steroids work at the same pace. Some are slow build-up agents while others work much faster.

    The best steroids for weight loss are those that are most effective at helping you lose body fat while retaining muscle, at a fast pace. Let's face it. None of us want to spend months trying to lose a few measly pounds.


    That's why we look towards steroids that can help us lose weight quickly but not at the expense of our health. So, all four options listed here have a good track record when it comes to helping users lose weight quickly.

    Multidimensional Steroids

    No one likes the idea of taking multiple steroids to lose weight. It's not only inconvenient but also expensive.

    So, we gave preference to steroids that can produce multiple benefits beyond just weight loss. The steroids listed here can help you lose fat, gain muscle, improve your strength, and enhance your athletic performance.


    In case you are looking to further cut short the time it takes for your weight loss, you can use the cutting stack. It's a combo of the four best steroids for weight loss that will help you shred fat quickly.

    Assuming you are following a proper diet and workout regime, the cutting stack can help you lose up to 10 pounds of pure fat in just six weeks.

    Side Effects

    We were particular to select steroids that have a bare minimum of side effects.

    While it is true that steroids, in general, come with a long list of potential side effects, we only picked those safe ones that have only mild side effects that can be easily managed.



    We all want to save money, and the best steroids for weight loss should not make a hole in your pocket.

    While there is no denying that some steroids are quite expensive, we only picked the ones that offer excellent value for your money.

    The steroids listed here are not only effective but also come at a reasonable price.


    Q. What are the best steroids for weight loss?

    A. The best steroids for weight loss are Winsol, clenbuterol, Anvarol, and of course, the cutting stack, which is a combo of the four.


    Q. How long do I need to take these steroids to lose weight?

    A. The length of time you need to take these steroids to lose weight will depend on your diet and workout regime. But, in general, you can expect to see some great results within 8-12 weeks of taking these steroids.

    Q. Do I need a prescription to buy these steroids?

    A. No, you don't need a prescription to buy any of these steroids. They are all available for purchase online without a prescription. Neither are these illegal to the source.

    Q. Are there any side effects associated with taking these steroids?


    A. While all steroids come with a long list of potential side effects, the ones listed here are quite safe and have only mild side effects that can be easily managed. You need to understand that these are legal steroids or legal alternatives to anabolic steroids. These are not as harsh on the body since they do not affect your endocrine system.

    Q. Do you need to cycle these steroids?

    A. No, you don't need to cycle these steroids. You can take them for as long as you want, provided you are not exceeding the recommended dosage.


    Q. Are there any women who have used these steroids to lose weight?

    A. Yes, there are many women who have used these steroids to lose weight and get in shape quickly.

    Q. I am a beginner. Can I use these steroids?

    A. Yes, you can use these steroids even if you are a beginner. These steroids are quite mild and won't produce any significant side effects. Just make sure you start with the recommended dosage and increase it gradually as your body gets used to the steroid.

    The Bottom Line

    There you have it – the best steroids for weight loss. These steroids are quite effective and can help you lose weight quickly, provided you are following a proper diet and workout regime.


    To give you a quick recap, we have listed four options for you.

  • Clenbutrol - Potent Thermogenic

    • Anvarol - Muscle preserver while burning fat

  • Winsol - The Cosmetic Steroid

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