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10 Best Payday Loans Online With No Credit Check & Instant Approval (2022)

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10 Best Payday Loans Online With No Credit Check & Instant Approval (2022)

Power through your financial struggles with no credit check and instant approval payday loans. Applying for one just got easier with these loan services. You do not risk hard credit inquiries and the approval rates are very high.

Best Payday Loans Online
Best Payday Loans Online

10 Best Payday Loans Online No Credit Check Instant Approval

Sometimes, we need that little jolt to get us back on track; that extra cash can make all the difference.   Loans can be your saving grace when emergency expenses stare you down and there are no savings in sight to help you out of that shameful financial situation. But applying for loans comes with its own attendant risks, one of which is a dip in your credit score due to hard credit inquiries. 

On top of that, there is little to no guarantee you will be approved for the loan. Approval decisions may take days too. What if we told you that there are instant-approval payday loans with no credit checks? There’d still be the problem of locating them right? Well, maybe not. And that’s because we have highlighted the best resources for these kinds of loans here. Check them out. 

List of Best Payday Loans Online With No Credit Check & Instant Approval 

1. WeLoans - Best Overall 

2. iPaydayLoans - Best for High Loan Amounts 

3. CocoLoan - Best for Competitively Low-Interest Rates 

4. Fast Title Loans - Best for Quick Funding 


WeLoans - Best Overall 

WeLoans is king in the payday loans online with no credit check and instant approval community. WeLoans’ partner lenders have a relaxed screening process. Their evaluation of an applicant’s creditworthiness is more focused on the applicant’s debt-to-income ratio, spending history, income and how long they’ve been at their current job than their credit score. Therefore, their approval rate is at a market-high (98%).  

These lenders may report payments to the three major credit bureaus, but do not consult these bureaus in their assessment of the borrower’s creditworthiness. They run only soft credit inquiries and make approval decisions in under five minutes. 


  • Offers joint signing 

  • Loans can be secured with assets like a car title 

  • Funding decisions are made in under five minutes 

  • The application is straightforward, and its form can be completed in as little as three minutes 

  • Prepayment penalties do not apply 

  • Extensive network of reliable and licensed lenders 


  • Borrowers without a credible source of income may not qualify for a loan 

Hard Credit Inquiries Are A No-No With WeLoans. Apply For A Loan Now! >> 


iPaydayLoans - Best for High Loan Amounts 

iPaydayLoans is another big player in the no credit check loans lender circle. What makes this lending service indeed special among its peers is the wide range of loan offers it has available to borrowers. The highly-rated lending service has loan offers even for unemployed folks. You can qualify for a payday loan with iPaydayLoans if unemployed, so far, you have a consistent source of income. That is unemployed people who enjoy benefits can take advantage of this offer. 

iPaydayLoans is closely behind WeLoans on approval rates; with only a marginal difference. They also offer high loan amounts, up to $5000 payday loans and $35000 personal loans. The best part is the borrower isn’t subjected to hard credit inquiries during the application process. 


  • Loan approval rate is about 97% and higher 

  • Zero origination or processing fees 

  • The platform is safe and secure  

  • Competitively low APRs 

  • Payments are reported to TransUnion, Experian and Equifax 


  • Doesn’t have a mobile application 

Build Your Credit With No Credit Check Payday Loans With iPaydayLoans >> 


CocoLoan - Best for Competitively Low-Interest Rates   

CocoLoan, a customer-centric lending service is one instant approval lending service you should be looking to try if you are new to online loans. They have stand-by customer support that works round the clock, resolving complaint tickets and providing detailed answers to pressing questions you may have. 

Like many others on this list, the application process is pretty straightforward, and its approval decisions are near-instant. Borrowers can access up to $5000 and have a repayment schedule of up to 24 months.  


  • Excellent customer support 

  • Competitively low-interest rates, about the industry average 

  • Platform has a lot of loan offers including personal and no credit check loans 

  • Approval decisions are made in under five minutes 


  • Late payment fees apply 

Get Started With CocoLoan’s Easy Application Process Today >> 


Fast Title Loans - Best for Quick Funding 

Fast Title Loans is an increasingly popular choice among people who need payday loans worth a few ten thousand dollars. The platform can connect borrowers to lenders who can provide them with no credit checks and instant approval payday loans between $50 and $5000.  

This lending service is also a top choice among many because many lenders in its network can provide payday loans in as little as 24 hours. Whether you need the loan to pay off your utility bills, to fix your plumbing emergencies, or to repair your cars, Fast Title loans' partner lenders can provide an influx of cash on time.  


  • Loan can be processed in very few hours 

  • Has several no credit check loans asides payday loans, including installment loans, personal, title loans 


  • Not available in every state in the US 

Get Started With Fast Title Loans To Get Payday Loans With Same Day Funding >> 


US Bad Credit Loans - Best for Bad Credit Payday Loans 

US Bad Credit Loans is bursting with many payday loan options for borrowers who need urgent cash to sort out a few money issues before their next paycheck comes in. Do not get distracted by the glossy ads of lenders that fail to consider your options. US Bad Credit Loans gives you access to some of the best payday loans online with no credit check deals at competitively low interest rates. 

Borrowers can apply for loans up to $5000 on US Bad Credit Loans at no cost, depending on the state’s lending laws. The application process is pretty swift and the approval process is near-instant. More importantly, many of their lenders report on-time payments to the major credit bureaus, which affords bad credit borrowers a good opportunity to build their credit. 


  • Lenders run only soft credit inquiries on borrowers' profile 

  • Have offers tailored for bad credit borrowers 

  • Competitively low-interest rates 


  • Late payment fees may apply once a borrower defaults on payment 

Get the Best Bad Credit Payday Loan Deal Via US Bad Credit Loans >> 


CashAdvance - Best for Medium-Sized Loans