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Seasoned Investors Are Hoarding This Green Crypto At Presale Price For 10X Returns In 2023

Rather than just educating, the Chimpzee ecosystem motivates participants to join its green movement in exchange for attractive and reliable passive income.



Chimpzee is the latest crypto to capture the attention of the market and for the right reasons. 

The project, dedicated to wildlife conservation and climate action, offers attractive passive income for investors and users. So it makes sense to hoard the token at the presale prices. 

According to crypto analysts, CHMPZ tokens will climb anywhere from 8X to 13X in the first phase of the token launch due to FOMO. But the subsequent phases will be fuelled by the project’s partnerships with leading global brands and organizations. 

Here is a closer look at the project and why it’s an excellent investment in September. 


Climate action and wildlife conservation are the need of the hour

Across the globe, forests are now in a state of decay. While poaching was the biggest challenge decades ago, the most pressing concern today is climate change. Sad as it is, a wide array of wildlife species is on the brink of extinction. 

If we fail to devise and implement effective solutions, we will be stranded on an uninhabitable planet soon. 

But climate action and afforestation are not as easy as they sound. Although these concepts look good on paper, the reality is that few contribute substantially to these endeavors. 


For example, how many times have you been deeply moved after watching videos of adorable baby elephants who are losing habitats due to floods and forest fires?

But the very next day, you might hop into your fossil-fuel-powered car to buy bags of groceries. Each item is wrapped in one or more layers of plastic. Of course, you can't instantly switch to an electric vehicle. But there are things you could have done. Like being more mindful of your plastic consumption or not buying that trendy t-shirt that will go out of trend within days. You could also choose electronic bills over paper ones. But you didn’t. 

Why do we fail as a species to do the little things that can save our planet's future?

Answer: We dismiss threats that appear distant, caught up in the whirlwind of our daily routines which consume most of our mental energy. We don’t have the time or resources to worry about climate change and its long-term repercussions that we naively believe will unfold in a future we won’t be a part of. 

Incentivization is the solution 

Incentives are the most effective solution to climate change. Awareness is too idealistic to make any tangible results. 

While a healthy planet is an invaluable reward, people respond better to financial rewards. The idea of a safer, healthier future isn't inspiring enough to knock us out of our comfort zones and into action. That explains why climate awareness initiatives often fall short. 


Chimpzee takes on this challenge.

Rather than just educating people, the Chimpzee ecosystem motivates participants to join its movement in exchange for attractive and reliable passive income. The prospect of rewards integrates greater engagement and enthusiasm into the mission.


While many share deep concerns about the planet's condition, the constraints of time and resources prevent us from making any contributions. Even more people remain indifferent to the issue. Waiting for them to act can prove detrimental.

Chimpzee brings both categories on board – people who are looking for ways to join climate action and those who are less inspired by the mission. 


Three sources of reliable and attractive passive income

These are the three pillars of Chimpzee.

  1. Shop 2 Earn: Buy brand merchandise that highlights your commitment to combating climate change and animal cruelty and earn rewards.
  2. Play 2 Earn: An absorbing game that offers high-end rewards based on in-game performance.
  3. Trade 2 Earn: An NFT marketplace that allows you to earn a share of trading fees in a pioneering approach.

All three platforms enable you to earn rewards in CHMPZ coins, the ecosystem's native cryptocurrency, through shopping, gaming, or trading. The potential rewards depend on your engagement as well as the tier of your NFT passport if you hold one. 



Chimpzee NFT Passports unlock a wide range of rewards and benefits across these three platforms. 

  • 20% APY: Stake your NFT and potentially earn an annual yield of up to 20%.
  • Rewards: Get additional CHMPZ tokens when you purchase Chimpzee merchandise.
  • Profit pool: Get a greater portion of the profits from NFT Marketplace trading fees.
  • Gaming advantage: Step up your performance in the Zero Tolerance Game and earn more CHMPZ coins.
  • Early access to premium NFTs: Get exclusive early access to the Diamond and Gold series NFTs for better rewards and privileges.

The CHMPZ tokens you use to buy NFT Passports will undergo a burning process. The burning mechanism is devised to reinforce the token's price dynamics in the open market. 


These passports come in four tiers: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. They will be available for purchase after the CHMPZ token sale.

Chimpzee has begun its journey 

As we discussed above, a portion of the profits generated by the Chimpzee ecosystem will be allocated to initiatives aligned with its environmental and wildlife missions. 

Even prior to the token launch, Chimpzee has begun contributing to high-impact initiatives. Here are a few examples. 

  • 1200 trees planted to facilitate Brazilian rainforest restoration.
  • $15,000 donated towards elephant preservation.
  • 20,000 trees planted in Guatemala.

If Chimpzee’s vision resonates with yours, this is the best time to join the project and benefit from its growth. Chimpzee has launched the presale of CHMPZ tokens, which is currently in its third phase. 


The presale provides access to the NFT sale white lists that will become active following the token presale. The Chimpzee NFT passports are one of the most coveted digital assets of 2023. 

The presale comes at discounted prices and presents a profitable entry into the NFT collection as well as the broader Chimpzee ecosystem. For this reason, the presale is moving toward an early sell-out. 

To secure tokens at favorable prices, you need to act early. The earlier you participate in the presale, the greater the potential returns and benefits, as shown below. 


Being a green crypto project, Chimpzee has a high scope for mainstream adoption, fuelled by brand partnerships.