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Huusk Knife Reviews - Are Huusk Handmade Knives Any Good? Worth buying? Must Read Before You Buy

Japanese chef knives are the perfect tool for all your slicing, dicing, chopping, and cutting needs. A major reason why some chefs prefer to keep at least one Japanese knife in their roll is that they are easier to sharpen than western or European knives and provide better edge retention when looked after with care.


Huusk Knife

What are Japanese, Samurai Chef Knives?

Japanese chef knives are the perfect tool for all your slicing, dicing, chopping, and cutting needs. A major reason why some chefs prefer to keep at least one Japanese knife in their roll is that they are easier to sharpen than western or European knives and provide better edge retention when looked after with care.

When we speak of Japanese knives, it cannot be forgotten that they were greatly influenced by the technological development of Japanese swords. It is no secret that the Japanese are master blade crafters and knife makers.

This is because of this that Japanese kitchen knives or Hōchō have a strong cult following of passionate chefs and cooks across the globe. With its well-renowned reputation for the most well-crafted kitchen implements in the world, Japanese knives offer strength, beauty, and durability.


The primary reason that these knives are so desirable is the fact that they are made with hard carbon steel and still have a light, thin, and super sharp edge. This makes these knives the perfect tool for all your slicing, dicing, chopping, and cutting needs.

Another reason why chefs prefer to keep a Japanese knife around is that they are easier to sharpen than western or European knives and provide better edge retention when looked after with care. Your kitchen may have a wide array of tools and equipment, from cookware to accessories like a sturdy cutting board and aprons. But, if you are in pursuit of upgrading your kitchen knife collection and equipping your home with the holy grail of knives, a Japanese knife set is well worth your investment.


Every Japanese knife can range in price depending on the type of steel used and the methods adopted to craft and sharpen it, and choosing can get overwhelming, especially if you’re new to building your kitchen knife arsenal.

The main differences between Japanese Knives and the Ordinary knives can be summarized below.


Japanese Chef‘s Knife

Ordinary Chef’s Knife
OriginOriginated in JapanOriginated in Germany and France
Size7-8 inches6-12 inches

It has a wide sheepsfoot blade with no tip (a dull back spine that curves down to meet the straight-edged front blade).

Some blades also have hollowed-out indentations that make it easier to release food.

It has a broad blade that curves upwards to form a tip (spine is thicker to add weight)
Blade Sharpness

These knives can be sharpened to an approximate angle of 10 – 15 degrees.

These can be sharpened to 15 to 20 degrees on both sides

(the surface that has been ground to form the knife edge)

It can be single (one-sided) or double (both sides) bevel

Usually only found in double bevel

(the piece of metal between blade and handle)

Usually no bolster

Has a bolster

Best Use
  • Downward movement and forward/backward motions
  • Faster, thinner, precision slicing and peeling with easy food release
  • Works best when dealing with delicate foods like fruits, soft vegetables, seafood, chicken, and cheeses
  • Mincing meat or herbs
  • Scooping food from the cutting board because of its wide blade
  • Ideal for smaller hands
  • Rocking motion technique or “rock chop”
  • Thicker slicing for heavier food types and disjointing meats
  • Works best when handling denser meats, fruits, root vegetables, and nuts
  • Complex or versatile cutting
  • Good for all sized hands


Lighter to hold

Heavier to hold

What is Huusk knife?

The Huusk knife 100% authentic Japanese Knife, which is precisely crafted to the last detail. It is the most exceptional outdoors camping knife the world has ever seen. Huusk knife features a precision, laser-carved index finger hole for superior control and grip. The blade is made of high quality stainless steel ensuring a sharp, quality knife for the years to come. Premium oak wood handle is probably the most comfortable and secure handle ever created. Apart from that this is one of the most high-quality and convenient knives for fishing. It is always sharp and doesn’t rust from seawater.


Special Features of Huusk knife:

The advanced features of the Huusk knife will make it more selective than other ordinary knives available in the market today. The most advanced features of this Huusk knife can be summarized below.

Ergonomic Design- The unique curved blade with hole enables better precision and handling to make chopping and cutting actions easy. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this knife features a hygienic rustic-style handle and a 38-degree blade edge that gives great sharpness and makes cutting tasks yesterday’s problem.

Ultra-sharp blade- Huusk knives come out of the box razor sharp, and they can stay that way for years. While that may seem kind of scary, especially when they refer to the blade as "scalpel-sharp", you don’t need to be worried.


Perfectly balanced- These Japanese knives are 28 cm in length and weigh only 252 grams, which increases comfort and control and reduces the potential for accidents.

High quality- Huusk is made out of stainless, corrosion-resistant steel. The triple-riveted wooden handle is beautiful, lightweight, comfortable, and moisture- and bacteria-resistant.

Perfect grip - The handles consist of high quality Oak Wood. This is a type of hard wood with a characteristic dark texture, creating a perfect grip.

Precisely crafted to the last detail - Each and every detail has been checked and taken into account, providing you the best quality knives.

Pleasurable in every way - All Huusk knives are extremely sharp. They are perfectly balanced, which makes it comfortable to hold the knives. Cooking has never been more fun.


As a result of these features, most people select this advanced knife over conventional knives to have for their every purposes like cooking, camping ect.

The technical features of this knife can be illustrated below.

  • Weight: 252 grams/ 0.5 pound.
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel (18/10 electroplated)
  • The angle of the curve: 38-degrees
  • Handle material: Oakwood/ carbon onyx.
  • Length (blade and handle): 28 cm/ 11 inches.
  • Width (blade and handle): 5 cm/ 2 inches.
  • Blade length: 15.5 cm/ 6 inches

Benefits (Pros) of Huusk knife:

Users of the Huusk knife have highly recommended this product on the official website over other conventional knives due to the benefits it gives to the users. The benefits it gives can be summarized below.


  • Extreme sharpness
  • Easy handling
  • Additional holding option for the index finger
  • High quality processed stainless steel
  • Ergonomic shape for better work
  • Affordable price
  • Stylish, and compact

All these benefits together will attract more and more customers to this product.

Cons of Huusk Japanese Knife:

  • It can only be gotten from the official website of the manufacturers and this is to avoid you getting scammed or getting an inferior product
  • It has very limited stock available, hurry!

Huusk Knife Reviews:

Based on the reviews of the users Huusk knife can be rated with a FIVE STAR rating. This shows that users are highly satisfied with the outputs they obtained by using this product. Few real reviews given by the users can be listed below to emphasize how good this product works for the users.


  • Isaac Tramyer Seyer - Their knives are high quality and really good for chopping. The knife is very sharp and the price is acceptable. Their delivery time was good also. Definitely recommend them.
  • David Delgado - Good products from this store, the best I have bought, I was satisfied with the purchase, in addition to their excellent price they also have fast shipping
  • Brian Andrew - They got the best quality for kitchen knives. Cooking now is way more fun and easier. The prices are very good and the shipping is fast. I recommend them
  • Jorge Viera - excellent product, it works wonderfully, I recommend it, I have a few in my house and I love them!
  • Avery Navin - A product of excellent quality, it was the best gift I could give, my father was so happy with it. the page to buy was just as easy and with a fast shipping
  • Rtime Line - This a great product, the design is very ergonomic, a good knife in your hand feels strong and robust. It promotes good grip and rests in your palm securely. It is light enough to cut the vegetables and heavy enough for meat. It has a good weight. Craftsmanship and design is superb very much recommended.


Where can I buy Huusk Knives?

The original Japanese Huusk Knife can be bought only from the manufacturer through their official website.

Even though Huusk knife is having more advantages over other ordinary kitchen knives, the price is very reasonable and affordable. It is one of the main advantages of this product. Discounts and considerable price reductions for purchases are always associated with this product on the official website. The price of a Huusk knife is about $99.83. But the website gives a 70% discount for online purchases at the time of this article is written. Therefore you only have to spend $29.95 to buy this advantageous product. If you buy 2 Huusk knives you have to spend only $49.94. If you buy three Huusk knives together you have to spend only $65.94 It should be noted that like many other online products this manufacturer will not provide free shipping facility even though you purchase a bulk. Therefore, you will have to small shipping fee.


=> Click here to buy your new Huusk Handmade Knife from the official manufacturer's website.

Additionally, the manufacturers recommend a 30-day money-back guarantee to the customers who do not satisfy with the output provided by the Huusk Knife within this period. You will receive a full refund from the company.

The above discounts and offers are subject to both availabilities of stock and time of order. Therefore, be mindful to carefully go over the timely discounts available for Huusk knives every time you visit the official website.

How to Order Huusk Knife:

Huusk knives are only available online. Ordering your OWN Huusk knife is a hassle-free and simple process. Only you have to do is to visit the official website of the product and contact the product owner. Information on Huusk Knives’ retail parks and deals, such as prices, discounts, offers as well as latest developed features are available on the official website. You only need to follow four simple steps to get your own doorbell at your doorstep:


  1. Choose the number of Huusk Knives you intend to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
  2. Complete shipping information, such as your name, email address, phone number, home address, city, country, postal code etc.
  3. Choose the payment method (Paypal or credit card) and enter card details.
  4. Take timely offers available at the time of order and confirm the order.

Please note that there could be several duplicate products of this nature available online on different websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or any other retail store. However, the purchase of genuine products is guaranteed only by contacting the product owner from the official website.


Is Huusk knife legit?

Since the Huusk knife is made of a quality stainless steel, it is not only easy to handle, but also to maintain. Accordingly, the kitchen knife does not cause any problems. Most people get along very well with the kitchen aid and do not want to miss it anymore. It cuts all sorts of different foods. However, it should always be noted that a kitchen knife like this always represents a certain source of danger due to its sharpness. But due to the better and optimized handling, hardly any difficulties should arise in this regard. Along with that, if the customer is not happy with the product they can claim a 100% cashback with the money-back guarantee.


All this proves that Huusk is a legit product that users can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Huusk knives designed exclusively for chefs?

No. Huusk knives are specifically designed for the most comfortable use. They are extra sharp, very well balanced and feature a unique curvy shape to provide you with ultimate control in your kitchen. Huusk knife is a perfect tool for a professional chef and a regular cooking enthusiast alike.

  • Are Huusk knives safe to use?

Yes! Huusk knives are extra-sharp and their blades dull very slowly. The sharp blades increase their safety. Most of the kitchen accidents involve blunt knives, as you have to apply force to effectively use them (knives or produce tend to slip in such cases, which often results in minor injuries). Huusk knife is extra sharp, so no force is required to use it. Huusk knife is perfectly designed for ultimate control and balance which makes kitchen accidents very unlikely.


  • What are the specifications of a Huusk knife?
  • Length (blade and handle)

    28 cm / 11 inches

    Length (blade)

    15.5 cm / 6 inches

    Width (blade and handle)

    5 cm / 2 inches
    Weight252 g / 0.5 pound
    252 g / 0.5 pound°38

    Blade material

    Stainless Steel (18/10 electroplated)

    Handle material

    Oak wood / carbon onyx


● What Materials are Used to Make Huusk?

Huusk knives are made from 18/10 electroplated steel and then joined with a handle made of ancient oak wood or carbon onyx material.

● Does the hole cut out actually help to improve the knife's control?

Yes! Our best-selling premium control chef’s knife is scientifically proven to allow for more control as it was specifically designed so the index finger can be in contact with the blade, allowing for more hands-on experience.


● How do I maintain a Huusk knife?


DO use the hole for your index finger for ultimate precision & control;

DO carefully clean the blade to prevent food accumulation in its dimples;

DO hand wash your Huusk knife and dry it immediately after each use;


DO NOT use force while using a Huusk knife. It is a sharp, precise tool - force is not needed;

DO NOT put Huusk in the dishwasher. Doing so may affect the knife's quality;

DO NOT store the knife in the damp place to prevent rust.