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How To Choose The Best Link Building Service

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How To Choose The Best Link Building Service

Link building is an important search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that involves getting one-way hyperlinks from other websites to increase a site's rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Choose The Best Link Building
Choose The Best Link Building

Did you know that backlinks has the power to make you rank on Google even if your website is new? 

The bitter truth is, if your website doesn’t appear in search results, it might as well not exist. 


Nobody will be seeing your page. 

If that is the case, it is literally impossible to reach your target audience or even make money from your website. 

Sadly, many website owners do not know how to leverage backlinks to increase their website visibility. 

Now, you might be asking yourself these questions: 

What is link building? 

What are the different kinds of link building services? 

How do I choose a quality link building service? 

Don't worry, by the time you are done reading this post, you'll get enough knowledge on how you can use backlinks to grow organically and also rank on Google search engine. 

Growing your Business with Link Building Service 

Ahrefs recently conducted a research that gave an interesting fact about how webpages get organic traffic from Google. 

Sadly, it showed that 90.63% of webpagesare not receiving organic traffic from Google. 

That means a large percentage of webpage owners are not familiar with what they can do to increase their ranking on Google search engine, which makes them pay to rank on it instead. 

Looking at the huge percentage of people that are not getting organic traffic from Google, it simply means it is very important that you use backlinks to improve your website visibility and search engine results. 

It sounds difficult but also achievable, because once you're able to build relevant backlinks to your website, ranking on Google search will be a piece of cake. 

Strategic Link Building Services for the Win 

Even though link building is good, you have to do it strategically, rather than adding any kind of hyperlink to your website. 

The best thing to do is get links from websites with great quality and good reputation. It is even better to use links from website that rank high on Google search, because Google will consider them as a credible source. 

Everything I've said sounds easy right? 

Sorry, but it's not. 

Link building requires dedication, skill, expertise and patience. In fact, if you are not sure you can dedicate your time to building links, its better you get a professional agencies that specializes in creating relevant links that'll boost your website. 

It's okay to not do everything yourself because you might end up doing it wrong, but if you have professionals that area always ready to do it, it'll be more effective and you can focus your energy on other things that matter. 

Do you know the best part? They usually offer efficient link building packages that are tailored to your business' specific needs - whether it is a startup or an organization that has been in existence for a while. 

Running a website is quite tasking but if you have a reliable link building service at your service, it'll be a game changer. These services are usually tailored to improve your search engine ranking, increase website traffic, boost website visibility and even generate more sales. 

Looking back at how SEO has changed the game of website ranking overtime, it’s not a surprise why website owners that see the opportunity are tapping into it. 

Link building and other link building services, are just one aspect of the successful SEO strategy that helps website to increase their visibility and eliminates any issue that is preventing it from ranking on search engines. 

In fact, backlinks are seen as one of Google's top three ranking factors. If you're able to get this right, you can relax and watch your website visibility skyrocket.  

You still remember when I said 90.63% of webpages are not receiving organic traffic from Google, right? 

Now, if you want to be part of the minority that get to rank on Google search result and gets organic traffic from Google, you have to focus on building quality backlinks for your website, and it is best to get them from reputable website that relate to your niche. 

To do this, create valuable and shareable content that are appealing enough to get backlinks and also reach out to website that'll be happy to collaborate with you and also want to build their links. 


Link building is an important search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that involves getting one-way hyperlinks from other websites to increase a site's rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

When a website has relevant backlinks linking to it, Google takes that as a “votes of confidence" indicating that your content is trustworthy and authoritative. That is why the more backlinks you get, the higher you rank on Google search because Google will assume the large number of backlinks makes your content trustworthy and authoritative websites relevant to its audience. 

Once you're able to build a solid backlink, the number of organic traffic to your website through Google search will automatically increase. 


Backlinks are very important to show Google that your content can be trusted and shared to add value to people. Link building deals with getting different links from external websites that'll lead audience back you your website. The most popular search engine like Google sees it as a key factor that determines your website's authority and relevance to people.  


Link building became relevant when it was introduced and it should be no surprise that it'll still be relevant for years to come, because it has become a way to get organic traffic it and increase website rank on Google without paying for a spot at the top page.  


·        Guest Blogging: 

A lot of bloggers are not comfortable with this but this is a tried-and-true method for you to effectively to build links with high-quality backlinks. 

Now, I know that you might be wondering why you need to reach out to a website and ask that you contribute when you already have your own website. 

However, the good thing about guest posting is if you're posting valuable content, there's no way people won't see the value in that and visit your website. 

Post valuable content to websites that are relevant to you to gain exposure and earn backlinks. 

Before choosing a website to do guest posting, make sure it is relevant to your niche and they should have a good reputation and positive reviews. 

Then write unique contents that'll resonate with your target audience while making sure you don't forget the backlinks to your website. 

·        Share-Worthy Content Assets: 

Do not assume that because you don't have a whole lot of audience, then its okay to share irrelevant content. 

What you should do is make sure everything you put out is share-worthy. Make use of things like infographics, guides, and original research, to attract natural backlinks from other relevant websites. 

If your content is valuable, other website owners will want to use it as a backlink and that’ll increase visibility. 

·        List Posts: 

Do not share content that are too wordy and unreadable. You should make your content into list style blog. This is as true for a guest post as it is for a list post. Remember, making sure what you are giving out is valuable is very important. It should be well organized, easy to read and useful. 

Broken Link Building 

Finding broken links and pitching suitable content as a resource to gain links can be a great way to provide a valuable resource and also gain great links. This is a time consuming way to get high quality backlinks but can be a great way for SEO agencies to get worthwhile links that move the needle 

·        Mirror Competitors’ Best Backlinks: 

You might not know this but learning from your competitors is a great way to get ahead. 

Take out time to analyze your competitor's website to identify areas you can also adopt or improve for your backlinks. If their reputation is good, chances are they'll also want to link to your content if it is valuable. 

·        Triangular Link Exchange Strategy: 

The triangular link exchange strategy has to do with connecting with websites in your niche that are not your direct competitors to say good things about them, while you say the same for them. 

Each site will now link to the other to form a triangular link network, which can be rewarding for all the parties involved.  


In link building, it is important that you're able to differentiate the right way of doing it from those that are not the best practices. 

So, let's dig in on the dos and don'ts of link building services: 


·        Focus on getting relevant backlinks from websites that rank on Google in your niche 

·        Publish high quality and valuable content that naturally attracts backlinks. 

·        Do not be an island, build relationships with other website owners and bloggers in your industry. 

·        Diversify your link profile by getting links from various sources web pages and domains to impact search rankings 


·        Do not buy or exchange links in large quantities. 

·        Do not use low quality links and irrelevant websites for backlinks. 

·        Do not be spammy as it might lead to Google penalties and harm your site's reputation.  

Once you follow the best practices and remain consistent in link building tactics and relevant content, you'll be able to enhance your website's authority, and improve your rankings on search engine rankings results pages. Remember, link building takes time and effort, and you have to be committed to it to rank, because it won't happen overnight.  

Best Link Building Services Providers Out There  

Let's take a look at some of the best link building services out there. 


VelSEOity is an effective link-building service provider changing how companies take on link-building. With a speciality in tailored blogger outreach, VelSEOity provides superior, real, impactful posts and link insertions via manual outreach.  


Success Stories  

VelSEOity has collaborated with a range of customers, including content marketers and eCommerce retailers. Their custom link-building strategies have empowered companies to boost traffic and rankings significantly. Clients have applauded the application of the links created by VelSEOity, the majority of which have made referral clicks.  

Authentic Methodology to Get High Quality Backlinks 

The distinctiveness of VelSEOity is in its dedication to real link-building to improve search engine rankings. They stress securing links from actual blogs that uphold editorial integrity. This is realized through a recurrent process that includes picky prospecting, clever pitches, effective planning, course correcting, and custom outreach. They avoid link farms and concentrate on building links that increase real value and are an important Google ranking factor - something all white hat link building agencies should do but often dont..  

Testament to Commitment 

VelSEOity's dedication to quality is mirrored in the radiant testimonials they have received from satisfied customers. A long-standing client cited the affordability and ease of VelSEOity's services, while another one, Peter. P., applauded the high-quality content and effectiveness of the links. 

 A slew of clients have voiced immense satisfaction with VelSEOity's strategic link-building. 

eCentres Link Building Agency 

eCentres is a well-known company in the field of digital marketing in Ireland and the UK, with a specialization in providing SEO link-building services. Their SEO strategy is thorough and customized to meet the individual requirements of their clients. The primary focus is on generating high-quality links that have a positive impact on website rankings.  

 eCentres Link Building Agency
eCentres Link Building Agency

Unique Approach  

eCentres is distinguished by its commitment to quality and relevance in link building. Their focus is on creating valuable and accurate content that directly appeals to the target audience.  

The link-building strategy involves a blend of natural anchor text, followed links, and a strong emphasis on links from distinct referring domains. Additionally, they recognize the significance of contextual links integrated within webpage content, as these tend to be of higher quality and offer better results in the long run.  

In-Depth Knowledge and Expertise  

The detailed explanation of eCentres link-building process and their dedication to quality and relevance demonstrate their profound knowledge and expertise in the field.  

They provide a clear understanding of the importance of high-quality linkable content, the key elements of successful link building strategies, and the diverse methods to acquire quality backlinks.  

Partner in Your Digital Journey  

eCentres goes beyond being a service provider; they become a partner in your digital journey. Their all-encompassing link building strategy includes content creation, community outreach, and contributions to industry-specific blogs and publications.  

This helps brands in ranking for their optimized keywords, enhancing PR efforts, more referral traffic and improving search engine rankings. For those seeking their link building services, reaching out to them is a step forward in their digital journey. 

SMVT - Editorial Link Building Agencies 

SMVT is among the top PR platforms that enable you to share information about your business by posting press releases and guest posts on high-DA websites, thereby, reaching a broader audience and getting high-quality, lasting backlinks. 

The team at SMVT doesn't create links on your behalf but streamlines this process by offering an expansive catalog of reputable sites and makes it secure by moderating every site and providing insurance. 


Expansive Opportunities 

Regardless if it is an eCommerce or SaaS project, SMVT has several relevant sites taking PR articles in its ever-increasing directory. So far, it contains over 17k of websites with a strong domain authority and active audiences from various countries and industries.  

Make Tough Choices Easily 

Ensure you won't get lost in the vast pool of options. The site prioritizes user experience by providing an instinctive filter that assists to arrange available sites by language, country, category, and dozens of limitations. 

Get Backlinks With Confidence 

Besides providing a broad catalog of hand-moderated sites, SMVT envelopes every offer with free 3-month insurance. That suggests you will receive a refund if your article gets deleted or non-indexed within the insurance window. There's also an option of getting a 1-year extension.  


I want to believe that you have a full grasp of what backlinks can do to your website if it is done the right way. Having quality backlinks will naturally lead users to your website, making it rank on Google, it'll also drive targeted traffic, leads, and customers. 

But it can also be very tasking and demanding. 

To choose the right link building company or service, you have to differentiate reputable organizations from ineffective ones. Thankfully, we'll be sharing the key factors you should consider when selecting a quality link building service in 2023. 

·        Define Your Goals and Objectives: 

Before you begin anything, ask yourself why. 

Start with the end in mind. 

Define your objectives, goals and what you hope to achieve with the backlinks, then choose a link building service that can meet your specific SEO goals and objectives. 

Whether you want to increase traffic, search engine ranking or visibility, be clear about what you want and find a service that can offer you that. 

·        Assess Experience and Expertise: 

Experience and expertise cannot be thrown out the window. 

Make sure the link building team or agency has an excellent track record and is well experienced in the industry. 

Take your time to go through what people are saying about the brand through their reviews. 

If the reviews are good, they'll likely generate high-quality backlinks and positive results for you. 

·        Consider Link Building Strategies: 

Understand their link building strategy. 

This is very important so you can know those that use white and black hat link building and strategies from black hats link builders. 

You won't want to give the service to a black-hat that can lead to your website being penalized by Google. 

Use services that prioritize white-hat and ethical link building practices, such as outreach to authoritative websites, content marketing, blogger outreach, and expert contributions. Do not use agencies that use spammy or black-hat link building techniques, like Private Blog Networks (PBNs) or paid links. 

·        Check for Transparency and Communication: 

The link building service and link building providers should be transparent and be able to keep an open communication with you. Make sure they're able to regularly provide updates, reports and relevant insights on what they're doing. This will improve trust and ensure a collaborative partnership. 

·        Verify Reputation and Reviews: 

Read reviews and testimonials from their clients to understand how effective their service is and the level of satisfaction they can provide. If you notice any red flags or shady dealings, avoid such agency.  

Conclusion on Quality Link Building Services: 

Backlinks are the foundation to having a website that ranks on website because it'll attract visibility, authority and even sales. 

Always remember that putting up relevant and valuable content will help you gain quality links increase your backlinks, so you cannot afford to stop that. 

Make sure your existing content is adding value and the backlinks will come naturally. 

If you're able to implement everything I've shared, you'll be surprised at how well you'll increase your rank on Google. 


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