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How $5 In BTC Could've Made You A Millionaire In 2013 And How A New Crypto Opportunity Can Do The Same A Decade Later

Explore Bitcoin's meteoric rise from $0.99 to its current $25K. Missed the BTC growth? Bitcoin BSC offers a promising new crypto journey. Dive in now!


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Have you ever wondered how a small investment can lead to unimaginable wealth in the crypto world? 

Rewind to 2011: Bitcoin was just a budding cryptocurrency, priced at a mere $0.99 per BTC. Fast forward to today, and that once understated digital gold now boasts a price of $25,824.92. 

Delving into Bitcoin's journey, did you know that pizzas were among the first items ever purchased using Bitcoin, worth 10,000 BTC back in 2010? That's over $258 million for a couple of pies by today's valuation!

By 2013, Bitcoin had reached its all-time low. 

Remarkably, a $5 investment back then would have yielded an ROI of a staggering +39328.71%. If you're ruing the missed opportunity, hold on to your seat. 


A new competitor, Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC), is knocking on the doors of the crypto market. With an ambition to mirror Bitcoin's early triumphs, $BTCBSC has already made waves, raising over $150K within the initial 48 hours of its presale. 

Dive deeper with us as we unpack this new crypto sensation.

$5 BTC Investment Could’ve Made You a Millionaire – But Where Does Bitcoin Stand Now?

Bitcoin, often dubbed the "digital gold", is the by far the largest crypto on the market

Originating from the mysterious mind of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin was the world's first decentralized digital currency, operating without any central authority or banks. 


Starting its journey as an almost valueless digital token, the fascinating fact is that the first tangible value given to Bitcoin was in 2010, when someone notoriously traded 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas! 

Fast forward to today, and Bitcoin stands as the de facto king of cryptocurrencies. With a current price tag of $25,810.40, it has come a long way from its humble beginnings. 

However, when compared to its all-time high (ATH) of $68,789.63, it's currently down by 62.44%. Boasting a fully diluted market cap of over $542 billion, Bitcoin's monumental success story is undeniable.

Yet, a smart investor might wonder about its growth prospects. Given its previous ATH, even if Bitcoin were to surge back to those levels, it would represent less than a 3X ROI from its current price. 

As staggering as Bitcoin's history is, the days of unprecedented growth percentages could be behind it.

Bitcoin BSC Merges Bitcoin’s Legacy with Innovation on the Binance Smart Chain

Positioned on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Bitcoin BSC is not just a nostalgic throwback to Bitcoin's 2011 golden days. Instead, it's a forward-looking BEP-20 token that combines the allure of Bitcoin's past with the promise of tomorrow's technology.


Bear in mind that Bitcoin BSC is not just a clone of the original BTC. It has its own strategic plans, with long-term profits in mind.

Stepping away from the energy-hungry proof-of-work system that Bitcoin employs, BTCBSC harnesses the power of proof-of-stake. This shift champions not only efficiency and scalability but also stamps the project's commitment to an eco-friendly approach.

From its launch on September 5, the momentum behind Bitcoin BSC's presale is palpable. A nod to Bitcoin's April 2013 numbers, BTCBSC proudly mirrors a circulating supply of 6.15 million tokens. 

For those seeking early entry, 4 million tokens are tagged at the reminiscent price of $0.99 each during the presale. Furthermore, a bumper of 2.125 million tokens remains in the wings, ready to accommodate heightened investor interest.


For those yearning for a taste of Bitcoin's 2013 profit wave, Bitcoin BSC beckons as the next big wave.

Bitcoin BSC Rises as a Formidable Contender to Bitcoin's Throne with Better Utility and Staking

Though Bitcoin stands tall as the pioneer and behemoth in the world of cryptocurrency, its utility as a day-to-day transactional medium remains somewhat constrained, with many perceiving it primarily as a digital gold standard. 

The cornerstone of this limitation is Bitcoin's adherence to the Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism, making mining an expensive and intricate endeavor.

In contrast, Bitcoin BSC champions the Proof-of-Stake paradigm, introducing a solution that dispenses with the need for power-draining mining setups and cumbersome transaction validations. 


This strategic pivot translates to a streamlined crypto experience, superior to what Bitcoin offers. 


One standout attribute of Bitcoin BSC is its generous allocation: an impressive 69% of its token supply, or a staggering 14,455,000 tokens, finds its way to stakers every 10 minutes. 

The yield you accumulate hinges on your staking commitment, presenting a golden opportunity to steadily bolster your crypto assets.

Further elevating BTCBSC's appeal is its foundation on the BNB Smart Chain. Renowned for its rapid and wallet-friendly transactions, this blockchain not only outstrips Bitcoin but also leaves Ethereum trailing. 

For a clearer perspective, consider this: a BTCBSC transaction on the BNB Smart Chain might barely dent your pocket at around $0.10. Meanwhile, a comparable transaction involving BTC20 on the Ethereum blockchain could create a $10-sized hole.



The crypto landscape is ever-evolving, with Bitcoin's incredible journey serving as an enduring testament to the potential of decentralized finance. From trading pizzas with BTC to the present-day valuation, it's a saga of unprecedented growth. 

However, the crypto horizon now gleams with a fresh luminary: Bitcoin BSC. Marrying the legacy of Bitcoin with cutting-edge technology and staking benefits, BTCBSC presents a thrilling prospect for investors, innovators, and visionaries. 

With its environmentally conscious approach, efficient transaction model, and promising returns, it embodies the next phase in crypto evolution. 

As the saying goes, history often repeats itself. And for those who missed the Bitcoin train, Bitcoin BSC might just be the next express ride to prosperity.