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5 Best Crypto To Buy For Long Term Crypto Investment

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5 Best Crypto To Buy For Long Term Crypto Investment

Cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic. Despite some setbacks in 2022, cryptocurrency investments continue to attract investors globally due to their significant earning potential.

Best Crypto To Buy For Long Term Crypto Investment
Best Crypto To Buy For Long Term Crypto Investment

5 Best Crypto to buy for long term:

  • - an AI ecosystem with 10-100x potential in 2023
  • Ethereum - Enables the creation and execution of decentralized apps
  • Cardano - A blockchain with focus on security, scalability, and sustainability
  • Polkadot - A multi-chain network that enables interoperability
  • Chainlink - a decentralized oracle network

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Cryptocurrencies offering utility to holders can often help investors ride out short-term volatilities. One good example of best crypto for long term in 2023 is reviewed in this article: (YPRED tokens) is an ecosystem of financial quants, developers, traders, and investors. The product line contains analytical tools and platforms created to offer insights and analytics using cutting-edge financial prediction methodologies and metrics created with alternative data to make sensible trading and investment decisions.

yPredict, powered by the YPRED token, is an ecosystem comprising various AI-based analytics and prediction tools, a marketplace for predictive models developed by top developers, and a trading terminal.

As the predictive market for crypto is set to blow up, yPredict is also poised to reap attractive yields and rewards, highly promising token making it one of the best long term crypto investments to buy for long term investors

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Project's Tokenomics

The YPRED token is the lifeline of the yPredict ecosystem, as mentioned above. The token, as well as the platform, is based on the Polygon Matic chain, which offers advantages like ETH compatibility, security, and scalability.

YPRED tokens are designed to empower, thrive and sustain the growth & economy of yPredict, an ecosystem of developers, quants, analysts, traders, and investors.

Total supply for YPRED total is 100m and are priced at 0.0375 in presale whereas listing price will be 0.045.

USP - Marketplace

The yPredict marketplace features predictive models for the crypto market as it is developed by the top 1% of AI/ML developers. Investors can use the YPRED tokens to buy these predictive models from the developers at discounted rates.

Offering developers a way to generate passive, without having to engage themselves in trading activities. By doing what they love to do, building AI/ML models.

Presale Details

There are 100 million YPRED tokens, of which 8 million are set aside for newly launched presale project. Presale investors can gain up to 20% ROI upon listing and daily rewards of up to 1%.

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Why is yPredict one of best long Term Crypto to Buy? is on a mission to develop a new breed of trading tools entirely powered by AI. This wouldn't guarantee an edge but enough to discard noise from the markets and form trading decisions with a much higher statistical edge than with tools currently in the markets.

Here are various advantages for holders and many investors why they should buy YPRED token for long term investments:

Free Access to AI Analytics Tools

YPRED holders get lifetime free access to yPredict features. The platform employs AI to generate real-time trading alerts, study and decode over 100 different charts, as well as analyze news and social media sentiments.

All these help investors gain a competitive advantage when trading. The AI also assists traders in finding the best indicators for their portfolios.

Staking Rewards

Holders can earn passive income via a revenue-sharing staking pool, whose liquidity is supplemented by 10% of platform revenue. One may earn up to 45% staking rewards quarterly.

Up to 100% Potential

Often, new crypto project list at much higher valuations than their underlying utilities or mechanisms merit, limiting investors’ earning potential. YPRED, meanwhile, will be listed at $4.5M, so presale investors can generate significant returns upon listing.

Despite its varied offerings, YPRED will list at $4.5 million. Hence, it can potentially deliver 10 to 100x more returns to investors.

How to buy YPRED tokens for long term investment?

  • Via Matic Coin

Investors can buy YPRED tokens directly with the “Buy With Matic” option if they have Matic coins in their Polygon or other crypto wallets. This option does not require an additional gas or swapping fee.

  • Via Card

One can also buy Matic coins with their payment cards and then follow the same steps as the ones mentioned above.

  • Via Other Cryptocurrencies

Investors may participate in the presale with other cryptocurrencies, like ETH, BNB and USDT.

Let us now explore further details why investors should consider yPredict as the crypto to buy for long term investment that can give huge profits and has a long term value project in the near future in the sections below.

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Other Noteworthy Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

As mentioned above, yPredict isn't the only noteworthy cryptocurrency out there. Some of the other notable cryptocurrencies are listed below:


Wolfpad is an organizing and note-taking application. Users can note down their ideas, create projects, and even collaborate with others in real-time. It stands out due to its simplicity.

Heisenberg Research

Heisenberg Research is a firm that develops AI and machine learning solutions. The solutions are based on top-class research and development.


Findscan utilizes AI and ML to scan and index documents. It’s a time-saving solution for digitizing extensive volumes of data.

Conclusion has all the features that makes it worthy for long term holding in your portfolio, for the year 2023

When choosing the a cryptocurrency to buy for long term investment, investors must consider factors that distinguish a project from others. They must then analyze whether such distinctions can ride out short-term fluctuations to deliver sizeable returns in the long run. This is how investors can determine which of the long term cryptocurrencies are the most worthwhile to invest.

Best Long Term Investments in Crypto

Given the cryptocurrency market’s volatility, many investors prefer to trade it using short-term strategies. On the other hand, may be the greatest way to benefit from any coin during this period since they allow you to ride out market volatility with less emotional attachment.

With more than 22,000 different cryptocurrency coins and tokens in the market, investor interest is growing rapidly. But picking the right mix to maximize your long-term returns can be tough under the best circumstances — trying to do so in a cryptocurrency bear market, aka “crypto winter,” can be overwhelming.

Owing to the plethora choices abound for investors, they would do best to consider and evaluate these choices carefully. That is because not all options would be suitable, if they were looking for the best long term crypto investments to buy.

Whether or not a crypto coin fits a long-term outlook depends on its underlying mechanism. Understanding what a cryptocurrency space offers can help investors determine if it will stand the test of time and reap sustainable and desired returns. For instance, meme coins ride on sensational popularity and are rarely a good fit for long-term earnings.

The Benefits of Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts

The security and extra options that come with smart contracts make them a great selection for investors. Thanks to this technology, transactions are kept firmly and unchangeably, allowing them to be done with no fear of disturbance. Additionally, it provides an additional layer of protection and visibility, which heightens the reliability of these transactions even more. Altogether, blockchain technology is an excellent payment tool for long-term crypto investments.

A Smart Long Term Investment Strategy

Investing in cryptocurrency projects that are built on the Ethereum blockchain and traded via centralized exchanges is an excellent way of benefitting from the potential of long-term returns. Investing in long term cryptocurrency projects through centralized exchange is a great long term investment and can help investors manage risk effectively through diversification. As the crypto space becomes increasingly established, investing in such projects has the potential to yield profitable gains for investors in the long run. A governance token should give its holders the right to participate in the decision-making process of a decentralized organization or platform. In conclusion, investing in Ethereum blockchain-based crypto projects traded through centralized exchanges is a sound long term investment strategy.

Smart Contracts: Driving Market Capitalization and Long-term Growth in the Crypto Space

Today, the market cap of smart contract blockchains totals around $247 billion, or roughly 27% of the total crypto landscape.

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a surge in market capitalization due to the widespread usage of smart contracts. It has seen an increase in market cap, due to the adoption of smart contract functionality, leading to long term growth. This has enabled the development of revolutionary blockchain applications, which in turn has brought about lasting stability and further growth . Furthermore, the adoption of blockchain has built trust and confidence amongst entrepreneurs and investors in the cryptocurrency space, allowing more and more people to take part in the sector. All in all, the crypto industry appears to be on a trajectory of sustained success.

Key terminologies to understand before investing:

Crypto project - A cryptocurrency project is an effort to create a new digital assets, secure and verifiable transactions, and a decentralized system to manage the currency.

Crypto for long term - Investing in long term cryptocurrencies for the long-term involves carefully considering factors such as technology, adoption, regulation, and market demand, with the expectation of potentially high returns in the future.

Proof of Stake blockchain (PoS) - It is a consensus mechanism where validators are chosen to create new blocks and validate transactions based on the amount of stake they hold in the network.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) - It is a financial system built that enables secure, transparent, and accessible financial services and products without the need for intermediaries.

Digital assets - These are digital representations of value, such as cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and collectibles, that can be owned, traded, and managed through decentralized systems.

Blockchain space - It refers to a decentralized technology ecosystem centered to secure and validate digital transactions and assets, enabling new decentralized applications and systems.

Panic selling - This refers to a situation where investors simultaneously sell off their assets in large quantities due to fear or uncertainty, often causing significant drops in prices.

Rewards pool - It is a fund set aside by a company or organization to incentivize and reward specific actions, such as participating in a token sale, holding a certain amount of a cryptocurrency, or participating in governance.

Proof of work protocol (PoW) - It is a blockchain consensus mechanism where network participants solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions and create new blocks, requiring significant computational power and energy.

High frequency trading fund - It is a type of investment fund that uses advanced algorithms and high-speed technology to execute trades in financial markets at extremely high frequencies, seeking to generate profits through rapid buying and selling of securities.

Cryptocurrency exchanges - These are online platforms where users can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies using fiat money or other digital assets.

Crypto markets/Cryptocurrency markets - It refers to the global network of exchanges and platforms where various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are bought, sold, and traded.

Native token - Native token is a digital asset that is unique to and fundamental to a specific blockchain or decentralized platform, serving as a means of access to the network's services and a unit of value exchange within the platform.

Play to earn - It refers to a gaming model where players can earn real-world assets, such as cryptocurrency, through in-game and battle arena actions, such as completing tasks or reaching milestones.

Market Analysts - It is a professional who studies and evaluates financial markets, economic trends, and industry data to provide insights and make predictions about the performance of securities and other assets.

Technical analysis - It is a method of evaluating securities by analyzing statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume, in order to identify trends and make trading decisions.

Crypto Assets - refer to digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital collectibles, that use cryptography and decentralized ledger technology to securely record transactions and ownership on a distributed network.

Daily trading volume - It refers to the number of shares or contracts traded in a financial market during a given day.

Market volatility - It refers to the degree of variation of a financial market's price over time.

Decentralized exchange - It is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates on a blockchain network, allowing for peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a centralized intermediary.

Market cap - Market capitalization(market cap) is the total value of a publicly traded company's outstanding shares of stock, calculated by multiplying the stock price by the number of shares outstanding.