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Wamiqa Gabbi: Working In Multiple Languages Has Enriched Me

Actress Wamiqa Gabbi has worked in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati and Punjabi. She is known for her role in 'Modern Love: Mumbai'.

Wamiqa Gabbi

Actress Wamiqa Gabbi, who is seen in series such as 'Modern Love: Mumbai' and 'Mai', has talked about working in movies in multiple languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati and Punjabi. She says the experience has enriched her as an actor.

Gabbi says, "It has definitely made me understand different cultures and that really adds up to my experience as an actor."

She added that whenever she is doing a movie in a particular language, she makes it a point to closely observe how the people of that culture carry themselves.

"The added advantage and my personal favourite takeaway from doing a regional project is the opportunity to learn a new language. Being a person who is always up for learning a new language, doing a multi-lingual project gives me the perfect opportunity to do so," she added.

She concluded by saying, "I enjoy each and every bit of the schedule and make sure that I make the most of the experience every time I sign on a new regional film."

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