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A Review Of Thesis: The Best Energy Nootropics

This review covers the types of nootropic supplements available through the Thesis brand, what they do, how they work, and why they are worth consideration. Anyone looking for a scientific way to manage their mental performance can gain valuable insight into one of the best products on the market- and learn more to see if Thesis is right for them.

A Review Of Thesis: The Best Energy Nootropics

The human brain is one of the most complex and incredible things in the universe. Understanding how to unlock more of its potential is vital for optimal cognitive performance. Nootropics are science-backed dietary supplements that stimulate and enhance brain function.

Thesis is one of the leading creators of brain-boosting supplements known for its personalized, high-performance nootropics that help people improve their mental function on all fronts.

This review covers the types of nootropic supplements available through the Thesis brand, what they do, how they work, and why they are worth consideration. Anyone looking for a scientific way to manage their mental performance can gain valuable insight into one of the best products on the market- and learn more to see if Thesis is right for them.

What Are Thesis Nootropics?

Thesis is a leading nootropics subscription service for designed to boost brain function and help people be their best selves every day. Since 2018, the company has helped people unlock their potential and feel better mentally with personalized combinations of cognitive enhancers.

Thesis works a little differently from most other companies- and is more beneficial because of it. Rather than offering one all-around product, Thesis produces six different science-backed and clinically tested nootropic blends that focus on different areas of cognitive function.

The company is based in the US, and all ingredients used are ethically sourced and thoroughly tested. Products are made in America in facilities that follow FDA guidelines to ensure the highest quality every time.

Thesis's Nootropic Blends

  • Thesis Energy

Thesis's Energy formula is the most popular supplement and has many potent and beneficial effects. As well as boosting energy and concentration, Energy helps people stay alert and focused for longer, kicking brain cells into top gear from the beginning of the day.

Energy includes important energy nootropics such as caffeine, L-theanine, and ginseng to kickstart the body's energy metabolism. Think of all the stamina-boosting effects of energy drinks but without the jitters or the crash.

If someone finds it difficult to get going in the morning and be at their best earlier in the day, this could be the right blend for them. Energy is also highly beneficial for those who have long, busy days and need a healthy boost to beat tiredness and that midday slow down.

The effects of the powerful ingredients used in Thesis Energy also help with chronic fatigue. Many users enjoy the combined effects of this supplement with the Motivation blend for the most impactful, long-lasting enhancement to their energy levels.

  • Thesis Clarity

Mental clarity is one of the overall goals across the board with Thesis. Even healthy people struggle with brain function. It can be due to fatigue, burnout, stress, brain injury, or cognitive decline associated with getting older.

All of Thesis's blends help improve cognitive performance in one way or another- but the Clarity blend provides the best support for long-term memory, information processing, focus, alertness, and overall cognitive function throughout the day.

The ingredients used to create this have been expertly selected after extensive trials to prove they can have a tangible impact on brain chemistry. Super ingredients, including Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha GPC, and Lion's Mane Mushroom, boost neuroprotection, memory retention, and the brain's ability to learn.

Forget brain fog and say hello to a clear, alert, and active brain.

  • Thesis Motivation

No matter what walk of life a person follows, staying motivated and productive can seem like an uphill battle. Lack of motivation is often tied to fatigue, low mood, and lack of focus- things that most people experience at some point.

Anyone who finds themselves struggling to stay alert and on the ball later in the day, at the end of a long week, or even first thing in the morning can benefit from the nootropic effects of Vitamin B6, Methylliberine, Forskolin, Rhodiola Rosea, and more found in the Motivation blend.

Thesis Motivation is one of the most popular and powerful blends on the nootropic market and has some of the most noticeable impacts on people's daily lives.

  • Thesis Creativity

Brain fog, procrastination, and lack of focus and productivity can all stand in the way of free-flowing creativity and productive thinking. Thesis's Creativity blend works by tackling these mental blockers using a nootropic stack linked to calm, cool, collected, and creative mindsets, including ashwagandha root, Rhodiola Rosea, and L-theanine.

This blend is ideal for people who often struggle to be innovative and find fast solutions to problems. Whether that applies to their professional or personal life, Thesis can help customers improve how they go about tasks, hurdles, and decisions.

  • Thesis Logic

Thesis uses a blend of nootropics and other science-backed ingredients to improve cognitive function, memory, focus, and mental clarity. If people find their cognitive performance declining as the day goes by, this Logic supplement can help.

One of the most important ingredients in this blend is Vitamin B6, which aids in the brain's natural production of serotonin- the primary neurotransmitter that controls mood and concentration. Logic also includes Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri extract, which have both been tested in multiple clinical trials and shown to improve memory retention with regular use.

Together with the other nootropics and ingredients, Logic helps to support learning and enhance cognitive performance on all fronts. People who are studying or have jobs that require a lot of brain energy can benefit from this blend.

  • Thesis Confidence

Confidence goes hand-in-hand with energy, mental health, and stress levels. When a person feels in control of their thinking and has the long-lasting energy and clarity to process information and react well in situations, they automatically feel more confident.

Thesis's Confidence blend works by supporting mental flexibility, promoting a more positive outlook, and encouraging a calm state of mind. When people have peace of mind, support for their mood, and control over their cognitive performance, their confidence levels rise. When confidence increases, people feel happier, more alert, and ready to take on the world every day.

What Are the Benefits of Thesis Nootropic Supplements?

Taking a dietary supplement of any kind throws a lot of questions into the mix. One of the most common questions is: what makes them worth the time and money?

Because Thesis has so many products to offer- and asks all new clients to complete a quiz and trial kit to establish what blends work best for them, the benefits are greater. Rather than taking a generalized smart drug that tries to do everything at once, users take a supplement that has been designed with their exact brain function needs and goals in mind.

Here is an overview of the benefits of Thesis Nootropics.

  • They use a mixture of ingredients and extracts to enhance cognitive performance in a safe and healthy way.
  • Thesis blends tackle brain function on multiple levels, with supplements designed to help everything from memory and focus to fatigue and mood.
  • Thesis is designed with a wide range of customers in mind, so there is something to suit everyone.
  • The blends are powerful and effective but gentle on the system and easy to take.
  • Before choosing a blend, customers take a quiz and test up to four different blends in a trial kit to see which ones they like and feel the most.
  • Side effects are very rare, and even for those who experience them, they are minimal and usually short-lived.
  • All the ingredients used are sourced responsibly from reputable US-based vendors and go through in-depth testing before making it into the supplement.
  • There is an option to remove caffeine from the chosen blend if the user prefers not to have it for whatever reason.
  • Every Thesis customer has their own personal profile where they can manage subscriptions and edit their blends. There is also the option to get advice and guidance from a Thesis wellness coach.

How to Use Thesis Nootropics

One of the best things about Thesis is the personalized supplement plans designed to match each person's cognitive needs. To find out what that is, there are a few steps to follow.

  • New customers take a quiz on the website to find out what blends are most likely to suit them.
  • They then receive a starter kit with four of the supplement options to be taken individually for six days at a time. Thesis recommends one full day of no supplements before moving from one to the next.
  • During this time, the user should note how they feel to determine which blends are most effective for them.
  • Next, the customer logs in to their Thesis profile and selects one or two blends that they like the most.
  • Thesis's nootropic supplements should be taken once per day. It can be taken in the morning or in the evening, whatever the person feels is most beneficial (the morning is the more popular choice). 
  • They can be taken with or without food. The effectiveness is usually higher when taken without food, but those who are sometimes more sensitive to supplements should consider taking them with food, at least in the beginning.

It can seem a bit complicated before getting started, but trusting the process is the name of the game here. By going through the trial phase using the test pack and paying attention to the differences each one makes, new customers can maximize the effects Thesis nootropic supplements have on their mental health and general well-being.

People who take regular medications are usually advised to double-check with a medical professional before taking any supplements. The guidelines for daily dosage here do not outweigh recommendations given by a doctor.

What Nootropic Ingredients Are Used in Thesis Supplements?

All the ingredients used in Thesis supplements are high-quality, expertly sourced, and usually vegan-friendly. Each one serves a purpose and has scientific evidence to back its efficacy. The exact ingredients vary between the blends. Here are some examples of key ingredients used, what they do, and what blends they are included in.

  • Alpha GPC (used in Thesis Clarity and Thesis Creativity): This ingredient appears in well-known brain-boosters such as eggs and fish. It is known to improve memory, focus, and learning capabilities.
  • Citicoline (used in Thesis Energy): Another substance that is great for working memory, energy, and concentration to keep the mind sharp is Citoline. It is also a great cognitive enhancer for older individuals who have trouble maintaining mental focus.
  • Sceletium Tortuosum (used in Thesis Creativity and Thesis Confidence): The South African plant extract is used to make Zembrin, which is tied to increased blood flow, mood enhancement, and neuroplasticity. In other words, it helps people feel happier, improves alertness, and reduces mental reaction time.
  • Artichoke (used in Thesis Motivation): Artichoke vegetables reduce anxiety and stress levels, enhance blood flow to the brain, and improve information processing speed. It has been found to have long-term effects on mental alertness and brain energy.
  • Phosphatidylserine (used in Thesis Logic): This is a long and fancy word for a naturally occurring substance found in sunflowers. It lowers stress, increases alertness and attention, and has long-lasting effects on cognitive impairment related to memory in old age.

Caffeine and L-theanine are a power couple in brain supplements, boosting mental energy and cognitive functions across the board. These can be included in all six of the Thesis blends, but there is also the option to go without.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

There are no significant side effects associated with Thesis nootropics, and they are considered safe in the supplements world. That said, people must always be aware of the potential adverse reactions the body can have to anything- especially concentrated ingredients.

It's rare, but some Thesis users reported feeling over-energized or having trouble sleeping. Although uncommon, it is good to know about just in case. The brand also suggests that anyone who experiences stomach upset should consider trying a different blend or lowering the dose.

Overall, the risk of potential side effects is very low when using Thesis's nootropics blends because they are natural, science-backed, and thoroughly tested. If someone does feel something that they don't think is normal, it is best to stop taking the supplements and speak with a medical professional or Thesis wellness coach.

Why Choose Thesis Supplements Over Other Smart Drugs?

Many different brands and companies claim to have the best smart drugs for giving the brain a boost, so what makes Thesis any different? Based on user reviews and clinical research, there is a lot of evidence to show that these are not just another supplement. Instead, they are a genuinely helpful brain health treatment that improves people's quality of life.

Here are four great reasons to choose Thesis Nootropics instead of an alternative.

They Actually Work

Every supplement company claims to have the most effective pills on the market. One of the things that makes Thesis different is the fact that it offers multiple products; this is because it knows that what works for one person might not work for another.

Because of the decision to be upfront about nootropics being far from one-size-fits-all, Thesis is able to help people find something that actually makes a difference.

Stepping away from the idea that bringing together great ingredients that work in trials automatically means an effective experience for everyone lets Thesis curate blends that specifically target different areas of wellness.

Every Individual's Supplement Pack is Tailored to Their Needs

As mentioned above, Thesis is one of the very few supplement companies that are vocal and upfront about the fact that nootropics do not work the same for everyone. On top of creating six different options, Thesis also gives people the power to test and trial each one's efficacy for themselves.

Everyone takes a questionnaire regarding the areas they struggle with, where they want to see improvement and a few other general health questions. Thesis then recommends the blends that seem like the best match. This could be one or a combination of two- it depends on the answers.

To further give people the power, a starter kit is sent out with four blends. New users can test each one to see how well it works for them. The questionnaire is usually pretty accurate, but there must always be allowances made for people's individual biological makeups.

Out of the four options in the starter kit, users can select the ones they want to continue with going forward. From there, a personalized plan is put together to help everyone get the most out of their experience.

One-on-One Coaching Helps People Get More from their Mental Performance

Thesis has an incredible customer satisfaction rating, and a lot of that comes down to the exceptional support provided via the one-to-one coaching service. The company goes beyond just selling people a product- it supports them throughout their journey to brain health and mental wellness by providing personalized advice from qualified wellness coaches who guide people on the best ways to optimize their subscription and dosage.

There are several coaches affiliated with the program, most of whom have a background in either neuroscience or nutrition. Other qualifications include health science, meditation, and holistic medicine. Clients are connected with the coach that is best suited to their needs based on their choices of blends and what they want to gain.

The Supplements are Backed by Verified Clinical Studies and Trials

Another reason effectiveness is a big win for Thesis is the carefully selected high-quality ingredients. There are no fillers or ingredients put in just because they sound good. Everything serves a purpose and has the backing of multiple trials, studies, and rounds of testing that establish their benefits and show how they unlock bigger and better brain potential.

Thesis shares details of the studies relating to all the ingredients used- so anyone who is curious or unconvinced can see for themselves.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Thesis nootropics are a comprehensive and effective method for improving mental performance and cognitive function. People can find generalized smart drugs anywhere, but they can't find the tailored support, guidance, and science-backed effectiveness offered by Thesis anywhere else.

Anyone looking to boost their energy levels, focus, productivity, alertness, memory, or a number of other brain-based abilities should seriously consider taking Thesis's quiz to find their best blend. The quiz is free and offers valuable insight into how to get the most from supplementation. No other brand competes with Thesis when it comes to personalized brain boosters that really make a difference.