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UpWellness’ Total Revive Plus Reviews - Safe Ingredients or Disturbing Side Effects? Customer Result

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UpWellness’ Total Revive Plus Reviews - Safe Ingredients or Disturbing Side Effects? Customer Result

Total Revive Plus is a physician-formulated, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement that naturally helps your body digest and promotes healthy weight loss.

Total Revive Plus
Total Revive Plus

What is Total Revive Plus? 

Total Revive Plus is a unique nutritional supplement that can aid in weight loss and works to treat a variety of digestive health issues, including IBS, heartburn, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea.  

Several digestive problems might be resolved by it, particularly those brought on by stress.  

The supplement includes digestive enzymes and adaptogens, which speed up digestion. Stress is an inevitable component of today's fast-paced, fiercely competitive lifestyle.  

Strict deadlines and goal-setting in the workplace can easily lead to stress and unsettled stomachs.  

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Although indigestion can be brought on by stress, not all digestive issues need to be. Digestive problems can also result from a lack of tolerance for particular foods.  

However, there is enough food adulteration in the world to negatively impact people's everyday diets. Total Revive Plus contains both adaptogens and digestive enzymes that work together to reduce stress.  

Combining specific enzymes and superfoods in the appropriate ratio results in this dual activity. You can take this supplement regularly to overcome any such digestive ailments. 

How does the Total Revive Plus supplement work? 

When it comes to being healthy and fit, gut health is crucial. The digestive process is slowed down if the gastrointestinal system is toxic.  

Detoxification of the digestive system is crucial because of this. This region is the first to receive attention from the Complete Revive Plus formula.  

The formula's digestive enzymes then aid in the breakdown of carbs, lipids, and starches, accelerating the digestive process.  

Energy levels are greatly increased by this breakdown. Bloating and diarrhoea are reduced because some digestive enzymes handle the task of digesting gluten and lactose.  

Total Revive Plus aids in fat burning by increasing the metabolism process. This vitamin also helps to reduce the issue of inflammation. The herbal adaptogenic superfoods give digestive enzymes additional help.  

The purpose of adaptogens is to reestablish homeostasis, which is the biological condition of ideal balance and stability.  

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These are the components that relieve the stress of any kind, whether it be chemical, biological, or physical. Adaptogens have long been employed in Chinese and Ayurveda medicine.  

This is how the combination works: the adaptogens lower stress levels, which subsequently aid in correct nutrient absorption, while the digestive enzymes, which are a component of conventional therapy, assist in alleviating digestive issues. 

Ingredients Used in Total Revive Plus 

  • Amylase: Saliva and pancreatic fluid both include the enzyme called amylase. It aids in the process of turning starch into less complex sugars, which boosts energy. 
  • Lactase: Lactase is crucial for the normal digestion of milk and aids in calcium absorption into the body. Insufficient lactase in the diet can result in digestive issues. In addition to treating conditions like gas, bloating, and diarrhea, it strengthens bones. 
  • Protease: Protease breaks down dietary protein to aid in its absorption. Moreover, the system's metabolic rate is increased. 
  • Cellulase (Aspergillus Niger): A crucial fungal microorganism for the industry is Aspergillus niger. Citric acid and other enzymes, including pectinases, proteases, and amylases, are produced in large quantities using this mold. 
  • Invertase: The enzyme invertase catalyzes the breakdown of sucrose into glucose and fructose. It aids in limiting the development of germs in the digestive system. This enzyme is frequently employed in the food sector. 
  • Lipase: Lipase is in charge of dissolving fats so they can be easily absorbed. It aids in the treatment of Crohn's disease, the prevention of cystic fibrosis, the management of gluten sensitivity, and indigestion and heartburn. Dietary lipids are transformed into free fatty acids (FFA) and monoglycerides by lipase. 
  • Cellulase (Trichoderma Reesei): Industrial-scale enzyme manufacturing has a long history of using Trichoderma reesei safely. The food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, textile, pulp, and paper sectors all use the cellulases and xylanases that this fungus produces. 
  • Maltase: This enzyme facilitates the conversion of maltose to glucose. Breaking down carbohydrates into digestible components aids in carbohydrate digestion and relieves pressure on the pancreas and small intestine. 
  • Serratio Peptidase: This enzyme can reduce pain and reduce inflammation, and infections. At the site of inflammation, it operates by proteolyzing aberrant proteins. Total Revive Plus promotes healthy blood flow and inhibits the growth of blood clots. 
  • DPPIV Protease: This enzyme aids in the quick metabolism of incretins and can improve glucose tolerance. Additional areas where it works include regulating type 2 diabetes, controlling blood glucose, assisting with weight loss , lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, and fighting infections. 
  • Phytase: Phytic acid can bind minerals like zinc and iron, making it easier for the body to absorb them. It boosts the body's mineral content and helps the small intestine do its duties. 

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Benefits of Total Revive Plus: 

  • It facilitates the digestion of proteins, carbs, and lipids. 
  • It aids in boosting tolerance for a variety of foods, including dairy and wheat. 
  • It lowers stress levels and enhances resistance to free radicals and oxidative stress. 
  • For those who struggle with obesity or overweight concerns, it aids in weight loss. 
  • In most cases, it increases the absorption of nutrients by those who are deficient. 
  • It aids in decreasing inflammation that could otherwise develop chronic. 
  • Your cells and overall health will revive and revitalize as a result of the metabolism and digestive boost. 
  • Supplying different nutrients very naturally improves the texture of your skin and hair. 
  • It facilitates better nutrition absorption and encourages cellular health. 
  • Because of the increased immunity, it makes you look younger over time. 
  • It improves the digestive enzymes' functions and boosts quicker absorption of minerals and vitamins. 
  • It takes care of your metabolism as well. 

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  • The natural substances included in the mix deliver quick effects. 
  • The formula's enzymes begin to function on day one. 
  • The formula's enzymes work to lessen the negative effects of a wide variety of meals, including dairy, gluten, sugar, lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. 
  • It supports a healthy stomach and improves the body's inherent ability to produce enzymes. 
  • To guarantee the purity and potency of each ingredient, the ingredients are evaluated and supported by science. 
  • The recipe is appropriate for people of every age and gender. 
  • The supplement can be consumed for more than three to six months as well as it has no side effects. 


  • The only place to buy the supplement is the official website. 
  • It has been advised to use the formula only in the prescribed dosages. 
  • Before utilizing the formula, people must make sure to consult a doctor. 
  • The time it takes for the results to appear depends on several variables. 

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Recommended Dosage of Total Revive Plus 

Total Revive Plus comes in bottles of 90 capsules each, and each bottle lasts for one month. With each meal, you can take one to two capsules. Those who experience digestive issues can use supplements.  

Because it is a natural probiotic supplement and has no adverse effects, it is suitable for the majority of people. Please consult your doctor before intake if you are under the age of 18, have allergies, or have a chronic medical condition.  

Also, this is not advisable for those who are taking medications because some natural supplements may conflict with the drugs you take. 

Be very cautious, then. For optimal effects, make sure you take Total Revive Plus for at least 60 days; however, it is recommended that you take the supplement for longer. 

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Why is Total Revive Plus better than other supplements or medicines? 

While most digestive supplements or medicines simply focus on emptying the bowels, they fail to address the root cause of digestive problems and ailments.  

Even if you feel relieved temporarily and pass bowels, you must know that the problem still persists, and you can only get rid of it by taking a natural supplement that can address the root cause - inflammation and toxins in your gut. 

Total Revive Plus is crafted by a team of experts and doctors who strongly believe in nature’s power to heal and resolve gut health problems.  

So if you constantly struggle with IBS, acidity, GERD, or any such digestive disorders, it is important to consume Total Revive Plus as it revives your gut health.  

It has herbal adaptogens with broad-spectrum digestive enzymes. Hence, Total Revive Plus guarantees to treat your digestive health from its roots.  

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What is the price of Total Revive Plus? 

Total Revive Plus can be purchased at a discounted price from its official website only. You can’t get it from an offline store or any other website.  

Here are the three discounted packages: 

  • One bottle/one-month supply of Total Revive Plus costs $47. 
  • Three bottles/three-month supply of Total Revive Plus costs $37 each. 
  • Six bottles/six months' supply of Total Revive Plus costs only $27 each. 

You can additionally save 10% with VIP Auto Delivery, so you will receive fresh supplies every month. The shipping is free on all orders. 

The company also offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee for all its customers.  

The deal is simple, you just have to try the supplement, and if it does not provide you with the desired results, you are free to contact their team, and without any further questions, you will be refunded the amount paid for the supplement. It is a completely risk-free product. 

discounted packages
discounted packages

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Total Revive Plus Customer Reviews: 

“For me, it was like two for the price of one. I started taking it for my digestion, and as that started to get better, I noticed that my joint pain was improving as well..” 

“I have multiple medical problems and I take seven different prescription drugs every day. It’s frustrating because each pill only deals with one problem.  

That’s why I’m so grateful to Dr. Levitt for suggesting this supplement because it’s the only thing that I take that treats my whole body, and it really does help me feel better inside and out.” 

“I can finally eat what I want without running to the bathroom after every meal. Thank you!” 

“Now that I’m in my fifties, the choices I’ve made are catching up to me. And I feel it in my gut. Total Revive+ has been a game-changer.” 

Total Revive Plus Reviews - Final Verdict 

Total Revive Plus is the only natural dietary supplement that contains Amylase, Invertase, Maltase, Lactase, DPP-IV, Phytase, Protease, and more.  

It is a dietary supplement that supports the natural breakdown of carbs, protein, and fats. It also helps soothe and ease digestive processes, so you never have to struggle with constipation or irritable bowels.  

It is one of the best dietary supplements for your digestive health enhancement naturally.  

You can take Total Revive Plus regularly, even without consulting a doctor or needing a prescription, as it is formulated 100% naturally and causes no side effects at all.  

Total Revive Plus has various verified reviews where customers have rated it 5 stars for quick and effective results as a guarantee. With the money-back guarantee, it is completely safe.  

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