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SR9009 (Stenabolic) Guide: Results, Dosage, Benefits & More

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SR9009 (Stenabolic) Guide: Results, Dosage, Benefits & More

If you're interested in learning why SR9009 is considered one of the best SARMs for sale right now, and how you can use it for extra fat burning and muscle mass growth, keep reading.


SR9009, also known as Stenabolic, is a cutting-edge research chemical that's being used across the globe by bodybuilders to build muscle, shred fat, and boost athletic performance. 

In fact, many users claim that you can pack on 15-20 pounds of lean muscle mass, and shred off 20-25 pounds of body fat in just a few months. But do those claims hold up to scrutiny? 

Here's what our ultimate SR9009 Stenabolic guide will cover: 

  • What is SR9009? 
  • SR9009 Benefits 
  • SSR9009 Dosage 
  • SR9009 Before and After Results 
  • SR9009 Cycle Examples 
  • SR9009 Side Effects 
  • Where to Buy SR9009 
  • ...and more 

So, if you're interested in learning why SR9009 is considered one of the best SARMs for sale right now, and how you can use it for extra fat burning and muscle mass growth, keep reading. 

What is SR9009? 


SR 9009, or Stenabolic as it's sometimes called, was a research chemical created to help cure metabolic diseases, and improve cardiac health in patients suffering from heart disorders. 

Many people think that SR9009 is a SARM, short for selective androgen receptor modulator, but contrary to this popular belief, SR9009 is actually a PPAR Delta receptor agonist. [R

We will refer to it as a selective androgen receptor modulator sometimes throughout this post, just for ease of reference, and because it's similar in action to SARMs, as well. 

Here are some clinically proven benefits of SR9009

  • Shreds Off Body Fat Very Quickly 
  • Huge Boost in Energy Levels 
  • Massive Increase in Endurance 
  • Helps Maintain Lean Muscle Mass 
  • May Improve Sleep Patterns 
  • Improves Blood Cholesterol Levels 
  • Accelerates Weight Loss & Fat Burning 

While SR9009 has not gotten FDA approval for human consumption quite yet, that doesn't mean there isn't evidence to suggest SR 9009 has a ton of health benefits. 

But first, how does it work? 

How Does SR9009 Work? 

SR9009 Work
SR9009 Work

As stated, SR9009 is a PPAR Delta receptor agonist, which is commonly compared to selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs for short. While SARMs work by binding to androgen receptors, SR9009 works by binding to PPAR Delta receptors. [R

Stenabolic SR9009 is a metabolic modulator, with a very short half life, meaning that it gets into your body, and IMMEDIATELY starts speeding up your metabolism. This is why so many people shred 20-30 pounds of fat on SR9009 - it accelerates metabolism drastically. 

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This makes sense, considering it was developed to treat metabolic diseases. In fact, many people who take SR9009 end up reporting higher energy levels, lower fat percentage, and a lot more muscle mass, too. 

In short, SR9009 transforms your body into a fat burning, muscle building machine. 

Is SR9009 Legal? 

Is SR9009 legal? Yes. SR9009 is 100% legal to buy and sell online. 

Currently, SR9009 is classified as a research chemical, which means it's legal to buy and sell online for research purposes. While technically there is no FDA approved dosage or usage for this compound, fitness enthusiasts are using it left and right to shred fat. 

SR9009is currently legal to buy in the following places: 

  • North America (US, Canada, Mexico) 
  • South America (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador) 
  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Spain) 
  • Asia (China, Japan, Thailand, India) 
  • ...and more 

The only place SR9009 is illegal to buy is in Australia. [R

In fact, many people say that with SR9009 you get all the benefits of anabolic steroids, like rapidly burning fat, improving exercise capacity, and improving physical endurance, without any of the nasty side effects that anabolic steroids often give you. 

If you're an athlete, you may get tested for SR9009 however. The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has banned SR 9009 from competition, due to the massive unfair advantage it gives to people using it. 

In fact, the following organizations have banned SR9009 from competition: 

  • World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) 
  • United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) 
  • The Olympics & Other Athletic Competitions 

Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking SR 9009 gives users an extreme advantage, so it makes sense that athletes get tested for it. If you're not an athlete though, you have very little to worry about. 

SR9009 Benefits 

SR9009 Benefits 
SR9009 Benefits 

SR9009 is very similar to Cardarine (GW-501516) in how it works, so the benefits are fairly similar to Cardarine. This compound is amazing for burning fat and a cutting phase. 

Here are the proven benefits of SR 9009: 

  • Gives You More Energy 
  • Helps Burn Fat Rapidly (Quick Weight Loss) 
  • Aids in Muscle Retention While Cutting 
  • Boost Muscle Growth & Strength & Endurance 
  • Grows Skeletal Muscle Quickly (Similar to SARMs) 
  • May Boost Mental Health (Improves Mood) 
  • ...and more 

SR 9009 has a wide variety of powerful effects on the human body, and many clinical trials have confirmed the benefits that this controversial drug provides. Let's go into detail now. 

Boosts Energy & Metabolism 

SR 9009 is very well known for being one of the best SARMs for endurance out there. Most PPAR Delta receptor agonists will immediately boost your endurance by roughly 200%. [R

Stenabolic SR9009 works by affecting how your body processes energy. In a nutshell, SR 9009 puts your body into a state of ketosis, so you burn fat cells instead of carbohydrates for fuel. 

This leads to a more efficient metabolism, more efficient fat loss, and less fat storage. This is why most people report that they lose fat on SR 9009 - it was designed for patients suffering from obesity who couldn't lose weight. 

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SR 9009 was designed to have a high absorption capacity, and to target adipose tissue and new fat cells, to prevent further weight gain, and simultaneously encourage fat burning. 

Build Lean Muscle Mass 

While SR 9009 is great at using fat cells for fuel, and shredding off stored fat, it's also great for skeletal muscle development (biceps, triceps, and all the muscles you WANT to grow!). 

While SR 9009 is typically taken while on a lower carb diet for a cutting phase, let's not undercount its benefits when it comes to building muscle mass. 

Most users can expect to pack on roughly 10-15 pounds of muscle using Stenabolic SR9009, according to clinical trials. In fact, I gained 10 pounds of muscle and lost 7 pounds of fat from my first 2-month cycle. 

Rapid Fat Loss 

The biggest benefit of Stenabolic sr9009 is its ability to rapidly shred body fat. In fact, one study found that in diet induced obese mice, Stenabolic SR9009 led to a huge drop in their body fat percentage. 

Stenabolic sr9009 prevents new fat cells from forming, due to the way that it trains your body to metabolize fat. Even if you ate a very high fat diet, or high carbohydrate diet, or any type of diet for that matter, SR 9009 trains your body to burn fat for fuel. [R

What this means is that now, instead of burning carbs, your body is torching off body fat and making you slimmer, just by default. Based on the evidence, we can conclude that SR 9009 burns more fat than most other SARMs, including Ligandrol (LGD 4033). 

SR9009 Before and After Results 


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Now let's take a look at how much muscles Stenabolic sr9009 builds for users, and how much fat it can help you shred off. Take a look at the SR 9009 before and after pictures there. 

This man claims he lost 43 pounds of fat in a 3-month cycle of Stenabolic sr9009. He lifted weights, ate well, and got amazing SR 9009 results from a single cycle. 

Here was his cycle and dosage to achieve these results: 

  • SR 9009 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here
  • Cycle Length: 12 Weeks 
  • Post Cycle Therapy? No 

For his workout routine, he said he lifted lighter weights for more reps, to really get that heart rate up and burn a lot more fat. While your results may vary, you can expect similar results to him assuming you workout and diet just as hard. 

SR9009 Before and After 

SR9009 Before and After 
SR9009 Before and After 

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Here's another Stenabolic sr9009 before and after picture. This guy only did a very short cycle of 4 weeks (1 month) and ended up shredding off 7.8 pounds of fat, according to his log. 

Here's the cycle and dosage he took to get these results: 

  • SR9009 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here
  • Cycle Length: 4 Weeks 
  • PCT Protocol? No 

As you can see, SR9009 does wonders for shredding off fat, which is why so many people use it for a cutting phase, or for a cutting cycle. Now, let's explore some common stacks. 

SR9009 Dosage 

While clinical trials make an effort to establish a common dosage, according to the FDA there is no safe or recommended dosage that is approved for human consumption. 

That being said, the Scripps Research Institute, and numerous bodybuilders from anecdotal evidence, have suggested that a dosage of roughly 10mg/day appears to be safe in studies. 

Here is the general consensus on the best SR9009 dosage: 

  • Beginner Dosage: 10mg/day 
  • Medium Dosage: 15mg/day 
  • Expert Dosage: 20mg/day 

So, if you want to take the beginner dosage of Stenabolic SR9009, just buy a bottle from Chemyo (our number one vendor). One full dropper per day is the beginner dosage. 

SR9009 Cycle & Stacks 

SR9009 Cycle & Stacks 
SR9009 Cycle & Stacks 

If you want to experience the best results possible from Stenabolic sr9009, you can try what's called a "stack." This is where you combine multiple SARMs to get an even stronger effect. 

SR9009 is generally used on a cutting stack, but can also be used for bulking, or recomposition, as it's a very versatile research chemical and PPAR delta receptor agonist. 

SR9009 Bulking Stack 

If your main goal is to bulk up, consider pairing SR9009 with a SARM we have already covered known as RAD 140 Testolone , which is extremely well known for its bulking benefits. 

Here's a great SR 9009 bulking stack: 

  • SR9009 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here
  • RAD 140 Dosage: (Buy Here
  • Cycle Length: 8 Weeks 
  • PCT Protocol? Yes (Buy Here

Using this stack, most bodybuilders can expect to put on maybe 10-15 pounds of muscle in a couple months, and shred off a ton of fat. Your results will vary, however, depending on your own workout routine, diet, and genetics. 

SR9009 Cutting Stack 

This is where Stenabolic sr9009 really excels - is in its ability to shred off fat. In my opinion, using SR9009 for a cutting stack is one of the best ways to melt fat off like it's butter. 

Here's a great SR9009 cutting stack to help you shred fat: 

  • SR9009 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here
  • Ostarine Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here
  • Cycle Length: 8 Weeks 
  • PCT Protocol? Yes (Buy Here

Ostarine (MK-2866) pairs very well with SR9009, because they both work on different receptors in the body, to "hit it from all angles," in layman's terms. We already wrote a guide on Ostarine (MK-2866) if you want to read more, as well. 

SR9009 Recomposition Stack 

This stack is if your main goal is to build muscle and shred fat at the same time. You can probably expect to build around 10 pounds of muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat with this. 

Here's the best SR9009 recomposition stack: 

  • SR9009 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here
  • Ligandrol Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here
  • Cycle Length: 8 Weeks 
  • PCT Protocol? Yes (Buy Here

Using this stack you can likely expect to pack on around 10 pounds of muscle and lose around 10 pounds of fat in just 2-3 months. Plenty of users LOVE this stack for a recomp. 

Where to Buy SR9009 

Buy SR9009 
Buy SR9009 

If you want to buy SR 9009 online, it's extremely important you get it from a high quality source, and unfortunately this industry is known for having a lot of fake products & scammers. 

In fact, according to JAMA, the Journal of the American Medicine Association, over 48% of SARMs products don't even contain any SARMs in them to begin with. [R

This is why it's so important to buy from a high quality source, like Chemyo. Every batch of their products are 3rd party verified to be 99.9% pure and accurately dosed. 

Click here and use the code "MD10" for 10% off your order. 

SR9009 Side Effects 

It is important to note that while most individuals do not experience side effects, you do take it at your own risk. More research should be done to determine the long term side effects. 

That being said, most people who research and use SR9009 report only minimal side effects, like mild interruptions in circadian rhythm (sleep patterns), or mild nausea. 

Here are some potential side effects of Stenabolic (SR9009): 

  • Mild Nausea 
  • Issues Sleeping (Circadian Rhythm) 
  • Mild Headaches 

Overall, most people don't experience any side effects with Stenabolic SR9009. That being said, pregnant women should avoid using SR9009 until we know more about it. 

Does SR9009 Need PCT? 

A post cycle therapy is something that bodybuilders will take to get their hormones (testosterone primarily) back up to normal after a cycle of steroids or SARMs. 

This synthetic drug however, known as SR9009, does not effect your testosterone, which mean s it does not require post cycle therapy. 

The only time a SR9009 cycle will require a post cycle therapy is if you stack it with another compound. In which case, this is the PCT we recommend. 



In summary, Stenabolic or SR 9009 is an amazing research compound that has the potential to transform your body and help you pack on slabs of muscle and shred off pounds of fat. 

If you do decide to buy some SR 9009, the best place to get it from is Chemyo. Every batch of their Stenabolic is 3rd party tested to ensure it's 99.9% pure and accurately dosed. 

Just use the code "MD10" and you'll save 10% off your order. 

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