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8 Best Public Data Check Services You Will Ever Need In 2023

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8 Best Public Data Check Services You Will Ever Need In 2023

Discover valuable insights and trends with our public data check. Access vast datasets and unlock the power of information for informed decision-making.

Best Public Data Check Services
Best Public Data Check Services

Public data check services, such as BeenVerified and PeopleLooker , have facilitated the search for publicly accessible information on any individual. It’s one of the most dependable public data check services for verifying public records and simplifies the research process anytime you want to learn more about a person.

You may choose to perform a publicly available check on an individual for a variety of reasons, such as reconciling with lengthy loved ones or determining whether an internet relationship is safe to date. You may also wish to determine what knowledge about you is available to the public by conducting a personalized background check.

The best public data check services seek public (and occasionally private) sources to locate information about a given individual or individuals. In contrast, credit checks and criminal background checks utilize government databases.

Nevertheless, with these public data web search pages, you may learn further about property investment, businesses, and even the identity of an unknown caller. Below are the market's top public data search services.

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8 Best Public Data Check Services on the Market

BeenVerified – Best Public Data Check Service Overall


BeenVerified is among the highest public data search record services since it provides a court runner service whereby a BeenVerified person attends courts to obtain papers that have not yet been published on the company site. Android and iOS both support mobile applications.

You may initiate your research with whatever amount of data points you choose. If you purchase for 3 months, you will receive a discount. Instead, the webpage doesn't really support individual searches; membership is required. After all "loading" windows have been completed, you will just be able to view the costs.

Consumers are upset since the findings provide fewer data than the best public data check websites. BeenVerified delivers detailed reports about persons. It examines public data, social media profiles, and other web sources in order to present consumers with accurate and current information.

One of the key features of BeenVerified has always been its user-friendly layout, which allows the user to effortlessly move through the site & look for data. The search results are displayed in a simple and ordered way, allowing it easy to navigate and comprehend.

did you know
did you know

Furthermore, BeenVerified respects privacy seriously and assures that all data is kept private and secret. It uses cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard user's personal information and doesn't disclose or trade any data to outside parties.


  • A court runner looks for non-digitized information
  • Applications for both iOS and Android Diverse data sources
  • If you pay three months in advance, you will receive a discount


  • Absence of price transparency
  • Not as comprehensive as other top background check services
  • There is no one search option

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PeopleLooker – Best Public Data Check for Fast & Accurate Results


PeopleLooker is a suitable option for public data check because it’s a thorough and trustworthy people search engine with access to a significant amount of publicly available data. Here are several factors why PeopleLooker is an excellent option.

PeopleLooker offers a database that contains billions of public documents from various sources, including court records, criminal history, property information, and more. Its wide coverage allows you to uncover a lot of knowledge about a person using only their name and a few basic details.

It offers a consumer interface that facilitates information searches. The public data search results for a username, contact information, email account, or physical address are presented in an easy-to-read style.

PeopleLooker is dedicated to offering accurate info, and they take steps to ensure that their data is up-to-date and trustworthy. Also, they give a satisfaction guarantee, so if you uncover any incorrect information, they will attempt to correct it.

The public data check service is available for everybody who requires a public data search due to its reasonable pricing options. You may buy a single article or a membership subscription, according to what you require.

PeopleLooker is an excellent alternative for public data check service due to its vast reach, user-friendly interface, accurate data, and reasonable cost. PeopleLooker isn't a public reporting agency, and its information should not be used to make job, housing, or credit choices.


  • Accurate Information
  • Fast Results
  • Simple to Use
  • Exhaustive Data Coverage
  • Affordable


  • Not a Consumers Reporting Agency
  • Limited Information
  • Required Membership for International Coverage
  • Minimal Customer Service

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TruthFinder – Best Public Data Check Service for Quick Results


TruthFinder provides public data search tools & private databases as well as self-monitoring tools, allowing you to conduct a public data check if you're inquisitive about the data others may be able to discover about you.

TruthFinder is comparable in many ways to other public data check free applications for verifying online facts. These tools include the capacity to search public and private databases, as well as to discover potential friends and family members.

Self-monitoring capabilities on the TruthFinder system enable users to review their profiles and determine what information is accessible to searchers.

Also, the TruthFinder platform enables you to claim previously held information. You will then be capable of making updates to the page to improve its accuracy or conceal it from other TruthFinder users.

TruthFinder's capabilities as an individual engine are exceptional, and the site provides a range of information on the person you're attempting to identify.


The ability to do many checks on publicly available data is also a significant strength. TruthFinder isn't a free option, but the $30 monthly subscription is definitely worth it if you intend to use it frequently.


  • Deep web and network searches do unearth fresh information.
  • Telephone-free customer service
  • Works on desktop or mobile devices
  • Membership allows for unlimited searches


  • Purchasing separate reports is highly costly.
  • There is no available free trial

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Intelius – Best for One-Time Public Data Search


Intelius reviews publicly accessible data in greater depth than most other public data check providers. If you want to utilize Intelius to contact a person from your past, your educational background is a crucial piece of information. This information is now in addition to the normal addresses, criminal records, and financial details.

On its public data search website, Intelius highlights a variety of uses for its service, including reuniting with old friends, studying a person's criminal past, and determining what one can find out about oneself.

You can use it to determine who is phoning you and find out additional information regarding the property you're interested in. The public data check service is effective at delivering the requested information, and your browser history will stay concealed.

Intelius provides 7 distinct packages for background checks . These options range from basic telephone directory searches to comprehensive public record audits. To have entry to all of these alternatives, you will be asked to register for a lengthy membership plan.

The monthly costs for every plan are comparable, however, the costs for the trial periods vary.

Its extensive database is amazing, but Intelius's user-friendly interface sets it apart. Even though the charging procedures are not always apparent, we believe this is the greatest service for verifying public data searches.

In addition, we value the chart representation of interconnections that Intelius uses to clarify connections. With the quality demonstrated by Intelius, the $25 monthly charge ought to be fully justified.


  • A person who checks their social networking sites frequently
  • Useful illustrations
  • Contains several educational resources
  • There are options for subscription and one-time reports


  • Compared to other possibilities, this one is relatively expensive

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Instant Checkmate - Best for Criminal Data Check

Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate provides one of the largest public  data search records for government data checks. The program is user-friendly and allows access to a vast amount of data, including contact details and records.

Before generating a report, the public data check service presents consumers with a lengthy list of inquiries and cautions, which might be annoying.

You only need the individual ’s perspective, city, and state to locate them. In addition, Instant Checkmate features a somewhat buried reverse phone lookup feature. After doing research, a list of potential matches will be provided, and you'll have access to a detailed report for each one.

Instant Checkmate doesn't offer any info that cannot be discovered elsewhere, as it solely searches public data search records. Despite this, the platform covers a great deal of area, with reports containing information on residences, autos, relatives, weddings, bankruptcies, and even bankruptcy.

Find out if the individual you're searching for has a crime, criminal, or driving history, in addition to whether they're a recognized sex offender.

One of the numerous advantages of this public data check engine above others is the amount of information it gives.

The Instant Checkmate search function is difficult to use as the user must close and over a couple pop-ups before the official report is displayed. If you can overcome this obstacle, Instant Checkmate is indeed a simple game to play.

Individual membership to unlimited reports costs approximately $35 per month. Read our review of Instant Checkmate for more information.


  • Outstanding monetary value
  • Contemporary and accurate observations
  • Excellent Search Engines
  • When you join, you have access to an unlimited number of reports


  • There is no single reporting format

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US Search – Best Public Data Search for Ease of Use

US Search
US Search

US Search is a public data check available search engine which not only offers access to public documents but also takes users to a web design aesthetic reminiscent of Yahoo circa 1998.

US Search seems to have prioritized providing customers with extensive public data search tools at competitive pricing despite spending less on web design.

US Search will produce a lengthy list of search engine results according to the details you give about the individual you’re attempting to find, whether you know them by name, contact information, address, or email.

In contrast to other public data check search engines, US Search does not conceal search queries behind a paywall. You must pay to view the full report for a single individual, however, you can view the list to select the proper person.

Background checks include typical information such as a person's identity, and present and past homes, assets, and criminal record. Also included are contact details for the individual you seek, such as a contact number, email account, or social media profile.

US Search is therefore ideal for locating a long-lost relative or friend. You can purchase a single article or subscribe to an ongoing monthly plan that allows unlimited searches.


  • Discover what you seek without spending a dollar!
  • Practical financial reporting
  • Effective search equipment
  • Up-to-date data


  • There is no opportunity to purchase a report individually

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PeopleFinders – Most Accurate Public Data Check


PeopleFinders provides, as its name suggests, an excellent public data check tool that helps you find people. With merely a username, contact information, email account, or physical address , this basic web application searches datasets to let you discover more about them.

You have the option of purchasing a single article or subscribing for unrestricted access.

PeopleFinders offers a variety of public data search possibilities for individuals. Simply enter the individual's city and name, or use a known telephone number, email address, or street address.

If your name search returns multiple results, PeopleFinders will provide additional details, such as age as well as familial connections, to assist with narrowing your search. This is essential since numerous additional search features require payment before displaying any results.

PeopleFinders offers customizable pricing tiers to fit your specific requirements. A person can acquire two sorts of reports: a search report containing simply basic contact information and just a background report containing extra information such as criminality, asset, and court records.

In addition, a monthly subscription grants access to an infinite amount of reports.

We discovered that in comparison to other public data check services, this one was the most exhaustive and uncovered details that others had overlooked. PeopleFinders informed us, for instance, that a few of our goals were to locate the founder of a firm, which we wouldn't have discovered by looking on other public data check websites.

Unfortunately, the public data check website is restricted to the United States and lacks social media data, thus not being particularly useful for internet-related jobs. Nevertheless, if you plan to utilize it for a longer duration, the monthly cost reduces to less than $25 when the initial deal expires.


  • Purchase Individual Data Sets
  • Webpage with intuitive navigation
  • Discovers knowledge that rivals may not have
  • Cost-effective and comprehensive reporting
  • Awesome mobile applications


  • There is no data pertaining to social media

>> Start Using PeopleFinders

Spokeo – Best Reverse Phone Lookup

Spokeo connects directly to what it believes is a broad network of credible sources whenever a name and an email account or other form of identity verification are submitted.

If fresh information becomes available, reports will be routinely updated. With Spokeo, you may discover a person's hobbies, academic achievements, financial situation, dating sites, and sometimes even entire video game and music libraries.

Unfortunately, not all public data search searches were successful; several transposed names suggest a lack of human monitoring.

Spokeo, a public data check tool, merits a higher score despite this because it enables you to run a reverse cellphone number lookup on those bothersome spam callers.


  • Thorough web research 
  • Reports that are frequently updated
  •  reverse phone lookups


  • In online searches, names may be misspelled

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Best Public Data Check – Ranking Methodology

We have rated the best public data check services for verifying public data search  based on factors such as the range of documents they can confirm, the speed at which they're able to do so, and indeed the simplicity of their user interfaces.

We investigated whether the public data check services could do customized audits in a variety of locations, including schools, healthcare, stores, and more. We investigated the service's mobile platform accessibility and also any available human guiding elements.

In addition, we analyzed their pricing and the adaptability of their public data search services and prices.

How to Choose the Best Public Data Search Service?

When finalizing your choice on a public data check provider, it’s essential to establish your specific needs and indeed the type of the public data search you will undertake. Public data searches include vehicle records, criminal records, work histories, and credit reports.

Organizational resources or a public free information retrieval service can be used to verify basic candidate information, such as education and social media accounts.

Furthermore, it’s important to examine how long it takes the service to finish its checks. If you want to keep from having to prolong the hiring process due to the findings of a criminal record check, it's better to choose a public data check service whose turnaround time is really no longer than a few days.

Next, keep an eye on the usability and pricing alternatives of the service.

What Is a Public Data Check Service?

If you want to learn more about a certain individual, you can utilize a public data search records service that thoroughly searches the Internet for any pertinent information.

You could perhaps find the majority of the identical records as the public data check services. But, it would cost you days, if not longer, to get the necessary data. A background check provider can scan through hundreds of thousands of documents and produce a complete report in less than five minutes.

Internet searches of public data can uncover more than simply criminal records. They can also verify a person's identification and provide details about their past, including their credit record, career record, and financial condition.

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Information Included in Different Types of Public Data Checks

You can run criminal history searches varying from the simplest basic to the deepest public data searches.

Often, the level of your reporting depends on the objectives you intend to achieve with your public data search. If you’re researching an ex-boyfriend, for example, you will likely spend less time studying than if you were seeking a position at the highest security business.

These are the most prevalent current commercial models for certifying public data search  records:

  • Reference searches
  • Social Security number verification
  • Checking professional licenses against public databases
  • Global public data checks
  • Credit government data checks
  • Referencing of criminal records
  • Social media scans
  • Verification of education
  • Criminal government data checks
  • Universal basic data checks

The majority will include the subject's identity, age group, birth location, and contact info (telephoning and mailing addresses).

In addition to basic information, it will cover a person's work and educational background, in addition to any crime or arrest records. Searches for public data may additionally involve the following:

  • Weapons licenses
  • Social media profiles
  • Civil records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Blogs
  • Marriage licenses
  • Driving record
  • Wikipedia pages
  • References
  • Photographs
  • Listings of sexual offenders registries
  • Military documents
  • Aliases
  • Credit
  • Individual websites
  • Relatives
  • Liens
  • Other sorts of licenses (professional)

Also, based on the public data check verification organization and its requirements, additional information may be required.

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Where Does Public Data Check Information Come From?

Depending on the requested report type, the public data check verification information can come from an assortment of sources. Due to the lack of a centralized database, verifying criminal records is difficult. The following sources contribute to the nation's police database:

  • State registry for sex offenders
  • Federal security agency court documents
  • State court supporting agencies
  • Municipal courthouses
  • Corrections departments

While searching for a phone number in a database, the results originate from government documents and phone books. Occasionally, the data is inaccurate or out-of-date. In general, searches of public data undertaken at the government or police agency level are the most reliable and cost-efficient.

Is There a Free Public Data Check?

Honestly? No. Public data check searches may yield data that's a few years out of date, which could lead to mistakes between people with names that sound alike.

It’s vital to understand that the databases utilized in the creation of free public data search records are often owned & maintained by private companies.

Membership databases, contest entries, discount subscriptions, including sign-up lists from (data-sharing) firms are all possible sources of personally identifiable information.

Several of these files are also obsolete because they were generated using obsolete techniques (such as phone numbers or residential databases). In contrast, government records (crime, automobile, & civil) and credit headers are not normally accessible via basic inquiries (latest contact information).

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Best Public Data Check Services: The Takeaway

Before deciding on a shortlist, we evaluated the cost and diversity of background checks for each candidate.

BeenVerified proved to be the most remarkable public data check provider since it permitted us to search not only government records such as crime and sex offender databases but also personal databases such as the deep web and indeed the deep web, in addition to additional record types that aren't accessible via the free Phone directory searches we're accustomed to using.

If you have any concerns about a possible new acquaintance, date, partner, chatty colleague, a friend of the family, or anyone else who has been frequenting your home, you should perform a government data check today.

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DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to decide about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA”), which are incorporated herein by reference.)

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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