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Lesbian Dating Sites: Lesbian Hookups Sites And Apps For Lesbian Chat

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Lesbian Dating Sites: Lesbian Hookups Sites And Apps For Lesbian Chat

The best way to find lesbian partners passes through joining lesbian dating sites; but do you know which one matches your taste? Read our detailed guide to find out.

Lesbian Dating Sites
Lesbian Dating Sites

If you’re ready to initiate an exciting journey that revolves around love, connections, and meaningful relationships within the LGBTQ+ community, then lesbian dating sites and apps are certainly your go-to option. These platforms are where you can find worthwhile opportunities for romance and friendship that last a lifetime. 

It doesn’t matter what you expect from these dating sites; they’ll handle your desires in the best way possible. You’ll be able to find casual flings, open relationships, meaningful connections, or even a safe medium to discover your physical affection. For every taste and preference, there’s a suitable lesbian dating site available. 

That’s why we thought maybe it’s necessary to put together a list that contains the top lesbian dating sites on the Internet. Each of these adult dating websites surprises you with some of their one-of-a-kind features and advantages. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the list itself and then know more about the details shortly afterward. 

Top Lesbain Dating Sites For Dating & HookupsOnline

  1. LesbianPersonals: Best Lesbian Dating Site Overall
  2. AdultFriendFinder: Best for LGBTQ+ Open Relationships
  3. BiCupid: Best for Bisexual Exploration
  4. PinkCupid: Best for Meaningful Lesbian Relationships
  5. LDate: Best for Lesbian Social Interactions

1. LesbianPersonals – Best Lesbian Dating Site Overall

  • Site Score: 5.0
  • Monthly Visits: 20K
  • Works For: Lesbian and bisexual women who look for casual flings and hookups, those who seek same-gender relationships.
  • Why Choose It: High response rates, verified profiles for authenticity, access to full-sized photos/videos for premium members, and mobile-responsive design

LesbianPersonals is known as a top dating platform for lesbians and bisexual women who have an eye on casual connections, flings, and same-gender relationships. It offers extraordinary response rates for casual dating as it uses a psychological matching algorithm based on personality test results. 

We can’t say there is no fake profile on the platform, but users have to verify their profiles to enhance authenticity. Premium members will dive into various features such as viewing full-sized photos and videos. The strength of the platform lies in its diverse intimacy and warmhearted community. 

Such a community enables users to connect with others through chat rooms based on location and topic. Users are also allowed to link multiple accounts, which raises their visibility and interactions. Although the site doesn’t provide a unique mobile app, its mobile-responsive design is comfortable to work with. 

Unique Features

  1. Live Action for a Lively Experience

The Live Action tab on the platform is an exciting feature for both free and premium members. It allows you to enjoy Live Model shows and Live Member Video that deliver real-time connections and visual adventures. 

Additionally, you will access Adult Chat Rooms, and Instant Messenger for spontaneous and intimate chats.

  1. Boost Your Knowledge with Academy

When managing a specific type of physical affection, it's critical to strengthen your knowledge to be ready for everything. That's why the platform's academy helps you commence a real, educational journey. 

You will be encircled by a rich repository of articles specifically curated to enrich your understanding of lesbian gender and intimacy. 

  1. Expand Your Circle with Friend Requests

If you tend to maximize your chances of discovering the best matches, then you have to expand your circle of connections on the platform.

The Friend Requests feature lets you reinforce your bonds by sending and receiving friend requests. This way, you can simply grow your social network within the platform and build deeper and more meaningful relationships. 

  1. Multiple FriendFinder Accounts Linking

The site is a part of the FriendFinder Network. Therefore, it allows you to link your accounts from sister sites seamlessly. 

This integration allows you to unite multiple accounts on the same network, which eventually maximizes your recognition and interactions in the community. 


  • An inclusive space for lesbians and bisexual women
  • Categorized chat rooms
  • Integration with other sites from the FriendFinder network
  • Lesbian educational resources
  • Regular contests for chances to win tokens or premium memberships


  • Lack of a special mobile app
  • Monthly maintenance fees for inactive profiles

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2. AdultFriendFinder – Best for LGBTQ+ Open Relationships

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 47M
  • Works For: Women searching for lesbian partners and those interested in casual, open relationships within the LGBTQ+ community
  • Why Choose It: Strict security measures, a gigantic number of users, focused on verified profiles, great for LGBTQ+ users, and a non-judgmental environment

AdultFriendFinder, also known as AFF, is widely recognized as a premier online dating platform with a rich history that dates back to 1996. AFF supports a broad variety of dating desires. It's an expansive social network that's much more than what conventional dating apps offer. 

You'll be surprised to know that over 50 millionusers are active on AFF. The site aims to address the deficiencies of traditional dating by providing users with a safe/diverse space for LGBTQ+ people, including lesbians who look for specific types of relationships.

Unique Features

  1. Share Everything with Groups and Adult Chatrooms

You can find a myriad of adult chatrooms and groups on AFF. They're generally known as spaces for open discussions and interactions so you can find distinct topics or even share your desires. 

What's even more exciting about this feature is that you can freely create your own group or room. This is particularly useful if you've searched enough through the thousands of adult chatrooms and couldn't find the one on your mind. 

  1. Fantastic Stories with Unique Adventures

Members have shared countless stories on AFF. Such stories are most of the time based on true events and personal experiences, but are other times fictional. 

You can even find stories that are somehow following a previously shared set of stories. That's so entertaining as it involves you in a series of stories for an optimized experience. 

  1. Don't Forget Your Favorite Matches with Hotlist

The Hotlist feature helps you bookmark your favorite profiles to be able to find them in a flash later. It makes it much simpler to follow potential matches. 

The feature is fortunately free for all users. It simply eliminates the need for digging through a bunch of profiles again to find the one that had caught your interest before. 

  1. United with Others, Thanks to Live-Streaming Sessions

AFF allows you to unite with other members in attractive live-streaming sessions. It's possible to watch live content to pave the way for real-time interactions. 

Also, the feature helps you even broadcast your own camera if you tend to present yourself to the community to enjoy maximum chances of finding a lesbian partner. 


  • Diverse/safe space for LGBTQ+ users
  • Multiple interaction features
  • Deep focus on authenticity with thorough profile verifications
  • Powerful security algorithms
  • Over 50 million active users around the world


  • Free plan comes with many ads
  • Occasional slowdowns due to high number of users

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3. BiCupidBest for Bisexual Exploration

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 71K
  • Works For: Bisexual people who seek casual connections and exploratory experiences within the LGBT+ community, including lesbians, gays, and bicurious singles/couples
  • Why Choose It: A safe platform for bisexual singles who tend to explore their gender on casual dates and hookups, with a massive number of users, verified profiles, and unique features

BiCupid is a superb online dating platform for bisexual people. It provides a massive number of users with a secure space for casual dating and hookups where they can explore a wide variety of gender preferences. Hot and open-minded people can choose BiCupid and use it either on the site or the dedicated app. 

Although most dating sites have the option to look for bisexual adults, BiCupid is one of those few specific ones that’s mainly designed for the “Bi” community. The site is equipped with a plethora of unique features that altogether support a huge community of active members. 

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Unique Features

  1. A Modern Sort of Finding Matches with Reverse Matches

Subscribed members can use the Reverse Matches feature to identify potential mismatches based on lifestyle, preferences, and goals. This is the opposite of regular search features on most platforms. 

Reverse Matches helps users have an opener mind when looking for a match, which eventually leads to building unexpected connections.

  1. Share Humour with Friendly Jokes

This interactive feature lets users share humor and connect with others through jokes related to bisexuality, and more. It can lead to a more relaxed atmosphere where users can find matches with more fun. 

  1. Dating Advice and Safety Tips for Maximized Well-Being

The site boosts its users’ well-being by helping them freely access a huge amount of dating advice and safety tips. This is specifically worthwhile for those dealing with the complexities of casual dating.

  1. Use Likes and Winks to Express Interest

These two features make it so easy to show interest. Winks and links help you initiate conversations and build connections with members who seem to have communal attractions. 


  • Multiple opportunities to show interest and flirting
  • Detailed member profiles
  • Various membership options
  • Interactive features
  • Live support


  • Occasional presence of fake profiles
  • Uneven gender distribution

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4. PinkCupid Best for Meaningful Relationships

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 244K
  • Works For: Lesbian and bicurious women in need of meaningful relationships within the LGBTQ+ community
  • Why Choose It: A secure platform for lesbian and bicurious women, free messaging for premium members, regular profile checks, and SSL encryption for secure transactions 

PinkCupid is a top dating and matchmaking site that's been specifically designed for lesbian and bicurious women around the world. More than a million members are active on the site where it's possible to build genuine connections within the LGBTQ+ community. 

The site is strict in terms of security measures. It provides SSL encryption and regular profile checks as only two examples among many. Lesbians can find love and companionship with peace of mind on PinkCupid. 

Premium members of the platform will enjoy free messaging. The site also comes with a personalized matchmaking algorithm that works based on specific dating tendencies. If you tend to have a serious/meaningful relationship, PinkCupid will give you a user-friendly interface and unique features to help you achieve your goal. 

Unique Features

  1. Present You Charming Photos in Glam Photo Competition

This exciting feature helps you present your enchanting photos and videos with ease to gain premium membership rewards. Every month, attendees can upload their impressive photos before a grand winner and multiple runners-up are picked. 

Voters of the competition are chosen by Cupid Media for maximum fairness. The photos are judged based on the quality and personality they depict. 

  1. CupidTags is the New Hashtag

This is a modern and user-friendly feature that works as a digital icebreaker. Like hashtags, it helps users add specific labels to their profiles, showing personal traits, hobbies, interests, and more. 

CupidTags works as a keyword finder to find matches with shared interests. You can use it as a search filter to discover compatible profiles. 

  1. VIP Profiles for Priority in Search Results

Upgrading your account to the Platinum membership attaches a VIP status to your profile in seconds. 

This prestigious status places your profile at the top of search results if it matches a user’s specific search criteria. It enhances your visibility considerably and maximizes your chances of finding a potential match.

  1. Stay Anonymous with Go Incognito

Gold and Platinum memberships on the site can benefit from the priceless option of going incognito. 

The feature allows you to discreetly take your profile offline and make it invisible in search results. It enables you to browse other user profiles anonymously. In other words, other users won't find out you've visited their profiles.


  • Focused community of lesbian and bicurious women
  • Free messaging for premium members
  • Comprehensive profiles thanks to the mandatory profile setup 
  • Routine checking of profiles every 1-2 days for fake accounts
  • SSL encryption for all transactions to safeguard personal and financial information


  • Absence of an iOS app
  • Presence of non-scrollable banner ads 
  • Smaller user pool

5. LDate – Best for Lesbian Social Interactions

  • Site Score: 3.5
  • Monthly Visits: 12K 
  • Works For: Lesbian women looking for casual dating, friendships, and social interactions with other women
  • Why Choose It: An active lesbian community where women can find potential matches, with numerous high-quality photo profiles, a user-friendly instant messaging system, interactive forums, and amusing extra features

LDate is a successful lesbian dating site that's exclusively designed for lesbian women. It owns a rich community space for those who need various connections for romance, friendships, or casual interactions. Most users of the platform are aged between 28 and 48, primarily dwelling in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. 

The site offers a wide variety of features which make it a premier platform for lesbians. It's been developed by the Successful Match dating firm, which has over 16 years of experience in creating niche dating sites such as PositiveSingles and BiCupid. 

Unique Features

  1. Fashion Show for More Precise Matchmaking

Fashion Show is a unique feature of the site that swiftly digs through thumbnail profile pictures of users matching search criteria to find potential matches more precisely. 

  1. Expansive Photo Profiles

Users are allowed to build detailed profiles that showcase up to 27 high-resolution photos. Also, they can customize more than 100 sections for an extensive overview.

  1. Connect with Counselors for Assistance

The site allows you to connect with a lesbian counselor through email to benefit from expert advice and support. This is particularly beneficial when you're new to the world of lesbian dating and need assistance when starting your journey. 


  • Rich photo profiles
  • Entertaining forums and blogs 
  • Fashion Show feature
  • Access to a lesbian counselor
  • Various communication options


  • Lack of a dedicated mobile app
  • Limited anonymous payment methods

6. HerBest for LGBTQ+ Serious Relationships

  • Site Score: 4.5
  • Monthly Visits: 191K
  • Works For: LGBTQ+ women and queer individuals who look for serious relationships, love, and deep commitments
  • Why Choose It: A ruling lesbian dating app for LGBTQ+ women and queer people where members share updates, with a majority of users from the US

HER was originally launched under the name of “Dattch” in 2013 but later rebranded to HER in 2015. This dating app has been working as a leader of dating platforms for LGBTQ+ women and queer individuals. 

As an exclusive lesbian dating app, HER sets the stage for romantic connections, but it also works as a dynamic social media platform. It allows users to let others know of their real-time status updates at a glance. 

Countless members are active on HER, mostly from the US. The best part is that HER is available on both iOS and Android devices so you can build valuable connections with a diverse community on any device you desire. 

Unique Features

  1. Events and Lesbian Gatherings

Event listings on the platform cover a wide variety of lesbian gatherings. They can be music festivals, cookouts, comedy shows, and more. 

Those who attend these events have the chance to meet/connect with other LGBTQ+ individuals, leading to lasting connections in the community.

  1. Meet: The Tinder-Like Swipe Functionality

This central feature shows profiles to users based on their age and distance desires. A swipe functionality helps them like or dismiss these profiles with ease. Once mutual likes or friendships take place, direct messaging is unlocked for the two sides. 

  1. Like and Comment with Feed

This feature enables real-time interaction and lets members engage, no matter what their match status is. They'll be able to like, comment, and share image/text posts to maximize their visibility and connections.


  • Exclusive space for LGBTQ+ women and queer individuals
  • Active social media engagement and community building
  • Location-based matching and preference filtering


  • Limited registration options
  • No manual search feature
  • Lack of a web version

7. Taimi – Best for LGBTQ+ Safety

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 340K
  • Works For: LGBTQ+ individuals who value meaningful connections, love, and bonds with lesbians in a safe place
  • Why Choose It: A secure online dating platform exclusively for the LGBTQ+ community, with a focus on safety and authentic connections

Taimi is a major LGBTQ+ online dating app and a secure platform for multinational connections and meaningful relationships. It’s been purposefully designed for LGBTQ+ society and offers a space where lesbians can securely find love and deep connections. 

The platform is home to myriad users who are mostly from the US. The critical concentration of the platform is on the safety and authenticity of users, and that's what makes it a pleasant environment for lesbians and others. 

Unique Features

  1. Use Boosts to Boost Your Visibility

You can heighten your profile visibility using Boosts. As the name suggests, this feature boosts the chances of finding compatible matches instantly. 

  1. Chat Requests

You’re free on Taimi to send chat requests instantly as an icebreaker feature. This feature bypasses the need for mutual likes, which is essentially required to start a conversation.

  1. Live Duet for Virtual Togetherness

This feature was launched during COVID-19, allowing users to join each other's live streams. It enhances virtual togetherness and simplifies intimate connections. 


  • Niche LGBTQ+ focus for authentic connections
  • Safety emphasis and high-security standards
  • Innovative features such as Rollbacks and Live Duet
  • Diverse and young membership 


  • Smaller member pool compared to larger dating platforms
  • Reports of user blocks by moderators without clear reasons
  • No desktop/mobile version 

8. Zoe – Best for Casual yet Communicative Dating App

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 13K
  • Works For: Lesbian and bisexual women who need casual fantasies, open communication, and meaningful connections
  • Why Choose It: A lesbian dating app for a casual yet communicative approach, with a focus on real connections, suitable security features, customizable profiles, and a huge number of users

Zoe is a famous dating app for lesbian and bisexual women. It perfectly mixes a casual dating strategy with sufficient modes of communication. You’ll experience a fast sign-up process and soon find out that the navigation of the app is super easy, even for those who aren't acquainted with dating apps. 

The user-friendly interface, security measures, and diverse medium of users on Zoe give birth to an atmosphere where it's easy to create momentous relationships. The app's distinctive features make it a singular platform in the lesbian dating space. 

Unique Features

  1. Never Miss Anyone with Second Chance 

This is a game-changing feature that lets paid members check the profiles they've visited before and might have accidentally skipped. It eliminates concerns related to missed connections and provides a chance to fix swiping errors.

  1. Expedite Matchmaking with Likes You 

This is another fabulous feature of the app that helps users identify members who have shown interest in them. It works like a catalyst for the matching process so you can find meaningful matches with peace of mind. 

  1. Fill Out Questionnaire for More Exact Matches

Premium members can jump on a new level of interaction by filling out the personality and profile questionnaires of their matches. This gives them a chance to build more compatible relationships.


  • Message exchange for free users
  • Reduced scams and catfish risks due to strict verification process
  • Highly customizable profiles and features
  • A large number of users
  • Innovative features like “Likes You”


  • A smaller number of users compared to competitors
  • Certain features are limited to paid members

9. OkCupid – Best for Diverse LGBTQ+ Experiences 

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 15M
  • Works For: Members who need diverse dating adventures within LGBTQ+ society, including women looking for women
  • Why Choose It: A platform that supports different genders and intimate exposures, with extensive compatibility questionnaires, myriad users from the US, and ingenious features

We know OkCupid as a distinguished online dating medium that was launched back in 2004. It's currently owned by the Match Group and is widely recognized for inclusivity and a gigantic number of active users. 

The history of the platform introduces it as a powerful space for casual dating, but its functionality has deviated to delivering services for members who look for both serious relationships and casual connections. It also provides a user-friendly app for both iOS and Android with swipe functionality. 

Unique Features

  1. Deal Breakers for Refined Matchmaking

This distinctive feature allows users to designate absolute no-gos in potential matches. The feature isn't foolproof because of incomplete profiles, but it refines the process of matchmaking.

  1. Sign-Up Questionnaire

When you join the platform, you're required to fill out a 15-question matching questionnaire that assesses your compatibility factors. This is a great feature to make your profile more detailed. 

  1. Unlimited Likes and Super Likes

Both free and premium members can enjoy unlimited daily likes on the platform’s swipe-based system. Also, the Super Likes feature pushes a profile to the top of the liked user’s list to draw attention and boost visibility.


  • Diverse genders and intimate exposures
  • Extensive compatibility questions
  • A large pool of users 
  • Visible likes and deal breakers
  • Accessible on both iOS and Android


  • History of data leaks
  • Inefficient moderation of fake profiles 

10. Bumble – Best for Women's Initiative

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 19M
  • Works For: Women who are inclined to have an affair with other women in the realm of dating and friendship
  • Why Choose It: A unique platform for women to take the initiative and connect authentically, with a strong emphasis on empowering women, verified profiles, and various modes of relationships

Bumble was launched in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd as a swipe-style dating platform headquartered in Austin, Texas. It delivers a distinctive process for women to ignite exciting conversations on the platform. 

Other than romance, Bumble interestingly provides the infrastructure for business networking and friendships too. Two other things that make the platform even more attractive are its modern features and user-friendly interface. 

The preliminary emphasis of Bumble is on how women initiate their conversation, but in addition to women, it supports diverse gender identities too. The app’s mission revolves around building respectful/authentic relationships, which has made it popular even outside of the US.

Unique Features

  1. Beeline Shows Who's Got a Crush on You

This feature empowers premium users to view who has liked their profile. This helps these users quickly find out if someone likes them or even has a crush on them. 

  1. Infinite Swipes with Bumble Boost

As another feature for premium members, Bumble Boost comes with different advantages like infinite swipes and profile spotlight. 

  1. Extend Your Chance to Contact a Match with Match Extension 

This feature extends the window for contacting matches before they expire. Premium users can benefit from this feature, and it's available through Bumble Boost too. 

  1. Travel Mode for Relocations

If you're going to relocate soon, this feature is for you. You can use it to pre-match with a potential partner who lives in your destination. 


  • Helps women initiate conversations
  • Verified profiles
  • Innovative features like Beeline and Backtrack 
  • Focus on respectful connections


  • Matches expire after 24 hours
  • Limited gender identification options during sign-up

11. Plenty of Fish (POF) – Best for Unique Lesbian Experiences

  • Site Score: 3.5
  • Monthly Visits: 20M
  • Works For: Lesbians who need unique adventures in the world of online dating
  • Why Choose It: A diverse and prosperous community of lesbians, with unique features such as POF Live and Meet Me

Plenty of Fish (POF) is a stylish online dating medium that supports the thriving community of lesbians. Women who have a tendency to other women will find POF a diverse space to put the foundations of worthwhile, lasting relationships. 

At the time of writing this article, over 100 million registered users are active on POF. To make connections and conversations more streamlined and simple, the platform uses one-of-a-kind features such as POF Live and Que’d Up. 

POF went through a rebranding process back in 2019, but it has kept its main purpose which is empowering lesbians to form valuable relationships. You might encounter occasional technical issues and ads when using the free version of the app, but still, POF is a truly prominent choice for lesbians who are looking for something new. 

Unique Features

  1. POF Live for Interactive Livestreams

This feature lets you take part in interactive livestreams to express your personality and learn more about potential matches in an energetic atmosphere.

  1. Que’d Up: A Fun Dating Game

This is a new and fun dating game. Participants can build casual interactions through the game, though it doesn't necessarily result in building deep connections.

  1. Link to a Phone Number with Text Verification

This functionality of POF allows you to link your account to an active phone number. This boosts the security of your account and protects you from scammers. 


  • Quick and easy sign-up process
  • A diverse pool of registered users
  • Unique features like POF Live and Meet Me
  • Continuous development/updates
  • Text verification to avoid scammers


  • Technical glitches and periodic issues
  • Restricted features in the free version with intrusive ads
  • No one-on-one video chat

Lesbian Dating Sites FAQs

Q: How Can I Confirm Whether a Lesbian Dating Site is Best or Not?

A: To find out whether a lesbian dating site is the right one for you, you should take different factors into account, including the site’s reputation, user reviews, and success stories. Try to choose platforms that house a large/active lesbian user base, strict security features, and comprehensive policies. 

What's more, you should evaluate the site’s features/tools to see if they match your dating desires and goals. A great idea is to experiment with the free versions of these sites to assess their functionality and user experience before you purchase a subscription. 

Q: How Can I Find a Lesbian Safely?

A: You must be cautious when trying to find a lesbian partner safely. Initially, you must do so on reputable dating sites with a heavy focus on user safety. It's critical to prioritize platforms that strictly verify profiles and offer secure messaging systems and privacy settings. 

When you interact with others, try not to share sensitive personal information at the beginning. Choose public places when meeting them for the first time and let a friend/family member know about your intentions. Trust your instincts and be vigilant when someone insists too much at the beginning to know everything about you. 

Q: How Can I Create a Quality Lesbian Profile on Lesbian Sites or Apps?

A: To craft a complete lesbian profile, you need to present your authentic self. Initially, place an attractive profile photo that echoes your personality. Then, create a brilliant and concise bio that underlines your interests, values, and what you're looking for in a partner. 

Try to be honest about your identity/desires. It's essential to use positive language and avoid clichés. Mention your favorite hobbies as they can lead to the initiation of conversations. Update your profile regularly and be genuine and approachable. 


This might sound like a cliché, but love knows no boundaries today; if you discover yourself a lesbian based on your physical affection, the lesbian dating sites we introduced today are there to have your back. They’re appropriate for a wide variety of desires within LGBTQ+ society, varying from casual affairs to serious, everlasting relationships. 

We tried to craft a list that contains sites with their different, unique approaches to building authentic relationships. They offer strict security measures, interactive features, and energetic user societies to help you forget that your sensual acts are less common and instead, focus on trying to be your true self. Vanished are the days when you were embarrassed of your physical affection. 

If you’re a woman looking for understanding partners from your own gender, don’t hesitate to create your profile on one of these sites and commence your journey of love. You might be just a few clicks away from the match of your dreams, a lifelong friend, or a new exciting adventure.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.