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BONE ShibaSwap Price Prediction: Is it a flop? Check Better Options Like Tamadoge

The price of Bone ShibaSwap is $1.17, with a market cap of $7.34 million. The price went up 3.03% in the last 24 hours and 10.26% in the previous seven days, which indicates that the price is gradually going up.


Memecoins used to be coins that were created just for fun or to ridicule someone or something. But today, meme coins are the most popular cryptocurrencies, but with one important feature; they are incredibly cheap. New meme coins develop crypto games and even complete metaverses, thus giving themselves utility. 

This practice is beginning, and for now, there are just a few new meme coin projects with a utility. Today you'll have the opportunity to read more about Bone ShibaSwap price prediction and why Tamadoge is the next great meme coin.  

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Bone ShibaSwap Price Prediction 2022-2025 

The price of Bone ShibaSwap is $1.17, with a market cap of $7.34 million. The price went up 3.03% in the last 24 hours and 10.26% in the previous seven days, which indicates that the price is gradually going up. 

Shiba Inu is preparing its metaverse project SHIB: The Metaverse, and it is expected that the price will go up as Shiba releases it. The price could go as high as $3, but it depends on the project's quality, and as for any other meme coin, it depends on the community that supports it.  











On the other hand, Tamadoge already has a prepared project with a coin and the entire metaverse. Buying it would be a much better option since it surpasses mere meme coin-related features.  


How to Find Tamadoge  

Tamadoge is a brand new meme coin and a part of the Doge ecosystem. It is also in the center of the Tamaverse, a platform where users will be able to create, breed, care for, and fight with Tamadoge pets.  

There are a few terms you should be familiar with: 

  • Tamaverse – a project’s metaverse, 

  • Tamadoge – a native cryptocurrency of the Tamaverse, 

  • Tamadoge pets – NFT pets you can buy with Tamadoge coin, 

  • Dogepoints – points you get by winning the fight with other Tamadoge pets and progressing on the leaderboard, 

  • Dogepool – at the end of every month, users with the most Dogepoints will get rewards from the pool,  

  • Tamaghost – your pet will become a Tamaghost if you leave it unattended for too long. 

Tamaverse consists of platforms native cryptocurrency, Tamadoge, Tamadoge Pets in the form of mintable and tradable NFTs, and Tamadoge Store. You can buy a Tamadoge pet, food, toys, or some other tradable feature in the store.  

Founders of Tamadoge see their project as the future Dogecoin since their coin is a utility coin. The total supply of Tamadoge will be 2 billion tokens. 50% of the total amount will be sold before the DEX listings in public presale. 20% or 400 million tokens are reserved for listings on centralized and decentralized exchanges, and 30% will unlock over ten years and fund the project over time.  

Many cryptocurrency projects charge a tax for each transaction on the platform, and they usually use that money to finance the project or secure long-term funding. Tamadoge has a different philosophy, and they charge a tax on their transaction because they have a stance that the value of the project has to come from the people who use it.   

Currently, Tamadoge is in its presale phase, where you can get 80 TAMA for just $1. They gathered more than $2.5 million, and around 57 million TAMA coins are left before the price increases. 

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How to Buy Tamadoge – Step-by-Step Guide  

Tamadoge presale will be done soon as they reach $2 million in sales. This proves that the project is viral among investors and individual traders.  

Let’s now see a detailed step-by-step guide on how to buy Tamadoge. 

Step 1: Create a Crypto Wallet 

The first thing when you enter trading or minting or generally if you want to enter into blockchain technology, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. You probably already have a crypto wallet. If you don't, we recommend the MetaMask crypto wallet since it supports a lot of cryptocurrencies.  

Setting up a wallet is easy. Just go to the wallet, follow the instructions, and you'll set it in 5 minutes. Just be sure that you follow the instructions precisely, especially those 12 words. 

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT 

You can buy Tamadoge with ETH (Ethereum) or USDT (Tether). Both can be on any crypto exchange on the market; just make sure the exchange is secure. Also, there is an option to buy ETH directly on the Tamadoge presale platform.  

When you buy ETH or USDT, you’ll need to transfer them from the exchange to the wallet.  

Step 3: Connect Wallet to the Tamadoge platform 

The next thing you need to do is to connect the MetaMask wallet to the Tamadoge presale platform. The process is straightforward because the CONNECT button is the first thing you see when visiting the Tamadoge website. Just follow instructions, and you'll connect the wallet in seconds.  

Step 4: Buy Tamadoge 

On Tamadoge, the call buying converting, so don't get confused with this information. The minimal amount a user can buy is 10.000 TAMA which is $125. Before confirming the transaction, check if the information you enter is correct.  

Step 5: Collect Your Tokens 

Now, you are ready to claim the tokens you have both. But, since you can't do anything with them at the time or until the presale is done, your coins will be locked safely, and you’ll be able to claim them when the presale finishes.  

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Why Buy Bone ShibaSwap 

Bone is the Shiba Inu ecosystem's governance token. Yes, Shiba Inu is working on its entire ecosystem, which includes tokens BONE, LEASH, and SHIB. You are already familiar with SHIB, the native token of the project. 

Bone is a governance token for ShibaSwap. As the word says, the possession of BONE allows users to participate in governing activities which usually include proposals for future development.  

There are 250 million BONE ShibaSwap tokens. According to information from CoinMarketCap, 6.98 million of the 158.78 million BONE tokens are presently in use. The 250 million supply was created to bridge the gap between the enormous 500 trillion SHIB token supply and the considerably smaller 250 million LEASH token supply. 

LEASH is also known as Dogecoin Killer, an Ethereum ERC-20 token. It ranks higher in terms of price appreciation than the SHIB token. 

Shiba Inu ecosystem development and support are the goals of the LEASH currency. Therefore, its money will be used for initiatives that enhance this environment. The initiative's primary purpose, which was started in April 2021, is to dethrone Dogecoin. This is why it is frequently referred to as "the Dogecoin killer." 


Tamadoge vs. Bone, which one has more potential?  

It is very difficult to tell which project is better or which one is worth investing. We can say that those two projects are similar in terms of that they are both meme coins and that they both have metaverses.  

As previously mentioned, Bone is a governance token in the Shiba ecosystem. Bone is not the only token in the Shiba ecosystem; there are also SHIB and LEASH. And those two also have a completely separate functions within the metaverse. For an average user, it is tough to understand the entire concept of metaverse, tokens, and NFTs, not to mention the complexity of different tokens and their usage. Indeed, SHIB is developing a very complex gaming metaverse platform.  

Tamadoge is somehow simpler and so potentially attracts more users. Tamadoge is a play-2-earn gaming metaverse platform. As a more serious initiative, Tamadoge seeks to depend on the DOGE and SHIBA communities to deliver a real-world experience by giving a decentralized game linked to the metaverse. 

In September, Tamadoge will release an NFT feature. This means you'll be able to mint or buy your Tamapet NFT and take care of it with other in-game NFT assets. Developers also plan to create a combat platform where your pet will be able to fight other pets and get rewards in TAMA or NFTs.  

Again, it is very difficult to determine which metaverse is better, but according to our research Tamadoge has a slight advantage.  

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Conclusion on Bone ShibaSwap Price Prediction 

Most of the new crypto projects are not just cryptocurrency existing without a purpose. Today, cryptocurrencies are a part of the much bigger picture, a part of an ecosystem or a metaverse. This metaverse includes decentralized exchange, crypto games or other apps, NFTs, staking, native token, and sometimes other tokens which provide governance or investment opportunities. 

It was a surprise when meme coins also followed this path. Remember that meme coins were first created as a joke, but strong community support made them meaningful. Tamadoge and Bone ShibaSwap are those meme coins that developed beyond imaginable. They positioned themselves as an essential part of every crypto portfolio.