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Best Psychics Near Me 2023: Uncover Hidden Insights via Chat, Phone, or Video

Need reliable psychic guidance? Explore our list of the best psychics near me, offering accurate readings and insights to guide you. Get FREE minutes + 50% OFF.


Back in the day, you’d have to travel to the wrong side of the tracks or worse to get a psychic reading.

Now, you can just go online to find psychics near me for a reading from the comfort and privacy of your home.

With that in mind, why don’t you sit back, get comfy, and do a little browsing through this list we’ve compiled of the best psychics near me. 

Spoiler alert!

Purple Garden tops our list. Find out why and discover more reliable psychic platforms.

Best Psychics Near Me

First Look

  1. Purple Garden – Best psychics near me overall ($10 OFF)
  2. Kasamba – Best psychics near me for love queries (50% OFF)
  3. Keen – Most extensive network of online psychics near me (10 mins for $1.99)
  4. AskNow – Best psychics near me for tarot readings (5 FREE* mins)
  5. California Psychics – Most highly screened psychics near me ($1/min)
  6. Purple Ocean – Best psychic readings via mobile app (flat rates)
  7. Psychic Source – Best medium psychics near me for spiritual readings ($1/min)
  8. Oranum – Best psychics near me for video readings (10,000 FREE coins)
  9. Psychic Oz – Most enticing intro deals (3 FREE mins +1st Minute FREE)
  10. Mysticsense – Most affordable psychics near me (5 FREE mins)
  11. Purple Tides – Best advice from multiple psychics (as low as $5/reading)

It’s easy to get caught up in your problems and think, “Why me?” But there are many psychics that can help. 

So, take a deep breath, think of your favorite affirmation, and read through this article to see where you can find the best psychics near me to help clear your head. Purple Garden is an excellent place to start.

  1. Purple Garden – Best Psychics Near Me Overall



  • Most accurate psychics according to customers
  • More than 1,000 psychics near me
  • Bilingual English/Spanish
  • A wide variety of readings
  • Transcripts for text and voice readings


  • Different prices for video, phone, and chat readings

Site Overview 

Purple Garden’s reputation was not created by advertising but by their customers voting them the most accurate psychics near me

Add to that 1000 of the best psychics near me, a decade of experience, and a bilingual English/Spanish platform, and you’re witnessing the making of a legend in its own right. 


To sort through over 1000 psychics near me, you will need a top-flight search filter, and Purple Garden has just that. 

The controls allow you to choose your subject, format (live chat, phone, or video), and price point, with rates ranging from $0.99 to $17.99 a minute.

The informative profiles give you an in-depth look at each psychic reader near me with a complete description of services and transparent customer reviews, both good and bad. 

Once you choose a psychic reader near me, there’s a free $10 matching credit to get started. 

Gifted Psychics

Júpiteris a Tarot reader and love expert who speaks both English and Spanish. He has done over 20,000 readings and is available via chat, phone, and video.

Psychic Norell is a clairvoyant and Tarot reader specializing in love readings. She has done over 27,000 readings and has collected over 12,000 five-star reviews. 

Final Verdict 

With more than 1,000 experienced psychics near me and an English/ Spanish platform, Purple Garden’s satisfied customers have voted them the best. 


Add to that a free $10 matching credit, everyday low prices starting at $0.99 per minute, and Purple Garden is a place you just might want to visit.

  1. Kasamba - Best Psychics Near Me for Love Queries



  • Over 20 years online
  • 3 free minutes plus 50% off
  • Best Match Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guarantee up to $50
  • Best online psychics for love 


  • Email readings take 24 hours

Site Overview

Since psychic readings have existed, love has been the most popular question asked. 

If a matter of the heart has you in a knot, we’d recommend one of the psychics near me at Kasamba. 

They’re trustworthy because they’ve seen it all, and they know love can be both bliss and a battlefield.


Finding the right psychic is crucial when it comes to questions about love. 

With that in mind, Kasamba’s Best Match Guarantee allows you 3 free chat minutes with the first 3 psychics you try, so you can play the field to find your right match. 

In addition, you’ll also get 3 minutes free and 50% off your first session. 

Plus, with a Satisfaction Guarantee covering up to $50 worth of time, you can be sure the psychics near me at Kasamba won’t cut and run like your ex if things go wrong. 

Gifted Psychics 

Master Enigma is one of Kasamba’s most experienced love psychics near me. A pure psychic and master of the mind, he has over 60,000 reviews about matters of the heart. 

Spiritual Sense is a love psychic near me open now that specializes in relationships, from new love to breakups. She has over 20 years of experience and over 4,500 positive reviews.

Final Verdict 

From their Best Match to the Satisfaction Guarantee, Kasamba will be there with you through heartbreak and that first kiss with the best practical love advice online.

They’ll also treat your budget pretty well.

  1. Keen - Most Extensive Network of Online Psychics Near Me



  • “Readings 101” to help you prepare
  • 3 minutes free
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • 1700+ online psychics
  • Dependable phone readings app


  • Satisfaction Guarantee doesn’t apply to promotions

Site Overview

Keen is all about variety. 

For example, they have over 1,700 psychics near me and four types of Astrology consultations (Western, Vedic, Chinese, and Mayan) to help you get in sync with the stars. 


In this fast-paced world that can change instantly, you’ll be glad to know that Keen has a highly dependable phone app that lets you have readings on the go whenever you need. 

The “Get Matched” filter will get you started by finding your perfect psychic in a snap with only a few quick multiple-choice questions. 

Once you have a psychic reader near me, you’ll get 3 minutes free with your first reading. If that little intro goes well, you can sign up for 10 more minutes for only $1.99

Besides having some of the best psychics near me, Keen has some great free features. An example is their “Readings 101” feature, which has everything you need to know to prepare for a reading, including the best questions to ask. 

Gifted Psychics

Ms Cherokee is a native clairvoyant described as honest, detailed, and accurate. She has done over 27,000 readings with an overall approval rate of 4.7/5.


Psychic Milouhas been a Keen advisor since 2003. With over 15,000 readings under his belt, he is a pure psychic with an average customer rating of 4.9/5. 

Final Verdict 

With more best psychics near me than any other site, cool free minutes deals to get started, and a phone app that will keep you psychically connected 24/7, Keen is the ultimate site near me.

  1. AskNow – Best Psychics Near Me for Tarot Readings



  • 5 Free Master Minutes
  • Best $1 per minute deals
  • Best psychics near me for tarot
  • Over 17 years online
  • 1 free email question with a live psychic 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee only refunds 5 minutes

Site Overview

For over 17 years, the psychics near me at AskNow have been helping people with wise and insightful Tarot consults. 

During that time, aside from having some of the best psychics near me working with the cards, they’ve also helped set the industry standard for screening their advisors


Quality, affordable reading at AskNow is guaranteed with their top-rated, elite, and master psychics designed to fit most budgets, 

If you’re a first-time customer, a pair of $1 per minute deals add as much as 30 or 40 minutes (and a sizable discount) to your reading. 

Plus, once you sign up for either of these $1 per minute deals, you’re eligible for 5 Free minutes with a Master Psychic and 1 free email question with a live psychic

Gifted Psychics

Psychic Quasha Evening is a 4th generation intuitive and medium. She has done over 43,000 readings and specializes in relationships and careers. 


Intuitive Venus is a master Tarot reader and Energy Healer. She has done over 4,000 readings and is particularly adept with career issues and dream analysis. 

Final Verdict

If the vicissitudes of fate have you down, and you could use some advice, AskNow has some great Tarot wizards to help. 

Plus, with a pair of lengthy $1 per minute deals, 5 free minutes, and 1 free email question with a live psychic, it’s all affordable. 

  1. California Psychics – Most Highly Screened Psychics Near Me


  • $1 per minute Introductory deals
  • Most screened and tested psychics
  • Widest selection of readings online
  • Karma rewards with ongoing promos
  • Informative Blog including a psychic dictionary


  • No video option

Site Overview

The psychics near me at California Psychics have been tapping into the universe since 1995, which makes them an elder among psychic reading sites. 

It’s now 28 years later, and they’re still doing a terrific job with great psychics near me, great readings, great deals, and a tradition that speaks for itself. 


You can always depend on finding a top psychic reader near me at California Psychics because of how well they test their advisors, to begin with. 

They also have a wide variety of readings, from medium psychics near me, to Tarot readers, Astrologers, Numerologists, and more. 

There are some pretty sweet discounts as well, with three different 20-minute deals for $1, $2, and $4 per minute. 

Plus, they have a karma rewards program that awards you discount points based on your paid readings. The program also includes a free detailed birth chart and a $20 credit just for signing up.


Gifted Psychics

Catalina is a clairvoyant Oracle card reader specializing in destiny and life path issues. She has done over 5,000 readings and has a straightforward yet kind style. 

Araminta works with crystals and numerology and specializes in love, relationships, and compatibility. She has done over 3,300 readings and is known for being compassionate. 

Final Verdict

Knowing you’re getting the best psychic reader near me or the best medium psychics near me begins with how well a site screens its readers. 

That kind of diligence, and great deals, is what California Psychics is all about. 

  1. Purple Ocean - Best Psychics Near Me via Mobile App


  • 1000+ psychics available
  • 91% accuracy rating by customers
  • Reliable mobile app
  • Flat rates
  • Rush video readings available


  • No live video readings available

Site Overview

Purple Ocean distinguishes itself as a fresh and youthful platform. 

Setting it apart from conventional psychic services, Purple Ocean provides a distinctive feature: users can "request" readings directly through the app and website rather than the traditional approach of scheduling appointments.


Navigating the Purple Ocean app is as intuitive as online shopping. You can effortlessly peruse a selection of top-notch online psychics and place an order for either a standard or expedited psychic reading.

What's particularly appealing is the flat-rate pricing structure. Regular video readings, typically fulfilled within 24 hours, come at a mere $10. For those seeking faster insights, rush readings can be acquired for just $15 and will be promptly delivered within an hour.

Please note that certain psychics on the platform may limit their video readings to a specific duration. To ensure compatibility with your preferences, it's advisable to review their profiles for this information.

Gifted Psychics

Magenta is a skilled tarot reader who specializes in offering invaluable insights into your career and love life. She boasts an impressive 99% rating for her punctuality in delivering readings.

If you resonate more with astrology, AstroBabe Babett is your go-to expert. Alongside her tarot card readings, she can provide astrological guidance. She holds a remarkable 99.6% rating for timeliness in her services.

Final Verdict

For individuals who prioritize the ease of receiving video readings over live sessions, Purple Ocean stands out as an exceptional option. You can conveniently access the app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  1. Psychic Source – Best Medium Psychics for Spiritual Readings 


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Best medium psychics near me
  • $1 per minute introductory packages
  • Quick “Find a Psychic” Filter
  • Phone, chat, and video readings are available


  • Discounts only for new customers

Site Overview

Psychic Source is not only the oldest online psychic site, but they’re also known for spiritual readings and the best medium psychics near me.

If you’re missing a departed loved one, the medium psychics near me at Psychic Source can help you reconnect and find the peace and closure you need. 


With a reputation for spiritual readings, Psychic Source is the place to go for the best medium psychics near me that can connect with things like Angels or spirit guides. 

They also have a wide variety of other readings, including every type of psychic tool and daily life subject. 

To get you started, the interactive “Find a Psychic” filter will quickly find the best psychic reader near me or medium psychics near me for the situation. 

Plus, there are also some great deals. For example, 3 minutes free with your first reading and 3 $1 per minute packages encompassing 10, 20, and 30 minutes

Gifted Psychics

Psychic Nova is a non-judgmental clairvoyant specializing in love and questions about life, destiny, and meaning. She has done over 17,000 readings with very high reviews. 

Psychic John is one of the sites medium psychics near me who specializes in family issues. He has done over 32,000 readings and has a thoughtful reading style. 

Final Verdict

If you’re swayed by tradition, Psychic Source has all the spiritual gravitas you need. 

They also have great medium psychics near me and thrifty $1 per minute deals to help get you started.

  1. Oranum – Best Psychics Near Me for Video Readings


  • $9.99 free credit
  • All advisors are available on video
  • Free live chat room to test psychics
  • Weekly voting for psychics
  • Informative Blog on everything psychic and spiritual 


  • Confusing “Coins” payment system

Site Overview

At 10 years old, Oranum is known for its free live chat room and the best video sessions with psychics near me.

Add to that a $9.99 free credit for signing up, and Oranum is a venue where you can hang out and chat with the best psychics near me all day long. 


The free live chat room is where it’s happening at Oranum. That’s because everyone who visits the site gets to have one free video chat question with as many psychics near me as they want.

There’s also weekly customer voting for the best psychic reader near me, and the leaders make you aware of who’s hot and who’s not whenever you visit.

Even though standard prices on Oranum start as low as $0.99 per minute, there’s also a free $9.99 credit for signing up.

Gifted Psychics

Sensei has done over 100,000 readings and has been in Oranum’s top 5 since 2014. He specializes in spirits, past lives, and lost items.

Kevinseesis a clairvoyant and medium who has appeared on both HBO and Lifetime. He specializes in love and career and has currently been voted one of Oranum’s best psychics

Final Verdict

Oranum’s claim to fame is the free live chat room. There you can have 1 free chat question with as many psychics near me and medium psychics near me as you want.

Add a free $9.99 credit just for signing up, and Oranum will make your first reading seem like it’s your birthday.

  1. Psychic Oz – Most Enticing Introductory Deals


  • The first minute is always free
  • Intro deals for under $1 per minute
  • A wide variety of readings
  • Readings by phone, chat, and email
  • Satisfaction Guarantee for up to 20 minutes


  • Only 1 question per email 

Site Overview

With 30 years under their belt, Psychic Oz is one of the classic psychic reader near me sites. 

To be around that long, you have to be doing something right, and they have. It’s called consistently having some of the best psychics near me daily for a generation. 


Despite a limited number of psychics and medium psychics near me, Psychic Oz has a wide choice of specialties and readings.

There are not only mediums, clairvoyants, empaths, and other pure psychics, but they also have psychics near me who specialize in a variety of tools

Searching for these psychics and medium psychics near me is never a problem, with the site's staff picks, customer favorites, and rising stars sections to help you along. 

Every new customer on Psychic Oz gets 3 minutes free with their first reading and a pair of $1 per minute introductory deals for 10 and 15 minutes

If you’re inclined, there’s also a $4.99 email reading deal, though it’ll take 24 hours for an answer. 

Gifted Psychics

Tula is a master love psychic, clairvoyant, and crystal ball healer. She has over 1,300 reviews with a 4.9/5 overall rating.

ShaSha is a master medium who specializes in matters of the heart. She has over 845 reviews with a 4.9/5 overall average.

Final Verdict

As we said before, Psychic Oz is a classic featuring some of the best psychics near me, typically low prices, and a pair of great intro deals, 

And, of course, they’re also considerate enough to always give you the first minute of every reading free.

  1. Mysticsense – Most Affordable Psychics Near Me


  • 5 minutes free
  • Lowest everyday prices
  • Best psychics for LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Readings are done via chat, phone, and video 


  • Some advisors only do chat readings 

Site Overview

Mysticsense has only existed since 2020, but with 700 of the best psychics near me, they’ve certainly made their mark by providing a quality product and low everyday prices.

They’ve also distinguished themselves as one of the rare sites with a special category serving the LGBTQ+ community.


If your budget is a priority, Mysticsense understands. That’s because they have the lowest everyday prices of any site. In fact, most of their readings only cost between $0.99 and $3.99 per minute

Plus, when you register an account and pay the required $10 deposit, the first 5 minutes of your first reading with the best phone psychics is free

The psychics near me at Mysticsense also work both with and without tools. That means it’s possible to work with either a Tarot reading or Numerology psychic reader near me or with any of their medium psychics near me. 

If you’re concerned about your heavenly destiny, there are also free daily and weekly horoscopes via email to help you keep track of the stars.

Gifted Psychics

Mystic Chesa is an Astrologer who specializes in relationships and infidelity. She has over 270 reviews on the site and normally charges only $1.16 per minute. 

Psychic Friend is a rising talent on the site and can read without tools or with Angel and Oracle cards. He has over 180 reviews and specializes in LGBTQ relationships.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a great psychic near me but on a budget, the everyday low prices at Mysticsense may be just what you need. Also, don’t forget those first 5 minutes free.

  1. Purple Tides - Best Advice From Multiple Psychics


  • Guidance from up to 10 psychics at once
  • Flat rates
  • Readings as low as $5/reading
  • You can get readings from your favorites
  • Rush video readings available


  • You must download the app

Site Overview

IPurple Tides bears a striking resemblance to Purple Ocean. However, what sets this platform apart is its unique feature that enables you to pose a single question and receive multiple video responses from as many as 10 of the app's most esteemed online psychics.


The app has a dedicated section for sharing details about yourself and the person you're interested in. Once you've provided this information, you can submit a single question and specify the number of psychics you'd like to receive video readings from.

The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity, offering a flat-rate fee based on your chosen number of psychics. For instance, you can get 2 video readings for as low as $10, or if you desire insights from a broader spectrum of 10 psychics, it's available at just $45.

Should you have a preference for your favored top online psychics, you can simply visit their profiles and request a standard or expedited video reading to suit your needs.

Gifted Psychics

You can connect with Spirit Star, a certified astrologer. She possesses the expertise to craft your birth chart and provide deeper insights into your personality.

Psychic Luna, with over a decade of experience, is adept at addressing many questions in your life, drawing upon her spiritual guides to offer guidance and clarity.

Final Verdict

Purple Tides makes acquiring multiple readings in response to a single question from the best psychics near me easy. It presents an exceptional choice for individuals searching for prompt guidance and a straightforward, flat-rate payment system.

What Is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is when you ask for guidance from someone with extrasensory or “psychic” abilities. 

In many instances, these psychic individuals can offer insights that will introduce a new perspective on whatever is causing you difficulty. 

How We Selected the Best Psychic Readers Near Me (Online)

Finding the right psychic reader near me can often be challenging. Here are some factors we took into consideration in our search.

Screening Process for Psychic Readers

Fake psychics have long been a problem for those seeking psychic guidance.

Therefore, an online site must screen its readers to protect its customers and ensure a quality reading. 

Contact Methods

The more contact methods an online psychic site has, the more convenient it is for customers to have a reading in a way they’re comfortable with. The best psychic reading services usually offer chat, phone, email, and sometimes video readings. 

Psychic Specialties Available

With the wide variety of problems in the world, a site’s psychics near me must be well versed in several life situations like love, career, family, and more.

It’s also essential to offer a wide variety of readings. That’s because some types of readings, like those of medium psychics near me, may not be suited to every situation.

Discounts and Promotions

Finding out you’ll be charged by the minute can make it sound expensive if you've never had a psychic reading.

Discounts and promotions for new customers, like free or discounted minutes, help you find out how beneficial a session can be without being nervous about the price. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Even the best psychic reader near me can have a bad day. That’s why a Satisfaction Guarantee is a must. If your reader is off, you can change to someone else at no charge.

Years of Experience

Like a good wine, a psychic reader near me will become better and more experienced with age. 

It is the same with psychic sites as they evolve and get more in tune with their customers' needs. 

Different Types of Psychics Online You Can Find

There are many types of psychics near me available on most sites. Here are a few types of readings you can choose from. 

General Psychics & Readings

A general reading is when someone doesn’t have a question prepared, and asks their reader to share whatever psychic impressions they pick up. 

General readings can often be good because they make people aware of attitudes and feelings they may be hiding from themselves. 

Astrologers & Astrology Readings

Astrologers study and interpret the movements of the planets and how they influence life on earth. Astrology readings describe what these movements mean and how they might affect the person who is getting a reading. 

Tarot Card Readers & Tarot Readings 

Tarot card readers use a deck of 78 picture cards known as the Tarot to help you better understand the individuals and circumstances in your life.

Psychic Medium & Mediumship

Medium psychics near me can communicate with dead and/or non-physical spirits. Mediumship readings are usually used to contact the spirits of deceased loved ones to gain healing and closure. 

Dream Analysis 

Dream Analysis is when a psychic reader near me interprets the dreams you have when you’re asleep. Your dreams are believed to symbolize your subconscious and/ or spiritual challenges. 

Real Psychics for Pets

We all love our pets, but their psychology and spirituality are often a mystery. A pet psychic will read the energy of your pet to help you better understand what their specific behaviors and attitudes may or may not be about. 

FAQs About the Best Psychics Online

These are some of the most common questions asked by people interested in having a session with a psychic reader near me. 

How Does Speaking to an Online Psychic Reader Work?

To speak with a psychic reader near me all you need is a meaningful question you’d like answered and an open mind.

After that, the psychic reader near me will use their extrasensory abilities to look deeper into your relationship to what you’re asking. Then they will share their insights and offer you practical guidance. 

What Do Psychics Do?

A psychic reader near me will use their extrasensory abilities first to perceive then decipher the esoteric and spiritual energies that are affecting your life.

How Easy Is It To Find a Psychic Reader?

It is not hard to find a psychic reader. What can be challenging is finding the right psychic reader near me.

Not every psychic is tuned into everyone. Just like you may like some people and not others, for the best reading, you need to pair with the right psychic. 

As a result, most sites have search filters and free minutes to help you research and try out different readers.

How Good Is Customer Support?

The quality of customer support varies from site to site. Some sites only provide FAQs and an email form if you are experiencing difficulty, while others have live representatives available 24/7 via phone and chat. 

What Kind of Free Stuff Do They Offer?

All the best sites for a psychic reader near me offer free and/or discounted minutes for new customers and other free features like article sections, horoscopes, and even AI oracles. 

Is There a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes, all the top sites featuring the best psychics near me or medium psychics near me provide Satisfaction Guarantees for different amounts if you’re dissatisfied with your reading. 

You usually need to file your complaint within 48 to 72 hours, and it is subject to review. 

Should I Get a Chat, Video, or Phone Psychic Reading?

You should choose the reading based on what you’re comfortable with

If you don’t want to be seen by your reader, then a chat or phone reading would work, depending on whether you prefer to type or talk. 

A video session will be like an old-school face-to-face reading because you and the reader will see each other. 

Can Online Psychics Be Trusted?

Yes, many of the sites have enough controls in place to feel safe with any psychics or medium psychics near me that you decide to work with. 

Some of these controls include an initial screening of every psychic who works on the site, identity protection during your reading, and transparent customer reviews of each reader.

Find the Best Psychics Near Me: Wrapping Up

With the booming popularity of online psychic readings, it’s not hard to find psychics or medium psychics near me. 

However, if you have a burning question, you don’t just want any psychic or medium psychics near me. You want the very best psychic reader near me. 

Hopefully, we’ve pointed you in the right direction of the best psychic reading near me open now or whenever you’re ready. 

Let’s review. 

On top is Purple Garden

They have the most accurate psychics, a bilingual Spanish/English platform, chat, phone, and video readings, and a $10 matching credit. 

Next is Kasamba with the best love readings, a Best Match Guarantee, 3 free minutes, and 50% off. 

However, whichever you choose from this list of the best psychics and medium psychics near me, we’re certain you’ll get accurate readings.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that while psychic readings can be interesting, they will not determine your life; your choices will.

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