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Bali Villas | Best Villas In Bali. Ultimate Guide To Some Of The Most Luxurious Villas In Bali And Beyond, With A Particular Focus On The Anandita Villa

Discover the Ultimate Luxury Villas in Bali and Beyond


The Anandita Villa - Lombok - Form pool

Explore some of the finest villas in Bali with this comprehensive guide. Make informed choices and discover the best luxury accommodation as you delve into the world of the top Bali villas and beyond. Uncover the most exceptional villa rentals and unlock their full potential for an unforgettable stay with expert recommendations and comprehensive details.

The Anandita Villa - Lombok - Form pool

Which area in Bali is best for villas?

Bali and nearby islands have a lot to offer, and the quality of accommodation you will choose is essential in your overall experience of this magical place. When choosing a villa to rent in Bali, you must consider the environment and the type of holidays you wish to prioritize. Seminyak and Canggu are your best choices if you focus primarily on social activities like partying, shopping, and dining. Water sports enthusiasts will prefer Uluwatu or the nearby island Nusa Lembongan. If you like the quiet vibe, meditation, hikes in the paddies, and cultural activities, you will certainly opt for Ubud or the lesser-traveled Sidemen area. Finally, if you genuinely want to taste what Bali was like twenty years ago, we recommend staying on the Sira Peninsula on nearby Lombok Island. 

The most popular areas for villa rental in/around Bali are

  • Seminyak: A high-grade neighborhood with lots of bars and restaurants. 

  • Canggu: A bit further West, Canggu is the “new Seminyak” in the rice paddies

  • Uluwatu/Bukit: Best for sea views and surfers' relaxed vibe

  • Ubud: The center of Balinese cultural life

  • Sidemen: The authentic countryside Balinese experience

  • Nusa Lembongan: Perfect for a quiet beach and island life

  • Lombok Sira Beach: The luxury side of the famous Gili islands and the ideal place to reconnect with people and nature.

Exploring beyond Bali - Upcoming & trending Sira Beach, Lombok

If you want to explore a bit further than Bali without venturing too far into Indonesia’s wilderness, Nusa Lembongan or, even better, the Sira Peninsula in Lombok, offer stunning beach holidays in a pristine natural setting.

Lombok, a beautiful island in Indonesia, is known for its serene landscapes, pristine beaches, and luxurious accommodations. The Gili Islands, located off the coast of Lombok, are a popular destination for travelers seeking a tropical paradise. The islands offer white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and a relaxed island atmosphere. However, staying on the nearby Sira peninsula offers the best alternative to the hustle and bustle of the main Gili islands while providing easy access to the surrounding area. 

The Sira peninsula is located on the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia. It is a beautiful area with stunning ocean views and mountains, including Mount Rinjani. 

Within the Sira peninsula, numerous local markets beckon visitors to explore their vibrant offerings, which include handicrafts, souvenirs, and a delightful array of traditional Indonesian products. Furthermore, scattered across the Sira peninsula are traditional villages, inviting travelers to delve into the rich tapestry of local culture and immerse themselves in the authentic way of life of the region's inhabitants.

The waters surrounding the Sira peninsula are home to diverse marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and coral reefs. Visitors can explore these underwater wonders through snorkeling and diving trips, which can be arranged through local operators. 

Among the various options for luxury accommodation on the island, the Anandita Villa and the 5-star Oberoi Hotel stand out as the best.


The Anandita Villa - Lombok - Outrigger boat

To summarize Lombok's activities:

  • Explore the coral reef: Snorkel or kayak to the vibrant coral reef near The Anandita for an unforgettable underwater adventure.

  • Island hopping: Visit the nearby Gili Islands for a relaxed island experience with stunning beaches and clear waters.

  • Enjoy water sports: Wakeboarding, scuba diving, and other thrilling water activities.

  • Immerse local culture: Discover traditional villages, markets, and Sasak tribal communities to experience Lombok's rich cultural heritage.

  • Relax and rejuvenate: Participate in yoga classes and spa treatments and unwind on a villa’s private beach.

How to get to Lombok:

  • It only takes around 45 minutes to fly from Bali to Lombok.

  • LionAIr, Wings, and CityLink fly to Lombok from Bali. Scout & AirAsia fly from Singapore, Garuda & Batik from Jakarta and main Indonesian cities, and AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur.

  • Fast boats also serve the Lombok North coast daily from Benoa or Padangbai harbors in Bali.


Lombok - Sira peninsula beach

What makes Balinese villas so unique?

Indonesian hospitality is usually regarded as one of the best in the world regarding hotel and villa quality and experience. When choosing your luxury villa, you need to consider several criteria:

  • Location: Besides the region in Bali, you should also check the traffic conditions and whether there is a risk of ongoing construction nearby during your stay. Please also check the environment with Google Maps.

  • Architecture: You may choose from traditional building style, with thatched roofs, to classic with wooden tiles, or modern with flat roofs. Recently, several villas have been built in Bamboos, offering a very natural approach. More modern structures, though, provide more comfort and better air-conditioned conditions. Designer villas are, of course, ideal for your Instagram account…

  • Amenities: Not all villas are the same. Besides the number of bedrooms and guests, check the style and size of the swimming pool (Is it chlorinated or with salts?), the entertainment area (video room, snooker table?), the land size, the view, and of course, the quality of the Internet (Fiber?).

  • Activities: Check whether the villa provides games, bicycles, kayaks, a gym, a volleyball or tennis ground, and a spa. Considering Bali’s infamous traffic problems in high season, you will prefer a villa close to your centers of interest: beach, mountain, paddies, golf, etc.

  • Services provided: Service is what sets luxurious villas apart. For an optimal experience, choose a villa with a team at your service 24/7. The best villas include a manager, a cleaning team, and a chef who can cater to every culinary need. After all, the holidays are when you can truly relax and indulge with all senses. 

Best Balinese villa, spoiler: The Anandita Lombok ticks all the boxes

With its vast lawn in a beautifully manicured coconut grove bordering the gentle shores of white sand Sira Beach and its stunning yet minimalist and classic architecture, the Anandita Villa comes close to paradise on earth. With a wide array of sports, activities, and facilities, its dedicated team is ready to pamper your every need. Whether you fancy swimming with Gili’s giant turtles, sipping an exotic cocktail while watching the sunset on the horizon, or indulging in fine dining under the stars, the Anandita Villa will provide you with the experience of a lifetime and is probably one of the best villas we have found so far in and around Bali.

The Anandita Villa - Lombok - Lawn

Our selection of the best luxury villas in Bali & beyond

Villa Atas Ombak - Luxury in the heart of Seminyak

Villa Atas Ombak, an extraordinary beachfront estate on Bali's southwest coast, encapsulates the essence of Bali's charm, attracting both party-seeking groups and the attention of top lifestyle magazines. This unrivaled luxury destination villa and sought-after wedding venue offers an unparalleled fusion of island spirit and international standards. With direct beach access spanning over 100 meters and a 14-meter swimming pool steps away from the sand, it's a perfect retreat for those seeking Bali's nightlife and beach club culture. The villa's open-sided living space serves as its social heart, while majestic, elegantly furnished rooms offer breathtaking ocean views. The impeccable service, led by a talented chef, ensures guests' every need is met. Located near renowned hotspots like Café del Mar, Tropicola Beach Club, Potato Head Beach Club, and Seminyak, Villa Atas Ombak is the preferred holiday home for many.


Arnalaya Beach House - A tropical garden in Canggu

Arnalaya Beach House is a contemporary masterpiece in tropical gardens, boasting five bedrooms, a private tennis court, a gym, and a spa – the ultimate beachside destination. Designed by Sonny Chan and Albano Daminato, the property features an entertainment bale with a kitchen and barbecue, offering a superb oceanfront party experience. The main house's bedrooms showcase terrazzo walls, canopied beds, and ocean views, while the property includes a private tennis court, pool, gym, and yoga platforms. The entertainment room is well-equipped, and with 35 meters of ocean frontage, dedicated staff, and ample space, Arnalaya Beach House is an ideal choice for family holidays, weddings, parties, or surfside getaways. Located near trendy cafes in Canggu, it offers both luxury and convenience.


Villa San - Ubud Tranquility

In the heart of Ubud, Bali, you'll find the tranquil and private Villa San, a luxurious six-bedroom retreat accommodating up to twelve guests. Surrounded by lush gardens, a 25m lap pool, and elegant sculptures, the villa features a remarkable collection of art and handicrafts from China, Africa, and Indonesia. Just minutes away from excellent shopping, rejuvenating spas, cultural performances, and picturesque rice fields, Villa San's spacious grounds provide freedom and flexibility for families and large groups. With amenities like hammocks, sun loungers, entertainment rooms, a gym, and a children's playroom, the villa offers endless relaxation options. Each of the six large bedrooms opens onto tranquil gardens, steps away from the inviting pool. The property also caters to artistic and spiritual pursuits with a loft studio, a telescope for star-gazing, and a Buddhist stupa and yoga terrace. A dedicated and friendly staff, including a butler and chef, is available 24/7 to cater to guests' needs, offering insights into local culture and recommendations for exploring the region's dining, art, and spa offerings.


Villa Soham - Luxury with a view of the Bukit peninsula

Perched atop a cliff with breathtaking ocean vistas, Villa Soham is a five-bedroom sanctuary in the exclusive Sohamsa Ocean Estate on Bali's Bukit peninsula. This tranquil enclave offers an unspoiled escape, yet it's conveniently located just half an hour from the airport and near iconic attractions like the Uluwatu Sea Temple, Jimbaran Bay's seafood restaurants, and renowned surf spots. The villa seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with natural Indonesian materials, featuring spacious air-conditioned bedrooms and bathrooms, alfresco dining areas, a cliff-edge infinity pool, and a well-equipped gym, massage area, sauna, and steam room. Days here begin with a hearty breakfast on the dining terrace, followed by various activities, from working out in the gym to relaxing by the pool or indulging in a massage. Chauffeured trips to Pandawa Beach and sunset cocktails with a seafood barbecue prepared by a skilled chef add to the pleasures of Villa Soham, ensuring a truly memorable stay.


Samanvaya - Sidemen: Natural Relaxation

The Samanvaya Resort is a newly deluxe boutique hotel that offers spectacular villa accommodation in Sidemen, East of Bali. Sidemen is only just being discovered by mainstream tourism and is quickly getting a name as a must-visit destination for nature, serenity, and to experience authentic Balinese culture. They focus on traditional architecture with open and connected design for guests aged 14 years and above.  The Samanavaya also features infinity swimming pools suspended over the rice terraces, a natural temperature jacuzzi, a hot tub, a restaurant, a spa, and a yoga studio. 

The resort offers rice field trekking, cooking classes, white water rafting, market and village walks, scooters, and driven tours to nearby temples, rice fields, beaches, and waterfalls. The dining experience at Samanvaya is impressive, with delicious food and a wide choice of cocktails. 


Overall, Samanvaya offers a unique, serene experience on out-of-beaten tracks in Bali.

Villa Seascape - Nusa Lembongan: Island Life

Craving a tropical island escape with sandy toes? Villa Seascape on Nusa Lembongan is your dream beachfront home near Bali's southeast coast.

This five-bedroom villa, designed by architect Valentina Audrito, offers contemporary interiors with minimalist style, aqua tones, and natural materials. It's perfect for families and friends seeking luxury and a relaxed beachfront atmosphere. Enjoy poolside lounging, terrace relaxation, mezzanine naps, and movie nights in the media room. Take advantage of the breathtaking sunsets by the firepit or cocktails at the nearby Sandy Bay Beach Club. Your day ends with a beachfront barbecue or gourmet meal from the villa chef, followed by a restful night in your comfortable suite.


The Anandita Villa - Lombok - The ultimate Beach front experience

The Anandita Villa - Bedroom view

The first luxury villa in Lombok, the Anandita, stands out in a league of its own. 

  • Unparalleled Location and Private Beachfront: Situated within a stunning estate on the pristine Sira Beach, The Anandita offers breathtaking coastline views, mountains, and neighboring Gili Islands, less than a kilometer away. The Anandita is right on the beach, providing guests with a unique private beach villa experience.

  • Luxurious Design and Amenities: Designed by renowned architect John Lincoln, the villa showcases elegant pavilions, open living spaces, a 25-meter pool, a private spa, and a decorative lotus pond. Its use of noble natural materials and luxurious furnishings creates a harmonious blend of modernity and classic, timeless elegance.

  • Abundance of Activities: The Anandita provides a plethora of outdoor activities, including swimming in the expansive pool, snorkeling with giant turtles in the nearby vibrant coral reef, kayaking, island hopping to the enchanting Gili Islands, and indulging in a round of golf at the nextdoor championship golf course.

  • Fantastic Service: With a dedicated team of 20 experienced staff members, including a villa manager and an in-house full-time private chef, guests receive exceptional personalized service. The staff ensures an unforgettable and pampering experience, from tailor-made three-course meals to organizing activities and events, sipping cocktails at the bar, listening to a private band, or indulging with a massage in the spa pavilion.


The Anandita Villa - Lombok - Spa

At the Anandita, the dedicated management will ensure personalized experiences tailored to your preferences, making your stay in Lombok memorable.

The Anandita Villa's main features include the following:

  • Private Beach Front Villa

  • Houses up to 16 persons

  • Four sizeable en-suite bedroom pavilions

  • Optic fiber Internet Wi-Fi

  • 15,000 square meters of land in a manicured private coconut grove

  • 25 meters free form pool

  • Jacuzzi

  • Private spa pavilion

  • Living room with movie area and snooker table, Dining room, and Bar

  • Outdoor cinema

  • Free use of Kayaks, Mountain bikes, and Snorkeling gear

  • 20+ Staff, including your own in-house personal Chef and Butler

  • Nearby activities include Golf, Diving, Gili Islands, and the 5-star Oberoi Hotel.

A guest review of the Anandita Villa:

“Absolutely blown away by this place. It has a beautiful setting an outstanding pool, and is conveniently located for GiIlis and golf despite feeling miles off the beaten track. A great hidden gem. Nothing but great things to say about the staff, always on hand and keen to help.”




Although Bali has consistently earned the title of the "World's favorite destination," it could be an opportune moment for experienced travelers to venture beyond Bali's borders and uncover the marvels of its neighboring islands, all while maintaining a luxurious level of comfort. We presented our subjective list of some of the finest villas available for rent in Bali and the surrounding areas, with the aim of igniting your desire to experience the serenity, exclusivity, and natural beauty that these remarkable accommodations and their surroundings have to offer. Now is the perfect time to indulge yourself in a slice of paradise.


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