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Alpilean Reviews (Fake or Legit) What Customers Have To Say? [2023 Update] 

Alpilean is a cutting-edge new weight loss supplement that uses powerful Alpine ingredients to help you consistently lose weight. It is designed to maintain normal, healthy weight loss in men and women of all ages for long term success.

Alpilean Reviews

Alpilean is a popular weight loss supplement that claims to be based off an “Alpine Secret” to melt away fat.

By using Alpilean daily, you can purportedly lose 10, 20, or even 30+ pounds without require you to follow a restrictive diet or impossible exercise program. Plus, the potent ingredients in Alpilean have been linked to almost a dozen other health benefits as well.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Are you just beginning your weight loss journey? If so, Alpilean may be the right natural weight loss solution to reach your goals.

To discover everything you need to know about Alpilean, read our full review of this revolutionary new diet product.

What Exactly is Alpilean?

As mentioned before, Alpilean is a cutting-edge new weight loss supplement that uses powerful Alpine ingredients to help you consistently lose weight. It is designed to maintain normal, healthy weight loss in men and women of all ages for long term success. In other words, it won’t cause you to lose a large amount of weight only to regain it back six months later.

According to the manufacturer of Alpilean, it was formulated based off of recent research from Stanford University. Researchers there have uncovered one of the main reasons that individuals struggle to lose weight and the Alpilean team used this research to formulate their product.

In order to safely lose weight, Alpilean recommends you take one capsule per day with breakfast. Over time, the powerful ingredients in Alpilean will make key changes in your body so that your body is a fat burning machine that can melt away fat all day long.

How Does Alpilean Help You Lose Weight?

As the website states, Alpilean was developed based off of research from scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine. Their research discovered one of the key factors in overweight adults appears to be in inability to raise body temperature. On the other hand, thinner adults tend to have a higher inner body temperature.

This is not the same as how hot or cold your skin feels. Instead, it is the temperature of your inner body. Studies have found that your internal body temperature plays a serious role in how your body metabolizes fat.

When your inner body temperature is normal, your body can easily burn more calories in order to necessitate the metabolism of fat. However, when the inner body temp drops, your metabolism slows down 13% for each degree.

Alpilean was formulated with six natural ingredients that are designed to optimize your body temperature. Over time, they will increase your body temperature to a normal temp, allowing you to burn more calories and metabolize fat faster, eventually leading to weight loss.

However, that’s not all. Alpilean contains an ingredient that is proven to inhibit leptin. Leptin is a hormone that controls your appetite. Leptin, along with ghrelin can cause you to overeat and have insatiable food cravings, leading to weight gain.

Lowering leptin levels helps to suppress your appetite, controlling your food cravings, and leading to a reduction In calories you consume each day. This will create a larger caloric deficit, enabling you to lose weight instead of gaining it.


Ingredients in Alpilean

Alpilean was carefully formulated by a team of nutritionists, doctors, and other experts in the weight loss field. After hundreds of hours of research, this team discovered the six most powerful natural ingredients to raise core body temperature and to support weight loss.

These six ingredients are found in Alpilean and are as follows:

Dika Nut (African Mango Extract)

African mango extract has been around since 2011, where it was first made famous by Dr. Oz. It’s steadily been one of the most commonly used diet aids for those looking for natural appetite suppression.

According to several different studies, African Mango may help to reduce food cravings and limit appetite when taken 30 to 60 minutes before a meal. Some research suggests African mango can also encourage the breakdown of fat, reduce the growth of fat cells, and improve blood sugar control.

Moringa Leaf Extract

Moringa leaf, also known as the miracle tree, is used by millions daily because it is one of the most nutritious plants known to man. Moringa leaf has been shown to help control blood pressure levels, improve blood sugar control, reduce inflammation, and may even support weight loss.

specifically, moringa leaf extract appears to increase the breakdown of fat and to reduce fat formation. However, the research studies also included turmeric in conjunction with moringa. Therefore, it isn’t entirely known whether the weight loss effects can be directly attributed to moringa or the combination of moringa and turmeric.

Bigarade Orange (Citrus Bioflavonoids)

Up until recently, we knew very little about bioflavonoids. However, recent research suggests that citrus flavonoids may have several potential benefits, particularly weight loss.

Some research suggests that citrus bioflavonoid supplements may help to modulate your metabolic function. The exact mechanism behind this isn’t exactly understood. However, it appears like citrus flavonoids promote better function of tissues related to metabolism, such as the liver, kidneys, and adipose tissue. This may encourage fat oxidation which promotes weight loss.

Ginger Root

Ginger is widely known for its’ ability to improve digestive health & function, as well as immunity. Ginger is rich in plant compounds known as shogaols and gingerols, which are said to help support several biological processes within your body.

Researchers believe that the primary way ginger can support weight loss by improving digestive health, thus preventing the accumulation of new fat. It appears that ginger may help reduce appetite by helping you feel fuller for a longer period of time. This reduces your caloric intake, creating a greater caloric deficit.

Ginger may also help you eliminate free radicals and combat inflammation, which are two effects of being overweight or obese. While this doesn’t directly help you lose weight, it may combat some of the worst effects associated with being overweight.

Turmeric Root

Turmeric is used by millions daily to combat inflammation because of it contains a compound called curcumin. However, recent research suggests that turmeric may support weight loss as well by suppressing specific inflammatory markers that have bene linked to obesity.


The mechanism behind this appears to be curcumin’s ability to interact with adiponectin. Adiponectin is a hormone that is involved in the breakdown of fat and your body’s natural metabolic process. Higher adiponectin levels have been directly linked to a lower BMI, waist circumference, and lower overall weight.

In addition to inflammation support and weight loss, turmeric appears to support heart health, digestion, and immunity as well.

Golden Algae (Fucoxanthin)

Golden algae is a rich source of an antioxidant compound known as fucoxanthin, which belongs to a class of plant compounds known as carotenoids. Research suggests that fucoxanthin can alter specific genes related to fat oxidation.

In addition, fucoxanthin appears to reduce plasma leptin levels, which influence appetite. Leptin causes you to feel hungrier, leading to insatiable food cravings. By keeping leptin levels in check, fucoxanthin appears to inhibit food cravings to prevent the over consumption of food, stopping weight gain in its’ tracks.

Fucoxanthin is also known to affect the function of brown fat. Brown adipose tissue is the “healthy” fat in your body that stimulates the thermogenesis process. This means that fucoxanthin can directly influence core temperature, raising it to speed up the rate at which you burn fat, leading to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Does Alpilean Really Work? What Science Says

Alpilean makes some strong statements about what their product can do and the potential benefits to using it. However, can Alpilean really live up to its’ claims?


Let’s take a look at what clinical research says about the ingredients in Alpilean:

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial, participants were given either a 350mg dose of African mango extract or a placebo. After just a month, researchers found a “statistically significant” difference between the placebo group and African mango group with the African mango group experiencing a greater amount of weight loss.

Similarly, in another placebo-controlled, double-blind study, participants were given a low dose of African mango extract or a placebo for ten weeks. Researchers found participants given African mango extract achieved a larger decrease in waist circumference, body weight, and body fat percentage compared to the placebo.

Test-tube studies and animal studies have found moringa can reduce fat formation and help promote fat oxidation. In an eight week study involving 41 obese participants, participants were given an 800mg dose of turmeric, curry, and moringa. This group lost an average of 10.6 pounds in eight weeks compared to only 4 pounds in the placebo group.

In a similar study involving a larger group of adults, the participants given turmeric, moringa, and curry lost 11.9 pounds of weight compared to only two pounds in the placebo group. Participants given moringa also saw a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and increased HDL cholesterol.

A review published in Current Opinion and Lipidology, researchers found that citrus bioflavonoids promoted anti-inflammatory activities in specific tissues linked to obesity. Researchers noted that the exact mechanisms behind this were not directly identified, but that citrus bioflavonoids seemed to help cells related to metabolism on a “complete fundamental level.”


Turmeric isn’t often thought of related to weight loss but new research suggests it may actually support fat loss. In a 30-day study involving 44 overweight adults, researchers gave a 1,600mg dose of turmeric compared or a placebo. The turmeric group saw a significant reduction in BMI, waist circumference, and overall body weight compared to virtually no change in the placebo group. What excited researchers even more was that the participants had claimed they were unable to lose weight before joining the study.

Finally, a review of 21 clinical trials with over 1,600 participants found that curcumin intake was associated with a reduction in waist and hip circumference, BMI, overall body weight, and better overall body composition.

Overall, based off all of the evidence, it is clear that Alpilean has the ingredients to back up its’ claims. If you want a science-backed natural supplement to help you lose weight, then you can’t go wrong with Alpilean.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Although Alpilean is a potent, fast-acting formula, it still isn’t a miracle supplement. It isn’t going to cause you to lose 30lbs. overnight. It still needs time in order to facilitate the changes necessary to raise your core body temperature.

In general, Alpilean users have reported seeing results after around the two to three week range. Of course, like any supplement, results vary from person to person. Your diet, exercise habits, hormones, and other physiological factors will all play a key role in how fast and how much weight you lose.

To speed up the process, the manufacturer recommends switching to a low-carb, high protein diet. They also recommend you exercise for 20 to 30 minutes daily, even if just a brisk walk. Finally, drinking enough water and getting a good night’s rest is also key for weight loss.

The best results for most users have also been after using Alpilean for two to three months. This is why we recommend you use the product for at least 30 to 60 days before you decide as to whether Alpilean is the right weight loss supplement to help you reach your goals.

Side Effects of Alpilean – Is it Safe?

Alpilean was carefully formulated to be the strongest, yet safest weight loss product currently available. This is why as of this writing there have not been any reports of any serious side effects while using the product.

This does not mean that side effects cannot occur, rather they haven’t occurred as of right now. Any supplement can cause minor side effects like headache, nausea, or indigestion. The risk for experiencing these side effects while using Alpilean is just very low.

Keep in mind that even though the risk for side effects is low, Alpilean may still not be right for everyone.

For example, Alpilean is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, nor is it recommended for children under the age of 18. In addition, if you are on a prescription medication or have a serious medical condition, then you should consult a doctor before using this product.

Overall, Alpilean is one of the safest weight loss products currently available right now. If you still are unsure whether or not Alpilean is safe for you, then we recommend you consult your doctor before trying the product just to be sure.

Alpilean Pricing & Guarantee

Alpilean has already helped tens of thousands of adults slim down, get healthier, and feel more confident in their body. If you believe Alpilean is right for you, then the best place to purchase it directly though the official website.

Currently there are three different purchasing options to choose from, depending on your individual needs:

●    One bottle (30-day supply): $59 + shipping
●    Three bottles (90-day supply): $147 total - $49 per bottle + shipping
●    Six bottles: (180-day supply): $234 total - $39 per bottle + free shipping

Regardless of which package you select, the manufacturer of Alpilean offers every customer a 60-day money back guarantee. According to the official website, you are entitled to a refund if you “are not astonished how quickly your fat is melted away.”

To receive a refund on your purchase, simply contact Alpilean customer support within 60 days of purchasing Alpilean and you’ll receive a prompt refund within 48 hours of the manufacturer receiving the bottles of Alpilean that you purchased.

Alpilean Bonus Materials

If you decide to purchase a three or six month package, then the manufacturer will provide you with two additional bonus eBooks you can use to further reach your weight loss goals

These two bonuses include:

Bonus #1 – 1-Day Kickstart Detox

Over the course of years or decades, your organs are not likely functioning the way they should due to poor dieting and exposure to toxins. The 1-Day Kickstart Detox is a guide to help you flush, detox, and cleanse your organs to get rid of the toxic buildup for good. It’s filled with 20 bizarre, yet effective tea recipes that will cleanse your body, rev up your metabolism, and help you feel energized every day. The best part is you likely have all of these ingredients in your kitchen already too.

Bonus #2 – Renew You

As you lose weight, your self confidence and mindset should improve, or be “renewed” so to speak. This second bonus Renew You, explains simple, yet effective activities you can do immediately to eliminate stress, improve your confidence, and to eliminate any anxiety you may be struggling with right now.

Final Recap

Alpilean is one of the few weight loss supplements that relies on science-backed ingredients to support weight loss. Like so many others have found – Alpilean can really work if you put in just a little effort.

If you’re sick of overpriced diet programs, ineffective exercise routines, or downright fraudulent weight loss supplements, and want a real, safe, & effective weight loss solution, then you need to visit the official website of Alpilean and order your bottles today before supplies run out!

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