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AAX Referral Code For New User Bonus Of $110 On Signup

AAX offers the quickest way to buy bitcoin with fiat currency. Do you know that you can get 110 USDT completely free when you create an account on aax.com?

AAX Referral Code

Signup with the AAX referral code 5Z1qQFRVozNM and start your crypto journey with a $110 signup bonus and unlock different levels of bonus as you trade.

What is AAX?

AAX offers the quickest way to buy bitcoin with fiat currency. Do you know that you can get 110 USDT completely free when you create an account on aax.com? So if you are completely new to the AAX exchange, you can click on the signup button to get started. In the registration page, you can apply the referral code 5Z1qQFRVozNM if you'd like.

AAX Referral Code

The latest AAX referral code for a $110 signup bonus is 5Z1qQFRVozNM.

You will get the free 110 USDT when you create your AAX account with the referral code. So if you are completely new, go ahead and fill out this step. It is definitely recommended that you do your KYC verification because this will be the most important thing. It will increase your security on your account and will allow you to deposit and withdraw as well.

How to complete your signup on AAX?

● So it's very much recommended to do not just for the withdrawal limits, but also because it does increase your overall security on your account.

● To access the $110 bonus on your account, go to your futures account under the wallet tab, and go to bonus at the top.

● Under this tab you can see all the different tiers that you can unlock on your account to get access to different USDT values. You do have to unlock these over time and they will allow you to change the amount of leverage you wish to trade with.

● So the first one is a 10 USDT bonus, if we go to the futures market we can then get access to this bonus and place a long or short.

● You can also earn other bonuses by inviting your friends with your AAX referral code.

● Simply hit USDT bonus and this will allow you to use your bonus on your account and when you do so it shows you how much leverage you have access to.

● Now keep in mind you can't just create an account and withdraw the bonus, you do have to trade it. That's what it's meant for, so it’s highly recommended to utilize this bonus as a learning experience especially if you're completely new to leverage trading.

● This is a great way to understand how the AAX platform works and how to properly place trades and all that sort of stuff.

In order to get access to the next bonus you do have to reach a certain level of trading volume and then it also shows you how much trading volume you currently have and then you can scroll down here and see the terms and conditions as well if you want to read more into that.

How to trade tokens with FIAT currencies?

● Before we dive into how to buy bitcoin with fiat currency, make sure to check out the ongoing events and competitions to win tokens for free.

● You can also read the latest news and updates from all around the world about cryptocurrencies before making an investment.


● So what is the first step you need to do to buy bitcoin with fiat currency on this exchange is that you do have to do your user verification with KYC. This is needed to link your payment methods in order to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat currency.

● So you can click on complete your verification option to enter the basic information and then get yourself verified.

● Once you get your verification all completed, now is when you can fund your account. To topup your wallet with fiat currencies, choose the currency and make a convenient option. Then go ahead and hit next. Once you hit next you will get all the banking information needed to send your fiat currency from your bank to aax.

● Once that's done and your funds arrive, you can take your funds and go to the exchange tab under buy crypto and this is where we can exchange our fiat currency for our cryptocurrency of choice.

Final conclusion about AAX exchange

AAX exchange handsomely rewards the new users with a welcome bonus of $110 worth of USDT and it’s a great opportunity for new investors to learn trading with this. They also have a referral program that is very delightful and rewarding with different bonus.This is a 4 year old exchange that is reliable for spot trading, futures, P2P and long term trading of cryptocurrencies.

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