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Meet The 10 Self-Made Women Entrepreneurs Of India

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Meet The 10 Self-Made Women Entrepreneurs Of India

Let's meet 10 wonder- women entrepreneurs who by dint of their determination and creation fought all hardships and walked up to think big and achieve big. 

The 10 self-made women entrepreneurs of India
The 10 self-made women entrepreneurs of India

When we speak about the balanced growth of our country, we certainly cannot miss out on the important contributions of Women Entrepreneurs. Accepting every challenge, today, women have been able to build their reputed identity thus showcasing what women empowerment is. Venturing on the path of Entrepreneurship, many women today have become role models for society and the coming generation. 

Let us meet 10 wonder- women entrepreneurs who by dint of their determination and creation fought all hardships and walked up to think Big and Achieve Big. 


Achieving success in the modern world is a tough road without the guidance of a mentor. True success is defined by mentors like Ms Uma Mansharamani who made her legacy on her terms and continues to bring more laurels to her conquest.  Gurgaon-based Ms Mansharamani is a Business and Life Coach making the lives of people connected with her easier.   

She is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Tajurba Business Network Pvt. Ltd. She empowers, leads, and trains business owners and enthusiasts to adapt to the goal-oriented strategy while helping them increase their revenue. She is also a motivational public speaker, Trainer, and Author who guides people on the path to achieving a breakthrough and makes their life purpose clear by steering clear of any mental blocks. Uma Mansharamani has experienced both the highest highs and the lowest lows in her life. She began her career as an Apparel Exporter and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the top exporters in Delhi, NCR. However, she had to lose everything, which never discouraged her but added more to her power. She has emerged as a successful Entrepreneur, a certified coach, and an embodiment of women empowerment.

Having the experience of both failures and success, Uma Mansharamani aims to inspire and enlighten people to achieve success beyond what they dream of. Her valuable strategies have always helped people sail through failing, loss-making ventures and revive their businesses effectively. 


Pranic Healing or the ‘no-touch’ energy healing is a practice where the body’s energy is regulated by replacing the negative energy and blocks in our system. Sangeeta Ranka is a prominent healer whose journey started when she found herself stuck in a corporate job while managing her ailing father at home and supporting the family. When this difficult situation started affecting her mentally and physically, Sangeeta distanced herself from the world and found solace in pranic healing which is based on the fundamental principle that the human body possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Witnessing a positive impact in her life, Sangeeta further went on to pursue the advanced certification course and became a Pranic Healer through the World Pranic Healing Foundation to help people solve modern-life problems. Besides her practice, Sangeeta has been acquiring new skills and building her expertise in Akashic readings, Vastu, numerology, and Tarot readings. 

The most popular offering which Sangeeta offers is the Weight Loss Program and the Chakra Balancing Program. Sangeeta is truly committed to her profession and has clients across India, the USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and South Africa. Today, through her profession, she has involved herself in the noble job of healing people and improving their lifestyles of people for a healthy present as well as the future. 


Psychologists are known to assess mental health issues and can easily help people regulate their negative emotions and deal with stress. A practicing lawyer turned certified counselling psychologist, Mrs. Priya was always interested in human behaviour and relations which inspired her to pursue her post-graduate education in psychology. 

Based in Chennai, she founded Breathin counselling & wellbeing in 2013, and uses a range of psychological therapies to suit the needs of individuals. She specializes in helping people deal with a wide range of mental health problems like Depression, Anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Psychosis, Emotion regulation difficulties, PTSD, Combat Trauma, Addictions. Mrs. Priya has certifications as a Counselling Psychologist, Parenting expert and  inclusive educator.

With 9 years of experience in counselling, Priya Anandan is a great support and healer to many. Her sessions have proved to be very helpful and many seek her guidance in the same. She offers a free 15-minute no-obligation consultation call to all her clients and assures confidentiality. All her sessions are tailor-made to meet the needs of all individuals. She provides local private therapy for clients based all over India. She also provides online therapy.

With a personal interest in positive psychology she works, to help individuals use their strengths and build resilience for long-term recovery.


Today, one out of every seventh person is known to suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. We are in need of simple healing tools, and considering this, Sangeeta Bhalla, an inspiration comes up with her 3000 BC Therapeutics established in Health and Wellness sector in 2020.  The use of 3000 BC Therapeutics products provides symptomatic relief to people suffering from stress and anxiety as all the blends are drawn from ancient wisdom of aromatherapy and energy healing. These blends are purely plant based, contain absolutely no artificial chemicals and are the purest form of oil offered to the customer. The outcome oriented, accessible and easy to use products have crossed the victory mark of one million and the brand looks forward to rapid growth.

The founder, Sangeeta Bhalla is a cancer warrior whose recovery process was aided by energy healing and the use of aromatherapy blends. She, herself has deep knowledge about energy healing and is a therapeutic aroma-therapist. Indeed, awe-inspiring! After becoming a certified Energy healing Instructor, she was convinced that these products need to find a way to a larger audience, especially during the wave of pandemic. Thereafter, 3000 BC Therapeutics started its mission to bring the ancient wisdom of chakra healing to people looking for a holistic and organic lifestyle. After the successful completion of two years, the brand today offers a suite of 18 OTC products based on therapeutic aromatherapy as well as meditation and energy healing across India and the United States.
The creative brains behind the venture, Sangeeta Bhalla has lived and worked in India, ASEAN and the United States. She is an embodiment of women empowerment and is a strength to the health warriors.


Challenges make a woman strong and this has been proved by many self-made women successful entrepreneurs and among those is Authorpreneur Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva, an Entrepreneur, Author, a Poet, Author Coach, and a Social Activist. She is the Founder- Director of Griffin Publication and effectively involved in multi-tasking right from managing her publishing team, editing books, content writing, ghostwriting and finally giving shape to quality.  She has authored seven books and contributed to more than 30 anthologies. Griffin Publication was registered in 2021 and in just one year, the publishing house has published around 35 books and the count is on. Griffin Publication is doing what no other publishing houses are doing. They are focused on quality than quantity. ‘We do not publish junk’, says Mousumi. 
Mousumi K Sachdeva is masters in English, Mass Communication & Journalism, B.Ed. and at present, she is specializing in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.  She has been recently bestowed with Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Literary Award 2022 my MS and SIPAY Journal, National Property of Department of Culture, Government of Seychelles. She has been honoured with Suryagaurav Rashtriya Puraskar 2020’. She has been awarded by Gujarat Sahitya Academy in the year 2020 and also 2021 in collaboration with Motivational Strips, a global Literary Forum for her contributions in the field of Literature on the occasion of India’s Independence Day. She has been awarded as one of India’s most inspirational writers 2018 by The Indian Awaz.


When it comes to speaking about achievement, one should not miss out on the name of the Founder-  Director of Link HR Solution Pvt. Ltd with the best services to more than 200 content clients. Ms Gririja Kabi Satpathy, the versatile Director with a vast experience of 19 years in the field of HR never stopped adding more to his knowledge regarding the fine nuances of HR and more. Having acquired mastery over forecasting, budgeting, procurement, distribution and consumption of resources and ensuring smooth operations at all times and all about HR, Ms Satpathy set forth to create a difference in the market. Her dedication and constant hard work led her to begin her own venture – Link HR Solutions, today well equipped and supported by a high-performing team. 

A highly professional Ms Girija Kabi Satpathy nurtured her company and gave it the perfect shape in the form of highly performed services in the industry. Much appreciable is her constant record of maintaining the character and ethics of the firm offering the most satisfactory services respecting clients’ needs and urgency. Ms Satpathy in her firm has specialized in the art of outsourcing thus saving time and manpower.  Ms Girija Kabi Satpathy has adopted and implemented a two-pronged strategy which is seeking Role Clarity and Planning the Work.  She believes that the execution of this strategy is the key to the success of all projects and ventures. 

With the motto of enriching lives with meaningful contributions, Ms Satpathy, Founder- Director of link HR Solutions, looks forward to rendering honest and exceptional services to organizations and clients.


Live a life worth cherishing by discovering your true inner self Meet Paulami Niyogi - a young entrepreneur, Certified Coach, and International Trainer by profession, has vowed to make a difference in society with 'Sustainable Development Goals that will be enriched along with well-deserved 'Communal Victory' based on words and wisdom.  She takes up the challenge to make individuals aware of their true potential. As the founder of Paulami Niyogi Consulting which offers 'Branding, Digital Marketing, and most notably Public Relations under a worthy Marketing Agency’, she also has a concept of Guide to Goal being completely manifested under an organization called 'Arête Pro'.  Her business is a self-funded business. Her company offers Digital Marketing, Content Management, and Brand activation. Creative Audio-Visual Content, Public Relations, and Market Research. She owes her coaching skills to Coach Kaushik Mahapatra and Rajesh Bhat.
She also runs an NGO - ANvolife Foundation in honour of her late husband. She is engaged here to deal with 'Mental Well-Being, Conservation of Environment, Sustainable Education and Skill-based Empowerment'. She is a trained vocalist. Also works as a  Parental Coach for children with Neuro-Developmental Disabilities. She is well-known for her groundbreaking coaching techniques. She has facilitated homemakers, professionals, and entrepreneurs in accomplishing their goals.


Decors and Gifts are trending not only during festivals but on all occasions, be it at home, in social circles, or at workplaces. In such a scenario, Soulscents Global Pvt.Ltd has created wonders with its magnificent and stylish products including high-end bespoke candles, customized fragrances, and premium corporate gifts. Nitu Singh, the Founder of Soulscents Global Pvt.Ltd, is a trained Chemist, a certified perfumer, and a passionate Chandler crafting handmade candles since 2013.  Her finesse products have been appreciated and welcomed not only in India but also abroad. The popularity of her handmade candles especially among the Diplomatic Embassies and High Commissions in New Delhi, under the trademark ‘Scentiments’, and the encouragement of esteemed customers in India and abroad led to the incorporation of Soulscents Global in 2019.

The Founder and Curator of ‘Soulscents’ accepted all challenges and her hard work made her company reach the masses within a very short span of time, supplying sizeable orders to a variety of reputed customers like the Indian Armed Forces, Khadi – India, Taj Group of Hotels, Oberoi Group of Hotels, ITC Maurya, Vivo India, and Nippon India, along with many reputed international customers around the globe.  

Nitu Singh indeed is an exemplary figure to many creative women whose talents lay hidden. She is a motivating personality to her expert team comprising Quality inspectors, Developers, Designers, Marketing & Sales Agents, and Customer Support Executives. The initiatives and the Success stories of the above women entrepreneurs prove that nothing is impossible for a woman. Fighting all odds, achieving their dreams, and inspiring many, today they stand exceptional and so the reason to celebrate their success and glory. 

Ms. Ezhil is a single mother who started her journey of entrepreneurship in the year 2016 to sustain her family’s needs. Her venture Viraja Fashionista is a Women’s clothing and accessory brand that was started with an investment of mere five thousand rupees. The brand also has an e-commerce platform that provides an exclusive range of sarees. It is the one-stop store for ethnic wear including almost all types of sarees catering to both domestic as well as international markets. This venture is an inspiration to many people who wish to start their ventures without bulk investment. 
Hailing from the city Salem in Tamil Nadu, Ms Ezhil’s success is a mark of her family’s relentless support and undoubted confidence in her. She is the sole decision-maker of her business which generated heavy revenue because of her skilled decision-making ability and business ethics. She believes that customer satisfaction is a must to run a business. And, Ms Ezhil proudly fulfils her mission carrying pride in the quality of the products that her Viraja Fashionista sells. 
Ms Ezhil is highly appreciated for her dedication and services. She plans to expand her business to various locations in Tamil Nadu by forming a partnership with weavers across the state and by gaining new customers. 


 Sweet are the uses of adversity- sell out the best ideas in the casket with Salesburgh! There is an intriguing story behind the idea of providing Sales consulting.
For over four years, Hiteshi Upadhyay has worked in the IT industry's sales and marketing department. She recently discovered that, despite their dedication to their jobs, people are not valued. There is always a certain degree of dissatisfaction. So, Hiteshi Upadhyay, CEO of SALES BURGH set out to create novelty in sales tips that will enable people to be self-sufficient. So, if you're sick of working for other people's time to become a Freelancer -'BECOME YOUR BOSS'. SALES BURGH offers you mechanisms to quickly close your sales deal and make your next sale. Acquire the art of reaching out to prospects, gradually sparking conversations and offering them the best service/product at sales burgh. 

Thus, satisfy your eagerness about freelancing and visit the website to know more about Hiteshi’s venture- SALES BURGH fresh, and the best qualitative ideas service provider in the competition for your requirements. 
Provide expertise in sales and marketing. Focus on educating you on various techniques. Ensure that you know how to qualify a customer. Assists you in growing into a successful sales representative.

The Success stories of the above women entrepreneurs prove that nothing is impossible for a woman. Fighting all odds, achieving their dreams, and inspiring many, today, they stand exceptional.