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Scott Keever: Pioneering Digital Marketing Excellence in the Modern Era

Scott Keever, an accomplished entrepreneur and the founder of Scott Keever SEO, shares his extensive digital marketing knowledge.


Scott Keever

Who is Scott Keever and how is he shaping digital marketing today? As founder of Scott Keever SEO, he brings an ethical, client-focused approach to search engine optimization and digital marketing. This article explores his journey from corporate executive to leading a top-tier marketing agency, his commitment to best practices, and the innovative strategies his team employs to drive industry success. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Scott Keever transformed from a corporate executive at Verizon Wireless to a prominent figure in digital marketing, founding Scott Keever SEO, which adopts a client-centric and results-driven approach with a focus on transparency and customized strategies. 
  • With a diverse team of experts, Scott Keever SEO thrives on innovation, utilizing AI and machine learning to refine SEO strategies and maintaining a strong advocacy for ethical SEO practices to build trust and uphold a positive reputation. 
  • Scott Keever SEO is recognized with numerous industry awards, reflecting its success and contributions to the field, and has future plans to expand services and integrate more advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to remain at the forefront of digital marketing. 


The Journey of Scott Keever: From Corporate Exec to SEO 

Before becoming a digital marketing sensation, Scott Keever was a young, ambitious executive at Verizon Wireless, where he climbed the corporate ladder to General Manager, overseeing some of Florida’s busiest stores. His corporate experience, combined with his business acumen, laid a solid foundation for his future entrepreneurial venture in the world of SEO. 

Early career and education 

Miami University is where Scott’s educational journey took flight, offering him a comprehensive education that went beyond traditional classroom confines. 

After university, Scott joined Circuit City and later transitioned to Verizon Wireless. He swiftly rose through the ranks to become a General Manager, overseeing one of the busiest stores in the country. 


Transition into the digital marketing world 

With a deep-seated belief in a client-focused approach and an acute understanding of diverse business needs and challenges, Scott made the leap into the realm of digital marketing. 

Scott’s foray into digital marketing was characterized by rigorous learning and honing of skills. He focused on search engine optimization and internet marketing, all while playing classical guitar in his free time. In fact, Scott plays guitar with such passion that it can be seen in his interviews and articles, providing insights into his entrepreneurial journey and his impact on the digital marketing industry. 

Establishing Scott Keever SEO: A Vision for Success 


2015 marked the commencement of a new venture for Scott Keever as he established his very own digital marketing agency, Scott Keever SEO. The company was driven by a vision to provide professional services supported by tangible results for each client. Scott Keever SEO excelled in understanding the business goals of their clients and formulating personalized strategies for enhancing search engine rankings. 

The birth of the agency 

January 15, 2015, saw the inception of Scott Keever SEO, an agency founded on the principles of customer transparency and delivering tangible outcomes. 

The primary focus areas for Scott Keever SEO were transparency, customer education, and tailored strategies. This focus was inspired by Scott’s experience with the Brave New Workshop, which emphasizes creativity and innovation. With these cornerstones in place, Scott Keever SEO was ready to make waves in the digital marketing industry. 


Building a team of experts 

Building a successful digital marketing agency requires a team of specialized individuals. Scott Keever SEO is composed of a team that includes: 

  • SEO strategists 
  • Visual designers 
  • Social media experts 
  • Conversion specialists 
  • Web designers 

Each member, like Scott himself, brings their unique expertise to the table as a multifaceted performer. 

Building such a team comes with its challenges, such as producing compelling content, staying abreast of technology and trends, and handling data privacy and algorithm changes. However, these challenges can be addressed by staying updated on industry advancements, allocating resources for team training and growth, and cultivating an environment of efficient communication and teamwork. 


Client-Centric Approach and Expertise 

Scott Keever adopts a client-focused approach to digital marketing. He prioritizes the unique needs and goals of the client, crafting personalized strategies that resonate with their distinct objectives and demographics. 

Tailored strategies and personalized attention 

Customized strategies in SEO are important as they enable businesses to: 

  • Gain insights into their target audience demographics 
  • Offer guidance 
  • Conserve resources 
  • Ensure long-term growth 

Much like how Scott Keever creates original music that resonates with his audience, he crafts personalized strategies that align with each client’s business goals. 

The provision of personalized attention in digital marketing has a positive impact on client satisfaction. It results in higher engagement rates, increased conversion rates, and improved customer satisfaction. 


Success stories and loyal client base 

Scott Keever SEO’s tailored approach and extensive SEO knowledge have resulted in numerous success stories and the development of a loyal client base. Their impressive 97% retention rate is a testament to the efficacy of their tailored strategies and extensive SEO knowledge. 

Scott Keever SEO serves a diverse clientele across various sectors such as: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Legal 
  • Real Estate 
  • eCommerce 
  • Celebrities 
  • Athletes 
  • Large Corporations 
  • Homes Services 
  • and more 

This diversity demonstrates the agency’s extensive expertise and adaptability across different industries. Each success story and satisfied client contributes to the glowing reputation of Scott Keever SEO. 

Embracing Innovation and Ethical Practices 


Scott Keever SEO is steadfast in its commitment to innovation and adherence to ethical practices. This includes the use of AI and machine learning algorithms in their SEO strategies, which enhance precision in keyword research and utilize predictive analytics. 


AI and machine learning algorithms 

AI and machine learning algorithms serve as key pillars in the SEO strategies at Scott Keever SEO. They are incorporated into their strategies to increase precision in keyword research, with the goal of enhancing search rankings. The agency even leverages AI-driven tools such as ChatGPT and is actively exploring emerging technologies in AI-driven content creation and predictive analytics to enhance their marketing strategies. 

The use of AI and machine learning in SEO provides several benefits. It enables the analysis of website data, predicts customer behavior, enhances keyword research, and optimizes content. This innovative approach has played a crucial role in enhancing the performance of Scott Keever SEO’s clients by developing comprehensive user profiles, interpreting user intent, providing tailored content and search outcomes, and producing top-notch content. 


Advocacy for ethical SEO 

Ethical SEO refers to the adherence to acceptable techniques and strategies in search engine optimization. It holds great importance in digital marketing as it improves online experiences, builds trust with search engines and potential customers, and contributes to upholding a positive business reputation. 

Scott Keever is a fervent proponent of ethical SEO practices. His reputation is built on: 

  • Ethical business practices 
  • Transparent digital marketing methods 
  • A steadfast dedication to upholding integrity and ethical standards within the industry. 

Awards, Recognition, and Industry Impact 


Scott Keever SEO has garnered recognition for its SEO excellence and as one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the US. The agency has received numerous awards. 


Awards and recognitions 

Scott Keever SEO, an award winning agency, has been honored with many awards, including: 

  • UP city’s Top SEO agencies 
  • Google Partner 
  • Forbes Agency Council 
  • A+ Better Business Bureau 
  • Up City National Excellence award 

In fact, Scott Keever SEO has been named the Top SEO agency in Tampa, Cincinnati, and Miami for five years in a row. 

Moreover, Scott Keever SEO has been bestowed with membership in the Forbes Agency Council, a prestigious acknowledgment granted to owners and executive leaders of successful public relations, media, creative, marketing, or advertising agencies. They’ve also met all the requirements and qualifications necessary to attain the status of a Google Partner. 


Contributions to the industry 

As the founder and CEO of Scott Keever SEO, Scott Keever has left a significant mark on the digital marketing industry. His agency has implemented a data-driven SEO approach that emphasizes stability, efficiency, and ingenuity, which are crucial advancements in the sector. 

Scott Keever SEO is spearheading a comprehensive expansion of their services to encompass all facets of digital marketing, reflecting a notable trend in the industry. By diversifying the range of services provided and adopting cutting-edge technologies such as AI-driven content creation and predictive analytics, Scott Keever is preparing his agency for future changes in digital marketing. 


Educator, Mentor, and Community Advocate 

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors in digital marketing, Scott Keever is also fervently dedicated to fostering education and mentorship. He regularly organizes workshops and seminars to impart his expertise and perspectives to aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs. 

Additionally, he is committed to community advocacy and actively participates in initiatives that support local businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Workshops and consultations 

Scott provides paid consultations tailored to entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their businesses. In his SEO consultation sessions, he addresses a variety of topics, such as: 

  • search engine optimization strategies 
  • keyword research 
  • content strategy 
  • local SEO 
  • Google Maps optimization 
  • social media management 
  • website design 


His extensive experience of more than ten years in digital marketing establishes his credibility as a consultant and mentor, enabling him to offer valuable insights and guidance in this field. 

In addition to consultations, Scott also offers a variety of workshops and online courses. These educational initiatives encompass a Digital Marketing Workshop For Small Business Owners, covering topics related to digital marketing, SEO, and entrepreneurship. 

Supporting startups and nonprofits 

Scott Keever is committed to community involvement, focusing on: 

  • Giving back 
  • Actively engaging in initiatives that bolster local businesses and entrepreneurs 
  • Providing free or discounted services to startups and non-profits as part of his commitment to the community. 


Scott Keever’s support has made a substantial impact on startups and non-profits, contributing to their business growth, product development, and exceptional performance. By offering his guidance and services, Scott is not only helping these organizations succeed but also fostering a collaborative learning culture. 

Future Plans and Growth of Scott Keever SEO 

Scott Keever SEO has bold plans for the future, which include expanding its services to encompass a broader spectrum of digital marketing, including social media marketing, content marketing, among other related services. The agency also plans to incorporate AI and machine learning algorithms into their SEO strategies to enhance precision in keyword research and utilize predictive analytics. 


With these plans in motion, Scott Keever envisions his agency shaping the future of digital marketing. 

Expanding services and technologies 

As part of their expansion plans, Scott Keever SEO aims to include a broader range of services, encompassing all aspects of digital marketing. They also plan to delve deeper into AI-driven technologies, incorporating more AI and machine learning into their strategies. This includes the use of predictive analytics and more effective monitoring in online reputation management services. 

These technological expansions, such as integrating more AI and machine learning, are expected to have a positive impact on their client services. The anticipated outcomes include doubling organic website traffic and increasing lead generation by 120% after implementing their services, a testament to the efficacy of their innovative approach. 


Shaping the future of digital marketing 

Scott Keever envisions the future of digital marketing as an expansion of his agency’s services to cover the full breadth of digital marketing, including: 

  • Social media strategies 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising 
  • Content marketing 
  • Email marketing 
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) 

This reflects a notable trend in the industry, with many digital marketing agencies expanding their services to provide comprehensive solutions, including payment services, for their clients. 

By diversifying the range of services provided and adopting cutting-edge technologies such as AI-driven content creation and predictive analytics, Scott Keever is proactively preparing his agency for future changes in digital marketing. With his innovative approach and relentless pursuit of excellence, Scott Keever continues to influence the industry and shape the future of digital marketing. 



From a corporate executive at Verizon Wireless to the founder of an award-winning digital marketing agency, Scott Keever’s journey is a testament to his vision, perseverance, and innovative approach. His client-centric strategies, dedication to ethical practices, and incorporation of AI and machine learning algorithms have set a new benchmark in the digital marketing industry. Through his workshops and consultations, he shares his knowledge and experience, fostering a culture of learning and community advocacy. With plans to expand services and adopt cutting-edge technologies, Scott Keever continues to shape the future of digital marketing. With this, we hope that you are inspired and motivated to embrace innovation and make a difference in your respective fields. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who owns Scott Keever SEO? 

Scott Keever is the founder and CEO of Scott Keever SEO. He has successfully grown his company into one of the top digital marketing agencies in the United States. 

What is Scott Keever's background before he entered the digital marketing industry? 

Before entering the digital marketing industry, Scott Keever worked at Verizon Wireless, eventually becoming a General Manager overseeing Florida stores, and he also pursued a passion for music during his university years. 

What is the core philosophy of Scott Keever's digital marketing strategy? 

Scott Keever's core philosophy in digital marketing strategy revolves around a client-centric approach, focusing on the unique needs and goals of the client. This ensures a personalized and effective marketing strategy. 


What awards and recognition has Scott Keever SEO received? 

Scott Keever SEO has received numerous awards, including being acknowledged as one of the top SEO agencies by UP city, recognition as a Google Partner, and receiving the A+ Better Business Bureau rating. The agency has also been honored with the Up City National Excellence award and is a member of the Forbes Agency Council. 

What are Scott Keever's plans for the future of his agency? 

Scott Keever SEO plans to expand its services to include social media marketing, content marketing, and other digital marketing offerings. Additionally, the agency aims to integrate AI and machine learning algorithms into its SEO strategies for more precise keyword research and predictive analytics.