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Non-Invasive Energy Healing For Your Animal Companion With Indrani's Way Of Artemis

Indrani places great emphasis on her values of accountability, integrity, and ethical conduct. As an animal communicator and energy healer, she upholds the code of ethics that honors the sovereign rights of each animal. This code also acknowledges and respects the animal's preferences and choices around energy healing.

Indrani's Inspirational Story

Have you ever come home feeling exhausted and immediately been greeted by your pet, their eyes full of joy? It's hard not to forget your weariness and start playing with them. But what about when your pet is suffering from anxiety, illness, or grief?

In that case, wouldn't you want to take action and find someone who can help alleviate their distress and bring back happiness to their life?

A soothing non-invasive energy healing might be the answer you are looking for if you are struggling with your animal companion’s physical or emotional distress. You will find that answer with Indrani, who offers intuitive energy healing for animals through her professional practice which she named Way of Artemis, after her first cat, Artemis.

Indrani's calling is to help animals heal with comforting and non-invasive modalities in her intuitive energy healing sessions. Her specialties include Scalar Waves, Shamanic healing, and Animal Reiki, along with Animal Communication.


A Transformational Journey from IT to Energy Healing: Indrani's Inspirational Story

Indrani's professional background is rooted in the IT industry, where she gained over 25 years of experience working as a Cyber Security Specialist and People Leader for IT giants such as IBM, Accenture, and Cisco. However, her path took an unexpected turn when she lost her beloved cat Artemis in 2010, leaving behind Amadeus, her other cat, in such despair that he stopped eating. Despite medical treatments, Amadeus showed no signs of improvement, and the veterinarian gave up hope. It was then that Indrani discovered the world of energy healing and Reiki. It took just one session to bring Amadeus back to life. This experience marked the beginning of Indrani's journey into the world of energy healing, as a practitioner in her own right. She says, “Time and again I witnessed how energy healing transformed our lives and the lives of the cats and dogs I have come to work with.”

Today, Indrani lives with her cats in Dehradun and has happy loyal clients all over the globe as the sessions do not need you to travel to meet her in – person. Indrani advocates distant energy healing as the effect is the same and your animal companions can participate from the comfort of their familiar surroundings.

India’s Pioneering Figure in Animal Communication and Energy Healing: Indrani’s Remarkable Credentials

Indrani has made history as India's first graduate of Joan Ranquet's Communication with All Life University's rigorous 18-month Animal Mastery Certification program. During this program, she trained and worked with over 200 animals in Animal Communication, EFT Tapping, and Scalar Wave Healing. Indrani is also the first teacher of Kathleen Prasad's unique Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki in India, having studied directly with Kathleen herself. Furthermore, she holds certifications in shamanic healing, introductory acupressure, and meridian touch therapy for animals.

A Commitment to Ethics and Making Energy Healing Relatable at Way of Artemis

Indrani places great emphasis on her values of accountability, integrity, and ethical conduct. As an animal communicator and energy healer, she upholds the code of ethics that honors the sovereign rights of each animal. This code also acknowledges and respects the animal's preferences and choices around energy healing.

She is also dedicated to shedding light on how practical, simple, and relatable animal communication and energy healing can be and conducts workshops where participants get hands-on experience with animal communication and healing techniques.

However, it's not just about the animals. Indrani understands that their human companions often struggle as they navigate through numerous doctors and support their pets. At Way of Artemis, Indrani provides a safe and supportive space where her clients can feel heard and cared for as well.


Testimonials Speak Volumes

Fatima from Bangalore says, “Sessions with Indrani have been very useful. Helped in managing distress for my pets where a lot of other behaviour research failed. The healing helps both the animal and their human.”

Pr. Julie from California says, “Indrani (Idee) was able---from halfway around the world--- to offer daily Scalar Wave sessions for each of my two cats and me, while I weathered the grief of my mom's passing... Each day, I received a check-in from Idee about how the session had gone with each of us, and what the cats had conveyed to her in the process. And each time, the information was corroborated by the cat sitter, or (in the case of her work on me) confirmed what I was feeling in my own body. The sessions were so affordable that I was able to continue them for the entire trip, but the peace of heart this afforded me (and my cats) was beyond price.”

The Remarkable Transformations Brought by Gentle Energy Healing:

Luna a sweet and loving cat suffered from seizures. Despite medical treatments, Luna's condition worsened. As a last resort, Luna's human sought help through intuitive animal healing. Indrani discovered that each episode was caused by a digestive challenge. With each session, Luna began to recover and eventually became seizure-free.

Other animals have also been helped, such as a dog who recovered from parvovirus, and another grieving dog who regained his playfulness. These stories, and countless others like them, highlight the incredible potential of intuitive animal healing to bring about profound transformations.

These are the top five situations where Indrani says, energy healing can make a significant difference:

1. Faster recovery from injuries and acute illnesses.

2. Resuming normalcy after an emotional setback such as the loss of a loved one.

3. Coping with change such as moving to a new home, or being left at boarding.

4. Increased longevity for the seniors.

5. Making the final transition surrounded by sacredness.

Indrani stresses the importance of recognizing our animal companions as individuals with unique personalities and preferences. “They are not objects. They are not pets. They are living beings. They face practical challenges, like humans, such as managing relationships with other household cats or dealing with injuries and illnesses.”

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