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Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress Review: Is It Worth It? My Experience On Nest Bedding Mattress

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Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress Review: Is It Worth It? My Experience On Nest Bedding Mattress

The company Nest Bedding was established in the year 2011 and they are considered as one of the early innovators when it comes to the movement regarding box mattresses that has transformed the current industry into what it is today.

Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress
Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress

Each one of us is leading a hectic life! We juggle so many different roles and by the time we reach the end of the day all that we care about is a good night's sleep so that the next day we can be even more productive and good at what we are meant to do. And if there is anything that will help us achieve a peaceful sleep then it has to be a good mattress, isn’t it? 

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Most of us do not pay attention to selecting a good mattress, we think that it is just a layer on which we rest and fall asleep. However, a mattress is much more than that! Its role is to give a body the right support so that our body relaxes and recovers from all the strain it has been through the entire day. There are plenty of mattresses out there in the market and it is very essential for us to select the one that is most beneficial for body valve sleep. Several factors come into consideration here — if you are sharing the bed with another person, if you have any existing health problems such as body one or lower back pain, and things like this. If you have been on the prowl to find that perfect mattress that is not just supportive for you while sleeping but also does the work of pressure relieving, then we introduce you to Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress. Read on to understand all the features of this mattress.  

A Brief About The Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress 

The company Nest Bedding was established in the year 2011 and they are considered as one of the early innovators when it comes to the movement regarding box mattresses that has transformed the current industry into what it is today. Their mattresses come with multiple firmness options such as Plush, Firm, Luxury, and Medium! The Nest Bedding Sparrow known earlier as Alexander Signature Hybrid belongs to the hybrid model category that combines coils and foam. This mattress is at 12 inch one, it contains four layers that Are built upon a support layer of 6 inches of steel coils that are picked. The coil is compressed independently and is not connected to each other unlike the traditional anna Springs in other mattresses. The top two layers are foam layers above the coil. The material of comfort used here is Energex foam. The best part about this mattress is that you can order it in combinations like plush and firm or medium on one side and firm on the other. This option is made available considering the case of couples who can have different comfort preferences when it comes to mattresses.  

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Testing The Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress in Various Sleeping Positions  

Your sleeping position and the type of your body plays a huge role on how a mattress will feel while you sleep. We can break down body types into – light, heavy, and average. We do this because light sleepers will that sink into their mattress as deeply when compared to a heavy sleeper who will definitely sink deeper when compared to an average weighted sleeper. So it is truthful to conclude that body weights require different support needs. Yet another factor is your sleeping position — sideways, on your back, or on your stomach — depending on what your sleeping position is, you will gain a better understanding of how the mattress will work best for you in terms of providing the support, the comfort, and the pressure relief. For better understanding: 

The Case Of Light Sleepers Who Are Under 130lb 

  • Back Sleepers: they will feel comfortable on this mattress. Yet the firmness of the mattress is good for back sleepers and a foam layer present ensures that pressure relief is provided. 

  • Side sleepers: such a type of sleepers are always on a lookout for a mattress that can provide enough pressure relief and is still soft enough. For combination side sleepers, this mattress would still work but for strict side sleepers, they might look out for soft bed. 

  • Stomach Sleepers: This mattress will turn out to be fine for stomach sleepers as they prefer a little more firmer mattress. However, they must keep in mind that their hips need to be elevated while they sleep in order to keep the spine aligned. 

The Case Of Average Weight Sleepers Who Are Under 130lb - 250lb 

  • Back Sleepers: For these people, it offers excellent pressure relief and also great support from the coils.  

  • Side sleepers: For this kind of people, enough pressure relief might be lacking as side sleepers always sleep well on a soft mattress that will let them sink in.  

  • Stomach Sleepers: For average weight sleepers, this mattress is definitely not a great one. We recommend that they opt for a firmer option. 

The Case Of Heavy Sleepers Who Are Under Over 250lb 

  • Back Sleepers: on this mattress, heavy sleepers will definitely feel comfortable as well as supported. They say that Nest Bedding sparrow supports nearly up to 900 lb. 

  • Side sleepers: This mattress will turn out to be very soft for this type of sleeper as they will not receive the contouring they require around their joints.  

  • Stomach Sleepers: This mattress could pose a problem for these types of sleepers. 

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Performance of Nest Bedding Sparrow Performance 

While everybody lays emphasis on the firmness level of a mattress and comfort it provides, we must also pay attention to its performance features. Let’s look at some of the major features when it comes to edge support, motion isolation, cooling, and more. 

Sleeping cold or hot: This mattress contains strong coils that allow room for air flow. There’s a layer of gel in the Energex foam, a 3inch layer. It acts as a good conductor and helps in drawing heat away from your body. 

Edge support: This feature is very important if you like sleeping on the side of your bed. The weight is better distributed in this position and certainly didn’t feel like rolling off the bed or leaning at all.  

Motion Transfer: if you are someone who changes your positions a lot while sleeping, then motion transfer or ease of reposition should be a priority. This mattress performs very well in this area. You will have no trouble rolling or moving into another position because of the cushioning and the foam that responds quickly to your movement. 

Off-Gasing: Like any other product or mattress that sells in the market, a slight odor is bound to exist from its manufacturing process. However, the odor isn’t harmful and you can leave the mattress in a room with good air circulation to get rid of it sooner. 

The Layers of Nest Sparrow Bedding Mattress 

This mattress has been designed keeping support and softness in mind. The foams used are CertiPur- US certified! The different layers look like: 

Cover: it is a 1 inch thick quilted cover. It is soft, thin, has foam quilted into the fabric. Foam is infused with gel which provides a cooling effect. 

Comfort Layer: This is a 3 inch layer made of Energex, a temperature responsive foam that is known to quickly adapt to pressure. 

Transition Layer: To help you feel ease above the sturdier coils, a one inch thick transition layer made of support foam  called SmartFlow is provided. 

Support Layer: As you move further down, a 6-inch layer of pocketed coils await. It provides support, bounce, and firmness. 

Base Layer: All of the above-mentioned layers rest on a 3 pound base of support foam which is one inch thick.  

Pricing, Trial Period, Warranty Of Nest Sparrow Bedding Mattress 

It is recommended to purchase this mattress online from the official website as it offers great discount options and prices. The standard pricing is as follows: 

  • Twin (single) 39 inch X 75 inch is priced at $1149 

  • Queen 60 inch X 80 inch is priced at $1999 

  • Twin XL 39 inch X 80 inch is priced at $1249 

  • Full double 54 inch X 75 inch is priced at $1649 

  • California king 72 inch X 84 inch is priced at $2299 

  • King 76 inch X 80 inch S price start $2299  

Nest Bedding provides free delivery to door. It comes with a 365 day trial period and also provides a full refund.  

Nest Bedding also offers a Lifetime Warranty and they also provide their customers to purchase the next mattress from Nest at a 30% discount.  

The Final Conclusion 

If you are someone who prefers different firmness with your partner, then this mattress is best suited for you as a couple. 

Individuals with very sharp pressure points might also find this mattress to be a boon! The lifetime warranty and easy return policy is an added advantage. So, if you are looking for a mattress that keeps you cool, comfortable and provides pressure relief, then just go for it!