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Navigating Success: The Leadership Journey Of Yaseen Sahar In Investment Management

Author: Vansh Ahluwalia

Yaseen Sahar

Yaseen Sahar, is an Award-Winning Leader and Author with more than 18 years of experience in banking and financial services, investment management, and asset management, is leaving a notable mark in the industry through his expertise and innovative solutions.

Having started his profession in an affiliate of Citigroup, Mr. Sahar worked his way up and eventually became Team Manager. Afterwards, his passion for mutual fund advisory and investment management emerged while working at Reliance Mutual Fund. Currently, he is heading the MFD segment at SBI Mutual Fund for Tamil Nadu region. This is where he becomes an influential leader in leading a big group of people such as the mutual fund distributors and investors and offers helpful counsel to help them accomplish their financial goals.

Throughout his career journey, Mr. Sahar has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for helping people. He has spearheaded numerous Investor Awareness and Financial Awareness programs tailored for diverse groups, including the general public, High Net worth Individuals (HNI), Ultra High Net worth Individuals (Ultra HNI), students, teachers, professionals, and civil servants, among others. Additionally, he actively participates as a panellist in adjudicating financial events and serves on judging committees for evaluating Company/Organization & Achievement Awards as well as Business Awards. Notably, Mr. Sahar holds the esteemed position of a Jury Member for the Middle East Asia Leadership Summit scheduled to take place in Dubai in January 2024.

Mr. Sahar has received multiple awards, garnering national recognition for his distinguished achievements in Investment Management. He was honoured as the 'Outstanding Achiever of the Year in Investment Management' at the Asia Leadership Award held in Mumbai on November 27, 2019. More recently, he was awarded the title of 'Investment Management Business Leader of the Year' at the CFO Vision & Innovation Summit & Awards for the year 2023, held in Hyderabad on November 8, 2023.

He has authored book on the topic 'Small and Midcap Investing: Unleashing Growth Potential,' illustrating the distinctive features and appeal that these stock types hold for investors over the long term. Furthermore, he has authored his second book titled 'Wealth Creation is Nothing but a Habit,’ serving as a guide to acquiring the essential habits, mindset, and strategies that gradually build one's fortune over time. Mr. Sahar writes with the sole objective of 'demythologizing' financial literacy, making it accessible for everyone to comprehend and put into practice.

Talking about what he had accomplished, he said: “I have placed myself among important characters in the field Investments & Assets Management, taking a lead position for one of the largest Mutual fund organizations in India, currently managing more than Rs 8 trillion average assets under management.

But beyond his career, Mr. Sahar is an avid reader, a writer, a great music lover, and a big sports enthusiast. Besides these, his zeal for public speaking and advocacy for more people should be embraced. He sees his endeavour to help people gain financial freedom as one that will be continuous, leading to actualizing peoples’ financial goals. As he puts it, he said “it is the most fulfilling thing for me and really feel I am giving something back to the community.”

Mr. Sahar can be described as competent and experienced individual with knowledge on technology and finance. He has a university degree in computer science and post graduate diploma in business management and thus, an excellent groundwork for the two fields. He has an impressive resume, having made significant contributions to some of India’s top financial institutions. Mr. Sahar stands out because of his dedication in helping people be successful on both a financial and personal level.


Yaseen's profound expertise in investment management has empowered numerous individuals to achieve their financial objectives, including funding their children's higher education, reaching successful early retirements, and creating wealth. Many institutions have greatly benefited from his 'Treasury Management Solutions,' enabling them to make well-informed financial decisions and achieve positive outcomes. Recognized as an outstanding consultant and reputable opinion maker in the finance industry, Mr. Sahar excels in simplifying complex financial concepts, making them accessible and comprehensible. His ability to communicate in a clear and straightforward manner places him among the best professionals in the field.

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