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Nation Calling – An NRI’s Desire To Serve The Motherland

By returning back to his roots, Raja Chandra Gajula aspires to help put together a robust infrastructure that builds stronger communities. The ultimate vision is to make aware sustainable development and to join hands with policy makers and work towards achieving the above goals, without impacting the environment.


Raja Chandra Gajula

Raja Chandra Gajula is not just another Indian who had left his homeland for greener pastures. While working abroad for nearly two decades, he observed up close, the living conditions and ordeals of majority of the blue collar Indian expat workforce. Since he was always passionate about social service and giving back to the Indian community, this was a turning point in life for him. He strived best in his capacity to uplift, empower and improve their living standards of this section of the expatriate community, while abroad. He now intends to achieve this at a grassroot level by facilitating innovative solutions in the areas of health care, education, clean water and sanitation, pollution control, renewable energy etc. 


By returning back to his roots, he aspires to help put together a robust infrastructure that builds stronger communities. The ultimate vision is to make aware sustainable development and to join hands with policy makers and work towards achieving the above goals, without impacting the environment. 

Raja Chandra Gajula hails from Kosgi, a municipality in Narayanpet district, Telangana state in India. Kosgi is about 100 kms away from the capital city of Hyderabad. The notable towns nearby Kosgi are Narayanpet, Kodangal, Tandur, Pargi and Mahabubnagar

Hailing from a very humble background, Raja made both Kosgi and the nation proud when he went on to excel in academics and thereon in professional career. He is a Mechanical Engineer and also holds Master Degrees in Water & Environmental Technologies and Projects Management from prestigious universities in India. He is also a member of many domestic and globally reputed organizations in professional capacity. 


During his two decades of overseas work exposure, Raja won many accolades and appreciations from different Governments and organizations in the Middle East namely, State of Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Some of Raja’s notable contributions include playing a key role in National level Master Planning; facilitating clearances from statutory departments & implementation of mega infrastructure projects in the areas of clean water & sanitation; highways & ring roads; wastewater treatment plants; housing developments and environmental projects. Raja is a Chartered Engineer and Class-1 Category A licensed professional engineer. His qualifications and experience enabled in effectively contributing to the successful delivery of major Governmental Infrastructure Projects that served the society and nation.  

During his stint overseas, he was instrumental in organizing medical camps, extended support to PM-Cares Fund while the GoI was managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Raja also empathised with the Indian labour community and attempted to assist and uplift them within his purview. As a supporter of the Skill India Mission Campaign, brainchild of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, he encouraged many workers in the Indian expatriate community to enhance their technical skills and upgrade themselves into skilled workers, thereby enabling them to earn respectable livelihoods and improve their standards of living.  

These real-life situations fuelled in him a passionate desire to serve his motherland and his own people. At this juncture, a bold decision to bid goodbye to his lucrative career and lifestyle was made.  


Raja Chandra is an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda and has been greatly inspired by his teachings. The path to his spiritual journey was inspired by his mother Smt. Gajula Sumitra, who encouraged him to participate in the activities of Ramakrishna Mutt from an early age. He is also a devotee of ISKCON and firmly believes that the Bhagawad Geeta has answers to all mundane problems and challenges of life. 

While Raja is a well-read person and a philanthropist, he is also a nature lover and enjoys travelling. During his travels to the US, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia etc, he observed and experienced seamless infrastructures in place there and yearned to bring home similar developments in healthcare, water & sanitation, renewable energy resources etc. His single point mission has been to explore means to face challenges in India as effectively as accomplished by its international counterparts. Raja is a staunch supporter of Make in India initiative and believes that a society’s issues must be addressed through home grown solutions. His mantra is a ‘self-sufficient, self-reliant and secure India’. 


Raja’s arduous journey is ably supported by his parents - Shri. Gajula Subhash and Smt. Gajula Sumitra; his sisters, Smt. Krishnaveni Varala and Smt. Jyothirmayi Kosgi; spouse Smt. Preethi and his children.  

We wish Raja all the very best in his endeavours and hope he is successful in bringing about further growth in transformation.