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MAJIN aka Mohit Wadhwa – has created a buzz with his new track “Sukoon”

His multi-talent music craft is simply mesmerizing. A DJ, Electronic Dance Producer originally from India currently based in New Zealand. MAJIN radiates raw emotions through his explosive ear-gracing instrumentation and vocals.

MAJIN aka Mohit Wadhwa

He has come across a long journey for being a successful music artist. In his initial days he started his career by producing bootlegs of several international and Bollywood tracks. His determination, hard-work, consistency and passion for his work made him one of the most renowned music artists across the globe. Influenced by the likes of Diplo, Dillon Francis and Party Favor, MAJIN displayed his vibrant and groovy signature sounds in his tracks like Talaash, batein and so on. His success story startled with the participation in a contest hosted by Universal Music India, in which they had to remix their track ‘Mi Gente* by J Balvin and Willy William. The top 10 remixes were played on ‘Radio One* in which Majin remix was one of them.  

'Sukoon,' available on Spotify, is an explanation of inner emotions belonging to someone 

who has had these feelings. This song has no conclusion,  - it's essentially an expression of feeling and thought set against good beats. His most recent track which is creating a lot of buzz all-round entitled "TALAASH" is an Hip-Hop track which is in collaboration with an amazing artist ‘Shivam Dubey* aka SSD Music belongs to Kalyan, Mumbai The listeners gave tremendous response to all his tracks which made it grand success. His success tags doesn*t end here, he has also worked with popular Youtubers like Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani, Tanmay Bhat and many more. His track ‘lockdown rap* is also gaining much attention for efficient music craft. 

Majin is never afraid of learning new things, nor from his mistakes and experiences. This positive attribute of his helped him to master his art in his early days. His Unmatched creative basslines are simply unparallel. Consistently receiving 

several compliments for his art, as he continues to climb the ladder of success.  

Majin He has gained a commendable position amidst the music space which has no dearth of talent as each day we see extraordinary music artists springing up to make their mark.  He has  been successful in  gaining recognition as a salable music artist as his work exudes a distinctive quality. which is rare and unseen in others, and that has helped him gain momentum in his music career sooner than expected. Majin chose to explore and create new beats to create a new genre and ensure to stun listeners even in that toshowcase his versatility and astound people with his incredible creative musical skills. Much more music art is on the way by this mesmerizing artist. Stay tuned! 

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