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Inductivv Headphones Reviews (Latest Update): REAL Customer Review Of Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphone

Inductivv is a wireless sports headphone and audio device that utilizes the emerging Bone Conduction Technology, allowing users to experience superior audio quality while not completely blocking their ears. With Inductivv, users can enjoy hours of music without putting strain on their ears.

Inductivv Headphones

Inductivv reviews have an overall customer rating of 4.9 out of 5.0, making it a highly recommended gadget for enjoying music and creating memorable moments. 

Welcome to the world of wireless technology, where comfort meets convenience. Many modern gadgets have Bluetooth technology built into them, allowing you to easily and conveniently use one device to communicate with other devices without cords or poles. 

Earbuds and headphones cannot be left out of this trend. Wireless, fashionable, comfortable headphones are now available in abundance. Without hesitation, one can understand why they are the current trend. 

The advantages offered by modern wireless earbuds or headphones over traditional options are numerous: fashion, convenience, smartness, and more. 

Wireless headphones are comfortable, stylish, and of high quality. They allow users to conduct phone calls, work out, do chores and more while still being connected to their earbuds. 

This review will explore the inductivv trending smart bone conduction headphones in further detail. 

This article reviews the inductivv headphone, which has become popular in a number of countries including the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. 

What is Inductivv Headphone? (Inductivv Headphone Reviews) 

Inductivv is a wireless sports headphone and audio device that utilizes the emerging Bone Conduction Technology, allowing users to experience superior audio quality while not completely blocking their ears. 

With Inductivv, users can enjoy hours of music without putting strain on their ears. 

This product utilizes bone induction technology, which generates vibrations to send sound through the face bones (jawbones and cheekbones) straight to the inner ear. 

The wrap-around style is lightweight, malleable, and tailored for maximum security and comfort. 

The Inductivv design is stylish and sophisticated, making it attractive to fashionistas and tech enthusiasts. 

This audio device has been created to take advantage of the conductive properties of facial bones while minimizing potential risks associated with continuous and improper usage of earphones that go into the ear canal. 

What Are Bone Conduction Headphones? (Inductivv Reviews) 

Bone conduction headphones are a recent addition to the market that offer a different listening experience. 

These headphones are unique in that they use a bone-conduction design which rests on the cheekbones, leaving the ears open and allowing the listener to pay attention to other sounds. 

This feature enables customers to listen to audio content such as music and podcasts while being aware of their environment. 

Inductivv Headphone Specifications 

Inductivv Headphones Reviews 

Model: Open ear Duet 

Wireless Open Ear Headphones. 

BT version: 5.0 EDR 

Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz 

The connection distance: 10 meters 

Microphone sensitivity: -42dB 

Battery: 120mAh 

The suggested playing time is 5 hours at 80% volume. 

The call duration is approximately 7-8 hours. 

The standby time is approximately 2000 hours. 

Charging time: ~ 70mins 

Charging voltage: DC 5V 

IP Rating: IP67 

Bone Conduction Sensor: 2pcs 

Battery: Li-polymer 

Check product availability: Official Website (Discount Link) 

Unique Features of Inductivv Headphone 

Bone Conduction Property 

The Zygomatic bone pads transmits sound directly, avoiding the effects of air noise on the sound, and preserving the original sound. 

Dual Open-ear Design 

The open ear design, which differs from the traditional in-ear design, eliminates ear fatigue during long listening sessions. It also does not interfere with normal hearing and can detect signals in the background while listening to music. 

Durability and Flexibility 

The Inductivv headphone is constructed from a titanium alloy, this material can stretch or fold hundreds of times and will always retain its original shape regardless of the strain applied. 


Auditory Health 

Bone conduction offers a way to provide sound to inner ear without going through the ear canal, lightening the strain on the ears. 

Long Lasting and Fast Charging 

The battery has a capacity of 120mAh and a standby time of 2000 hours, with quick charging. 

Ergonomic Use 

The lightweight design provides comfortable wearing capabilities and is suitable for various sports. 

Bluetooth 5.0 

Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers high audio quality, stable transmission with no lag, and compatibility with most Bluetooth devices. 

IP 67 Rating 

The waterproof seal provides protection against both sweat and light rain. 


The earpieces of the device are made with soft silicone for improved comfort. 

Noise-free Entertainment 

Noise reduction technology decreases background noise and enhances sound quality. 

We all know the importance of maintaining a quiet environment during calls so speech is not interrupted with noise, and this headset provides a good noise reduction quality. 

How Does Inductivv Headphone Work? (Inductivv Headphone Reviews) 

The Inductivv bone-conduction headphones transmit sound vibrations through the cheekbones, similar to the technique utilized by sea mammals and Beethoven when he lost his hearing, which relies on sound vibrations. 

The desperation of Beethoven to listen to his own music drove him to discover this unique way of hearing. This pattern was adopted by the manufacturer of the inductivv headphone just as explained in this inductivv review

One way sound is transmitted is through air and it is received by the ear via vibrations. The ear canal conveys these vibrations to the eardrum and are then interpreted as sound by the brain. 

Bone conduction is an alternative way to perceive sound, with sound waves goes directly to the cochlea and thus avoids the ear drum. 

Inductivv bone conduction headphones utilize vibrations to convey sound directly to the inner ear through bones located in the upper jaw and cheek area. 

The cochlea in the inner ear does not differentiate between vibrations that come through the eardrum and those coming from the bones. The brain processes them in the same way, allowing sound to be heard. 

In summary, Inductivv bone-conducting headphones transmit sound directly to your inner ear, allowing you to enjoy music or podcasts without causing any drop in audio quality. 

Benefits Of Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones (Inductivv Reviews) 

User Safety: Increased awareness of Your Environment 

Listening to music or an audiobook while walking, running, cycling, or playing golf can be a pleasant experience but it can pose risks by blocking out external noises such as trains, horns, and hollers. 

Bone conduction headphones don't cover the ears or block hearing, as the transducers are placed on the cheekbones in front of them. This allows users to remain aware of their environment. 

When cycling, you should be aware of vehicles behind you and maintain a safe distance to stay safe. 

Perfect blend of Convenience and Comfort 

Some earbuds don't stay in place and full-size headphones can be cumbersome. 

Comfort is rarely a characteristic of headphones. Running with one earbud hanging by the wire is a common, yet frustrating experience. 

With bone conduction headphones, you avoid placing earpieces directly into the ear canal, which is often more comfortable for many people. This means less ear pain. 

Superior sound quality and Heavy Bass 

Inductivv bone conduction headphones provide a unique listening experience, allowing you to listen to music while still staying engaged with your environment. 


The bone conduction headphone further features superior sound quality and technology that prevents interruptions when speaking or singing. 

The bass from this headphone is unequivocally pleasing to listen to and feel. 

Clean and Hygienic 

A recent study found that earbuds can contain a large number of colony-forming bacteria units, especially in humid environments. 

Open-ear headphones provide a cleaner alternative. Less chances of having ear wax build up in your ears, less number of times you get to worry about having to clean your ears and the less chances of getting your ears damaged.  

Remain connected with the environment 

Bone conduction headphones are designed with an open-ear design, allowing you to hear external sound while still playing your preferred audio. 

Ear friendly 

Bone conduction headphones also reduce the risk of hearing damage. Playing music too loudly can have negative effects that are often not noticeable until after the damage is already inflicted. 

Given they're placed outside of your ears, the effect to your inner ear is minimized with this type of headphone. 

Still note that though the chances of causing ear damage are reduced due to the open-ear design, bone conduction headphones can still cause hearing damage if used in excess and the volume is too high. However, they can be beneficial if utilized correctly with moderation. 

Where To Buy Inductivv Headphones? (Inductivv Reviews) 

It is recommended that customers wishing to purchase Inductivv Bone-conduction headphones do so from the Official Website of Inductivv in order to ensure they receive an authentic audio device. 

The popularity of this device has resulted in counterfeits being sold online, and the company cannot guarantee its authenticity. 

Links are available in this Inductivv Review, leading to the secure order page of the official website. 


Inductivv Price, Discounts, and Refund Policy 

Inductivv is currently offering a flash sale discount. The implication is that anyone buying during this period can save up to 70% on discounts. Stocks are extremely limited according to the company and sell-out risk is high. 

1 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphone ($59.99/each) 50% OFF – $59.99 

2 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones ($53.99/each) 55% OFF – $107.98 

3 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones ($47.99/each) 60% OFF – $143.98 

4 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones ($41.99/each) 65% OFF – $167.97 

5 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones ($35.99/each) 70% OFF – $179.97 

RETURNS POLICY – 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

If you are not completely satisfied with your Inductivv – the company offers you a 30-days guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to them for a full refund or replacement, less shipping & handling. 

To return your product, you should mail your product to: 

Inductivv Returns 

2345 Vauxhall Rd 

Union, NJ 07083 

Pros And Cons Of Inductivv Headphones (Inductivv Reviews) 


  • Assistive hearing devices can be beneficial for individuals with hearing loss. 

Bone conduction headphones may be beneficial for people with hearing loss, as they are designed to transmit sound by vibrating the bones rather than going through the external and middle ear. 

  • Inductivv Headphone may be beneficial for people with tinnitus. 

Inductivv Bone-conduction headphones can be beneficial for people who have tinnitus, a condition that is characterized by persistent ringing in the ears. 

  • Enhancing your Environmental awareness can be achieved by increasing your observance. 

Listening to music or podcasts while going on walks or runs is a popular pastime. However, when using traditional headphones, it can be hazardous as the wearer's listening becomes isolated from surrounding sounds. 


Thankfully, bone conduction headphones provide safety and sound sensitivity for the listener. 

  • The fit of this product is comfortable and secure. 

Are traditional headphones uncomfortable or are they causing pressure on your ears? 

Inductivv bone conduction headphones rest on your cheekbones, eliminating the need to put pressure on your ears or ear canals and relieving discomfort. 

  • Inductivv Headphones Are Completely Wireless 

If you are looking for a way to avoid dealing with headphone cords getting in a knot, consider investing in Inductivv bone conduction headphones, which provide wireless technology. 

Simply place the item on your head and you are ready to go, with no additional commitments. 

  • Inductivv Headphone do not cause ear infections or excessive ear wax build-up. 

Dirt and bacteria can accumulate in earbuds, which may lead to health issues such as rashes, allergic reactions, or ear infections if the headphones are not frequently cleaned. 

Inductivv bone conduction headphones provide an alternative to traditional headphones, eliminating the need for internal parts in the ears. 

This reduces the risk of ear infections and prevents a buildup of ear wax. These headphones allow users to have cleaner and healthier ears. 


  • Might be a bit pricey 

These headphones are a great investment despite the fact that they are relatively new technology and so can be more expensive than other types of earphones.  

The safety benefits for hearing make up for the cost. 

  • You get to charge them 

Bone conduction headphones require you charge them just like any other electronic device with a battery, however this is a preferable task to having to continually untangle wired headphones. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Inductivv Headphone 

How does Bone Induction Tech work? 

Bone Conduction Technology: It features bone conduction technology that creates vibrations to transmit sound through the bones of your face (jawbones and cheekbones) directly to the inner ear. 

The wrap-around design makes it extremely lightweight, and flexible and provides a custom and secure fit. 

Can I wear my inductivv headphone with glasses? 

Work with Glasses: Easy to wear when you are wearing glasses. Getting high-quality wireless headphones with great sound and a built-in microphone is a dream come true for any person who wears eyeglasses. 

Can I wear the inductivv bone conduction headphone while working out? 

Unmatched Comfort and Stability: The ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort and makes sure that it stays put, no matter what. 

Whether you are doing an intense workout, hiking, running, climbing, skating, driving, or more and USB-powered makes it perfect for every situation. 

Is Inductivv Bluetooth compatible? 

Bluetooth 5.0 Connection: Enjoy the hands-free experience. With up to 10m of range, you will never have to reach your device again and again. 

It effortlessly connects with smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices in no time. 

Does the Inductivv headphone have noise reduction technology? 

Crystal Clear Calls: Never let any disturbance come into your way again. With an advanced noise reduction microphone, it optimizes your call and reduces the background noise. 

Can you pair multiple devices simultaneously? 

Yes, you can. You will have to re-discover which device you wish to use if all of your paired devices are on and within Bluetooth range, but it will keep it in memory. 

Is this one size fits? 

Yes, because it wraps around your neck more than your head. These will loop your ear and ride on the nape of your neck making them a comfortable fit for almost anyone. 

Can the Inductivv bone Conduction Headphone be used with iPhone? 

Yes, these can be used with virtually any Bluetooth-compatible device. 

Conclusion (Inductivv Headphone Review) 

Finally, there is an Earpiece that delivers sound quality without compromising your ear’s health. This masterpiece of technology is already helping thousands of people to get the best from music while they go about their daily activities. 

Inductivv headphone is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality. It enhances high-frequency smoothness, eliminates distortion, boosts voice penetration, and provides a strong bass boost.  

With the noise reduction technology, you can finally take your listening to the next level. 

Due to the buzz around this device, the company has reported that the Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphone is fast selling out on the official website. Take advantage of the ongoing 50% Discount by visiting the official website and placing your order! 

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