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India's 20 Self Made Entrepreneur And Their Success Story

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India's 20 Self Made Entrepreneur And Their Success Story

Let us know the 20 successful self made entrepreneurs who by dint of their hard work and passion, today have established themselves as reputed business personalities.

India's 20 Self Made Entrepreneur
India's 20 Self Made Entrepreneur

A true entrepreneur is a doer, not just a dreamer. Where people see risks they see rewards’. Every year thousands aspire to be an entrepreneur but very few succeed in becoming one. These individuals have been consistently slogging behind creating opportunities that may not even exist in the first place. They have built themselves everything from scratch and today we see them crowned in their respective arenas above all.
Let us know the 20 successful self made entrepreneurs who by dint of their hard work and passion, today have established themselves as reputed business personalities.

Puneet Gupta 

Puneet Gupta is the Founder and CEO of the most trusted Astrological predictions app, Astrotalk which generates a revenue of more than 40 lakhs per day. Hailing from the capital city Delhi, Puneet’s unique business model was a new addition to the Indian start-up ecosystem connecting users with verified astrologers. Astrotalk offers free consultation services for first time users and lists best astrologers who provide their consultation services over audio call and chat. 

The start-up which was launched as a result of an astrological prediction, now aims at expanding its horizons to the international market. The tech-astrological platform lays great focus on privacy and thereby reaffirms the users trust and helps them maintain the right balance by offering solutions and remedies for various life problems. 
Puneet firmly believes in and follows the business mantra ‘Talk to Your Customers’ which proved to be the reason behind his big success and made him a millionaire at such a young age.

Mr. Mukka Obul Reddy

Mr. Mukka Obul Reddy is the Chairman and Managing Director of Honeyy Group, a real estate and construction company. His empire consists of more than five hundred employees and a hundred plus projects which continue to grow with each passing day. The company follows the policy of making housing affordable for the common man while keeping up with the latest trends and technology in the market. 
From working as a door-to-door salesperson to establishing his dream organisation, Mr. Reddy has proved that determination and hard-work pays off. He is known to be a humble person whose vision of helping hundreds of families extends to providing free education and health benefits to ensure complete support to his employees and their families.

Anirban Bhattacharya

A graduate from Calcutta University in English Language and Literature, Anirban always wanted to explore the rewarding field of entrepreneurship. After completing his MBA, he worked as an internet marketing associate and thereafter worked as a digital marketing and content writing freelancer. Later, his skills also landed him at Google Spider, where he worked as the Operations Manager.   
With over ten years of experience in the marketing and advertising Industry, the pandemic period was the turning point for Anirban as he was motivated to start The Rank Company, a firm that offers one-stop digital marketing solutions and jobs exclusively to people who were unemployed during the outbreak. 
The Rank Company at this point has a team of more than two hundred content writers and SEO specialists along with fifteen on-roll employees, who lost their jobs during the pandemic. With their select digital marketing services, Anirban’s company offers its services to more than ninety businesses and start-ups and provides a working environment full of opportunities for the youth.

Mr. Anant Agarwal

The field of healthcare is the most rapidly advancing sector in today’s world. Mr. Anant Agarwal is the brain behind Indoriv Clinical, a clinical research company which was started in the year 2012. With no prior knowledge about the technicalities of sustaining in the market, Mr. Anant has built his company brick by brick since he was offered a freelance position from his first client. Mr. Agarwal believes that Determination, Discipline and Perseverance are the key to sustainable development. Ten years of ruling the market, Indoriv Clinical contributes heavily to the drug development process and is best known to be a hybrid CRO working across 3 verticals. 
As a company, all clinical research is done with the expertise of a dedicated team of scientists, pharmacists, doctors and diagnosticians to enable fast access to delivery of drugs across the globe. Besides offering a complete range of CRO services, Indoriv now aims at becoming the largest biobank in the world.

Dr Sridevi Gaddam

Ayurvedic Doctor and Owner of Dr Sridevi's Ayu Herbals Brand (Modern Ayurvedic Products range for Skin and Hair care) R & D Consultant.  With a degree in the course of ‘Women Entrepreneurship’ at the Indian School of Business (ISB), 2009, she was also awarded the 'Best Business Plan Award' from the Indian School of Business (ISB).   Panchakarma (a Detoxification therapy in Ayurveda) and medicinal use of plant constituents as per Ayurvedic traditions prevalent in ancient India is her forte. She embarked on this journey to discover the world of Ayurveda back in the year 1999 leaving no stone left unturned since then. Her endeavours include entrepreneurship laid under the label of Dr Sridevi’s Ayu Herbal (2002)- rendering R&D services, Supply chain management services and owning sixty product licenses in different branches of the same. Foxy Life Sciences PVT LTD - was another venture in 2018, expertise in Nutraceuticals, Food & Beverages enriched with the benefits of well-established and proven Ayurvedic Herbs/Extracts blended with the essential amino acids, proteins, and vitamins in different dosage formats. Her success has led her to be the face voice and inspiration for many and has been published worldwide via various mediums.

Vijay Prakash

Vijay Prakash is the co-founder and Director of GVD Wealth Professional Pvt Ltd, a platform that teaches people how to trade and invest in the stock market using the ‘5 Minute Millionaire Pro Trader’ system. His mentees call him the King of Swing Trading. He is a Wealth Coach and the Head trainer at Wealth Architects Academy. He is the creator of the 5MMPT SYSTEM, which helps the average person to trade in the stock market. He has an experience of over sixteen years in trading and has made it his mission to empower the average person to trade and make money.
Through his seminars and workshops, he has inspired over 50,000 people to trade with his theories and concepts. Vijay also co-authored the Amazon number one bestseller ‘Slumdog Investor- Crack the Code of Money Making in 9 Easy Steps’ and has won the Golden book of the year award by Wings Publication.
MS Talks India awarded him as Financial Literacy Ambassador and Influencer of the year and He has received over 12 Awards & Recognitions in the past 12 months, including the best Stock Market Strategist by Entrepreneurs Forum of India. 
His vision is to educate One Million people to become Professional Traders and Investors by the year 2030.

Swati Vakharia

Swati has an impressive masters’ degree in Business Management and is the creative head behind Nabhi Sutra and Women Planet. She has been working in the digital marketing field for more than fourteen years and also owns an IT Firm, and runs a campaign ‘Muskaan’s designed to educate the women in rural areas about menstrual hygiene. 
Nabhi Sutra was started in 2019 when Swati realised the importance of Holistic health and often found herself drawn to ancient remedies for solutions. After acquiring the required knowledge of Ayurvedic medicines with the help of her cousin, she re-introduced the exotic, natural and pure Ayurvedic practices and age-old practices as an attempt to provide a solution for everyone. The healthcare start-up provides a number of solutions through ‘belly button oils’ as it is believed that the navel is the locus of healing and transformation. 
Nabhi Sutra products are available online on their website and on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart and others. The company soon plans to set-up physical stores in various parts of the country as well.
Till date, Nabhi Sutra has served more than fifteen thousand customers in India and was also awarded the Femina Power brand for the year 2022. The company aims to make a turnover of Rs.5 crore and add investors in subsequent phases later on.

Sanjeev Sarna

Sanjeev is the co-Founder of Teachers Grace Scientific Ayurveda and is an Ayurvedic Healer having an experience of more than thirty years in the field. He is a brand communications professional of 35 years standing, will several successful stints across the country’s leading advertising agencies. Sanjeev’s skilled mind-set and business ethics have led him to successfully manage a boutique brand communications consultancy. He delved into the field of Ayurveda after a personal encounter which led him to become a Vaidya.
Sanjeev’s expertise has helped over 1,50,000 people who have been served free of cost Ayurvedic Treatment as a token of gratitude to his master. 
His knowledge of Ayurveda and strategies of brand-building have helped Teachers’ Grace to become one of the most trusted names in the market.

Praveen Malhotra

Reach for the stars you might just become one. Praveen Malhotra ,a Fulbright scholar from Carnegie Mellon University, nominated for the News Corp’s global excellence awards in 2004  has worked with STAR India Pvt Ltd, Radio city and Big FM . She was also part of the launch team Kaun Banega Crorepati (2000)  and founder member for Radio city and Big Fm . Her flair for business plans and revenue comes  naturally to her to see through the real market challenges. Known for  building distribution partners, building cost efficient P&L with a keen eye on revenue acceleration.
To revive the belief in Ayurveda the art of healing and the glory of our ancient healing sciences she industriously gained knowledge of 30 years to the successful launch of Teachers Grace Scientific Ayurveda .A start-up in the Wellness & Personal Care range, the  organization of 2019 has a catalog of 4 products in the Wellness series and 5 premium products in the personal care section also available at Apollo Pharmacy, TATA 1MG, Amazon, Flipkart, 24X7 retail chain, Sodhis, and very soon on Nykaa and

Dr Rajat Sinha

A serial entrepreneur and sales coach, Dr Rajat Sinha is an MBBS graduate who has built a strong community of business professionals at StartupFrat principally engaged in helping aspirants pursue their entrepreneurial dream.  
The community consists of two platforms on Facebook - the StartupFrat Hangout, and the StartupFrat Early Birds Club which helps users to book a free consultation and strike the right balance between Sales, Marketing and Productizing. 
Dr. Rajat helps budding entrepreneurs plan their Legacy project by teaching them how to skyrocket to six figures or more in a time period of ninety days. The demand-generation coach’s most valuable advice is that ‘All the Money in the world Comes from Someone Else’s Pocket’ and he teaches people the craft to ask for that money. 
With an ambition to explore Healthcare market research, Dr Rajat’s study led him to find the apt formula to help sustain a business while being involved in solving the ‘Real problems’ the world faced. His guidance and advice has led start-ups to pick up the pace in the first year itself.
His exceptionally innovative methods have inspired more than twenty-five thousand business owners, Solopreneurs, Private Practitioners and Commission-Selling Salespersons.

Mahesh Kaamath

Mahesh Kamath is a trading expert who has experienced all the ups and downs in the market and always emerged as a leader. He has a very rich experience of trading in volatile markets scenarios such as the recent Covid crash or the fall of 2008.
After finding his niche in Supply Demand Trading using Price Action Analysis, he gave birth to MAK Trading School which has taught over two thousand students, enriching them with deep-knowledge about the stock market. 
For Mahesh, Trading started as a part time occupation which turned into his major source of income. 
HE has an experience of working as a Consultant Instructor with an Online Trading Academy (2015 -2019) and is vastly experienced as a Trainer, wherein he has successfully imparted his trading knowledge and sharpened the skills of aspiring Traders.

Bharat Prasad

Founder and CEO of Nutrinda Food Sciences, the start-up is dealing in spices and condiments under the Food and Beverages sector. The company launched the Non-Genetically Modified spices range for the Indian market while assuring the best quality matching international standards.

His past experience of working on various dynamic projects in India and abroad is playing a great role in making Nutrinda Food Sciences winning. Bharat is committed to leaving a footprint in the FMCG sector with his focused approach toward research & Innovation, improvisation, quality enhancement, product development, and manufacturing. Nutrinda Food Sciences® is looking towards clocking its first $1 million revenue by the end of 2023 or earlier. In the next 3-5 years the firm is foreseeing crossing $10-15 million or more by integrating both its domestic and export business layers with additional commodities beyond spices.

Krishna Prakash

Krishna Prakash has more than 2 decades of experience in the Wellness space. In 2011, he saw an opportunity to establish a boutique Yoga School where Yoga enthusiasts from all over the World could experience Yoga as a system and not just as a set postures.

Thus Shrimath was established in the outskirts of Bangalore which offers a blend of “ashram learning, home food and simple living” in a two and a-half acre campus. His establishment became the first Yoga School in the World which was approved by the “Yoga Alliance International” to offer a Certificate Course in Yoga Nidra. In 2019, he was nominated as a “Life Member” at the Government of India supported Indian Yoga Association. Shrimath students are spread across 40+ Countries & it has won all possible awards from international travel portal TripAdvisor.

2022 marked the year of two initiatives at Shrimath, (1) Indic Life Coaching : to understand and apply Indic principles for peace, prosperity and happiness and (2) the Traditional Yoga Nidra, a scientific way to relax, de-stress and work towards one’s desires.

Dr Carolin Praba Reddy

The International Fame Awards Winner 2021, Dr Carolin's homegrown brand VCare is the most popular brand in South India, which provides concrete solutions for hair and skin concerns. A certified Trichologist in South India and the most potential woman entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, Dr Carolin Reddy's brand is known for employing the best surgeons and providing the best international facilities in all clinics across South India.

With over 40 clinics established in South India, the brand plans to expand even further with the launch of additional clinics in all major cities. This will enable the brand to provide reliable skincare and hair treatment solutions across the country. As the chairman and MD of VCare, Dr Carolin's expertise has made her the most inspirational woman in India's Trichology field.

She is a firm believer in, "We become bigger by lifting others."

Deepal Mistry 

Women with a staunch command in their visions are the future leaders we see. 
Deepal Mistry wears a cloak of shiny titles to her name - Nationwide Women Excellence Award Strategic Industry Leader 2022, Global 50 Glory Award 2021 ,Winner of  Under 50 Business Leader Award .  She is a proud member of Leaders Excellence and Certified Leader from Harvard Square. She also has her case study in the Harvard Business Review which is studied by students of marketing in IIMs across the country. 
Traversing her career from a ground level field sales officer to heading Pan India Sales and Marketing as Strategic Business Unit head for one the top 15 companies in Indian Pharma she has built mega brands of 500 crores from scratch. 
Self Belief, commitment towards her goals, teamwork and sharp focus helped her to grow and climb up the corporate ladder.
 An astounding 23 years of work experience in Marketing and Sales with various companies like Glenmark Pharmaceuticals,she founded “Ascent Insights” in 2019, with a vision to provide well sharpened strategies with actionable insights that can aid her clients to have a competitive advantage for their brands and businesses.
Deepal’s company “Ascent Insights” works with top brands from the Indian and MNC houses, for their strategic development and growth . 
Her mantra is “ One should stay focused on the “why” and not the “what” of the purpose. It is “ the why “ that is the energy and guide to achieving the impossible.

Zaheesh Moideen

The Chairman and MD of IZee Group of Institutions, Bangalore Zaheesh started his career working with America Online (AOL), one of the world’s largest internet companies. Later on he ventured into the field of recruitment in 2004 and into the area of education in 2009 with an overall experience of more than 20 years. 
Zaheesh is an IIM Alumni and also has a MBA degree in Human Resource Management. He is currently pursuing PhD and has in-depth knowledge about the technicalities of placements, education, training and development. His institution, IZee Group of Institutions is a world class multidisciplinary college with State of the Art infrastructure located near Electronic City, Bangalore offering a wide range of Management and Nursing programs like MBA, BBA, BCA, BBA in Aviation & Logistics, BSc Nursing, GNM, Allied Health and many more. Additionally, the institution plans to launch a unique skill development centre focusing on Job Oriented training programs catering to various industries like Finance and Accounting, IT, Aviation & Logistics, Digital Marketing to name a few.

Rahoul Ssonawane

Rahoul is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Success Booster, a company providing core services in Product Development Hiring, Captive Hiring/ GIC Hiring, and Services Hiring for the Software Industry.
Having a vast experience of over twenty-two years in the recruitment industry, Rahoul’s technology driven solutions helps simplify work while maximising potential and growth by providing the best expertise to Global IT center's (GIC's) & IT Product development firms and equips them with the best technology talent. Before laying the foundation of Success Booster, Rahoul has worked with multiple recruitment organizations where his leadership and effective strategic decision-making contributed greatly to the organization. Rahoul’s business acumen, knowledge, and professional attitude has always gained him potential business relationships in life. 
Apart from his professional life, Rahoul likes spending time with his family and is a great cook and an avid reader. He is also passionate about women empowerment and has been contributing towards the education of tribal girl children.

Vikas Bharati

Vikas Bharati is a Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of PlanEdu and TedrooX Technologies Pvt Ltd an Entrepreneur who hails from a conventional setup with an unconventional catalogue of dreams and visions in the entrepreneur world.
Speaking of which, if one pursues such an unorthodox journey he is bound to trip time and again but success is a sure blissful event bound to happen. Plan Edu was  his brain concoction to be brewed in the year 2008 ,which believes that every child has an incredible future ahead and the right assistance at the right time, helps them to identify their true potential and fuels their zeal to be in their potentially valued position professionally thereafter a parallel Business venture called ‘Tedroox technologies in 2019 which provides diverse IT solutions like Website development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and Branding Solutions. Staunch efforts for clients coupled with the genuine care for their Business growth. It's been 2 years, and the company has achieved unprecedented success leaving visionary benchmarks everywhere Digitalization has infused political campaigning. Once a mere supporting strategy has now become a full-fledged industry and thus Nyaay 2021 was also established thereafter. Competition should always be healthy and steady but with a bona fide humanitarian touch.

Mr Pankaj Dheer 

'Kids with dreams become adults with vision.' Our bigwig, Mr Pankaj Dheer set out on a journey to fulfil what he dreamt of as a child to become an entrepreneur.  Having a  phenomenal experience of 14 years with India's largest automobile company (Tata Motors Limited) in various roles in passenger, commercial vehicles and international business, he signed off his journey from there as Head Marketing and laid the foundation of his very own company under the label Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha Private Ltd in the year 2021. Another feather on his cap, he has recently been endowed  with 'Top 100 Power Leaders in Asia-Marketing And communication' by White Page International for the commendable work reflected in his corporate stint along with his brainchildren Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha and Himaavan.
Mr Dheer envisioned Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha Private Ltd to act as a bouquet of wellness initiatives, with significant interventions throughout the entire lifespan. Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha deals majorly with supreme quality ayurvedic wellness range of products. Himavaan, another brand within the organisation, was launched specifically to support and work with  local women of Himachal via self help groups to source the pure natural indigenous honey and organic homemade pickles.

Nishant Kashyap 

Corporate strategy and policy expert Nishant Kashyap is the co-founder of Celebs Tea Co., a new gen online marketplace offering a wide range of teas sourced directly from famous tea estates. After gaining interest in the digital entertainment space and exploring the domain, Nishant established his expertise in consumer behaviour and their buying pattern which helped several of his clients re-evaluate their marketing strategies in the e-commerce industry.
His brand has designed a unique concept which promotes fashion models by featuring them as their brands’ cover model. This unique concept aims to empower people who love fashion all over the globe. Besides working on his venture Celebs Tea Co. Nishant has great knowledge about web technology and has recently developed programs which resulted in business-tie ups with global investors.