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How Gear Type Affects Your Car Insurance Premium?

Knowing how your vehicle's gear type can impact your car insurance premiums can help you make informed decisions when buying a car or purchasing insurance. It's crucial to consider this alongside other factors such as the vehicle's age, model, and safety features.

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Discover how the type of gear in your vehicle impacts your car insurance premium. Explore car insurance online and learn more about bumper to bumper insurance coverage. Get a deeper understanding and make a well-informed choice.

Understanding how the type of gear in your vehicle influences your car insurance premium is essential for every car owner. Insurance providers consider several factors when determining your insurance cost, and the type of transmission your car has is one of them. Typically, automatic transmission vehicles tend to attract higher premiums than manual cars.

The reason is, that automatic cars are generally more expensive to repair or replace when they get damaged in an accident, increasing the potential risk to the insurance company. Also, with the increasing popularity of bumper to bumper insurance , which covers every part of the car, the transmission type plays a vital role. When purchasing car insurance online, understanding this aspect could be advantageous. Consequently, knowing how gear types affect insurance costs can guide you in making a financially informed decision while buying or insuring a vehicle.

Understanding gear type in vehicles

In manual cars, the driver is responsible for selecting the right gear at the right time to ensure optimal performance. The clutch and gear shift need to be synchronised smoothly, adding a layer of engagement and challenge while driving. This gives drivers better control over their vehicle's power, acceleration, and fuel economy. On the contrary, automatic cars use sophisticated technology to handle all the gear shifts, eliminating the need for a clutch pedal and manual gear shifting. They are designed to ensure a more relaxed, simplified, and distraction-free driving experience. The car automatically changes gears based on the vehicle's speed and the engine's RPM, providing convenience, especially in stop-and-go traffic conditions.

Manual gearbox and car insurance premium

Vehicles fitted with manual gearboxes are typically cheaper to insure than their automatic counterparts. One of the reasons is that manual vehicles are cheaper to repair. Gearboxes are some of the most expensive car parts to replace. With manual vehicles, fewer parts can go wrong, translating to lower repair costs.

Moreover, manual vehicles have fewer cases of theft compared to automatic vehicles. Statistics indicate that most car thieves lack the skills needed to drive a manual car effectively. Insurers take this into account when determining your car insurance premiums, leading to lower rates for manual vehicles.

Automatic gearbox and car insurance premium

Despite being popular due to the ease and convenience they offer, automatic cars can drive your insurance premiums up. They come with more complex technology compared to manual cars, leading to more expensive repair costs. An automatic gearbox is more complex and, hence expensive to repair or replace. This, coupled with their high risk of theft due to ease of operation, makes automatic vehicles more expensive to insure.

Effects of advanced automatic systems

Car insurance premiums are calculated based on several factors, including the vehicle’s make, model, and transmission type. One significant consideration is the complexity and cost associated with repairing certain vehicle components, like the advanced automatic gear systems like CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) and DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox).

CVT and DSG systems are renowned for their performance and efficiency advantages over traditional automatic or manual gear systems. CVT allows for seamless gear shifting, resulting in smoother and more efficient driving, while DSG can provide lightning-fast gear changes. However, the flip side of this technology is that these gear systems are far more complex than their older counterparts, making them more expensive to repair or replace if they malfunction.


Because insurance companies take the potential cost of repairs or replacements into account when determining premiums, vehicles equipped with these types of advanced automatic gear systems can face higher insurance costs. This reflects the insurance company’s need to cover themselves financially in the event of an expensive gear system repair or replacement claim. Therefore, while CVT and DSG can significantly improve your driving experience, they could potentially result in a steeper car insurance premium.

Car insurance online

With technological advancement, the process of shopping for car insurance online has drastically improved. Online platforms for car insurance are the new norm now and many insurance providers offer them. Through these online platforms, customers can access information about different coverage rates offered by insurance providers from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces. This technology not only simplifies the process but also saves customers precious time.

You can tweak the details of your insurance policy, customising it to perfectly fit your needs. For example, you can easily adjust your coverage details such as liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

The ability to compare different car insurance rates online helps customers make well-informed decisions. By understanding what each policy offers and at what price, they can make choices that fit their budget and coverage needs. This prevents individuals from being overcharged and ensures they are getting the best possible insurance deal. Moreover, you can complete the entire purchase process online, from the initial research phase right up to the actual policy purchase. Therefore, technology has greatly enhanced the process of acquiring car insurance.

Bumper to bumper insurance

In standard car insurance policies, depreciation is considered while calculating the claim amount. Therefore, policyholders often end up paying a significant part of repair costs out of pocket. However, bumper to bumper insurance, as the name suggests, provides complete coverage without taking depreciation into account. This means the insurer would bear the total repair or replacement cost of damaged vehicle parts, irrespective of their wear and tear over time. Hence, with bumper to bumper cover, one can get 100% reimbursement on all parts including rubber, plastic and metal parts.

This type of coverage is especially beneficial for those who own new or luxury cars and those who commute extensively as their vehicles are more prone to wear and tear or accidents. Even though the premium for this coverage is slightly higher compared to standard insurance, the extensive coverage and peace of mind it offers make it a worthy investment. However, it is important to note that not all insurers offer bumper to bumper coverage and those who do may limit the number of claims within a certain period.


Knowing how your vehicle's gear type can impact your car insurance premiums can help you make informed decisions when buying a car or purchasing insurance. It's crucial to consider this alongside other factors such as the vehicle's age, model, and safety features. Furthermore, it's worth exploring online insurance platforms and considering bumper to bumper insurance for extensive coverage. Overall, understanding these factors will not only help you save money but also ensure that you get the most out of your insurance policy.


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