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Houston Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help From Crash To Compensation In Texas Including 18- Wheelers

The resulting injuries can often be catastrophic when a commercial truck accident occurs if a truck accident in Houston has afflicted you or a loved one. In that case, this comprehensive guide will help you comprehend why you need a Houston truck accident lawyer, an experienced truck accident attorney on your side.


Houston Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help From Crash To Compensation In Texas Including 18- Wheelers

Truck accidents, a tragic part of the driving experience, are too frequent on Houston's bustling highways and roads.

Why You Need a Trucking Accident Attorney After a Semi Truck Accident- Including 18- Wheelers

In the aftermath of a truck accident, especially 18- Wheelers and other large trucks, complexity spirals on multiple fronts - legal, financial, and emotional. Large companies in the trucking industry, along with their insurers, have substantial resources and will counter aggressively to evade liability and diminish the value of injury claims. The harsh reality is that most accident victims may lack the expertise or resilience to advocate for their rights effectively. Having a truck accident law firm or an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer can tilt the balance in your favor.


The need to hire legal representation is paramount. An attorney will:

  • Conduct comprehensive scrutiny into the cause of the accident and identify all potentially liable parties
  • Engage with insurance companies so you can prioritize your recovery and not paperwork
  • Pinpoint all available avenues for financial compensation and escalate your financial recovery
  • Supervise the litigation process while you recuperate from your injuries
  • Clarify legal concepts and keep you apprised of the progression of your claim
  • Negotiate tenaciously on your behalf to get you the maximum financial compensation

Without the advantage of legal expertise, specifically from personal injury lawyers on grievous personal injury claims, you might trust the insurance company when they propose a low settlement offer as reasonable. However, a truck accident attorney knows how to exemplify the true extent of your damages and will relentlessly fight for comprehensive compensation.


Common Causes: Why You Need a Trucking Accidents Lawyer for Houston Truck Accidents


Understanding what led to the truck accident is crucial for determining liability and financial recovery. Knowledgeable truck accident attorneys or, more specifically, experienced semi truck accident attorneys conduct thorough investigations into the circumstances that triggered the trucking accident. From 18-wheeler accidents to other common trucking accidents, some typical causes are as follows:

Driver Fatigue

Many truck accident victims can attribute their experience to driver fatigue.

Under pressure from shipping deadlines, truck drivers undertook extended hours of driving without sufficient rest, thus leading to drowsiness. This impairment proves hazardous, and accounts for almost 7% of all truck crashes per the Large Truck Crash Causation Study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Large trucks navigating at excessive speeds pose a significant risk, particularly because such vehicles require longer braking and maneuvering. The FMCSA study reveals that speeding contributes to about 23% of fatal truck accidents.

Improper Cargo Loading

An improperly loaded cargo on a truck may shift during transit, leading to the tipping over of the vehicle. Such incorrect loading practices factor into about 6% of truck crashes.

Poor Maintenance

Refrain from retaining routine maintenance to avoid tire blowouts, brake failure, and other mechanical issues. These avoidable issues contribute to over 10% of truck crashes.


Despite being illegal for commercial drivers, drunk or drugged driving still happens, resulting in a disproportionate number of preventable accidents. Such intoxication accounts for more than 4% of truck crashes.


Driver Distraction

Truckers get distracted by cell phones, GPS devices, radios, and passenger interactions like regular drivers. Such diversions cause approximately 16% of truck crashes.

Recognizing the cause of the accident empowers your trucking accident lawyer or commercial truck accident lawyer to identify the legally accountable parties. Being the best truck accident attorneys, they will fight to recover damages from these parties.

Common Severe Injuries: How a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Can Assist Houston Victims

The enormous size and weight difference between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles mean that the injuries from truck accidents tend to be severe. Most trucking accident victims suffer from the following common severe injuries:


Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBIs, frequently occurring in personal injury lawsuits, are present in nearly 1 out of 4 truck accident fatalities. They cause long-term cognitive impairment, personality changes, and loss of coordination, among other debilitating effects. From the perspective of a seasoned truck accidents lawyer, severe TBI cases have garnered verdicts and settlements of over $3 million in Houston.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Tragic accidents can induce spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and loss of sensation. Injury recovery involves intensive medical care and assistance equipment. Professional trucking accident lawyers noted that Houston courts have awarded $6 million or more for spinal cord injury (SCI) cases.



Fatal crush injuries and trauma from commercial truck driver accidents cause amputations of arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Such victims use prosthetics, rehabilitation, and disability adjustments daily. A professional lawyer for truck accident says jury verdicts for amputation cases average $2 million.

Severe Burns

Burns are among the most agonizing injuries when friction strips away the skin or truck fires ignite during rollover accidents. Survivors typically require extensive plastic surgery and skin grafting. Undoubtedly, the best truck accident lawyer would agree that severe burn victims have received settlements exceeding $5 million in Houston.

Internal Organ Damage

Rollover accidents can cause blunt force trauma and rupture critical organs like the liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, bowels, etc. Such organ damage requires immediate hospitalization, surgery, and a substantial recovery. In line with figures from an expert semi truck accident lawyer, settlements for this kind of damage fall from $500,000 to over $2 million.


How a Truck Accidents Lawyer and Trucking Accident Attorney Calculate Settlements in Houston


You may be entitled to several damages if you're a victim injured by a negligent truck driver in Houston. Employing the expertise of a truck accident attorney can help quantify these, which include:

Economic Damages in Houston Texas

Economic damages aim to provide fair compensation to accident victims for tangible financial losses like:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income and decreased ability to earn an income due to injury
  • Property damage, and more.

These losses are evaluated by consolidating paid and future estimated costs directly associated with the truck accident. Achieving fair settlements is often an uphill task for any experienced trucking accident attorney.


Non-economic Damages

Non-economic losses encapsulate damages that lack a concrete monetary value but cause a drastic negative impact on an individual's life, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional torment
  • Hindered enjoyment of life experiences
  • Disfigurements from scarring
  • Physical disabilities leading to the loss of normal abilities

A jury must be shown significant physical and mental pain to determine the monetary value of such losses. A skilled Houston trucking accident attorney can use historical judgements and settlements to assess individual injuries.

Punitive Damages In Houston For Truck Accidents

Punitive damages may be due if the truck accident was caused by severe carelessness or willful misconduct like drunk driving. Due to a strong wrongful death or insurance claim, Houston juries have awarded multi-million dollar punitive settlements.


When pursuing a favorable settlement or presenting a case in a court of law, a skilled semi truck accident attorney or a competent trucking accidents lawyer strives to ensure full compensation for all applicable damages. The presented table displays the expected settlement ranges based on common injuries:


Average Settlement

Spinal Cord Injury

$6 million

Traumatic Brain Injury

$3 million

Internal Organ Damage

$2.5 million


$2 million

Severe Burns

$5+ million

Back Injury

$75,000 - $100,000

Broken Bones

$50,000 - $150,000

Qualified commercial truck accident attorneys have a stellar track record of successfully attaining over $1 billion for clients through adeptly demonstrating damages. Such lawyers will stop at nothing to help you secure the maximum financial reparation possible in a case of wrongful death or significant injury.



Choosing the Best Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Houston for Your Truck Accident Case

Only a few personal injury lawyers can effectively fight trucking firms and maximize client compensation. Therefore, when researching attorneys, watch for specific warning signs:

✘ Focuses on Quick Settlements - A lack of experience in dealing with common truck accident injuries can often lead some truck accidents attorneys to urge clients to accept the initial settlement offer rather than tenaciously pursuing the total damages.

✘ Unable to Explain Case Details - If an 18-wheeler accident attorney or any other lawyer can't discuss the strengths and weaknesses of liability and damage in your case, they probably lack expertise in trucking accident litigation.


✘ Lacks Sufficient Resources - Successful litigation against major insurance carriers in Commercial Trucking accidents and semi-truck accidents requires substantial financial resources and access to experts, particularly in accident investigation.

The best semi truck accident attorneys, or any Commercial vehicle accidents lawyer in Houston for your case will:

✔️ Offer a Free Consultation - Reputed truck accidents attorneys offer potential clients a free, no-obligation case review, giving them a chance to ask questions before employing their services.

✔️ Handle Cases on a Contingency Fee Basis - Trucking accident lawyers work based on a contingency fee, meaning you pay nothing upfront, and they only receive a percentage of your settlement or award.


✔️ Have a Proven Track Record - Check online reviews and previous case results to verify that the legal team has consistently achieved multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for similar clients.

✔️ Be Highly Responsive - The right trucking accident lawyers or semi truck accident attorneys will be keen on addressing your needs and keeping you informed throughout your case.

When interviewing potential lawyers, be upfront about your situation, needs, and concerns. Ask direct questions about their experience in truck accident litigation, their strategy for your case, and what they have recovered for past clients. Feel free to take notes and contact multiple truck accidents attorneys before deciding who to hire.


Steps to Take After a Truck Accident: Advice from a Houston Trucking Accident Lawyer

If a truck crash has harmed you or someone you care about, In that case, you will navigate a complex and stressful scenario, dealing with common truck accident injuries and legal, medical, and financial aftermath. Here are important steps to take:

Get Medical Attention Immediately

If you're involved in a collision with commercial trucks, prioritize documenting your injuries. Even if you think your injuries are not serious, it's essential to undergo a full examination due to the potential for delayed symptoms, which are not uncommon in types of truck accidents. This will help a commercial trucking company or a relevant truck company establish the extent and time of onset of injuries for the accident report.


Gather Evidence From the Scene

Aside from passenger cars, large vehicles, like semi-trucks, are often involved in these incidents. Take pictures and videos of the crash scene, vehicles, road conditions, tire tracks, and property damage. This evidence can help explain the rig accident and assign blame.

Report The Crash to Authorities

Whether involving commercial trucks or not, reporting every incident is crucial. File an official accident report with your local law enforcement agency and cooperate with any subsequent investigations. The police report may contain vital details that will be a powerful tool to support liability claims in the case of fatal crashes.


Do Not Provide Recorded Statements

Insurance representatives may request your recorded statements following a collision with a commercial trucking company's vehicle. Politely refrain from providing these statements as they can be manipulated to be used against you later on. It's advisable to let your attorney handle all communications involving the truck company.

Consult with a Houston Truck Accident Attorney

After seeking necessary medical attention following rig accidents, your next action should be to contact an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer immediately. Early and active involvement of an attorney helps ensure all important evidence is secure and would maximize your chance of recovery in a fatal crash scenario with semi-trucks, commercial trucking companies, or any other large vehicle.


Focus on Healing

In the aftermath of a rig accident, let your appointed attorney handle all legal matters with the truck company. Your main focus should be recovering from your injuries; therefore, follow your physician's directives, adhere strictly to therapy schedules, and dedicate your energy to healing.

While you heal, experienced truck accident lawyers can manage insurance companies, litigation, and legal complexity. Too much is at stake to handle a truck injury case alone.

Harris County Truck Accidents


Total Accidents

Fatal Accidents

Injury Accidents













  • Harris county had the most commercial vehicle accidents of any Texas county from 2019-2021.
  • In 2021 there was an increase in accidents compared to 2020 as pandemic restrictions were lifted.


Top 5 Counties for Truck Accidents in Texas


Total Accidents 2021

Fatal Accidents 2021
















  • Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Bexar, and Travis counties had the most truck accidents in Texas in 2021.
  • Rural areas of Texas see more serious injury and fatal accidents than urban areas.

Harris County, which includes Houston, had more truck accidents than other Texas counties, according to the statistics. Houston's enormous population, bustling ports, and heavy traffic may explain this. Due to faster speeds, rural counties have more serious accidents.


Frequently Asked Questions: Guidance from Houston Truck Accident Attorneys and Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

After an 18-wheeler accident like rig accidents, you may have questions regarding your rights and how to get compensation. Here are some often asked questions about Houston truck accident attorneys:

What is the time limit to file a truck accident claim in Houston?

Under Texas personal injury law, victims of injury accidents involving semi-trucks have a two-year statute of limitations to file a truck accident lawsuit after the crash. Exceptions may occur if the injuries weren't immediately apparent or legal incompetence obstructed the filing process.

Nevertheless, it is wise to contact an attorney soon after the accident to discuss potential claims against negligent parties, including independent contractors and responsible parties related to the trucking company.


Should I give a recorded statement to the trucking company's insurance adjuster?

It is recommended to politely decline to provide a recorded statement until you have consulted with your attorney. What you say could be used against you later to limit the liability of negligent parties or reduce the value of your claim. Let your lawyer deal with any issues relating to distracted driving, aggressive driving, blind spots, and typical factors in such accidents, and handle all communications.

How long will a truck accident lawsuit take in Houston?

The duration of a truck accident lawsuit relies on factors such as the complexity of injuries, the number of responsible parties, the requirement for exhaustive discovery processes such as consulting with accident reconstruction specialists, and the willingness of all parties to settle. Typical timelines can vary from several months for uncomplicated settlements to over a year if a trial is needed.


What is negligence in a truck accident case?

To hold a truck driver and trucking company liable for damages in an injury accident, the catastrophe must have been instigated by their negligence. This implies their failure to exercise reasonable care and caution while operating the semi-truck, possibly due to blind spots or distracted driving. A violation of such duties resulting in foreseeable injuries qualifies as negligence.

Can I recover compensation if I were partly at fault for the truck crash?

Texas uses modified comparative negligence. If you caused the accident, such as aggressive driving, you may receive less compensation. Unless you were 51% at blame. In certain cases, an attorney will try to reduce your culpability.


What if the truck driver does not have enough insurance coverage?

Your attorney will determine all viable sources of compensation. This may include the trucking company's insurance, their assets, and even the independent contractors related to the trucking company. If these compensations are still inadequate, you could make an underinsured motorist claim against your policy, especially if a defective truck was involved.

How much does it cost to hire a Houston truck accident attorney?

A reputable team of truck accident lawyers works on contingency fees, which means they only pay you once they recover damages. This fee is typically a fraction of the final settlement or award, ranging from 33% to 40%. There are no initial costs or fees identified for hiring the specialist.


What should I do at the scene of a Houston truck crash?

After getting medical assistance, photograph and record the accident scene, commercial motor vehicles, and surroundings. Get a police report and witness contact info. Talk to a lawyer before signing or admitting responsibility. First get medical help before submitting claims.

Do truck accident lawyers go to trial often?

Experts in typical instances can negotiate reasonable out-of-court settlements, saving you from a lengthy trial. You must choose an attorney who will go to trial if the defendant doesn't provide reasonable recompense. Their trial skills usually cause defendants to settle.

Take Control with a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer and Trucking Accident Attorney


Your actions in the immediate aftermath of a collision involving semi-trucks under federal regulations can significantly impact your financial and legal ability to recover damages. Trusting your future to insurance companies focused on payouts is unwise. Through unrelenting dedication, the experienced Houston truck accident lawyers at [Law Firm Name] have helped clients win over $[XXX] million in settlements and verdicts. Truck accident victims receive free, no-obligation case examinations. Call [phone number] or visit [website] to schedule a consultation and learn how our firm advocacy can help you get the most compensation.