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Congratulations On Winning Innovative Security Product Company Of The Year

Can you provide an overview of Redinent Innovations’ journey and highlight the key innovations that have led to this recognition?

Redinent Innovations

Thanks, it is our privilege and honour to win the “Innovative Security Product Company of the Year Award”. Redinent’s journey started when the founders- me, Arko Dhar and Cdr K Arun, were having some deep discussion on how privacy is getting compromised in today’s digital world. Coming from Cyber security domain and Risk assessment background, when we started the vulnerability of IoT devices around us, we were surprized by the scale at which these devices are vulnerable, we could see that at a global scale there are more than 100 Million IoT devices that are marked vulnerable or even worse, have been hacked and their owners are not even aware about it. Our research could establish close to 8 million vulnerable IoT devices listed in India, and hackers can very easily take advantage of them. 

With so many data points in hand, we started thinking about the reasons that IoT ecosystem around us is so vulnerable. This led to a discussion on mechanisms to protect IoT devices., This is when we realised the vacuum in the market and then subsequently decided to set up a Startup dedicated towards IoT security. 

In our journey, we have been fortunate to get quick customer engagement contracts, and also get funding from Startup India, DST through IIT-Patna TIH, Investment platform Cogniphy and of course our friends and family. In a short span of 16 months, Redinent proudly serves, some of the most famous smart townships, industrial and Oil and Gas Giant, law enforcement agency etc. 

Today Redinent proudly serves customers in 4 continents, and 5 countries, and is growing from strength and is also recognised as a start up that has disclosed multiple zero days and has been awarded 1 patent, has obtained ISO27001 and has featured in national and international media. 

The zero days disclosed by Redinent has been accepted by global surveillance OEMS such as Hikvision, Dhaua, Milesight etc. 

Redinent Innovations, business journey is based on the world class research and innovation. The XIoT platform, Redinent’s flagship IoT automated VAPT platform, is one of the most advanced IoT test and verification platform. The XIoT platform, design is based on relevant protocol analysis and applies multiple fingerprinting techniques, and then applies DSVC process that stands for Discovery, Scan, Verify and test the Compliant of IoT set up against NIST and ISO standards. 

How do your proprietary Redinent CCTV and IoT Cyber Security Platform address the real-world IoT security challenges? 

Redinent’s proprietary and patented algorithm puts IoT end point devices to a 360-degree test and detect mechanism, to find all possible flaws and vulnerabilities in the IoT devices such as CCTV cameras, access controls, energy meters, EV charging stations etc at par with any other product in the global market today.. This helps organizations to patch and fix any vulnerability and weaknesses so that these devices are not exploited by hackers or subject to data leaks.. 

Redinent XIoT platform, runs actual tests on devices, to net out any vulnerability and hence it backs all the findings with clear evidence and ensures Zero false Positive outcomes. 


As the CEO of Redinent Innovations, how do you drive innovation and ensure that your products stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity threats in the IoT landscape? 

The foundation of Redinent Innovation, right from its inception is driven by innovation. To make it more objective, the founding idea of Redinent, which is protection of IoT devices from cyber-attacks and inadvertent data leaks, led to getting the first patent for Redinent. The engineers in Redinent have always challenged the status quo and have ventured into uncharted paths to make digital ecosystem more secure and resilient. 

Having worked in some of the most innovative organizations of the world which grow and thrive on innovations, my role as the CEO of Redinent, is to create a culture that enables the smart and young intelligent minds to collaborate and innovate every day. My experience will definitely help my team to formulate, strategies and execute ideas to become the best product in IoT security segment.. 

I must state that the entire leadership team of Redinent, Arko, Arun and I are totally committed towards putting innovation at the centre of our culture at Redinent. We try to think out of the box and try to pick up issues that are not being addressed by the contemporary solutions but are very relevant in the fast-evolving world of digital transformation. 

Redinent is today very proud to have multiple zero days to its credit, which is our contribution towards a digitally safe IoT ecosystem. 

Our commitment towards innovation, has attracted industry leaders such as Mahendra Defence, Al-Futtaim, GMR, Liberty eEnergy, Scaliphy to develop a long-term partnership with us. 


How have your products made a significant impact on the security posture of your clients? 

It is a fact that IoT devices pose an increasingly threat to privacy, security and compliance of any organisation globally. It is also a fact that not much is being done by most of the organisations to address this risk and threat. We not only made our clients take cognisance of this risk, but entrusts ourselves as the true partners in the digital transformation journey of our customers. Our products such as Redinent XIoT Platform, provides the true sense of security to our clients for their extant IoT assets and , whenever they adopt, enhance or operationalize any IoT deployment in the organization. They know that Redinent’s products and solutions will keep their IoT ecosystem safe and sound playing the role of true guardian of their IoT end points. 

I must add that it is just not about our product helping our clients, .we are going above and beyond, such as are collaborating with CERT-In, India’s apex cyber advisory body, to create awareness regarding the risks and threat posed by the IoT devices so that as a nation we have safe IoT ecosystem. At a high level, due to Redinent’s research more than 10 Million CCTV cameras and other IoT are devices are safe. 

How do you ensure that your products are continuously enhanced and adapted to address new threats? 

Redinent’s product engineering revolves around constant innovation to tackle the ever-changing cyber threat landscape in today’s world. We continuously enhance our product by employing the following strategies: 


a) Incorporating customer feedback: Many features in our current product version have been developed based on valuable feedback and real-world requirements provided by our customers during trial runs and beta testing. These requirements are thoroughly validated and align directly with the current market needs. 

b) Conducting internal research on emerging cyber threats: Redinent maintains a dedicated cyber research team that analyzes threats such as ransomware, botnets, DDoS attacks, and other similar malicious activities. Utilizing our advanced in-house threat intelligence engine, this team gains profound insights into the intricate technical aspects of such cyber attacks. They subsequently convert this information into actionable product engineering tasks, which are then implemented as new capabilities on the XIoT platform by our committed team of developers at Redinent. 

Divyanshu, as the Co-Founder and CEO, how has your background and knowledge contributed to the development of Redinent Innovations’ innovative security products? 

I have been in high-tech industry or last 24 years and having served some of the industry leaders such as Intel, Broadcom, Dell, Ericsson, TCS GE, etc, I definitely bring on table a lot of scale , innovation and business leadership experience, which I am able to apply in Redinent’s day to day work and contribute towards building a global culture along with my co-founders. 

My background and experiences were instrumental in finding an unserved spot in market where we could find our place and serve a global need. Domains such as IoT security, where we operate are complex and my deep tech background was very helpful in slicing and dicing to identify a tangible problem and solution for the same. 


How this award is going to impact your organization’s position in the market and how are you going to leverage it. 

Prior to starting Redinent, all the three founders had spent sufficient time in the industry. We understand that there are always a few customers who are early adopters of technology, but most of the customers look for validation before investing in any new technology So when a credible and prestigious platform like Outlook, recognizes you, the validation, branding and eyeballs it attracts is something that every company wants to reach out to target audience. It is a very good way to announce your entry in Market. Getting this award from Outlook would definitely help us to make the Brand Redinent more popular and our products known in the market place. Our marketing team will leverage this in the best possible way to create buzz in the market, which should trigger more queries from potential clients and increase lead generation. This will also make our pitch more convincing to the customers and investors alike. 

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