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10 Rising Entrepreneurs To Look At In 2024

Meet the Top 10 Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs of 2024


10 Rising Entrepreneurs To Look At In 2024

Check out these rising entrepreneurs and their success stories to know more about how they’re shaping the future of business.

  • Saurabh Luthra, Owner & Chairman, Romeo Lane

    Saurabh Luthra, a visionary restaurateur and gold medallist engineer, has transformed the culinary landscape with his brainchild, Romeo Lane. Economic Times 40 Under 40, 2023, an "Iconic Restaurateur" honoured by Times Hospitality Icons in 2023, Saurabh's innovative brilliance extends beyond organic cocktails and warm ambience. With establishments across 37 cities with footprints of his brands Romeo Lane, Birch by Romeo Lane, and Mama Buoi, he demonstrates a commitment to excellence and innovative dining experiences. Recognized for building meaningful relationships and navigating market dynamics with agility, Saurabh envisions creating India's premier restaurant brands.

  • Kunal Katyal, Director, Konig Exim Pvt Ltd

    Kunal Katyal, a distinguished entrepreneur in Delhi, boasts a diverse business portfolio cultivated over 15+ years. In Real Estate and design, he excels in luxury real estate development and modern corporate offices. In the tech sector, Kunal launched wearable devices with intersecting monitoring apps, collaborating with the Government of India for patient monitoring in remote regions like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and North East saving thousands of lives, Further expanding his influence in 2024, Kunal is entering the FMCG market, introducing a brand portfolio of spices and other FMCG products successfully exporting worldwide. His multifaceted journey exemplifies entrepreneurial prowess and innovation across industries.

  • Gunjita Singhal, Co-Founder and CMO, MTV Roadies GYM & Club

    Gunjita Singhal, Co-Founder and CMO of MTV Roadies GYM & Club, boasts a rich 14+ years of experience marked by corporate excellence. Acknowledged by the Economic Times as Top Women Achiever, she is acclaimed for her adept business strategies, fostering consistent growth. With a proven track record in Brand Development and management, Gunjita's leadership and strategic acumen shine. Recognized as an adept problem-solver, her dedication and impactful contributions solidify her as a notable figure. In her 2024 Road Map, Gunjita aims to expand MTV Roadies GYM and introduce MTV Roadies Cafe/Club across key cities. Innovations include Healthy Grub, a subscription-based healthy food service, the Task Force fitness mobile app with a loyalty program, and additional F&B concepts.

  • Ankur Maheshwary, Founder, Director, Masti Zone

    Ankur Maheshwary is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder and director of Masti Zone, a company dedicated to providing world-class entertainment experiences in the Indian subcontinent. He graduated from Delhi College of Engineering and later pursued a management degree from ESADE Business School. With a rich background in private equity, Ankur Maheshwary combines his business acumen and passion for gaming to create immersive environments for people to enjoy. Ankur Maheshwary is the driving force behind the success of Masti Zone, a chain of dynamic gaming zones with over 21 locations across India. These gamezones offer a range of experiences, including 7D theaters, arcade, virtual reality gaming, ensuring that individuals have the opportunity to immerse themselves in captivating environments. Passionate about innovation and cutting-edge technology, Ankur Maheshwary spends a significant amount of time in research and development at his production factory in Gwalior. His team is responsible for developing and releasing groundbreaking concepts like Virtual Reality cricket and Surgical Strike in 7D. Furthermore, Ankur Maheshwary's team is involved in the curation of world-class animation projects and the implementation of advanced technologies such as hololens and augmented reality. This commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that the entertainment experiences provided by Masti Zone continue to captivate audiences and offer unique and immersive adventures. As an avid traveler and gadget enthusiast, Ankur Maheshwary draws inspiration from his experiences and incorporates innovative ideas into his business ventures. His dedication to creating exceptional entertainment experiences has solidified his reputation as a visionary in the industry, and his efforts continue to shape the entertainment landscape in the Indian subcontinent.

  • Pulkit Malhotra, Founder & Head Perfume, Mocemsa

    At the helm of Mocemsa's team stands an eminent perfumer, Pulkit Malhotra, a graduate of the prestigious Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, France. There, he was mentored by the master perfumer Max Gavarry, the creator of Prada's Amber fragrance. With a keen insight into what delights the Indian olfactory senses, Pulkit serves as the perfect bridge between international offerings and Indian preferences. He leverages his passion for storytelling to bring the brand's concept of a story in every bottle to life. From design to concept, Pulkit personally pays close attention to the details and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every product tells a story, whether it offers an escape, ignites romance, or revives a fond memory. When Mocemsa decided to expand its presence by entering the retail segment with its debut on the shelves of Delhi Duty Free at the IGI airport, Pulkit Malhotra stepped up to optimize the user experience, making it seamless. He uses his impeccable sense of perfection and a keen interest in designing spaces to create unforgettable brand experiences for customers.

  • Aman Chinani, Founder and MD, Pacific Hospitality

    Aman Chainani, a dynamic entrepreneur and passionate gastronome in the F&B industry, embarked on his culinary odyssey at a young age, driven by a vision to redefine the dining experience in his city. With a background that includes a stint at Zomato and 1.5 years of extensive research, Aman introduced a significant brand in Hyderabad at the age of 23. Overcoming challenges posed by the pandemic, he successfully launched three new brands, notably RAAHI in Bangalore and Proxy in Hyderabad. Currently poised to revolutionize the dining scene, Aman is set to unveil AIDU and NOHO in Hyderabad, with a global vision focused on curated cuisine and craft cocktails. This strategic move reflects his anticipation of substantial growth in outlets and business expansion.

  • Mitu Samarnath Jha, CEO - Eminence Strategy Consulting

    Mitu Samar built a stellar career at companies like CRISIL, Standard & Poor’s, Aditya Birla Capital and ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund before taking the entrepreneurial leap. In 2015, she established Eminence, a strategy consulting company focused on reputation management. It specialises in addressing the gap between recall and reputation for companies and individuals, which is essential for them to move from the stakeholders' consideration set to becoming their preferred choice. Today, Eminence has an impressive roster of clients spread across domains, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, Tata Projects, Multiples Private Equity and Westlife Foodworld, to name a few. Mitu, who has a Masters in Economics and an MBA, also serves as an Independent Director on the boards of Times Internet and Shree Digvijay Cement. The mother of two is passionate about seeing more women in leading corporate roles. Mitu has won several recognitions, establishing herself and Eminence as names to look out for in the corporate positioning space.

  • ⁠Piykant Gautam, Director, Taste Aces Pvt. Ltd

    Priykant Gautam, the visionary restaurateur and Director of Taste Aces Pvt. Ltd., is making waves in India's culinary sphere. Teaming up with culinary luminaries – Chef Ajay Chopra, Chef Vicky Ratnani, Chef Hari Nayak, and Chef Harpal Sokhi – Gautam is set to introduce three groundbreaking concepts. XOLA, led by Chef Hari Nayak, showcases his commitment to culinary excellence. Vivid Bharti, curated by Chef Ajay Chopra, embodies the rich tapestry of Indian culture, while OMNY Kitchen, featuring Chef Vicky Ratnani, is poised to captivate audiences across multiple locations in 2024. Gautam's star-studded portfolio signifies a new era in the culinary business landscape.

  • Mansi Talwar, Founder & MD, HappyMee

    In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurial endeavors, Mansi Talwar emerges as a luminary and catalyst for positive change. As the visionary Founder of Happy Mee, Mansi’s trajectory from corporate success to becoming an Innovation Ambassador and National Council Member for WiCCi showcases her multifaceted expertise. A sought-after speaker, she has graced prestigious platforms like the Women’s Economic Forum on Happiness and Well-Being. Happy Mee’s audacious mission aims to inspire the lives of 5 lakh people in the next 5 years, envisioning a world where resilience triumphs over stress, empowering individuals to dance joyfully in the rain of life’s unpredictability.

  • Vivek Nathwani, Founder, Social Amplifiers

    Mr. Vivek Nathwani, a digital marketing enthusiast, is dedicated to empowering businesses by navigating the realms of emerging technologies and digital marketing strategies. With a profound understanding of millennial and Gen Z consumer behavior, he is a problem solver for various business challenges. His passion for new-age technology translates into effective solutions, lead generation, impactful messaging, and enhanced digital brand identity. Having founded 'Social Amplifiers,' he focuses on genuine support for brands of all sizes. A Visiting Faculty of Digital Marketing and a proud alumnus of Symbiosis School of Media and Communication, Vivek thrives on creativity, dedication, and a relentless drive for success.