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Everyday Elegance: 5 Must-Have Kurtas And Salwar Kameez For Daily Wear

Explore our guide to the must-have kurtas and salwar kameez for daily wear. From timeless classics to contemporary twists, find your unique style here.

Everyday Elegance: 5 Must-Have Kurtas And Salwar Kameez For Daily Wear

India's fashion scene has been graced by the timeless appeal of kurtas and salwar kameez for centuries. These iconic wardrobe staples, deeply rooted in tradition, have seamlessly transitioned from ceremonial wear to fashionable everyday essentials. The charm of these garments lies in their versatility, making them equally suitable for festive occasions, formal settings, and casual outings.

Today, we will explore the must-have kurtas and salwar kameez that every fashion-forward woman should have in their wardrobe. These pieces are the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style, making them ideal for everyday use. 

The Significance of Kurtas and Salwar Kameez in Daily Life

Renowned for their comfort and style, kurtas and salwar kameez have long been the go-to choice for many individuals seeking an outfit that seamlessly adapts to their day-to-day activities. Whether it's a high-powered professional setting or a casual day out, kurta sets and salwar kameez lend themselves beautifully to a wide range of environments.

Whether it's the refreshing cotton kurtas ideal for sweltering summers or the warm, cosy woollen ones for the chilly winters, there's a kurta and salwar kameez for every weather, every occasion, and every individual. Truly, their versatility and comfort are what make these outfits a staple in wardrobes across India. 

Beyond clothing, kurtas and salwar kameez also hold great cultural significance. They are deeply rooted in Indian tradition and have evolved to represent different elements of regional, religious, and gender diversity. As fashion evolves with time, the kurta and salwar kameez continue to remain relevant, often reinventing themselves to cater to modern demands while staying true to their traditional roots. From basic everyday wear to elaborate designer pieces, kurtas and salwar kameez have stood the test of time, making a mark in the fashion world as timeless classics that are here to stay.

Top 5 Must-Have Kurtas and Salwar Kameez for Daily Wear

Cotton Kurta

Basic cotton kurtas are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you are a working woman looking for last-minute workwear or a college girl attending ethnic day, simple cotton kurtas can save your day.

Also, given the harsh Indian summers that make you sweat with every step, choosing the right fabric is essential. Cotton easily absorbs sweat from the body and keeps you cool. Whether you are attending an event or going out, the soft cotton kurtas keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Now, let's talk about styling. Cotton kurtas are incredibly versatile, making them a perfect match for both palazzos and leggings. Pair a vibrant, printed kurta with solid-coloured palazzos for a trendy, bohemian look. If you prefer a more traditional vibe, opt for a long, straight-cut kurta with churidar leggings – elegance at its best! Bring out the diva in you by pairing a simple cotton kurta with ripped denim. We promise you will turn heads with every step!


A-Line Salwar Kameez Sets

A-line salwar kameez sets are another must-have kurta set for everyday wear. You choose comfort and style when you choose A-line salwar kameez sets. The flattering cut of A-line kurtas is a game-changer, suiting all body types and ensuring you look and feel fabulous.

If you are a working woman, consider owning at least three to four pairs of these kurta sets in different colours and styles. There are multiple ways to style your A-line kurtas. Instead of wearing the kurtas with palazzo daily, wear them with straight pants or leggings. A-line kurtas go well with skinny denims as well. But it’s safe to stick to cotton pants given the hot summers.

Pick your A-line kurta sets in pastel shades like peach, sky blue, powder pink and other soft hues for the ultimate comfort in Summer.



Sale Price: ₹6,570 (MRP ₹10,950)

Embroidered Kurtas

If you are bored of basic cotton kurtas, go for the embroidered kurtas. The intricate designs and delicate detailing transform a simple kurta into a work of art. Whether it's floral patterns, geometric shapes, or cultural motifs, the embroidery adds a touch of elegance.

If you are afraid of going overboard with embroidered kurtas, then go for chikankari kurtas. The simple white embroidery work on lightweight fabrics like cotton, chiffon, silk or organza never goes out of style and are an absolute must-have for every ethnic lover. Given the lightweight fabric, these kurtas are perfect for a summer wardrobe.

The beauty of chikankari kurtas lies in their versatility. Pairing them with neutral bottoms is the key to creating a balanced and chic look. Opt for classic white, beige, or black bottoms to let the intricate embroidery take centre stage. For a bohemian look, pair the kurtas with baggy denim and style with silver junk jewellery. 


Floral Embroidered Chikankari Kurta

Sale Price ₹479 (MRP ₹1499)

Straight-Cut Salwar Kameez

If there’s one style of kurta set that has withstood the changing styles in ethnic wear, then it’s the classic straight-cut salwar kameez. This outfit has historical significance as well. Originating in Central Asia, Muslim women used to wear Kameez which means shirts or kurtas of varied lengths. Salwar is the baggy pant worn with kameez with tapered ends and pleats near the ankle.

So, when in doubt, choose the salwar kameez- a symbol of timeless beauty. No matter the occasion or season, the classic appeal of straight-cut kurtas with salwar pants makes them a wardrobe essential that never fades into the background.

Style your salwar kameez with the right accessories for a polished and refined look. A statement pair of earrings or a delicate necklace can add a touch of glamour without overpowering the simplicity of the outfit. Depending on the occasion, you can also wear a stack of bangles. Consider a matching or contrasting dupatta to complete the ensemble.


Onion Pink Zariwork Art Silk Readymade Salwar Suit

Sale price ₹ 5,592 (MRP ₹ 6,990)

Anarkali-Style Kurtas

Anarkali-style kurtas are another versatile addition that seamlessly transitions from everyday wear to special occasions. The flowy silhouette of Anarkali kurtas suits all body types, creating a graceful look. The floor-length anarkali-style kurtas are a perfect fusion of tradition and contemporary flair that effortlessly elevates your everyday style.

Contrary to popular belief, Anarkali-style kurtas are not just reserved for special occasions. Embrace these graceful ensembles for daily wear by opting for lighter fabrics and simpler designs. Choose Anarkali kurtas in breathable cotton or breezy georgette, and pair them with comfortable leggings or straight-cut pants for a balanced and stylish look that suits your daily routine. 

These kurtas can be your go-to choice for daytime events and office parties if you know how to pick the right fabric and design. Opt for pastel shades or vibrant prints for a daytime event. 


Indian Virasat
Lavender Fog Suit (set of 3)

Sale Price ₹3,920 (MRP ₹4,899)

Tips to Enhance Your Daily Kurta Look

You can wear the most gorgeous kurtas but still fail to turn heads. Wonder why? Elevating your look is all about styling and accessorising right. The art of accessorising can take your daily look to a whole new level. Whether you wrap your scarf around the neck or carry it like a dupatta, whether you wear jhumkas or studs, and the kind of bag you carry; all these can make or break your look.

From jewellery to footwear and bags, here's a comprehensive guide on how to enhance your daily kurta look effortlessly.

Choice of Jewellery

Elevate your ears with small studs or delicate hoops for a casual yet chic look. Mix and match different styles if you have multiple piercings for an edgier vibe.

Opt for dainty necklaces that gracefully complement the neckline of your kurta. A simple pendant or a thin chain can add a touch of elegance without overpowering the outfit.

Stackable bangles or bracelets can be the perfect addition for a bohemian or traditional flair. Play with different materials to find what suits your style. To be on the safe side, wear plain singer bangles.

If you are in the mood to dress up, go for a tiny nose pin to get that desi look. Do not worry if you do not have a nose piercing, there are plenty of artificial nose pins that do not require a piercing to wear.

Check out our choice of jewellery below:


Carlton London
Gold-Plated Brass Necklace

Sale Price ₹556 (MRP ₹1295)

Footwear Choices

Traditional yet trendy, Kolhapuris are an excellent choice to add an ethnic touch to your ensemble. With various colours and designs available, you can effortlessly match them with different kurtas.

For a more modern and comfortable look, slip into ballet flats. Choose colours that either complement or contrast with your kurta for a stylish and practical effect.

You can also for block heels or wedges if you want to add some height. Also, if you are working and have to be out all day, it’s wise to avoid stilettos.

Here is a footwear that will go well with ethnic:


Carlton London
Black Ethnic Comfort Sandals

Sale Price ₹1,265 (MRP ₹2,299)

Bags or Purses

Chic and practical, sling bags are a great choice for a contemporary look. Opt for a colour that complements your kurta or adds a pop of contrast for that perfect finishing touch.

Infuse a bohemian vibe into your outfit with jhola bags. These artsy bags can be a unique addition to your daily kurta ensemble. Also, they can hold a lot of your daily essentials. So, these bags are ideal for college or office goers.

If you want to carry your laptop, then carry leather totes. They also give you a polished look, making it ideal for workplaces.

Take a look at the bag we have picked:


Lychee Bags
Women Multicolor Tote

Sale Price ₹1,259 (MRP ₹3,999)

Additional Tips

  • For a touch of tradition, consider adding a small bindi and wearing black kohl. These subtle additions can alter your overall look.

  • Experiment with hairpins, clips, or even a simple flower to add glamour to your hair. These small details can make a significant impact on your overall appearance.

  • Complete your look with a watch featuring a thin strap or a bracelet watch. If you like to keep a check on your steps, then you can wear your smartwatch as well.

Maintenance and Care for Daily Wear Outfits

Daily wear outfits bear the brunt of our busy lives, experiencing the wear and tear of our daily activities. However, with a little care and attention, you can extend the life of your favourite pieces and keep them looking fresh.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your clothes looking like new:

  • Always separate your whites, darks, and colours to prevent bleeding. This simple step can significantly contribute to maintaining the colour of your garments.

  • Opt for cold water when washing your clothes. Hot water can lead to colour fading and may be harsh on certain fabrics, especially those with delicate fibres.

  • Choose a mild detergent that is suitable for everyday wear. Harsh chemicals in strong detergents can damage the fabric and cause colours to fade over time.

  • Different fabrics have different heat tolerances. Check the care label on your garments and adjust the iron temperature accordingly to prevent damage.

  • When ironing delicate fabrics, place a thin cloth between the iron and the garment to protect the fabric from direct heat.

  • Store your clothes in a well-ventilated space to prevent musty odours. Avoid plastic bags, as they can trap moisture and lead to mould.

  • Regularly check your clothes for loose threads, small tears, or missing buttons. Promptly mend these issues to prevent further damage.

Ready to Rock Kurtas and Salwar Kameez in Everyday Look?

In conclusion, the combination of kurtas and salwar kameez opens a door to a world where comfort meets style. If you love wearing ethnic, go for these five different styles of kurta sets and salwar kameez. The versatility of each ensemble allows you to express your unique taste and personality.

As we've explored the must-have kurtas and salwar kameez styles, remember that the beauty lies not just in the fabric and design but in how you infuse your personal flair into each outfit. So, do not forget to choose the right accessories and style your outfit right.

Share your favorite daily wear looks and styling tips that have worked wonders for you, or recommend brands that have become your go-to for these traditional ensembles. Your insights and experiences may inspire others on their style journey.