Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

The Bhagat Family Story

Another case of 9.68 acres land given to Purti by the irrigation department

Four farmers of family - Chabutai Bhagawan Bhagat, Sachin Bhagwan Bhagat, Ashish Bhagwan Bhagat and Manjulabai Shamrao Bhagat lost 9.68 acres land in 1984 as it was acquired for the Lower Vena Vadgaon Dam. Their land was not submerged and they have time and again requested various authorities that the remaining land should be returned to the original owners. (Exhibit 9 Letter To Sub Division Officer Umred from the Bhagat family)

They are tilling the same plot and like Ghadge their land too has been given to Purti by the irrigation department. They have withstood the severe pressure from authorities and the henchmen of Purti to relinquish their possession.

Division Engineer of the Vadgaon Porject wrote to the Bhagat family in a letter dated 20.01.2002 that though their land is not used in the dam it will be used by the Government for tourism purposes in the next year. (Exhibit 10)

However, the irrigation department then gave the land to Purti Sinchan Kalyankari Sanstha Wardha for unknown purposes through a special grant.

Exhibit 9: Letter from Bhagat family to irrigation department requesting their land back.

Exhibit 10: Letter from irrigation department to Bhagat family saying that the land was to be used for tourism purposes.