August 13, 2020
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'India Is The Main Conspirator'

The conspiracy-theorists are having a field day as Pakistani press joins the battle.

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'India Is The Main Conspirator'

Any surprise that the conspiracy theories involving India surfaced in the Pakistani press? The News of Islamabad quoted the former head of the secret service as saying India was behind the deaths.

"India is the main conspirator behind the Nepalese royal family massacre as it had warned the family not to get too close to Pakistan and China," Lieut General Javed Nasir was quoted as saying.

Urdu paper Nawa-i-Waqt  of Rawalpindi carried a report accusing India's premier intelligence service of being behind the killings, BBC reported.

"With the massacre of King Birendra and the royal family, not only has Pakistan lost a good friendly ruler in South Asia, but also the leadership that protected the politics of Nepal from Indian interference has passed away.

"Behind this gruesome massacre, one cannot overlook the role of RAW" a correspondent said. "King Birendra had sought to stop India and the American CIA putting pressure on the Kathmandu government to support them in a regional power struggle with China.

"King Birendra was strongly opposed to allowing his small country to fall prey to the conspiracies of the big powers... King Birendra showed great interest in extending ties with Pakistan... In the coming years, cooperation between Pakistan, Nepal and China was expected to grow."

And that exactly is the point being made by the hawks, who were quick to conclude a ISI-China hand in the tragedy. "Why did China take so long to come up with a response?" was the clinching evidence produced with a triumphant flourish.

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