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Niira Radia Tapes

#133 Tarun Das?: Jul 09, 2009 09:15:44

"Raja is not doing anything but he is still guiding Anil and Anil is trying to use him to go to Azhagiri and get the Fertiliser sector to be compromised on this gas issue"

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#133 Tarun Das?: Jul 09, 2009 09:15:44

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TD: Hi

NR: Hi

TD: So I have this meeting with Mr Sunil Mittal today and you of course told me about one aspect is the GSM issue. Is there anything else you want me to tell him ?

NR:I think you are have to tell him about the natural resources issue, but spectrum is surely one of them. He should come out and talk about how natural resources have a value..

TD: He still continues to be on a different wavelength.

NR: Arhh.. He is on the same wavelength. He has not articulated it well. I think he needs to articulate it very well. It's time to you know…It's time to take the fight. We have all have to.. Now even though Ratan will agree with me, I'm not saying it for myself. We all have to.. But seriously industry is on one side and Anil Ambani is on the other side.

TD: Ok.

NR: Ya. .It's time to.. to do that finish it once and for all.

TD: Ok..and where is Raja in all this?

NR: Raja will come under flak, there is no doubt about it. He will come under flak

TD: Is he with Anil?

NR: I mean he is ..Anil. He is still with Anil, as he has tried to gain.. and told him to go to TDSAT and get a judgement clarification done and then I will give you extra spectrum and thank god that we will al there in court, including Sunil’s people and everybody

TD: Hmm..right..

NR: We managed to oppose it

TD: Right

NR: and therefore his petition got dismissed.

TD: Ok

NR: Raja is not doing anything but he is still guiding Anil and Anil is trying to use him to go to Azagiri and get the Fertiliser sector to be compromised on this gas issue. When it's the fertiliser sector that needs it the most

TD: Sure

NR: So there is this still, and I told Raja about it. I spoke to him that he making a very very big blunder you know.

TD: Hmm..

NR: Because this time--while Ratan has written a nice letter about you, he may say that so you gave him a dual technology licence so he wrote a nice letter which he shouldn't have done. But then he will come out and he will come very strongly against you.

TD: Hmm..

NR: He said No No No…So I said I will tell Kanimozhi that's what you are doing. He said he is not helping Anil. Why do you think I'm helping him? So he is still trying to find a way how he can find a way to cause Sunil a problem.

TD: Right

NR: So I told Sunil that we have to smart about how we handle it. That does not mean we need to pay him even one cent but we have to work together on this issue. But Sunil said, "But Ratan doesn't want to work with me." So I told him you have to make amends

TD: Hmm..

NR:and that statement I know has hurt Ratan a lot.

TD: Ya

NR: So there's a starting point. So I think if he comes out in the openly says how this is… So when is your meeting? Now, is it?

TD: 7

NR: Oh..so have a nice meeting.. and then tomorrow you have the Satyam board. Is it?

TD: Ya.. But I was wondering if you had time. What time would you want to do this? I can reach the Satyam board meeting a little late. It's a formality now and we are exiting the board. I won't be there for more than one day beyond once Mahindra takes over. PM has agreed to that.

NR: Aha..

TD: Tomorrow is a good bye meeting. So I can reach late, or go early and leave or whatever.

NR: Ah hah

TD: So I was thinking... How are you placed? You don't need to go. You don't need to go.

NR: I said… I could sort of come with you

TD: I could spend time with you. Because it's always quality time.

NR: Aha. But I could come with you. The meeting was 11 o clock onwards and none of these agency guys they have appointed...

TD: Whatever. You let me know and I will get out of this Satyam meeting.

NR: Hmm..Ok. I will talk to Vishal as to what time...

Tape ends abruptly.

Transcribed by Deshind

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