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Top 7 Colombian Dating Sites & Apps To Meet Colombian Women & Men

Which of thousands of dating apps works best for those who’d like to meet Colombian singles online? Find the 7 best options here! 

Best Colombian Dating Sites & Apps

Prepared by: datingsites.org 

The number of people using online dating services in Colombia is excepted to grow by 2.7 million users by 2027, which basically means that there are a lot of Colombian singles everyone can meet on the web. But where exactly are they looking for casual or serious relationships?  

Here, you'll find all the best dating apps and sites to find a perfect match from Colombia, as well as some recommendations that will help you narrow the search, make the right decisions, and have the best experience possible. 

Find dating sites where Colombians are looking for love 

1. La-Date — best for having a Colombian social media experience 

2. TheLuckyDate — best for beginners who want to get started 

3. LoveFort — best for live streaming and watching streams 

4. ColombiaLady — best for building a deep emotional connection online 

5. LatamDate — best for using all the best communication features 

6. LatinWomanLove — best for finding a perfect match 

7. LatinFeels — best for singles seeking a versatile platform 

Where to meet Colombian women and men and have the best online dating experience? Set your priorities and take a look at the detailed descriptions of each option—that’s how you’ll be able to make the right choice easily.  

1. La-Date 

  • Types of dating - Casual relationships, serious relationships, cross-cultural communication 

  • Features - Newsfeed, messaging, virtual gifts 

There are pretty many popular online dating apps where a user can meet Colombian singles, but most of them don't offer anything really special. Only some websites try to change the old format and provide that new type of online dating experience, and La-Date falls under the category of such platforms.  

Here, international users can not only meet beautiful Colombian women and attractive men and contact them using standard features like chat or Mails but also follow each other, share and like posts, and learn a lot about someone even before they start a conversation.  

Of course, classic tools are available too, but social media features, along with virtual gifts, shows, and group chats make it one of the best Colombian dating sites. It can't be classified as one of the free Colombian dating sites, though—non-paying members can use a lot of services, but those who want to start private conversations will need to spend some credits. The prices start from $0.20 per credit.  

🔥 Also, if you want to join the community but aren't ready to spend real money, you can claim 20 free credits. 

  • Types of dating - Cross-cultural communication, casual dating 

  • Features - Messaging, swiping, unlimited access to profiles 

  • Mobile-optimized website 

  • Free Registration 

  • Read Review 

TheLuckyDate is the only platform on our list that can be considered a global rather than a regional online dating site. Here, all the members can be divided into three main groups—singles from Latin America, singles from Asia, and users from Europe, and as you've probably guessed, a lot of Latin American singles are Colombian women and men. So, there's the right dating pool, but what else is special about it?  

The thing is, it's a global platform with someone advanced features that works pretty much like a mainstream Colombian dating app. If you've ever been using Tinder or a similar application, you won't experience any difficulty on TheLuckyDate.  

Swiping is the main search tool here while messaging is the main communication tool, but profiles are way more detailed and there are some great features like virtual gifts, exchanging audio messages, files, etc.  

🔥 Messaging, and gifts can be sent by Premium members only—it's not a free dating site, but all the newly registered users get 2,000 free credits to test the advanced tools. 

3. LoveFort 

  • Types of dating - Casual dating, serious relationships, cross-cultural communication 

  • Features - Free live streams, public chats, private chats 

  • Mobile-optimized website, mobile app 

  • Free Registration 

  • Read Review 

  • Site - lovefort.com 

If you want to meet Colombian girls and guys and even see them live streaming, you can join LoveFort—one of the best Colombian dating sites. Everyone who wants to join the community and meet singles from Latin American countries can do it in literally a few minutes and automatically become a Standard member.  

This status is better than it actually seems to be, as non-paying singles can actually use a lot of free features that are more or less effective, but what really distinguishes Love Fort from other sites is free live streaming.  

In other words, everyone who joins the community can not only browse profiles or use search without upgrading a membership but also watch live streams, meet new people, and communicate with others in public chats.  

🔥 Here, users pay only for sending private messages (whether in live chat or as Mails), and the newly registered members can get a 7-dollar discount for their first credit package. 

  • Types of dating - Serious relationships, marriage 

  • Features - Phone and video calls, message templates, Mails 

  • Mobile-optimized website, mobile app 

Meeting women in Colombia is very easy on ColombiaLady. Though there are male users from this country on the site, too, the name of the site speaks for itself—it's much easier to find a female partner here.  

Still, it's not only the rare dating site with a non-typical male-to-female ratio but also one of the best dating sites for people seeking serious relationships. It's all about the selection of communication features—when you're building a long-distance relationship with someone from another country, instant messaging isn't the only thing you need to build a deep emotional connection.  

Let's say you've met an attractive Colombian woman on the site. You'll be able not only to send a message but also to choose between first message templates, make phone and video calls, and send virtual and real gifts.  

🔥 However, such tools can be used only by paying users, and though the price for one credit starts at $3.99, you'll spend much fewer credits on messaging. On top of that, all new members get free chat vouchers and greeting messages. 

5. LatamDate 

  • Types of dating - Casual dating, serious relationships, marriage 

  • Features - Call service, CamShare, instant messaging 

  • Mobile-optimized website, mobile app 

  • Free Registration 

LatamDate is one of the oldest platforms that connect Colombian women and men, as well as women and men from other countries of Latin America, with Western singles. It's been launched over 20 years ago, but it's hard to say that it's an old-fashioned website. The design isn't new, that's true, but that's also one of the platforms with all the best communication features, from CamShare to international phone calls that can be instant or scheduled.  

Also, if you're looking for top dating apps in Colombia, it might be a great option to choose. The official mobile app is available both on Google Play and App Store, and you can download them for free (using communication tools, however, isn't free either on the website or on the app.)  

🔥 As for the prices, there are different credit packages, up to $399 for 100 credits, but the costs for using communication features are three times as low as on other platforms. Also, all registered users can start a few free chats and use the Say Hi feature twice a day for free. 

  • Types of dating - Serious relationships, marriage 

  • Features - Matchmaking services, video chat, gift delivery 

If you google Colombian dating sites USA, you'll see LatinWomanLove at the top of search results, and this happens for a reason. It's also one of the best sites one can join to start a serious relationship with someone from Colombia or other Latin American countries. 

It has pretty much everything that the best dating site in South America is supposed to have: a lot of communication tools, including video chat, strict moderation and verification procedure for members, standard communication tools, and very detailed profiles with photos and videos.  

However, matching services and advanced search are what make this platform stand out—there are great suggestions from the site that make meeting Colombian women and men incredibly easy. There's also a dating app that you can download from both app stores, but unlike the most popular dating apps, you still need to pay to use it. 

🔥 Most communication features here are paid ones, and the costs vary from around $8 for 2 credits, but you can join the community and start a few chats with others without paying. 

  • Types of dating - Casual relationships, serious relationships, cross-cultural communication 

  • Features - Swiping, messaging, virtual gifts 

  • Mobile-optimized website 

Latin Feels is the platform where one can meet hot women and handsome guys from Colombia and other Latin American countries. The main reason why people choose this platform over other dating apps and sites, however, isn't even the great dating pool but the versatility of the website.  

You can choose it as a niche dating website or a mainstream dating app due to the availability of standard search and swiping features, see posts others share on their profiles, view photos and videos, watch live shows and videos, and send your own media files as well as virtual gifts. In other words, the website has everything one may need to begin their success story.  

Though the site can work as a popular dating app, there's no official application for now, but the platform is mobile-optimized. Nearly all the services except for messaging and sending virtual gifts are free, and there's no premium membership—users buy credits, and there are various packages.  

🔥 For example, you can buy a mid-range package of 250 credits for $69.99, get generous discounts and claim 20 free credits. 

How Colombian dating works online & offline 

Generally speaking, every person who'd like to meet a Colombian woman or man can choose between two options: go online or go offline. Of course, both have their pros and cons. 

  • Offline dating.  

There are no romance tours to Colombia, so the only way to meet Colombian singles in real life is to go to the country and stay there for a pretty long time, for example, at least 6 months. Though it's not the most expensive place to stay it, it's still a big change, so it might work for those who have remote jobs or have some career opportunities in this particular country. 

  • Online dating.  

Of course, joining a Colombian dating app or site seems to be a much more convenient option for most singles. Also, it actually works—according to recent studies, 1 in every 4 couples met online. Colombians singles are popular in the international dating market, so it won't be hard to find a niche dating platform, and the only serious problem with online dating is that you should be careful when choosing it. 

On the one hand, online dating isn't free, but on the other hand, going to South America is more expensive. Just consider all the pros, cons and your own goal and priorities—that will allow you to make the right choice. 

How much does it cost to use Colombian dating sites? 

People in the US usually spend around $260 a month on dates. Will the amount one can spend on online dating services be larger or smaller?  

It pretty much depends on the policy of the site, so let's take a look at the costs of using a few best platforms to meet Colombian singles. 

  • La-Date — from $0.20 per credit, 20 credits for 10 minutes in live chat 

  • TheLuckyDate — from $0.22 per 100 credits, 2,000 credits for 10 minutes in live chat 

  • ColombiaLady — from 3.99 per credit, 1 credit for 10 minutes in live chat 

So, as you can see, the pricing policies only seem different. All these platforms fall under the category of premium sites with advanced features, and a user can expect to spend around $100 a month on each website. 

5 Tips on how to meet Colombian singles easily 

If you're going to date internationally, there are a few insights you should know to avoid the dangers and have the best experience possible. 

  1. Choose the site that meets your specific criteria. Don't just trust ads, and don't focus o the design of the website. Ask yourself what exactly you are looking for and choose the platform that meets your criteria, for example, a site with members from South America only, a website for serious relationships, a platform for casual relationships, etc. 

  1. Ensure there are no hidden costs. Pay special attention to prices—unfortunately, there may be hidden costs, or the prices can be simply too high, so ensure that you can afford it and will spend exactly how much you were going to spend. 

  2. Make your own profile work. Colombian singles, as well as singles from all other countries, can be picky, so you can easily improve your response rate just by adding some extra details and high-quality photos. 

  3. Learn how to avoid online dating scams. Know the safety rules, and never, under any circumstances, don't send money to people you meet online. 

  4. Use the right tools to start a long-distance relationship first. It's not just about texting; it's rather about using more advanced features like video calls, phone calls, and gift delivery—it actually helps to get closer to someone you've never met in real life. 

If you follow these simple tips, you'll be able to find a perfect match pretty easily and, most importantly, without losing your money on scammers or, in the best-case scenario, useless services. 


“Meeting women in Colombia has almost become mainstream, and men from this country are actually no less popular. The only thing one who's considering the idea of starting a relationship with someone from Colombia should do is choose the right Colombian dating service.  

Set your priorities and specific goals, and you won't go wrong with a choice. If you'd like to narrow the search to the best options, you can find them all in the table we provide at the very beginning of our guide.” 

Dating expert at datingsites.org 


Is there a legit Colombian dating site? 

Yes, there are platforms where you can meet Columbian women and men and have a great online dating experience. Such websites must meet multiple requirements—provide good moderation, a high level of safety, advanced communication tools, etc. If you're looking for legit sites to start a casual or serious relationship with someone from Colombia, you can find 7 great options in our guide. 

What's the best Colombian dating site? 

The truth if every user should choose a dating site considering their own criteria—that's how the best website can be actually found. Nonetheless, our research has shown that La-Date can be considered one of the best sites to meet a Colombian woman or man because it suits the needs of most international singles and has some innovative features that significantly improve the online dating experience. 

How to meet Colombians online? 

If you're going to meet Colombian women or men online, you can choose between a few main options: social media websites that are entirely free to use, chat rooms with singles from different countries and regions, including Latin America, and popular dating apps with members worldwide, and niche online dating sites that are designed for Colombian singles and international singles who'd like to meet and date them. 

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