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Top 10 Professional Herpes Dating Sites & Apps For HSV Dating

In this article, we'll cover the advantages and disadvantages of using professional herpes dating sites compared to traditional dating sites. We will select 5 leading professional herpes dating sites - PositiveSingles, MPWH, MeetPositives, HSVSingles, and HDate - and compare them to 5 of the most popular traditional mainstream dating apps - Match, Bumble, eHarmony, Tinder, and OkCupid.

Top 10 Professional Herpes Dating Sites & Apps for HSV Dating

If you're living with herpes, you probably know that the whole dating scene can be a bit tricky when it comes to sharing your STI status. It's not uncommon to feel judged or rejected on regular dating sites. But hey, good news – there are plenty of professional dating sites that create a much more understanding and secure space for herpes singles to connect. They call them STD dating sites, and they're like a little safe haven for STD friends.

Guess what? Research actually shows that 60% of positive singles on these sites have way better dates compared to the usual mainstream dating apps. No need to stress about judgment or rejection – these herpes dating sites make it super easy to have open and honest conversations right from the get-go. You can just focus on getting to know someone without the whole anxiety of when to spill the beans about your health.

Oh, and here's the cool part – these sites check their members to make sure everyone is cool, respectful, and there for the right reasons. No weird stuff, just genuine connections. And get this – matches on these special STD dating sites are way more likely to turn into second and third dates compared to the traditional dating apps. So, there's a real chance of forming some meaningful connections with other awesome singles living with herpes.

It's like being part of this niche community where understanding singles come together, saving you time and energy. No more dealing with ignorant or insulting comments about your condition. With HSV dating sites, you finally get the understanding and respect you deserve from someone who gets it.

Purpose of the Article – Comparing Professional Herpes Dating Sites vs Traditional Dating Apps

In this article, we'll cover the advantages and disadvantages of using professional herpes dating sites compared to traditional dating sites. We will select 5 leading professional herpes dating sites - PositiveSingles, MPWH, MeetPositives, HSVSingles, and HDate - and compare them to 5 of the most popular traditional mainstream dating apps - Match, Bumble, eHarmony, Tinder, and OkCupid.

On the herpes dating site, we will look closely at PositiveSingles, MPWH, MeetPositives, HSVSingles, and H-Date. These dating platforms cater specifically to positive singles living with STDs like HSV, HIV, HPV and more. We'll compare pricing, features, and user base across these top herpes dating sites with those of traditional dating sites.

As for traditional dating sites, we’ll compare popular apps like Match, Bumble, eHarmony, Tinder, and OkCupid to the top professional herpes dating sites. These sites usually don't focus on specific interests but are open to all kinds of members. We'll outline the pros and cons of using these versus HSV dating sites. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of professional herpes dating sites and traditional dating apps side-by-side, we can highlight the unique characteristics of each...

Top 1 Face-Off – PositiveSingles vs Match


PositiveSingles is a large and confidential HSV dating community for people with herpes and other STDs who want to date and socialize. It's the best of its kind, with over 2 million members. It started in 2001 and brings together the most supportive singles with STDs. On the other hand, Match.com is one of the largest regular dating websites. It began in 1995 and uses matching algorithms to connect singles looking for serious relationships. But it doesn't focus on people with health conditions like PositiveSingles does.


PositiveSingles - PositiveSingles has been around the longest for people with herpes and other STDs, helping this group for over 20 years. It understands their special needs. It's a safe and non-judgmental place where you can talk openly about having an STD, something you can't do on traditional dating sites like Match.

Match - Match uses tests and tools to connect people based on personality, but it doesn't have the know-how or features to support those living with STDs like PositiveSingles does.


PositiveSingles - PositiveSingles has a drawback because it only caters to STD friends, which means if you don't have an STD, it's not the right place for you.

Match - Match.com, on the other hand, is open to only non-STD members searching for love. Furthermore, Match doesn't have the community or resources for those dealing with the challenges of dating with an STD, while PositiveSingles has tons of features and a supportive community who understand the needs of people living with STDs.


PositiveSingles - PositiveSingles has membership plans starting at $29.95 for one month. If you go for the 3-month or 6-month plans, you get discounts, making it the more budget-friendly option.

Match - Match.com charges higher monthly rates, and their basic 3-month plan costs $103.35. Match.com also uses a credits system for certain exclusive features, making it the more expensive choice.

Key Features

PositiveSingles - PositiveSingles offers lots of special features, including anonymous STD Q&A forums, access to counselors 24/7, instant messaging, iOS and Android mobile apps, and advice for first dates. It also provides members with access to upload private albums, make their profiles anonymous, read success stories, and use a health testing locator to get tested for STDs.

Match - Match, on the other hand, is more focused on using algorithms for matching people and video chatting. If you're just trying out PositiveSingles, there are some features you can use for free. This is helpful for testing the site before committing to a paid membership. On the other hand, Match has very few features available for free members, so there are limitations if you're not ready to pay yet.

User Base

PositiveSingles - PositiveSingles has truly grown over the last 20 years, gaining over 2 million members who are dealing with conditions like herpes, HPV, hepatitis, and HIV. This herpes dating site welcomes both straight and LGBTQ members. The majority of its user base falls within the age range of 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Match - Match, with over 10 million members, represents a diverse group of non-STD members seeking love online but doesn't specifically address the needs of those with STDs.

In conclusion, Match is a popular dating site for the general public, whereas PositiveSingles has dedicated over two decades to addressing the specific needs of the STD dating community. With supportive services that aim to destigmatize and a huge, understanding membership base, PositiveSingles stands out as the best herpes dating app for those seeking acceptance and love while navigating life with an STD.

Top 2 Face-Off – MPWH vs Bumble


MPWH (Meet People With Herpes) is one of the leading herpes dating communities exclusively catering to the 1 million+ singles living with HSV worldwide. Launched in 1999, it offers 24 years of specialized experience serving positive singles seeking safe, judgment-free dating and relationships without stigma. In contrast, Bumble is a more mainstream dating platform founded in 2014 now registering over 100 million downloads globally. However, Bumble does not focus on the unique needs of daters with STDs.


MPWH - As the original herpes-focused matching site for 24 years and counting, MPWH intimately understands the challenges faced by positive singles. It provides supportive community forums, blogs and expert-vetted advice to empower members as they navigate dating with HSV. MPWH creates a stigma-free atmosphere to openly discuss topics like transmission and living well with herpes.

Bumble - Bumble alternatively prioritizes women’s choice by requiring ladies to initiate conversation with matches first within 24 hours before expiration. This helps reduce harassment in online dating, although time limits can also create pressure.


MPWH - MPWH exclusively serves singles with herpes, so it will not suit folks unaffected by STDs. MPWH only allows people with herpes to join its site, not those with other STDs like HIV, HPV, or other viruses.

Bumble - Being forced to communicate within 24 hours on Bumble can be difficult for career-oriented women balancing work schedules and personal life demands. Bumble doesn't specifically help singles facing health challenges, and it doesn't provide the support that niche communities like MPWH offer.


MPWH - MPWH gives you the option to get premium access at a low monthly cost of $29.95. If you want even better savings, you can go for the yearly membership at just $143.95 in total, which is like paying $12 per month.

Bumble - Bumble has a flexible pay-as-you-go system. You can choose 1-day passes, weekly plans, monthly plans, or credit bundles. However, these options may end up costing more than MPWH's straightforward subscription that offers unlimited access.

Key Features

MPWH - MPWH is unique because it offers specific tools designed for real-world dating for STD friends. It has a special matching system called FLAME, similar to the swipe-based approach of Tinder, but it's geared towards fostering positive connections for those with herpes. MPWH provides features like instant messaging, a rigorous verification process for profiles to ensure a safe community, supportive blogs and forums, dating advice, safety tips, and mobile apps available on iOS and Android.

Bumble - Unlike MPWH, Bumble targets a wider audience and is designed to meet the social and professional networking needs of general single adults without specific health conditions. Bumble provides separate sections for dating, finding friends (BFF), and professional networking (Bizz).

User Base

MPWH - Now serving over 1 million registered members for over 20 years strong, MPWH has established itself as the go-to community brimming with fellow HSV+ singles who intimately understand the unique joys and trials that come with dating while managing outbreaks. Many of its members are from the United States, and the male-to-female ratio is 2:1.

Bumble - Bumble’s millions of weekly users reflect standard dating app demographics rather than specifically supporting the requirements of niche communities like PositiveSingles. Bumble members have an average age of 29, with 63% of users identified as female and 37% as male.

MPWH goes the extra mile to understand private struggles with herpes while facilitating meaningful connections. So for women and men hesitant to discuss STDs on mainstream apps, MPWH remains the #1 judgment-free dating site empowering members to safely and confidently find romance regardless of HSV status.

Top 3 Face-Off – MeetPositives vs EHarmony


MeetPositives is an STD dating site for people with STDs like Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis, and HPV. It started in 2019 and is a special community for positive singles dealing with these conditions. MeetPositives is different because it focuses on creating a space without judgment for those facing stigma on traditional dating sites like the well-known eHarmony. While eHarmony has been around for a long time and has matched millions of people based on their personalities, it doesn't specifically cater to the needs of those with STDs. If you're looking for a dating platform that understands your situation, MeetPositives might be the right fit for you!


MeetPositives - MeetPositives has helped people with STDs for more than 20 years. Unlike other sites, it's unique because members openly share their health status on profiles, making matchmaking safer. Users can also upload test results, and the platform focuses on keeping things private and ethical. It understands the special needs of positive dating that other sites might miss.

eHarmony - eHarmony, while not designed specifically for STDs, has several years of experience in match making based on compatibility scores. It's great for singles looking for meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


MeetPositives - MeetPositives is growing quickly and operates in the United States, UK, Australia, and Canada, but finding local matches can be a bit tough, especially depending on where you live.

eHarmony - eHarmony, even with millions of users looking for straight and LGBTQ+ relationships, isn't specifically designed for positive singles dealing with judgment due to their health status.


MeetPositives - MeetPositives is affordable for those on a budget, costing $27 for a 1 month subscription. This herpes dating site also has 3 and 6-month packages.

eHarmony - Meanwhile, eHarmony charges higher prices ranging from $360 for 6 months to $718 for an annual membership.

Key Features

MeetPositives - MeetPositives takes care of all the essentials, such as displaying STD types on profiles, verifying test results, and offering user-friendly matching tools. Additionally, it provides premium access to STD dating, support tools, and privacy protections. This herpes dating site also includes community forums and educational blogs on living with conditions.

eHarmony - In contrast, eHarmony has had time to perfect personality-based matchmaking for singles looking for committed relationships. This includes features like compatibility ratings, guided communication, and identity authentication. However, it lacks specific features tailored for individuals navigating the challenges of dating with STDs.

User Base

MeetPositives - In just two years, MeetPositives has gained over 200,000 registered members under the age of 50, with 52% being male and 48% being female positive singles. It's quickly expanding beyond North America.

eHarmony - In contrast, eHarmony has over 30 million straight and LGBTQ+ members seeking relationships, most of whom are between 30-50 years of age. However, this community is not very welcoming of STD singles.

Essentially, eHarmony focuses on helping personality-matched singles prepare for long-term commitment and marriage. MeetPositives takes it a step further by empowering individuals with STDs to confidently date again. It does this by specifically matching those managing STDs, creating safe and ethical connections built on trust and understanding, which helps reduce judgment in the dating process.

Top 4 Face-Off – HSVSingles vs Tinder

Launched in 2002, HSVSingles is a herpes dating site catering to over 1 million singles living with HSV1 or HSV2. Its niche focus provides a judgment-free platform for members to date with herpes honestly and openly. On the flip side, Tinder is a hugely popular mobile dating app that started in 2012. Tinder made it simple to check out profiles and find matches by swiping. With a huge user group of more than 75 million young people globally, Tinder is famous for making fast and easy connections, leaning more towards casual hookups than serious relationships.


HSVSingles - With over 20 years of experience in the realm of STD matchmaking, HSVSingles sets itself apart by providing valuable insights from health experts and members who truly grasp the challenges of relationships with chronic STD conditions. Unlike traditional dating sites where rejection is a concern, HSVSingles fosters a supportive community for STD friends, offering genuine and understanding companionship.

Tinder - On the flip side, Tinder has thrived by putting convenience first. Its rapid mobile matching relies heavily on attraction and proximity, making it a go-to option for those seeking fast connections.


HSVSingles - While generally active, HSVSingles makes finding prospects difficult sometimes, especially if one’s local area lacks members also living with STDs.

Tinder - Yet, Tinder's reliance on location-based matching can result in minimal success for singles in less populated areas or specific demographics.


HSVSingles - HSVSingles offers premium features starting at affordable rates like $24.99 for 1 month. This herpes dating site also offers subscription packages for 3 months and 12 months.

Tinder - Tinder offers a basic free experience, but additional features can be accessed through in-app purchases or premium plans. For instance, Tinder Platinum is available for $35.99 as a one-month option.

Key Features

HSVSingles - HSVSingles establishes trust with specialized features such as HSV question forums, dating tips, and verified STD tests, creating an open-minded community for those with herpes. Members enjoy perks like a chat room, a section for first date ideas, and an Invisible Mode for added privacy.

Tinder - Tinder, known for pioneering mobile-first matching, focuses on quick profile viewing and messaging for mutually attracted matches. The Tinder app is available on Android and iOS, featuring an instant matching feature. Despite these functionalities, it falls short in offering education on safe or guidance for sensitive health disclosures.

User Base

HSVSingles - HSVSingles currently serves a well-established community of over 1 million singles dealing with oral or genital herpes, focusing specifically on HSV+ connections. HSVSingles maintains a balanced gender distribution, with 50% male members and 50% female members.

Tinder - Tinder, with its massive user base of 75+ million globally, is more popular among 18-30 year olds seeking casual flings and generally caters to mainstream demographics rather than niche groups dealing with chronic STDs.

While Tinder has revolutionized mobile dating with its simple signup and location-based matching, HSV Singles goes above and beyond to support singles dealing with the personal challenges of dating while managing chronic viral STDs, away from judgmental eyes. If you're looking for quick hookups, Tinder may be sufficient, but for a deeper understanding, support, and meaningful relationships while managing herpes, HSVSingles stands out as the preferred choice.

Top 5 Face-Off – H-Date vs OkCupid

H Date, a growing herpes dating site, began in 2008, serving thousands of individuals dealing with different STDs. The site's motto, "find love without judgment," fosters an inclusive community for members to date without feeling self-conscious about conditions like herpes, HIV, or hepatitis. On the other hand, OkCupid, a mainstream dating site since 2004, has connected millions of users looking for casual dating in a less unified community.


H-Date - At H-Date, people living with STDs have the best support from a community of people who are understanding. It has loads of information to educate positive singles and it is free to register and test out the site before commitment.

OkCupid - OkCupid has established itself as a popular free option for singles searching romantic connections online. It is great for people looking for a traditional dating site that isn’t focused on a specific niche group.


H-Date - H-Date has limited dating features and a smaller member base than most herpes dating sites, with only 58,000 singles.

OkCupid - Yet, signing up on OkCupid takes a long time. New members must answer many questions first about what they believe and what they like. Some people find answering all these questions tiring. They take up too much time just to join. Even though OkCupid says they check profiles are real, the site still fights fake profiles and scammers tricking people. So even when it says profiles are checked, some people still run into fake profiles. This sends a mixed message about safety.


H-Date - H-Date offers subscriptions at $29 for a 1 month subscription, with 3 to 6 month premium membership options available as well.

OkCupid - OkCupid offers free search functionalities; however, for an ad-free premium experience, the cost starts at a minimum of $44.99 per month.


H-Date - H-Date provides forums and chat rooms where members with STDs can openly discuss first date ideas, treatment options, and offer mental support during challenging diagnosis.

OkCupid - OkCupid matches people based on quiz results. New members take personality quizzes when they sign up. OkCupid uses these quiz answers to match people up. But after people finish the quizzes, OkCupid does not have creative questions for them to discuss. And there are no groups or activities for making friends. This means less chances for members to bond.

User Base

H-Date - Most H-Date users are 30 to 40+ years old. They live in North America. Of the 58,000+ members are women and men with herpes, HPV or HIV. They want to date others who understand what they go through.

OkCupid - The majority of OkCupid users are 25 to 34 years old. They are some of the 57 million members not looking for specific health support. They use OkCupid for many types of connections - from casual dates to long term relationships.

OkCupid matches people who share beliefs. But H-Date gives support that is hard to find elsewhere. Singles facing rejection after getting lifelong STDs can feel accepted on H-Date. They learn and get confidence through the understanding community. This can lead to connections improving their outlook.

Dating With Herpes – Why It's Easier Than You Think

For people who've recently learned they have herpes, they might be wondering: how can I date with herpes? Well, let me tell you, it can seem a bit challenging at first. Balancing dating with managing outbreaks means thinking about how to avoid passing it on. And, bringing up your herpes status too soon might not be the best move.

But here's the sunny side: with the right approach, you can still have fantastic relationships. The trick is to know where to put your energy. Instead of trying to explain herpes to someone who might not get it, why not check out an awesome herpes dating site like PositiveSingles?

On platforms like these designed just for STD friends, everyone already knows the score about herpes. That means you can skip the nerve-wracking talks and sidestep misconceptions. Instead, you get to enjoy cool dates without worrying that your condition will be a deal breaker. Find supportive sites that welcome everyone with STDs, where you don't need to explain too much.

Many PositiveSingles members say the connections they make on the site are life-changing compared to other HSV dating sites. And with so many people on the site, it gives you more of a chance to find the perfect match.

So, while dealing with the virus might throw a few curveballs, don't lose heart. Joining communities like PositiveSingles that have your best interest means less loneliness and fewer judgments. With the right dating plan tailor-made for your lifestyle, you can still build awesome bonds with amazing people. It's all about finding the bright side!

Feeling Confident While Dating With Herpes

Being diagnosed with herpes definitely shakes up your dating life. But with the right game plan, you can still meet wonderful romantic partners who like you for who you are – health condition and all! Here are tips to make dating with herpes easier:

  1. First, educate yourself on managing outbreaks comfortably so you feel empowered, not embarrassed by HSV. Understanding transmission risks and medications available prevents overthinking when getting intimate.
  2.  Bring up your status whenever it feels right - this is your personal journey. A supportive partner will appreciate your honesty. If met with nastiness or ghosting don’t take it personally. Not everyone deserves access to your body.
  3. Check out dating app profiles that mention "open to STDs" or "don't judge me." This hints at a more accepting atmosphere, signaling less stigma. When faced with discouraging reactions, engaging in stress-relieving activities, such as journaling, can boost confidence. Remember, you know your worth!
  4.  For the best results in finding connections that understand and accept STDs, skip traditional dating sites. Instead, choose a community like PositiveSingles , created specifically for relationships where herpes is a non-issue among matches who share similar stories.
  5.  The acceptance and support from herpes community groups are unmatched. Though sharing your status may seem scary at first, you soon discover that members deeply relate, forming genuine friendships and improving your outlook. Dating with herpes becomes less of a hassle when you know there's no judgment among your community.

The journey teaches you empathy, builds thicker skin, and helps you recognize who truly deserves access to the fantastic person that you are! Through each vulnerable conversation, you play a role in normalizing STDs in society as well.

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