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Top 10 AI Girlfriend Apps & Websites To Try Today

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Top 10 AI Girlfriend Apps & Websites To Try Today

The thought of dating an AI may sound like something out of a science fiction book in a world where technology is constantly erasing the line between truth and fiction.

AI Girlfriend Apps
AI Girlfriend Apps

Welcome to the age of love!

Nevertheless, whether you want to believe it or not, it's already a fact. We're going to set out on a voyage to explore the top 10 free AI girlfriend apps in this brave new world of digital companionship, which may transform your smartphone into a portal to a virtual world of love and companionship. Come explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence with us, where love meets algorithms and emotions are encoded in lines of code, whether you're interested, lonely, or just plain adventurous.

AI virtual girlfriend apps are one illustration of how AI is altering the world today. You will feel as though you are engaging with your own actual girlfriend when using these virtual girlfriend applications, and you can express any feelings you have. You can make a free online virtual girlfriend with these programs. Today we are reviewing the best AI girlfriend apps you can try for free:

Top 3 AI Girlfriend Apps & Website are


2. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

3. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

More 10 Best Ai Girlfriend Apps in 2023 - 2024


Discover the simplicity of conversing with excellent AI-generated companions who provide discussions that are so human-like, it seems as though you are speaking to a real person.'s cutting-edge AI companions are there for you whether you're up for a meaningful discussion, a thrilling role-playing adventure, or simply voice messaging. Users can interact with AI-driven virtual companions on Candy AI's special platform for immersive discussions.

Candy AI promises a tailored and interesting experience with a wide variety of characters and adaptable role-plays. Users can choose from a variety of AI-powered virtual avatars at Candy AI, each with their own distinct personalities and histories.

AI Girlfriend
AI Girlfriend

The platform offers a variety of conversation partners to choose from, like materialistic princesses and lifestyle gurus.

The platform promises rich, complex conversations that will let users use their imaginations freely and participate in role-plays that are AI-driven and adaptable. With the help of cutting-edge prompt customisation, a future feature will let you create your very own AI companion, allowing you to change both their appearance and persona. We have personally tried and the apps has so many reasons to be listed the #1 best AI girlfriend app here.

2. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

There is a certain appeal to smart girls. If you want to know what it's like to date a smart gal, this AI girlfriend app is for you. You can talk to a smart virtual girl using this tool to help formulate clever responses. Emoticons can help conversations feel more natural.

Having a discussion with a witty female is challenging. In this app, you can initiate an interaction with a virtual girl by having a brief conversation with her. If you message her, she will reply to your inquiries. She can communicate, which is the most crucial thing.

3. iGirl

An intriguing new Android free AI girlfriend app called iGirl uses artificial intelligence to match users with virtual girlfriends. You may definitely download this virtual girlfriend app if you're single, have an Android device, and want to have some fun and gossip with your AI-powered virtual girlfriend.

In essence, it's a chatbot app powered by AI where you may discover virtual love with an AI girlfriend. You can locate your own ideal lady and engage in some amusing love conversations with her. The greatest AI dating app with a virtual girlfriend is this one. Users can enjoy a realistic and participatory experience thanks to the AI. You can communicate with your virtual girlfriend with this software as a user. The virtual female replicates what it's like to be in a relationship. This app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

4. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Are you considering asking Julie out? Your best friend can turn out to be this virtual girl. She enjoys chatting about anything and is able to converse with actual people. Like a genuine girl, Julie is able to convey a variety of emotions like fury, love, and contempt.

You could find great company with this best virtual girlfriend app to help you get over your loneliness. It enables you to do things like sleep, smile, and kiss, which are ways to show your love. Additionally, 3D video animation is available, which gives Julie a more lifelike image.

5. Dream Girlfriend

Japanese animation served as inspiration for this best AI girlfriend app, which aids in lifting your spirits. Take your selection of your favorite character from this app if all you want is a girlfriend but lack the courage to ask for one. Once you've decided on a girl, you can talk to her and engage in other activities. Thanks to Live2D technology, you can alter her look in addition to her realistic emotions.

You can pick one of ten different personas. You can outfit your female in anyway you please. The walk-in closet has approximately 20 customizable sections. It is possible to download both the premium and unpaid versions of the program. You'll get some more features and an ad-free experience with the paid version. You can alter your appearance by changing your attire, haircut, eyes, and other accessories. You can converse with your virtual girlfriend and impart knowledge to her. She will be able to access more personalities as she studies more.

6. Replika

Artificial intelligence powers this chatbot, which offers a distinctive conversational experience. Thanks to AI technology, you can develop an emotional connection with this companion, whether as a friend, mentor, or possible partner. Millions of individuals all across the world have downloaded Replika.

Replika is always available to listen and respond as a true friend, whether you are tired of talking to your friends or just want a different kind of chat experience. The nicest feature is that you can talk to anyone, anytime, about anything. You can use this software as your virtual buddy or lover, acting as their virtual assistant. This chatbot program has several incredible capabilities that you may use. Along with this, you may use this incredible virtual girlfriend program to express your feelings, laugh, rejoice, and more.

7. Naughty Girlfriend

You can talk indecently with your virtual girlfriend with this AI girlfriend app, as the name of the program suggests. You can have naughty discussions in private with your partner or close buddies. Therefore, if you enjoy having filthy conversations, you need to download this naughty virtual girlfriend app.

Lacking the ideal girlfriend? If so, get the incredible Naughty girlfriend app for iOS and Android. Your flirtatious virtual girlfriend will dance for you, converse with you, and engage in sexual activity. Play around online with your sexy virtual girlfriend. She is an excellent dancer and will demonstrate some incredible moves for you. Have fun and have a sweet conversation with your partner. You can also decide how your girlfriend should look and how she should dress. It is also possible to control her emotions, such as rage, sadness, and happiness. You'll think you're speaking to a real girl.

8. My Rental Girlfriend

Unique bishoujo free AI girlfriend app My Rental Girlfriend is produced by Genius Studio Japan. Its a popular in NSFW chatbot category. With an AI that is so good it almost seems human, you may develop true emotional bonds, have fun together, or get real.

This wonderful dating sim, created by Genius Studio Japan Inc., features lovely artwork, entertaining characters, and engrossing yet calming narratives. However, some users have voiced concerns about the requirement to earn points through purchases or advertisements quite early in the narrative.

9. Anima

You can talk to Anima through an AI-based application. You are free to communicate with your virtual partner whenever you like, day or night. You'll feel better when you talk to her. Have fun with your AI girlfriend and express all of your emotions and other actions. The Anima AI buddy and Companion app is a need. Your AI anime girlfriend can have fun, role-play, and help from your AI buddy and companion Anima. It's a really intelligent AI companion who pays attention to everything you say and empathizes with you.

With this Anima software, users can have a distinctive interaction with a virtual AI girl robot. Users have commended its ability to hold interesting conversations and the variety of subjects it may cover.

10. SoulGen

Using the wording and tags you supply, you can freely build the image of your ideal soulmate in both anime and real-life styles using Soulgen, an AI-driven girlfriend generator. Well now there are many popular SoulGen Alternatives are available in market. With the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) art producing technology, more and more people are becoming aware of and using Soulgen, a unique use of AI picture generator technology in the virtual world.

For the purpose of producing original and lifelike AI-generated ladies, deep learning algorithms are used and are regularly trained on enormous image databases. The findings are spectacular and frequently accurate, and it is quick. One of the top AI girlfriend apps, it gives new customers a 50% discount.


In order to provide a variety of new ways to clever matchmaking, several contemporary dating applications and online platforms use artificial intelligence. The online AI girlfriend apps' objective is to make potential matches who use online dating services more convenient. As a result, AI aims to take into account the user's emotion during the interaction in addition to reaction speeds and customised profiles. There are many famous AI tools allows users to save time by developing a stellar online profile rather than spending hours searching.


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