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Steroid injections: Injectable Steroids For Sale Online Benefits, Results, Side Effects

Injecting steroids can be too tricky for the newbies that are about to join the "steroid community."

Steroid injections

Bodybuilders know that getting juiced up is not all that simple when there are injections involved! When you reach the advanced level, injecting substances may become more of a norm. Yet, none can deny that the first few shots are always the most intimidating! Click Here to Visit Official Steroids for sale website

Speaking from experience, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. But as a fitness coach and mentor, I have a lot to share from these experiences. Make sure that my intention is not to encourage the use of illegal and dangerous anabolic steroids at any point. I, too, have personally switched from anabolics to legal steroids for some health concerns. Click Here to Visit Official Steroids for sale website

Steroid injections for beginners:

Injecting steroids can be too tricky for the newbies that are about to join the "steroid community." While there are no hard and fast rules to follow here, there are some factors to consider that can elevate your status from novice to confident injector!

Here is a comprehensive guide for you to follow the right steroid injection practices for optimum bodybuilding results. Following the process in the correct order will not only produce results. But it will also keep you from making those health blunders you are about to make at length. Click Here to Visit Official Steroids for sale website

Key considerations and homework:

Of course, this is not like gulping some premeditated oral pill down your throat here! This is more like a conscious dosing practice that demands some level of preparation from enthusiasts new to it.

So yes, you must think twice about the equipment you will need, and the safety and accuracy of the process. If not, you may end up taking a wrong take off that will ultimately pull your health down. Not only that, it can ignite full-blown medical complications that may vary in intensity like nerve damage to septic shock.

Thus, make sure you are in a position to reduce these risks from high to low. For that, take these essential considerations in to account:

  • Arrange all the necessary supplies beforehand
  • Every item should be new and unopened
  • Arrange new needles and avoid reusing and sharing
  • Take needed measures to get rid of the used needles
  • Do not fill the syringe unless it’s time to inject
  • Avoid the syringe coming in contact with any surface, including your breath

Types of steroid injections:

In general, health professionals divide injectable steroid administration into three categories:

  • Intramuscular injection (injected into the side thigh muscle or UOQ of the buttock)
  • Subcutaneous injection (into the lower abdominal skin)
  • Intramuscular injection (into the middle delts)

Each of these methods encompasses its distinctive guidelines and contraindications. Which of the ones suit you and your fitness regimen largely depends on the type of anabolic steroid you prefer.

Intravenous injections:

In the medical community, intravenous (IV) administration is one of the most common methods of administering medications. Owing to its very critical nature, it is a procedure that professionals follow, ensuring extensive levels of hygiene.

However, the method is equally common in the bodybuilding community to consume dangerous substances for body and performance enhancement.


Essentially, health experts advise against the use of anabolic steroids, especially intravenously. This is due to the fact that the oil-based solution that houses these substances is not very healthy.

Injecting steroids intravenously could lead to some serious aftermaths, with evidence suggesting the onset of acute respiratory distress. This occurs when you accidentally strike a vein while aiming at some muscle to inject the solution. Not only could it affect the arteries and veins, but injecting steroids into the veins could cause venipuncture, leading to the spread of oil in the bloodstream. A condition like this could result in dyspnea and, in extreme cases, death.

Hence, make sure that the entire process should not instigate any waste of blood. If so, remove the syringe and choose some other spot to inject.

Intramuscular injections:

Similarly, it is another popular method to take anabolic steroids that involves your muscles, unlike your veins. The purpose is to inject the drug deeper into the tissues so that it can make its way to the blood via tiny veins. This is to prevent direct contact between the substance and the blood.

Steroids that go through IM methods take less time to absorb and work. Moreover, you can increase the dosage strength through intramuscular injections, which is rather limiting for others. Though, ideally, you should not exceed the 2 mL limit with every injection.

Essentially, there are many spots that you can “utilize” to inject the substance to prevent repetition and pain. In general, bodybuilders prefer places encompassing those bigger body muscles, like the buttock and thigh. With time, you can determine your most suitable spot on the basis of the drug and the degree of pain.

Using steroids through intramuscular route should not lead to any bleeding. If so, it is a sign that you have wrongly targeted some vein or artery and not the muscle tissue. In this case, stop the procedure then and there and locate some other area to avoid blood waste. Make sure to penetrate deeper into the muscle so that you can keep the occurrence of swelling at bay.

Subcutaneous injections:

As the name suggests, it involves taking steroids by inserting a needle into the layers of the skin. Unlike the IM injections, it is a shallow insertion and one of the least common for steroidal use. Although, it is especially common when taking other substances like HGH, insulin, and peptides.

In general, the steroids that pass through SQ or sub-Q injections are water-based compounds, as opposed to oil-based compounds. And, unlike the IM method, it only allows for a light concentration of liquid and not a heavy one.

As per experts, subcutaneous injections are as useful in optimizing the blood concentration of the drug as intramuscular injections. The key, however, is to insert it carefully, as there is an equal risk of swelling.

Essential supplies:

By now, you may know the routes you can take to inject your steroids. And it’s time to learn the supplies you will need for your cycle. So the most basic yet imperative accessories you need to possess are:

  • Syringes
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Alcohol pads


So this is the "container" that holds your liquid during insertion. In general, you come across syringes in the 3–5 mL range; they may or may not include a needle. Thankfully, it is a cheap buy that does not demand a fortune, so you can easily gather some just in case.


Many bodybuilders prefer insulin syringes over regular ones for subcutaneous injections. This is because it encompasses a rather smaller 1 mL capacity that makes injecting substances like steroids, peptides, insulin, etc. more convenient. These syringes are, however, not suitable for intramuscular or intravenous injections that require slightly higher doses.

Hypodermic needles:

This is the metallic element that comes into contact with your muscle. It is available in a variety of gauges (sizes and thicknesses) and lengths, as we all know. While choosing your needles, you need to emphasize some essential factors. For example, the solution vial and needle size that best suits your needs.

Alcohol swabs:

This is for utmost sanitation as well as sterility, which are imperatives before you inject your steroids. Moreover, you should grab some bandages too, as you may want to mask those injecting spots later.

Of course, there will be a need to use fresh, sterile accessories every time. So, its better buy this stuff in bulk to avoid inconvenience and reuse.

Procedure to use intramuscular injections:

Many of the steroids that we come across for recreational purposes use intramuscular routes to get into our body. And hence covers more than 2/3rd of the overall steroid ratio. Likewise, it is essential to note that only a handful of steroids complement the intravenous whereas different kinds of compounds generally suits the Sub-Q methods.

When it comes to any kind of injectable, one must ensure maximum safety. Using new syringes and needles each time guarantees neat organization and, most importantly, hygiene. The procedure of intramuscular injections (IM Injection) is no exception.


In order to perform an IM injection, one would require the appropriate apparatus. This includes syringes of 3-5 mL depending on dosage and needles of 1-1.5 inches in thickness depending on muscle thickness.

Use a different needle to draw out the solution from its container. Though, do not use the same needle for drawing and injecting. You will also need 2 alcohol wipes and a bandage by your side.

The procedure is just as simple and does not call for a medical expert.

Following the steps, a user would be good to go. The steps to perform an IM injection are:

  • Sanitize your hands, sterilize the steroid container, and use new syringes and needles
  • Draw the solution, and make sure to withdraw all the bubbles appearing at the tip after drawing the solution
  • Piece through the needle keeping it in a 90° position. Make sure to keep a slow and steady pace
  • To check the accuracy of your procedure, pull back the plunger. If you spot any blood, it is a sign that you have accidentally hit the vein. If yes, end the process then and there, if not, continue
  • With a slow but gradual pace, inject the solution and remove the syringe
  • Cover the area with a bandage now

Now, keep the muscle active and rotate it periodically. This may result in a shorter time of recovery.

Procedure to use Subcutaneous Injections:

Subcutaneous injections do not penetrate that deeply into fat tissue, operating just beneath the skin. The surface upon which it is usually injected is abdominal tissue.


The apparatus that is essential to performing this injection is an insulin syringe, two alcohol pads, and a bandage.

The steps to follow while piercing to subcutaneous levels are similar to those for an IM injection. Similarly, make sure to take hygiene as seriously as you can.

  • Using an alcohol wipe, sterilize the lid of the container containing the solution
  • Repeat the process at the spot where you are about to inject your steroid, letting it dry for 30 seconds
  • Use new syringes and needles, and draw the prescribed solution by positioning the container at a 90-degree angle. This would pour as smoothly as a warm knife in butter
  • To aim at the right spot that is underneath the skin, pinch the skin lightly and inject into the surface. Keep in mind that the target is the fatty tissue and not the muscle. Hence, keep your angle slight and not direct
  • This is the time to inject the steroid at a gradual but steady pace
  • Since there is no need to aspirate with this method, you can easily remove the needle now
  • Cover the spot with a bandage and voila, you are done with the process

The entire procedure should not result in bleeding. If this occurs, discontinue the practice and repeat it carefully. The subcutaneous procedure is delicate; you must concentrate because you do not want to go too deep. A steady hand and a calm mind would ensure that no accidents take place.

Steroid injection side effects:

Before injecting steroids, it is common to find yourself in a pool of questions. For example, what is my body reaction after an injection? What is the right amount to inject? What if I hit some vein and not my muscle and end up making a trip to the hospital?

Well, is completely normal to make mistakes. All would be fine if we knew what a minor issue was and what a major issue was. When to relax and when to make haste?

These complications are plentiful and vary in criticality. Some of the common complications include injecting in the wrong spot or in the same spot too often, which can cause inflammation or irritation.

When performing a subcutaneous injection, you may also inject on a nerve or a muscle. Chances are that you may inject too deeply into a muscle when the target was fatty tissue beneath the skin.

One can’t avoid making mistakes. Education equips us to rectify these mistakes before they grow into crises. Lack of experience results in complications. However, as the user gains control over the nerve and distinguishes between minor and major causes for concern, it naturally makes fewer and fewer errors.

Overall, some steroid shot side effects are:

  • Pain
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Infections
  • Cough

FAQs about steroid injections:

What are the side effects of steroid shots?

Steroids encapsulate all kinds of complications and side effects, whether you take them through injections or orally. The possible side effects of steroid shots could be:

  • Injecting a vein with the hormone (solution)
  • Injecting a blood vessel, causing internal bleeding
  • Inflammation or irritability on the skin

Where do you inject steroids?

Thick muscles are the hotspots of injecting steroid including buttocks, thighs, and arms. That is usually the norm with all kinds of steroid injections. Make sure to inject deeply and slowly and not hit a nerve in case you target muscles or vice versa.

What happens if you accidentally inject air into muscle?

If you do not follow the procedure to prepare an injection improperly, air could make its way to your muscle. This is usually not a concern, but depending on the muscle and amount, it can cause compartment syndrome. This would not allow blood to reach the area effectively.

Where is the best place to take a steroid shot?

Buttocks, thighs, and arms are the common routes for steroids.

Which steroid injection is best for building muscle?

Many resort to Dianabol for packing on mass at a faster pace.

Does a steroid injection have side effects?

Pain and swelling are some of the aftereffects of injecting steroids. However, using anabolic steroids in the first place leads to full-blown medical complications.

Do you bleed when injecting steroids?

No, bleeding while injecting a steroid is a big sign to "abort mission." It is an indication that one has inadvertently hit a nerve or an artery, which can lead to massive complications.

Does injecting steroids hurt?

Basically, it depends on your tolerance for pain. It is completely natural to feel pain while injecting and even a few minutes later. Keep the area active to stimulate the particular muscle and reduce recovery time.

What’s the most painful steroid to inject?

The smaller the muscle to inject a steroid, the more painful it would seem. And not keeping the area active wouldn’t help relieve pain either.

There is a certain ester that is responsible for the pain. On the basis of this, the most painful steroid to inject is propionate ester.

What are steroid injections used for?

Steroid injections generally aim to enhance muscle growth, fat loss, and record strength in the body. Many also use them to intensify physical performance during competitions and fights.

What happens when you get a steroid injection?

Injecting these artificial hormones is effective for some types of pain and swelling. But in most cases, fitness enthusiasts use steroids to enhance their physical appearance in the form of bigger, better-shaped, and more powerful muscles.

Right after you inject steroids, you may feel a slight pain encompassing the injection site. In some cases, people also observe swelling and discoloration, which are some signs of a normal reaction.

Is a steroid injection safe?

Steroids, whether in the form of injections or oral pills, are equally harmful to one's health. Medical experts have always been vocal about their reservations over these artificial hormones that have time and again, proved to pose great risks for your health.

How long do steroids injections last?

While the answer to this question depends on tissue change, one can assume the average of 30-90 days.

What are the best steroids to take?

Depending on your fitness goals, you can pick a steroid for your regimen. If you wish to gain mass and build dynamic strength, our choice boils down to Dianabol, Trenbolone, and Deca Durabolin. If you want to sculpt your mass by burning off excess fat, Anavar should be your go-to.

Conclusive thoughts:

A high-risk, high-reward mindset would work in the stock market. But not when it comes to health, especially not to steroids. On should take these substances very seriously and inject them carefully as per guidelines.

The users must know the recommendations and follow them religiously, as they could save their lives without causing any discomfort.

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