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QuadAir Drone Reviews – Warning! Is Quad Air Drone Scam Or Trusted?

QuadAir Drone is a portable drone made from high-grade materials. It is a lightweight drone developed by experienced technicians and designers. This drone can capture clear images and videos of different locations.

QuadAir Drone
QuadAir Drone

Does QuadAir Drone capture beautiful panoramic views of the location?  

The popularity of drones is rising everywhere around the globe. Earlier, it was used only for security purposes. But now, the drone is used to capture images and live videos of different places. They are also used for managing traffic. There are several drones in the market with various features, sizes and benefits.  Some drones are made of low-quality materials. They might come with unique features but do not last for a long time. Some drones also get damaged due to rain or snow during harsh weather.  


QuadAir Drone is a portable drone made from high-grade materials. It is a lightweight drone developed by experienced technicians and designers. This drone can capture clear images and videos of different locations. This blog highlights the features, benefits and technical specifications of drones in detail.  

What is QuadAir Drone? 

As the name suggests, QuadAir Drone is a quadcopter drone of small size. It is a portable as well as foldable drone that helps to take aerial photos and capture live videos. It is equipped with a high-quality camera that gives good images and videos.  

Simple controls of the drone make it easy to use this device daily. There are also many flight modes in this drone that work as per your need.  

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Technical specifications of the drone  

  • Gyro: 6 axis 
  • Flight time: high 
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz  
  • Running time: 30 minutes  
  • Battery: 1 x 3.7v 500mah LIPO battery included with drone  
  • FPV range: 30m 
  • Battery life: high 
  • R/C distance: Between 80 and 100 m 
  • Charging time: About 70 minutes  

How does the product work?  

QuadAir Drone is built by skilled engineers and craftsmen. It is designed with the help of sound materials. Premium quality materials never damage or rust in any weather. It has a simple installation and setup. You can also use it with the help of a manual guide.  

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You can change the settings of this device in 2 ways. The first method to control this drone is remote control. It is a tiny remote control with all the settings. You can read the instruction manual and change the settings and angles of this device.  

Another method to control the drone is by downloading an app on your mobile phones. The app is available on Google Play Store. You can easily download and install this app on your smartphone and control drone. Moreover, you can fly the drone in any direction to capture images and record videos.  

This modern drone comes with 4 strong propeller blades. The blades will help to fly this drone in the sky at any height. There is also a screwdriver to attach these blades to the drone’s body and make them tight before flying it. Furthermore, this latest drone can fly at a height of about 80 meters from the ground.

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What are the benefits of using an app to fly the drone?  

You can control the functions of QuadAir Drone via a smart app. There are several benefits of using an app to control this smart drone such as: 

  • You will get the latest updates on the drone’s motions.  
  • It is easy to track the location of the drone from the smart app.  
  • You can know hurdles that come in the way of a drone’s flight.  
  • The new GPS technology provides all the details of the location of drone.  
  • Smart app reduces the risk of drone getting stolen or damaged on the way.  
  • You can control the drone anywhere and anytime using this smart app.  

This smart app works on all smart devices such as Notepad and tablets. It also makes it easy for anyone to control drones without any tools.

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Features of QuadAir Drone 

QuadAir Drone is one of the latest devices to capture images and videos. It is built with various features such as: 

1. HD mode  

Anything captured in HD mode looks special and attractive. This drone catches images and records videos in HD resolution. You will get the most wonderful pictures and videos with this drone. It can also capture 60 frames every second. This drone is a useful device whenever you are traveling a long distance. Moreover, HD mode gives beautiful pictures and videos.  

2. Quick setup   

Many drones have a difficult setup and time-taking installation process. On the other hand, it is very easy to install QuadAir Drone. You do not need any special or costly tools to install it. All you need is a screwdriver to tighten the blades of drone. One does not need professional training or help to fix the blades of this drone. It can be done even by school kids.

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3. One key operation  

Unlike traditional drones that come with complex buttons, QuadAir Drone has simple functions. You have to click on a single key to land your drone or take off from any location. There is no difficult process to fly the drone anywhere. One key operation makes it easy to use this drone regularly.  

4. Ultra-compact drone   

The tiny size of this drone makes it possible to carry it anywhere. You can carry this small drone in your suitcase, sling bag, backpack or even pockets. It is comfortable to take this lightweight drone while going camping, trekking, adventure trips and picnics. Taking photos and videos is so simple with this lightweight drone.  

5. Foldable design  

Another good point in this drone is that it comes with a folding design. You can fold this device after use and take it in any manner. Foldable design also saves spaces on the tables or drawers in which you keep drones. 

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6. Wide angles of lens  

Capturing panoramic views on mobile phones or normal cameras is often a challenge. You cannot cover the large or wider areas in the small devices. QuadAir Drone features a special 120-degree wide-angle lens. This lens opens according to the view and you can cover the full location. It also adjusts as per the area. You will get the most natural panoramic views from this drone.  

7. Special Slo-mo mode  

Whenever you are traveling with your loved ones, it is a memorable moment. This mode helps to record every little detail in your videos. You can do a full recording of your picnics and trips on this drone. It does not let you miss any single moment of your trips and tours. QuadAir Drone makes each trip more memorable.

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8. Long running batteries  

Normal drones do not work for a long time even if you charge their batteries for the full day. This latest drone includes a powerful battery. You can charge this battery once and it can tin for many hours. You can capture innumerable images and record videos during your adventure trips and tours. Long battery life makes this drone a perfect device for outings and hangouts.  

9. Gravity sensor 

Many drones do not identify collisions and get crashed on the way. QuadAir Drone features a gravity sensor that can identify obstacles instantly. It can also change directions whenever it identifies obstacles. This sensor also reduces the risk of collision or damage.

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Benefits of QuadAir Drone 

Made from high-quality materials, QuadAir Drone is a lightweight and portable drone. It gives many benefits such as: 

Perfect device for any weather  

This drone is made up of rust-resistant and waterproof materials. These materials do not rust due to water, wind, wind or sunrays. You can use this lightweight drone anywhere and in any weather. It does not damage due to harsh climatic conditions or strong winds.  

Good for filmmaking  

Do you want to become a successful filmmaker in the future? Choose this drone for filmmaking. It is one of the best drones for recording premium quality videos. You can also shoot the full film without any issue on this device. It is also a good drone for professional videographers.

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Ideal for many occasions  

Because of its compact size, QuadAir Drone can be used for various occasions. You can use this drone to shoot weddings, parties, seminars and events. It can travel a large distance thereby covering many events. You can capture some of the best videos and images of family functions and occasions with this drone.  

Wi-Fi connection  

Traveling in a group becomes more enjoyable when you share selfies and group photos. This modern drone has Wi-Fi connection that helps to share images and videos from one device to another. You can also share several images with your friends, relatives and colleagues.  

Affordable rate  

Manu manufacturers design costly drones but they do not last long. They also lack basic features and give bad quality images and videos. The picture quality of QuadAir Drone is unique and you will get premium quality photos and images. This drone is more affordable than other drones. 

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Rich design  

This device has a superb design that suits any background. You can use this drone indoors as well as outdoors while shooting a film or taking images.  

Simple to fly device  

There is a powerful motor in this portable drone that helps to fly it in any direction or angle. This motor helps to make your drone travel anywhere you want to record videos or take images. It does not let your drone crash into any objects during the flight. This device can go even in the remotest places during its flight.  

Good speed  

QuadAir Drone has better and faster speed than normal drones. You can adjust the speed of this drone according to your need. With adjusting speed, you can capture smart and good-quality photos and videos during trips and tours. It also gives you more joy to capture images and videos while going on family trips or adventures.  

Other good points of using QuadAir Drone 

Equipped with new functions and designed by top-notch craftsmen, QuadAir Drone is a good device for professional videographers. It also has many other benefits such as: 

  • It can travel 360 degrees to take the images of the full location.  
  • You can change direction easily with the help of headless mode.  
  • There are different modes of speed.  
  • Bright LED lights help to take images even during night hours.  
  • You can lock height and location to make photography easier during trips.  
  • It is easy to clean this drone with a dry cloth.  
  • Drones can be easily stored in drawers and cupboards.  

How to order the product?  

After discussing the benefits of QuadAir Drone, customers will ask where to get this product. It is available only on the official site. You will not find it in any local store or medical shop.  

The process to order this product is very simple. You have to visit the official site and fill in an online form. Then you have to write details on the form such as name, address, email ID, mobile number and city. The next step is to choose a payment mode from the list. After making payment, the product will be delivered to your address within a few days.  

You will get a money-back guarantee by purchasing this product on the official site of the manufacturer.  


1. Is there any discount on the purchase of QuadAir Drone?  

Yes, you can get a good discount on this product from the official site of the manufacturer. You have to order the product in bulk quantities to get a discount. There are also some other deals and offers on the official site that you can grab soon.  

2. Does this drone work in the strongest winds?  

Yes, QuadAir Drone works in any kind of weather. It can travel even in the strongest winds. This drone can also travel in heavy rain, snowfall or in places with pollution. It does not damage or break due to winds, water, dust, pollutants or snow.  

3. How to control this drone with the help of a remote control?  

This drone comes with a simple remote control. There are two sticks, relevant buttons and stick on this remote. It is very simple to control the speed of this device with the remote control. Anyone without knowledge of drones can also control this drone with remote control by reading an instruction manual.