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Psychic Reading Online, Best Real Psychics Online Websites For Accurate Readings In 2022

Want to get accurate psychic reading online? We’ve reviewed the best online psychic reader sites of 2022 to match you with professional psychics who offers accurate live readings, free trials and the best customer experience based on real reviews and feedback.

Psychic Reading Online

Challenges are a part of life. Some people are able to take challenges up and make the right decisions; however, not everyone is equipped to deal with challenging situations.

Psychic readings have been part of our lives since ancient history went back a few centuries ago. Back in the day, people used to roam in the streets and ask others to find a fortune teller or a psychic reader for themselves, whereas nowadays, it's as simple as using your phone or laptop. You only need internet access and a device; your psychic reader is only a few clicks away. You get multiple options to choose from, and many offer free psychic readings for a starter.

A psychic reading gets answers to all your problems, be it love, money, career, or life in general. A good psychic reader will become a blessing in your life, guide you through thick and thin, and enable you to make the best decisions for yourself. We are going to discuss a few top-of-line websites in this article that are best for a psychic reading. It's a matter of finding the right psychic reader, and then you are free of procrastination and giving long thoughts before deciding. It saves your time and brings out the best in you in life and within yourself. Psychic reading is like mental counseling and therapy alongside spiritual and healing superpowers.

Below, we will discuss the best of the best psychics online so you know where to go when you need to find a psychic reader, and you may not waste your precious time hovering on fake and counterfeit websites for an online psychic reading. The following recommendation list is genuinely based on reviews and feedback.

5 Best Online Psychic Reading Websites of 2022

This section of our review highlights the key features of the top 5 psychics online. Go through the list to get an idea of how you can take advantage of these psychic platforms. Good luck!

Psychic Reading Site

Key Features


  • Best Powerful Psychics for Mental Peace & Clarity

  • Convenient Mobile App Platform For Instant Access

  • 3-Min Free Psychics Offer + 70% off for Newbies

Psychic Source

  • Best Gifted Psychics Offering Trustworthy Insights

  • Offers Live Psychic Readings at Pocket-friendly Prices

  • New Members are rewarded 3-min Free Psychics Demo

California Psychics

  • Best Love Psychics Online for Insightful Psychic Readings

  • Excellent Customer Care Services Available 24/7

  • Free Psychics 5-min Demo with ADD5 Voucher Code


Keen Psychics

  • Trusted Psychics offering Money and Professional Insights

  • Portfolio of Top-rated Psychics and Reliable Readers

  • Affordable Psychics Deal for Newbies- $1.99 for 10 min

This section of our guide offers more in-depth reviews of the top-rated psychic websites of 2022.

#1. Kasamba - Best Psychics Online for Getting Your Life On Track!


Kasamba has consistently topped the list of best psychic online platforms. It has been in the market for over decades and has maintained its top-notch reputation. Kasamba is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary very soon. Kasamba is by far one of the largest psychic reading platforms, with over 3 million customers.


Our future is vital in our life as we continuously strive to improve it. While focusing on the future, we tend to neglect our present, the clouds of certainty for the future, the fear makes our vision for the present cloudy, and we often find ourselves lost too much. Kasamba psychic readers are the ones who may get you out of this mess and help you in finding the right thing to do for your present, leading to the future. Kasamba psychic readers are one of the most famous and renowned names in the psychic industry, the psychic reading and help you will get from this platform is perhaps unmatchable.

When you sign-up for the first time, you can get your hands on a 3-minute free trial on your first session. You can get up to 70% discount in the introductory promotional offer. All in all, Kasamba psychic readings are affordable, reliable, and provide great peace of mind.

A review from a Kasamba user: "Hey, I am Keaton Goode; I have recently joined Kasamba and might as well say that it was one of my excellent life decisions. I have been seeking psychic reading for love, career, and personal grooming, and it has been helping me a lot. The psychic readers are highly qualified and sympathize with me, making them understand my point of view very well. Besides this, I also tried my luck at other special mystic services offered by Kasamba and past life and mediumship turned out even better than my expectations. If you are looking for the best pscyhics online that could help you get your life on the right track, trust no one other than Kasamba for doing complete justice to the cause.”

Getting started on Kasamba is a smooth and straightforward process. All you have to do is click on the sign-up button, fill in your details and create your account in a few steps. Then you may start exploring the site. You will be asked to choose the type of psychic reading you want, and then you may start looking for experienced psychics for your first reading. It is best to review their prices, reviews, qualifications, and experience before making the final call. Once everything is locked, click on the Let's Chat button to proceed further. You may then choose a mode of communication that you prefer, be it chat, phone, video, or email.

#2. Psychic Source - Best Psychics Online for Real Psychics Predictions!


Established more than twenty years ago, Psychic Source ranks among the best online psychic reading websites of 2022. Like many reputed psychic portals, this platform also offers multiple mystic services. If you are looking for reliable psychic predictions, this portal is what you have been looking for. Psychic Source is widely famous for giving a very personal and unique recommendation, focusing on the customer.

Psychic Source has been ranked among the best psychic readings website online in 2022. The portals offer a variety of psychic and mystic readings. Psychic Source is famous for giving personalized and individual solutions to your problem rather than a generic approach. The specialty of psychic readers is that they connect with you on a one-on-one basis and gives you advice and guidance according to your nature and circumstances.


You can connect with your psychic readers however you want via text, phone, email, or video call. You can book a session from a highly critically curated library of psychic readers. There is a Masters Advisors filter that gives you access to famous and renowned psychic readers. The packages offered are reasonable, and all packages come with a few minutes of free trials.

Here are some honest words from a Psychic Source member. “If you want to start online psychic reading, please do not trust every tom dick and harry when you search for this service online. I am telling you from first-hand experience because I got scammed multiple times. There are too many websites online that might claim that they offer you free readings and try to entice you with these gimmicks. But only reliable platforms like Psychic Source are to be trusted. This website has been in the industry for so many years because they just focus on quality. When I first joined Psychic Source I was completely amazed to see their portfolio and level of service and I thought here goes another scam but no. They proved that they are one of the most reliable and authentic mystic platforms out there. A huge shout out to the team for their detailed psychic predictions. Many websites say that they will give you readings that will change your fate but these guys are honest and give you realistic psychic predictions. A psychic reader cannot change your fate but a platform like Psychic Source can definitely help you get your life sorted with their reliable psychic insights.”


The psychic readers not only answer your questions but also give you authentic psychic predictions in detail to help you arrive at the best possible decision. The sign-up offers include a 3-minute free trial and a $1 per minute low rate.

#3. California Psychics - Best Psychics Online for Resolving Love-Related Issues!


Everyone is not lucky when it comes to love. We come across many successful love stories, but even more, they are unanswered and incomplete love stories. When someone is hurt in the love department, they tend to mostly go quiet and sulk in a corner or sometimes make a huge statement in front of the world through their behavior and announce that they were unsuccessful in love. Some people do not like being alone during such hardships and find solace in being around friends or family. Some people try to seek help from therapies like Yoga, meditation, or even a few psychologist visits. Another great solution in such circumstances is a love psychic reader. A psychic love reader is someone trained to give you advice in such a scenario and find a perfect solution for you.

Here comes California Psychics with the best answers to all your love worries. It is the most affordable and cheap psychics option for first-time psychic readers. The California Psychics have deals starting from as low as $1 per minute. If you use the ADD5 promo code while signing up, you get the first 5 minutes free in your very first session.


California Psychics will not only answer your queries regarding finding love but also give you solutions to work out a complicated relationship or even how to win the love of your life or move on from it. The reliable psychic readers on the California Psychics will take full responsibility. The love psychic readers on the platform are incredibly talented and experienced. They have been part of the platform for over a decade and are experts in their field. A situation can be most difficult; however, the psychic reader will give you the best solution.

A review on the California Psychics says, "I am Chernell Hargraves from Seattle, Washington. I am 35 years old and facing issues in finding love. California Psychic turned out to be the best psychic reading website for me. I was in a steady relationship for 2 years and discovered my boyfriend had been cheating on me. He was cheating on me with none other than my very own cousin. It was a life-changing revelation for me. I could have never imagined this and thought of seeking advice from a specialized love and relationship psychic reader. My psychic reader guided me through the entire confrontation and moved on with the process, and my struggles became very bearable under his guidance. I have great faith in California Psychic.”

#4. MysticSense - Best Psychics Online for Chat & Phone Readings!


MysticSense is synonymous with trust and convenience. Opened just in 2020, it has more than 19,000 users and 500 top psychics. Each psychic holds excellent value and is distinct from the other one. You can choose your mystic reader based on their specialty matching your requirement and then check their ratings and reviews. The website is not only about mystic reading but also has fortune-telling, clairvoyance, spiritual readings, etc.

To chat with an online psychic available on MysticSense, you must visit the website and register yourself. You can use the platform through mobile phone, chat, or video call. The packages start as low as $1 per minute, and the readings may vary depending on your budget. For your very first session, you will get 5 free minutes of trial you can avail of to determine which trusted reader you need to begin your journey with. All website mystic readers have profiles with detailed reviews and a video-based introduction for better knowledge before making your decision.

The platform offers convenient solutions for all psychic reading fans, making it convenient for them to connect with professional psychics with just a few clicks. Whether you want to start a session with chat psychics or phone psychics, MysticSense provides an excellent platform to connect with both. The user-friendly web interface simplifies the psychic reader search process. All you have to do is type in the right keywords, and you will see a huge list of certified psychics on the platform. You can also search using different filters to find your perfect psychic online match.

People swear by psychic readings; one of those is Mercy Mutahi. Mercy says, "I started taking help from MysticSense around six months ago. The readers here are so friendly and authentic that ever since I came to this website I have been glued to the psychic readings and have seeked guidance in all the matters of my life. Earlier I used to meet psychic readers physically but it had its drawbacks. I’m an introvert who had a really hard time opening up to psychics near me. When I first discovered MysticSense, I was thrilled to see that they offer chat and email readings too. This meant that I did not have to make any one-on-one contact with my psychic expert and still enjoy authentic results. After being a regular psychic reading user for 6 months, I can easily say that I could never earlier find the solace that I have been able to find at MysticSense. This is an amazing and trustworthy platform with gifted psychics."

#5. Keen Psychics - Best Psychics Online Portfolio of Career & Financial Readings


Money is something that runs life. We all need money, and striving for money constantly is our everyday hustle. Everyone is trying to meet ends, with some making more and some earning only to live a hand-to-mouth life. If you wish to make more out of this life and have your best chance of making money, there are no schemes to make you rich overnight. However, the right kind of guidance can lead you to take control of your life and money.

Managing careers, finance, and budgets can be tiring and mind-boggling for many. Keen Psychic is an ideal platform to seek help in financial matters. It is the top psychic reading website that gives career forecasts and financial readings. The psychic readers at Keen make sure to educate you regarding the worth of your own money.

In order to get the correct help, one must always be prepared and come up with the right questions for the psychic readings. A psychic reader will be able to answer your questions precisely when you ask the right question. The psychic readers of Keen psychic make precise predictions regarding finances and careers.

Here are some examples of specific questions that psychic reading users ask from their gifted advisors:

  • I have some savings that I want to invest in a new business venture. Will this decision turn out in my favor in the future?

  • I have 10 years of experience in my field, but now my company is digitizing and does not need me anymore. Will it be a good idea if I change my field now or try to look for a similar role at another firm?

  • I do not know what I want to do in life, but I want to choose a career that helps me make money in the long run without killing my creative drive. How does the future look for me?

  • I got scammed by my business partner, and now I'm in debt. Is it a good idea if I use all my savings to pay the debt?

  • I want to leave my corporate job and do something that I love doing. It will not help me earn as much money as before, but it will give me peace of mind. Is this a sound financial decision?

A great way of being careful while choosing your psychic reader is to read reviews and make your choice according to your requirements. The best qualities about a reader are always mentioned on the Keen platform, as they have a transparent policy. This makes a choice easier. It will give you an excellent start to begin your psychic reading. Another helpful tool is finding a match where you can find a compatible psychic reader by answering a few questions. The introductory offers that Keen Psychics has are really affordable. They have a very convenient 10-minute trial for $1.99 which can help you start your psychic reading journey.

2 More Psychics Online – Not The Best Options!

Having discussed the top 5 psychics platforms available, our evaluation includes 2 additional options. Be aware the ones we're mentioning aren't the ones we'd recommend immediately. Even if they're part of the better resources available, even then, we won't advise you to put all your faith in them. Let's take a brief look at them, and talk about what makes them less unique.

Website #1: Bitwine

The advisors here have more expertise in giving guidance related to relationships or perhaps personal life-related. Apart from exclusive discount deals, another aspect which they're famous for is reasonable pricing. The fact that registration is optional on their site proves to be a factor contributing to its success. Although it may be a selling factor for quite a few individuals, it might bring up concerns due to the fact that it's a form of unprofessionalism. You're allowed a few payment alternatives, which proves to be an additional aspect as to why Bitwine isn't on our most recommended list. If you're likely to use its services, you'll find it quite challenging to utilize since you'll need a Paypal account to use it.

Website #2: EverClear

Don't trust it blindly, as you can already gather from its name. You may immediately begin using it because its registration procedure is simple. The site has essentially duplicated the method used by top websites. However, their expert roster is where they lag. Additionally, you receive discounts upon signing up, although it should be known that you're required to pay beforehand. Keeping your expectations up won't be wise because EverClear doesn't provide you with any sort of absolutely free psychic readings that are free of cost, so you're taking a risk upon booking a session. You're welcome to give it a shot, but we'd suggest starting with one of the best 5 we've mentioned already.

Even though websites like these might appear as respectable choices, you should take the time to thoroughly investigate and analyze any platform prior to making a purchase on it. Choosing from amongst the top 5 psychics listed in the previous section will undoubtedly be the more intelligent course of action. By using reputable rather than subpar websites, you'll definitely be saving both your time and money, as well as having peace of mind. Due to this, we can't thoroughly recommend the 2 options mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I prepare before a psyching reading online?

Finding the ideal reader takes a while; therefore, doing so is the most excellent approach to becoming ready. There are multiple readers to pick from, so take all the time you need while browsing through, paying attention to their evaluations and expertise.

Select a reader delivering precisely the type of reading you're interested in, and with whom you resonate. If you'd like to inquire about something in particular, you have the option of writing down a couple of questions. Still, if you simply want a generic reading, you may keep them fairly open-ended, allowing the psychic to guide the conversation.

How can I tell whether someone's a genuine psychic?

The most incredible method to guarantee any session will satisfy you is to conduct preliminary research, focusing on both the person's as well as the platform's reviews.

You should avoid overpaying an amount that you can comfortably afford, and never give in to pressure from someone who says they’re receiving this word from an angel, or even if they claim a horrible thing may happen to you, for instance.

Never will an authentic reading make you feel helpless or deprived of control over your own life. Psychic readings are for "entertainment reasons only" according to the MysticSense website. Hence, it's better to treat what you learn as speculative.

What qualities should I consider before hiring a psychic?

We will advise you to search for a reader who is encouraging, does not judge, and should have an open mind. By pointing out your weak points or providing insightful advice, their job is to empower and inspire you to make good adjustments.

Experts say that your psychic reader ought to be "present minded" understanding what has happened before and now rather than concentrating solely on what is to come ahead. She continues, "and they shouldn't ever be angry or demanding about encouraging you to arrange another appointment."

Always keep in mind that obtaining competent, legal, financial, or medical-related advice should always come first before seeing a psychic! Do not transfer this power to anybody else either. We will recommend you apply logical reasoning, intuition, and prior experiences you've dealt with while considering their advice.

Are tarot readings over a phone call possible?

Yes, it is a possibility. It operates in a similar manner to a traditional reading, where you start by providing the psychic with a few fundamental details, like your goals and what you’re expecting. You may alternatively approach it with an open mind and allow the cards to give you the answers you’re looking for.

The tarot cards will then be fanned out by your psychic. After which, whether you have a specific query or are just seeking broad data, they'll respond using that particular card pattern. Although many phone-based readers use tarot cards, you're free to access the internet to receive online readings as well.

What time is ideal for speaking with a psychic?

You may consult them whenever, but most individuals choose to do so whenever they need guidance or are facing difficulties. For instance, a lot of individuals receive readings related to love when they want to inquire when they ever find their significant other or perhaps whenever they have relationship-related problems. Questions about money along with career are also frequent topics.

In general, a reader may offer much-required information and advice about identifying the right course of action anytime you're experiencing difficulty or need to make a critical choice.

What's the difference between a clairvoyant and a psychic medium?

An expert in interpreting energy while communicating with beings that have previously left this world is referred to as a psychic medium. They're able to establish a connection with loved ones that have passed on, thanks to their powers.

Using extra-sensory perception, often known as ESP, a clairvoyant can learn details regarding people, places, or even things. They are able to look beyond what any average person can, and they may even foretell what the future holds in store.

The Final Conclusion on Psychic Reading Online

To put it mildly, the realm of psychic readings is quite interesting and enigmatic. These websites may link you with a wide range of readers from across the world if you're keen to explore them. You should always do your own research to choosing a reader and accept the advice you receive.

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