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Positive Singles Is A Dating And Social Community Welcoming Singles With Herpes And Other STDs

Finding love and connection can be tough for anyone, and it gets even trickier when dealing with herpes or other STDs. PositiveSingles is here to make things easier. It's a welcoming STD dating community filled with people who understand what you're going through.

Positive Singles

PositiveSingles is not just a regular dating site—it's a unique community where positive singles with herpes, HPV, and other STDs can connect. Did you know that about half a billion people worldwide have genital herpes and other STDs? It's super common, but the stigma can make dating feel like a challenge.

At PositiveSingles, you can make connections without worrying about being judged. Every member faces similar challenges, so there's a lot of understanding and empathy. Members share advice, support, and encouragement for all things related to dating and socializing. It's like a big, virtual support group, and both members and the site staff are caring and helpful.

PositiveSingles is all about bringing positive singles together in a friendly space. It opens up possibilities for friendships, dating, and love—no embarrassment or fear of rejection. The goal of this STD dating site is to break down barriers and make sure everyone, especially those with herpes and other STDs, feel welcome.

Dating Made Easy at PositiveSingles

Fret no more - PositiveSingles is on your side while dating. This herpes dating site offers simple and friendly services to make your quest for love and connections a breeze. Let's talk about why dating services at PositiveSingles are so special and how these services have made a big difference in the lives of many people.

1. Quick Chat with Instant Messaging: With PositiveSingles' instant messaging, you can quickly reply and send messages to people you might like. It's like a lively place where connections are made, and there's a lot of understanding and support.

2. Local Searches for Nearby Matches: Long-distance relationships aren't everyone's cup of tea. PositiveSingles lets you search and match with users in your local area. Besides just usernames, you can make your search more specific. You can focus on finding positive singles in your state, making dating easier and more in line with what you like.

3. Search Members by STD Search Filter: PositiveSingles understands that everyone faces different challenges. With advanced search filters, you can sort others based on the types of STDs they are living with. Connect with positive singles who understand your journey, whether it's HSV1, HSV2, HPV, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, or other STDs.

4. Improved Visibility: Want to grab attention? Upgrade your membership and let your profile shine at the top of search results. This premium feature enhances your visibility, increasing the chances of catching the eye of potential matches.

5. Share Your Story with Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. PositiveSingles allows members to upload their favorite photos, creating public albums for everyone to see or private albums that only selected members can access. It's a visual way to express yourself and attract positive connections.

What Makes PositiveSingles the Best STD Dating Site?

When it comes to helping positive singles build lasting connections, PositiveSingles is the best of the best. Here's what sets it apart:

1. Large Member Community: With over 2 million members, PositiveSingles outshines sites with smaller user bases. This big community increases your chances of finding compatible matches.

2. Community for Dating and Socializing: The PositiveSingles community is a friendly space where people with various STDs come together for romance, but also for socializing. The herpes community creates a feeling of togetherness that goes beyond what you usually find on dating sites.

3. Proven Success Stories: PositiveSingles has tons of success and inspirational stories. Real people have found real love and connection through this dating site.

4. Experienced Dating Site: PositiveSingles began in 2001 and has been a pioneer in the world of dating for people with STDs. With more than twenty years of experience, it has become a reliable place for those looking for understanding and friendship.

5. Flexible Memberships: This dating site offers 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month premium membership subscriptions. You can also register and test the site for free before deciding on a premium plan.

Success Stories at PositiveSingles


Beyond its features and tools, PositiveSingles is filled with stories of gratitude from its members. Each success story shows how this dating site has made a real impact on their lives.

Finding Love Across State Lines: John and Sarah connected on PositiveSingles back in April despite living in different states - John in Tennessee and Sarah in Florida. After a month of consistent communication, they decided to meet up in person when John flew to Orlando in May. "There was an instant connection when we saw each other at the airport," Sarah said. Now the couple lives together in Ormond Beach and plans to get married in 2024. "We are very happy and thankful that PositiveSingles provided an option to find a meaningful connection with someone managing the same health condition," Sarah explained.

International Love Story: When Julie and Mark, residents of two neighboring countries, met on PositiveSingles, they quickly fell in love despite the distance. "A diagnosis that initially felt like a prison sentence brought us together," Julie said. "Because of it we met the love of our life!" The couple got married in June and are grateful to the platform for their relationship. "Thank you!" Julie exclaimed.

Staying Hopeful Led to Marriage: After her diagnosis, Jane thought she would be single for the rest of her life. "I did not want to pass this to anybody," she explained. But after a year of therapy and joining PositiveSingles to connect with other herpes singles experiencing the same thing, a gentleman contacted Jane. "Now we are happily married!" she said joyfully. "Thank you PositiveSingles for giving me hope!"

Top Reasons Members Appreciate PositiveSingles Dating Community:

1. Heartfelt Appreciation for Long Distance Matching: Members love PositiveSingles for its ability to connect them with members all over the world. It lets them connect with like-minded people, even if they live far away. They view this STD dating site as a bridge, turning shared challenges of people living with herpes and other STDs into beautiful love stories.

2. A Guiding Light of Understanding and Happiness: PositiveSingles members express deep appreciation for its herpes community bringing understanding and connection. Members say that this herpes dating app is a source of joy, turning what felt like a lonely journey into a path to happiness and companionship. Members value the compassion, guidance, and encouragement in this supportive community.

3. A Place for Positive Change: People really appreciate PositiveSingles for helping them grow, learn, and change for the better. The site sparks positive changes, proving that, even with stigmatized health conditions, a bright and fulfilling future is achievable.

These thoughts from members show how PositiveSingles makes a difference in people's lives. It is a lively community where understanding, help, and love combine to make good experiences. Looking into what makes PositiveSingles special reveals that it leaves a lasting impression on the lives it reaches.

Creating Connections through Social Networking at PositiveSingles

PositiveSingles is like a friendly guide in a sometimes confusing journey, especially for those dealing with herpes or other STDs. Let's talk about why PositiveSingles' social networking services are the best at bringing positive singles together, and we'll walk you through the key features of each service.

● Information Center: Curious about STDs? Here's the spot for answers, and you can keep it private. PositiveSingles knows that sometimes questions are personal, and members might have worries they'd rather not share openly. The ANONYMOUS STD Q&A is a digital information center, packed with the facts and comfort you need to make smart choices about your health. Also, positive singles can easily get dating advice and herpes support at any time.

● Your Story Matters: PositiveSingles provides a community for sharing your story, like a virtual friend to lean on. This STD dating app understands that everyone's journey with an STD is different, and talking about these experiences can create a sense of companionship. Sharing stories about STD treatment lets members open up, sharing successes, talking about challenges, and realizing they're not going through it alone.

● Helpful Tips: Share some tips to lend a hand to others in the same boat. Whether it's handling symptoms, navigating disclosure, or figuring out the twists and turns of dating, members can offer their insights to support and empower others in the community.

Local Events:

● Meet and Greet: PositiveSingles wants you to connect in real life. Attend local events and feel the warmth of a community that understands. This herpes dating site brings the online community into the real world with local events. Members can participate in events organized by PositiveSingles, creating opportunities to form genuine connections and friendships. It's a chance to break free from the virtual space and experience the support in person.

● Know Your Locals: These events also make sure you know about support services nearby. It's like having a safety net right where you are. PositiveSingles understands the importance of local herpes support. By organizing events and promoting nearby services, this dating app ensures that members are not only connecting with each other but also accessing resources and assistance in their local communities. It's a holistic approach to support, both online and offline.

Connecting Individuals in the PositiveSingles Community

PositiveSingles has multiple features to help people who share similar difficulties connect with each other in a meaningful way.

● Local Search Filters: You can use custom search options on PositiveSingles to find people nearby who share your interests. It's like having a map to find new friends. The filters that let you search by country and state are really helpful for connecting with people in your local area. Whether you're looking for friends, a date, or support, these personalized search features make it easy to find like-minded individuals close to you.

● "My Event" Feature: On PositiveSingles, members have the ability to create events, giving them the opportunity to act as hosts for gatherings with their matches. The "My Event" feature allows positive singles to take charge and organize social get-togethers with people they're interested in or have built friendships with. It's a way for members to be proactive in creating social opportunities and fostering connections with others in the herpes community.

● Members' Blogs: PositiveSingles provides an STD dating platform for members to share their stories and learn from others through Members' Blogs. These blogs offer a personalized space for self-expression. It's not just about sharing experiences; it's also a place for members to offer insights, encouragement, and valuable information. Think of it like a digital space where the community's collective voice can be heard and celebrated. You can read, like, and comment on others' blogs, creating a supportive atmosphere.

Privacy and Security on PositiveSingles: Creating a Safe Space for Connections

Feeling safe when looking for love is very important. PositiveSingles wants members to feel comfortable sharing personal information. This section explains the measures that PositiveSingles takes to keep user information private and safe from scammers and abusive members. This is so positive singles can focus on meeting new people in a welcoming community without worrying.

Your Safety Comes First

At PositiveSingles, safeguarding your privacy is a top priority. This STD dating app understands that sharing personal information can be sensitive, especially when it involves your health. That's why the platform is designed with your safety in mind. Unlike other herpes dating sites, there's no need to share unnecessary details that might make you uncomfortable. You share what you're okay with, and that's it.

When you choose to share personal details, they remain private and anonymous until you're ready to take things further with a potential match. The emphasis is on putting you in control of your information. Plus, they're really serious about keeping your info private in their exclusive community. If you don't have an STD, you can't even join PositiveSingles. This makes sure that your health details stay just between you and the people who understand your struggles.

To make things even safer, PositiveSingles has a strict rule against trafficking. They take serious steps to keep members protected from any kind of misuse. Your safety is the most important thing to them, and they want to keep the platform a place where you can feel safe while mingling.

Key Features for a Safe and Secure Herpes Dating Community

PositiveSingles is super committed to making sure your dating and herpes social networking experience is safe and secure. They've got some cool features in place just for that:

  • Account Verification: They want to keep things real. PositiveSingles provides a feature for verifying the authenticity of profiles. This helps make sure that everyone on PositiveSingles is genuine and really looking for serious connections.
  • Quick Exit Button: Your privacy matters, and they've got a 'Quick Exit Button' that redirects you to a harmless website with just one click. It's like a secret escape route if you ever need to leave the site fast.
  • Premium Member Messaging: To block out scammers, only people with premium memberships can send messages. Scammers usually don't want to spend money, so requiring a membership adds another layer of security. It ensures that the people reaching out to you are genuinely interested in dating you.

Addressing Stigma and Discrimination Concerns

PositiveSingles helps people with STDs find acceptance and support. Having an STD can make dating hard because of unfair judgment from others. This leaves many people feeling alone and without understanding.

The goal of PositiveSingles is to create a safe space where singles with STDs can connect without feeling ashamed. Here they can feel comfortable being themselves. Members are welcomed no matter their STD status, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

PositiveSingles wants to bring people together and help them find joy. The community works to remove barriers that stop people with STDs from finding meaningful relationships. By promoting understanding over judgment, the site helps members build confidence. Relationships can grow stronger without fear. PositiveSingles aims to change perceptions, so real connections come first. Every member deserves to feel cared for.

Getting Started on PositiveSingles: A Step-by-Step Guide

Joining a new dating site can feel confusing. But PositiveSingles makes it easy to set up your profile and start meeting new people. This guide explains how to sign up step-by-step. Follow along to turn your first visit into future dates! The first step is believing you can do it.

Step 1: Getting Registered and Verified

To sign up on PositiveSingles, go to their homepage and click 'SIGN UP' at the top. First, they'll ask for your email. Then, you tell them if you're a man, woman, or a couple. After that, make a strong password and share your location, age, and the STD you have. Once that's done, you get to pick a username. If you have an invite code, put it in. Next, they'll ask about your height, ethnicity, relationship status, and you'll need to write a profile headline and an attractive description about yourself. You’ll also be able to add what you're looking for in a match. Finally, upload a photo of yourself to complete your process. That's it!

Step 2: Customizing Your Profile

After you've created your account, you can make your profile unique. To boost your chances of finding the right match, you can add up to 26 photos. This shows others that you're real and genuine. You have the choice to create albums – some public, some private. In your profile settings, you can choose the distance range for potential matches. To add a personal touch, mention the type of relationship you're looking for, and share your favorite movies and music. Want to stand out even more? You can upload an introduction video to increase your chances of making a connection.

Step 3: Connecting with Matches

Explore member suggestions on the homepage feed. Connect with profiles you like using winks, likes, or messages. The website also displays recently active positive singles online, and you can share updates about yourself. Everything from uploaded photos to comments on blogs or first date ideas will appear in your homepage feed. To find matches, use filters by username, age, gender, body type, relationship status, and location to narrow down options. Click on profiles to see full details, photos, and information about potential matches.

Step 4: Upgrading for Added Features

Check out the Premium package options on the PositiveSingles upgrade page. When you upgrade, you get cool perks like being able to send unlimited likes and messages. Premium members can also reach out to STD counselors through live chat or email for support. Plus, you'll be featured at the top of search results, giving you maximum visibility.

Step 5: Downloading the Mobile Apps

The PositiveSingles app lets you stay connected no matter where you are. Instead of being limited to just desktops, you can use the app on your phone or tablet. This makes it really convenient for members to stay in touch while they're on the go, ensuring that support and friendship are always accessible, literally at your fingertips. Get the app for your phone or tablet easily. Just scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the link for your device – PositiveSingles on iOS or PositiveSingles on Android . You can also easily find the app by searching for "Positive Singles" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you find it, just tap "install" to download and install it on your mobile device.



So, when it comes to dating and making connections, PositiveSingles is the absolute best community for people with herpes and other STDs. It's the most supportive herpes social app where you can feel understood and hopeful.

Now, let's recap all the cool services PositiveSingles offers. Members can enjoy instant messaging, local searches, an STD search filter, top search results, and even photo sharing. It's a supportive dating scene, crafting an experience that eases people's usual concerns about dating with STDs.

But wait, there's more! PositiveSingles has awesome social networking features that make it feel like a tight-knit community. There's this cool ANONYMOUS STD Q&A, where you can ask questions without revealing your identity. Plus, members share their stories about STD treatment, there are local events to check out, and you can even create your own event with the 'My Event' option. These services highlight why PositiveSingles goes far beyond merely finding a date. It's a whole ecosystem where positive singles can thrive and really get each other.

PositiveSingles is a leader in creating a space where living with STDs is understood, and happy connections are cheered for. This dating app is all about letting you be yourself without judgment, and that's pretty awesome in the world of online STD dating.

For people dealing with herpes and other STDs, joining PositiveSingles is where you'll find the most help and support on your dating journey. So, why not jump in, share your story, and find love in a place designed just for you? PositiveSingles is ready to be the bridge to a brighter and more connected future for you. Your story matters here, and your quest for love and support is welcomed with open arms. Let PositiveSingles be your dating gateway!

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