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Know The Right Business Suitable To Your Birth Date

The powerful mantra for business success- Choose the Right Business!


We all agree that not all can perform a specific task with equal expertise. There is always one who is the best or worst in it. The same notion applies to different types of businesses. If your friend is booming in a specific line of business, it may not turn equally promising to you. Just consider reading below, and you will understand the significance of this article. 

1. Business success becomes a winning streak for some. 

2. Many struggle to even start a business or fail in any business.  

3. Many succeed in one particular business but fail in other Businesses. Have their business skills changed, or is there something else in this?  

4. In a particular business, some become successful, but others fail. It is not that the particular business is not good, but it was suitable to "a particular person".  

5. Over a period of time, many existing businesses lose their relevance, and many new business start-ups reach the height of business success. This is more prudent after the noble Covid.  

6. A particular business reels under pressure from a particular person (set of persons), but the same business suddenly becomes profitable when someone else does it. (Alok Industries and Reliance is one example). 

There is a factor of WHY in all the above points. And further narration will explain to you how to take care of this WHY. 

Now, whenever you want to decide on a business, you consider many factors to the best of your skills, interests and resources. But one needs to delve a bit to check if your stars are favouring your business decision. That is where selecting/knowing the right business suitable to your birth date/birth details plays a significant role. And mind you: to select/know the right business suitable to your birth date is also not the sole criterion. One needs to review many things in tandem, including general traits required for a business, your interests/skills and your resources to do a business. One needs to cross-check if you have the general traits of doing that business and if the business suitable to your birth date is supported by your interest/skills and financials.  

Some common factors before you select a business. 

  • Make a business plan. Introspect many times and ask many questions to yourself. 
  • Do you have any mentor to guide you, or are you the BOSS yourself? Know your passion: We perform better if we do what we love or are passionate about! So, if you choose a business related to something you know or love, it's better and not because others are doing it.  
  • Is this the right time for that business? Look at the market for products or services like yours in the long run, or it will lose the sheen/relevance after the short term. (Don't forget in the last 2/3 years, many businesses totally grounded, and many new businesses are scaling heights every day).  
  • Check what your competitors are doing: Check out the competition in the market. Make sure your business idea is unique and not already taken. Don't be scared if you see other companies doing what you want. It can actually be a good sign for your business idea. Your 6th house in the charts can tell you more about this.  
  • Whether you can do it alone or need partners'/others' support.  
  • Will such a business association suit you? Your chart clearly indicates this.  
  • Select the location/country for that business. 
  • Your financials or you will need resources/loans. Each horoscope does not support taking loans etc. 
  • Do you have basic knowledge of finance and accounts?  
  • Do you understand basic taxation aspects? No matter what the business is, you should not depend only on professionals. 

If you are not informed/updated on some or most of the above qualities, you will tend to depend more on others than yourself. That is not good for business to a large extent. And it also shows a weak Ascendant. Think many times before business selection by your birth details.  


How to select business suitable to birth details 

Why should you select business suitable to your birth details? There is no shortage of options when it comes to commencing a business. But many of these fail quickly or become burdensome in the form of huge debts or losses. 

A person's birth details can indicate the best suitable business bringing higher returns and success to him. First of all, there must be business yoga in the kundli to become a successful business person; otherwise, all exercises turn futile. Sometimes, a job suits a person more than a business. In that case, the astrologer suggests doing a job or profession other than business for stable earnings.  

The planetary placements, transits, and running Dasha have a major role to play while suggesting the best business according to birth details/date of birth. The date of birth clearly indicates which business a person should do and avoid.  

Which planet is seen for business selection 

There are nine planets in a horoscope, and each planet represents over 100 businesses, so it is difficult to say which planet is seen for business selection. It is a mixture of planetary combinations seen for business selection. An individual's birth details can show the most prominent planet for him. This powerful planet dominates all aspects of his life, including business. We are all born with unique personalities and mindsets that this dominant planet bestows. The inherent qualities of this planet and its connection with the house of business decide the right business for an individual. Remember, powerful planets give good results; if not cashed in time, these pass into oblivion. Whenever we get affected by this influential planet in dasha or transit, surprising results follow!  


To reply to what planet is seen for business selection, I'll look at the planets that influence the best business choice for you. Specifically, I'll focus on the planet positioned in the Tenth House to help select the right business for you. Let's understand with a few examples: 

Suppose you have the Sun in the 10th House: If the person has a strong Sun in their kundli, they are considered influential and wealthy. It brings honour and respect in society. They may receive their livelihood and wealth through their father or the government. If the Sun is connected to the lords of the ninth and fifth houses, the person may do business with their father or son. The Sun is beneficial for professions related to timberwork or wood. With the influence of the Sun, the person can become a doctor or physician.  

Suppose you have Ketu in the 10th House: Such a person likes to be part of rituals and is intelligent, unique, and well-known. They are also considered knowledgeable, gentle, successful, and peaceful. They may be involved in foreign trade or commission-based commercial activities. 

Many people say each planet represents some particular businesses, and you can even get a list of these businesses each planet represents. But that cannot be the sole criterion. Each planet represents over 100 businesses e.g. Saturn suggests a person can be blacksmith or a steel mill owner so you can understand the horizon within which you have to make a selection. One can read more about right business suitable to your birth date  


Role of the 10th House in Business  

As mentioned above, the role of 10th house in business is of utmost importance. We need to check the planets positioned in the 10th house indicates which is the right business according to your birth details. When deciding which business is right for you, there are several important factors to consider alongside the 10th house in your birth details: 

  • Look at the zodiac signs falling in the Kendra houses (specific house placements) to find suitable businesses. 
  • Consider the Ascendant sign for more specific business ideas. 
  • Examine the sixth house and the depositor of the sixth lord to identify the right business. 
  • Check the Ninth House for potential business options. 
  • Analyze the Navamsha (divisional chart) for business compatibility. 
  • Consider the position of Shani (Saturn) for business suitability. 
  • Assess the Dasmansha (divisional chart) for business choices. 

Which signs are good for business? 

It is difficult to say which signs are good for business. Each Zodiac sign ( like each planet) has inherent strengths and weaknesses. Every zodiac sign indicates specific qualities, but no zodiac guarantees business success. If one searches through the internet, common zodiac signs indicating business success are Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Taurus, and Virgo. There is no astrological basis for claiming these zodiac signs as the most successful in business.  

I have a different opinion when one says: can we do business by Zodiac Sign? The total 12 Zodiac Signs are divided into four categories based on the basic elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Each Zodiac sign has fundamental characteristics, as the names suggest. Let me explain for Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius): if Fire signs are passionate, aggressive and impulsive, then there are the characteristics of being impatient and destructive. In business, you need a balance of all these characteristics. 


Our unique zodiac sign is determined at the time of birth. This zodiac sign is believed to be connected to our past life deeds, which can influence the outcomes in conjunction with other planets and houses in the kundli. As a result, a person's life and business potential can be influenced positively or negatively regardless of the zodiac sign they are born under.  

No Zodiac sign indicates business success, and no Zodiac sign can be awful for doing business. Each Zodiac sign has its inherent traits, comprising both strengths and weaknesses. If one wishes to know which zodiac sign is good for business? Before jumping to conclusions: one should know that every zodiac sign has fundamental characteristics that can become the base for good business action. But utilizing all the traits of a zodiac sign fruitfully is what the most successful businessman does. Therefore to do business by Zodiac Sign needs to be supported by many other planetary combinations. Your natural skills and interest can change over time, and more importantly, your "Intent" decides your business success. So I do not zeal with the Zodiac sign to select business as the sole criterion. 

Take one example. Prominent figures in Indian business, such as (Mr) Mukesh Ambani (Aries), Anil Agarwal (Aquarius), Gautam Adani (Cancer), and many others, do not belong to the six Zodiac signs often associated with business success. On the other hand, individuals like Siddhartha Mallya (Taurus), Anil Ambani (Aquarius), and many others of similar Zodiac signs have been successful in business. While we can take these examples as exceptions or references, it is clear that a Zodiac sign cannot determine your business destiny. Relying solely on the Zodiac sign for doing business may only be one of the criteria, and I remain sceptical about its effectiveness. Read more if you have any business ideas in your mind: can astrology help in new business ideas?  

Do not get swayed away by what others are doing. All can have some business secrets that you do not know. Check the basic traits of business selection in you, your skills, interests and financials and then get advice from a good business astrologer before selecting the best business for you. Astrologer is there only to guide you on the best business suitable to your birth details. All these factors together lead to a proper solution. While there may be many business options, it's crucial to verify two main aspects: your traits and qualities necessary for business success and the alignment of your horoscope with the right business choices. By thoroughly examining these factors, you increase your chances of success in your chosen business. Remember, choosing the right business based on your horoscope and planetary combinations is vital as it can have a long-lasting impact on your life and financial status. Do not depend on either of these in isolation. Read more on business astrology . Business decisions are hard to make and even harder to carry in the long run. For any specific queries, connect with my office on +91 9278555588 9278665588. 

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