Sunday, Nov 27, 2022
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International Women’s Day: Powerful Women Leaders That Are Becoming Inspiration For Millions

To celebrate their courage on this International Women’s day, we decided to shed light on women’s tremendous powers of creativity, resilience, and strong-willed personalities that have a powerful positive impact on the society at large.

A tribute to women on International Women's Day
A tribute to women on International Women's Day

It is an era of women's empowerment, with more and more women chasing their dreams and standing up for themselves. Today, influential women are going further, doing more, and rewriting the rules by challenging the traditional norms. To celebrate their courage on this International Women’s day, we decided to shed light on women’s tremendous powers of creativity, resilience, and strong-willed personalities that have a powerful positive impact on the society at large. Here are some strong opinions these empowered ladies are bringing forth, and now are about the time you get inspired too.

SowmyaIyer, Founder & CEO – Clarity PR

The journey of an entrepreneur is bitter sweet for a simple reason that the risks are as high as the returns. When Clarity started out, our prospects didn’t show any confidence in our PR abilities. Now, in our team women outnumber men and I am so proud to say that there is nothing that cannot be achieved by women. My team is a power house of talent helping me to be where I am today. With women power, anything is possible. I am taking this opportunity to thank all my clients and associates and my incredible team for believing in me.

Geetika Singh, Founder- Akaaro Consulting and Training

“I am blessed to have a very supportive family and that too from a business background. At Akaaro, we provide end-to-end HR services for start-ups and corporate training for big brands. Being an entrepreneur has taught me a lot. But the reality is that people are still skeptical about female entrepreneurs. I strongly believe if one person can achieve it, then anyone can, irrespective of gender. At each stage be true to yourself and ask if you are actually adding value. Also appreciate the highs and lows of business and life cycle. Over the period, I realised that a great work culture is not an option but a necessity.”

Sanya Nakra, Brand Manager at leading QSR brand & author of The Girl Who Smiled

It is usually assumed that women cannot hustle or wear multiple hats. Women should not feel intimidated about treading unknown paths and exploring what they like. I've worked in e-commerce, FMCG foods, and now the QSR space, and I've followed my dream of writing and publishing books. Writing, up-skilling my knowledge and my quest to explore multiple arenas empowers me every morning, and to practice these is a nugget of advice I would love to share. However, irrespective of gender, working hard towards your goal is non-negotiable. Competition with yourself is how you accelerate your drive to success, and gender is not a comparison metric.

Faizi Khan, Founder – Khayaalon Ki Udaan (Author/Storyteller/Trainer)

Faizi Khan is the founder of Khayaalon Ki Udaan, an initiative devoted to transforming lives with the compelling stories of change.

After 6 years of corporate experience in IT multi-nationals Faizi graduated to storytelling. She has authored Urooj – an enriching collection of stories on freedom and unorthodoxy. Her stories are woven around real-life struggles and triumphs that conclude with thought-provoking climaxes. She wants to empower women across the world to aim higher and believe in themselves.Her journey has been featured and lauded across several esteemed media platforms such as Medium, Womensweb, Suburb, TheQuint, BrilliantRead, etc.In parallel she is a performer, voice over artist and known storyteller for sports events.

Mini Kapoor, Founder-Infinity the LightSpace; Mindfulness Coach & Expert

Mini is a seeker and a continuous learner. After about a decade and a half of successful corporate life, she embarked upon this journey to find her purpose.
Her deep research on how this Universal System is designed through learning on mindfulness, healing, metaphysics, and energy systems have made her reach higher levels of consciousness. Thus, her renditions are a true exponent of her personal experiences, making them more authentic!
She strongly believes that people have all the power and resources within themselves that can help them live a meaningful and fulfilling life. And thus, she empowers people by introducing them to their forgotten self.
She has impacted more than fifty thousand individuals, bringing profound and sustained transformations.

These go-getter women entrepreneurs of today have left no stone unturned in creating a world of possibilities. With their diligent and industrious efforts they are paving the way for women who want to excel and mark their name in their respective fields. Women are working tirelessly to make ends meet and fiercely create history in their own culture.  So, this women’s day let's give hope a new word and women a new chance.