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FREE YouTube Views - 3 Best Places & Tactics In 2023

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FREE YouTube Views - 3 Best Places & Tactics In 2023

Generating content is a huge commitment. Ensuring that you have a consistent flow of views can be hard.

FREE YouTube Views
FREE YouTube Views

Luckily, you have us.

We have found the top 3 sites for getting YoutTube Views (Free & Paid). Check out the full article below!

Full Article Too long? 🏆 Our Top Pick For Free YouTube Views in 2023 is UseViral 🏆

Content generation is no longer limited to cinema or television. You, as a creator or a brand, have the ability to reach out to the global audience directly from your personal space. But what is it that sets you apart in this vast crowd? The answer is YouTube views.

But why are YouTube views critical? Your YouTube views are more than just numbers. They are a reflection of your content's success and popularity. The more views, the higher the reach. They not only boost your digital presence but also enhance your credibility.

Views are essential metrics that level up your content visibility. More YouTube views mean a higher ranking in the YouTube algorithm, paving the way for broader visibility and discovery by new viewers. Achieving free YouTube views is an economical and efficient way to boost your channel's growth.

Here are the top picks as chosen by our team for 2023

#1 UseViral - Our Top Pick 🏆

UseViral is recognized as one of the top services for purchasing YouTube views. The website offers real, active YouTube views from genuine users. This means the viewers would interact with your content, potentially share it, and may even subscribe to your channel.

Some of the key features of involve a high quality of the views, active users, and an element of social proof in your YouTube engagement. A significant benefit of this service is that it potentially accelerates the growth of your YouTube channel by increasing views from active users.

Lastly, has been highlighted as the best site to buy YouTube views in renowned magazines like Forbes and Outlook India, indicating its credibility in the market.

#2 SidesMedia - A Close Second is another top-rated website to purchase real YouTube views. It provides you with views from actual humans who are active on YouTube. These viewers not only watch your videos but could also possibly share them with other users, increasing your visibility on the platform.

Key features of SidesMedia include the delivery of real views and engagement from active YouTube users. Moreover, they also offer a Money-Back Guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust in their services.

Even without specific details about their customer care service in the provided text, SidesMedia's high rating implies efficient customer assistance. This conclusion is also supported by their Money-Back Guarantee, suggesting attentive attention to customer satisfaction.

#3 Growthoid - Not To Be Slept On is one more top-rated option for enhancing YouTube views. The website offers the opportunity to purchase YouTube views at reasonable prices. One of the site's key benefits is its quick delivery and efficient customer service team, which is always on hand for any queries.

Key features include cost-efficient packages, speedy delivery, and a solid Money-Back Guarantee. Their offerings are ideal for those seeking a quick boost in their YouTube view count without breaking the bank.

On the downside, Growthoid does not offer a free trial. For those who prefer cautious buying, this may be a point of contention.

The level of customer care at Growthoid seems promising given the mention of a responsive support team.

Overview of the Strategies to Gain Free YouTube Views

While paid promotions can certainly help in gain instant results, there are numerous strategies to get YouTube views. They involve several matters of careful planning, precise methodology, and active interactions.

From audience engagement through subscriptions, creating engaging content, improving video quality, enhancing video discoverability and visibility to mastering SEO on YouTube - each strategy has the potential to take your channels from good to great.

In the upcoming chapters, we will delve deep into each of these strategies, providing a comprehensive approach to gain free YouTube views.

We will be focusing on how to deliver valuable content that encourages audience engagement and compels users not only to watch but to interact and share, hence multiplying views. Along with key strategies, you'll also find useful FAQs answering critical questions about YouTube views.

The journey to boost your YouTube channel views requires a blend of creativity, consistency, and intricate understanding of how the YouTube algorithm works - a feat achievable with perseverance and the right knowledge. Let's get started!

Audience Engagement and Subscription

Request Your Audience to Subscribe: Why and How?

Engaging with your users begins with a simple, often overlooked step - requesting your audience to subscribe. Your subscriber count equates to a guaranteed set of eyes on every video you upload, your fastest track to free YouTube views. And yet, creators often shy away from requesting for subscriptions. Here's how to do it right:

- Add a call-to-action in your video script, requesting viewers to subscribe

- Explain the benefits they would get - regular content updates or exclusive subscriber-only content

- Reiterate the “subscribe” message in your video description

Interacting with Your Viewers: Building Relationships and Increasing Engagement

Interaction builds trust and fosters a sense of community. When viewers comment on your videos, don’t leave them unanswered. Engage with them, answer their questions, appreciate their praises, or handle their criticisms gracefully.

A habit of responding to comments not only nurtures loyalty among existing subscribers but also attracts new ones. Remember, YouTube values engagement and engagement boosts rankings leading to more free YouTube views.

Incentivizing Viewers If They Subscribe: Examples and Best Practices

Incentivizing is a tried and tested formula not just in retail but also in digital spaces. A well-planned incentive for viewers to subscribe can propel your channel's growth.

- Organize giveaway contests exclusive to subscribers

- Offer sneak-peaks or early access to your new content

- Provide occasional subscriber-only content

Make sure you follow platform rules and regulations while incentivizing subscription.

The Role of Channel Trailers in Attracting New Subscribers

Channel trailers are your shot at making the crucial first impression. It's your elevator pitch to potential subscribers. Your trailer should encapsulate who you are, and what your channel is about, in the most exciting manner possible.

- Make it short, under a minute

- Start with a punchy intro capturing viewers' attention

- Showcase your best work

- End with a compelling call-to-action to subscribe

In the journey for YouTube views, the importance of gaining a loyal audience base cannot be overstated. After all, every subscriber is a direct pass to more views. A community excited about your content will not only watch it but also likely to share it, bringing in more viewers and perspectives to your channel.

Improve Video Content Quality

Guidelines to Create Compelling YouTube Content

To gain free YouTube views, the content itself must be the hero. After all, it's the content that makes viewers click, watch and share. Here are some guidelines to make your content compelling:

- Value Offering: Ensure your content offers value to your viewers. Be it educational, entertaining, inspirational, or problem-solving; it must cater to the needs of your audience.

- Storytelling: Use storytelling methods to engage with your audience. Stories that connect emotionally tend to be more memorable and shareable.

- Quality Production: High-quality video and audio give a professional touch to your content and increase viewer retention.

Keeping Consistency in Publishing: Why It Matters?

Consistency turns viewers into loyal subscribers. When you have a content calendar and a consistent publishing schedule, viewers know when to expect new content. This anticipation drives recurring views.

Consistency also means staying true to the style, tone, and genre of your content. Mixing up too many genres may confuse your audience and dilute your channel's brand.

Offering a Glimpse of What’s Coming Next: Teasers and Previews

Teasers and previews hype up your upcoming content. This marketing strategy has been used by the film and television industry for ages. Short and engaging previews ignite curiosity and create excitement, ensuring viewers come back to watch the full content.

Implementing Watermark to Your Videos for Branding and Security

A channel watermark serves dual purposes. From a branding perspective, it reinforces your brand on every video. From a security perspective, it discourages misuse and re-upload of your content. A watermark can also serve as a subscription button, giving you another avenue to gain subscribers.

Improving video content quality is a foundational step in gaining YouTube views. Viewers are drawn to well-crafted and consistent content. From the value proposition to consistent posting schedule, from enticing previews to guarded watermarks, each element has a role to play in your journey to master the YouTube algorithm. Remember, content is king, always.

Enhance Video Discovery and Visibility

Cross-Promoting YouTube Channel on Other Platforms: A Comprehensive Guide

To exponentially increase your chances of gaining free YouTube views, use the lever of cross-promotion. Most successful YouTubers don’t limit their presence to YouTube alone but expand to other platforms.

- Social Media Platforms: Share your video links on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. You can also add a YouTube tab on your Facebook page, linking it to your YouTube channel.

- Blogs and Websites: Embed YouTube videos in your blogs or website pages. It not only increases views but also improves your site's multimedia content.

- Collaboration with Influencers: Partner with influencers or popular social figures who share your target audience. They can promote your YouTube channel on their platforms.

Creating Playlists to Keep Your Viewers Hooked: Best Practices

Playlists are a powerful tool to keep viewers on your channel longer, hence increasing views. When a playlist link is shared, it auto-plays the whole playlist rather than a single video.

- Theme-Based Playlists: Group your videos into specific themes or topics to make it easy for viewers to watch their preferred content.

- Updating Regularly: Regularly updating the playlist with new content hooks the viewers to your channel.

Using Cards and End Screens to Promote Other Videos

YouTube Cards and End Screens are features that help promote your other content within a video.

- Cards: You can use up to 5 cards in a video which can link to other videos, playlists, or channels.

- End Screens: It appears during the last 5-20 seconds, which can highlight other videos, promote subscriptions, or link to an external website.

Custom Thumbnails: Creating Impactful Thumbnails for Better Visibility

A thumbnail is the first element a potential viewer notices. An engaging thumbnail attracts clicks, increasing the chance of more views.

- Clear and High-Quality Image: Thumbnail should be clear, high-resolution, and well-framed.

- Text Overlay: A brief descriptive text on the thumbnail helps viewers know what the video is about.

Using these strategies, you’ll be able to enhance the visibility and discovery potential of your YouTube channel, pulling in more YouTube views. The impact of these techniques is significant, transforming your channel from being lost in the sea of content to being a standout destination for viewers.

Harness Collaboration and Live Streaming

Collaborating with Other Creators: Increasing Reach and Free YouTube Likes

Harnessing collaborations is a powerful strategy to accelerate the growth of free YouTube views. Collaborating with other creators introduces you to their audience base, consequently expanding your reach.

- Collaborative Video Projects: Partner with analogous YouTubers to create fresh content. Mutual engagement of both the audiences can result in high views.

- Guest Appearances: Make guest appearances in other's videos and invite them to yours. It weaves an exciting crossover narrative.

- Joint Live Streams: Joint live sessions are another fantastic way to capture larger audience attention.

Exploring YouTube Live: Why and How to Adopt it in Your Strategy

YouTube Live is an excellent tool to interact in real-time with your audience. These live sessions are excellent avenues to gain higher engagement, and hence, YouTube views.

- Live Q&As: A live session where you answer viewer queries builds a personal connection and drives engagement.

- Tutorial Sessions: Live tutorial sessions provide real-time guidance to your viewers, increasing your video's value proposition.

- Product Launches or Behind the Scenes: Sharing unique moments live with your audience helps in building transparency.

Coupling collaboration with live streaming can elevate your YouTube presence significantly. It showcases your commitment to engagement, humanizes your brand, and brings in a variety of content for viewers, ultimately driving up your free YouTube views. Make reliability your mantra in live streaming, and use collaborations wisely to enhance your impartial reach.

Mastering YouTube SEO

Introduction to YouTube SEO: What New Creators Need to Know

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't exclusive to websites alone; it's an essential part of garnering more free YouTube views. YouTube SEO means optimizing your channel, playlists, meta data, description, and the video itself, increasing visibility for search queries related to your content.

SEO efforts start with the use of relevant keywords in your video title and description. These keywords help align your content with what your audience is searching for, thereby improving discovery.

Implementing Industry Best Practices for YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO entails more than just stuffing keywords. Here are some industry best practices that help in enhancing the discoverability of your channel and videos:

- Keyword Research: Understanding what your audience is searching for is crucial. Use keyword research tools like Google Trends or YouTube's search bar suggestions for identifying popular search terms in your niche.

- Optimize Video Title and Description: Your video title and description should be keyword-rich but also sound natural and engaging.

- Transcriptions & Closed Captions: Adding transcriptions or closed captions helps in increasing video accessibility and provides more text metadata, which can be indexed by Google and YouTube.

- Video Tags: Using relevant tags aligns your video with similar content, enhancing the likelihood of appearing in 'recommended video' suggestions.

- Optimize Video Thumbnails: A descriptive and engaging thumbnail not only increases click-through-rates but also enhances the SEO.

Mastering YouTube SEO is an ongoing process. The more consistent and focused you are on optimization, the better results you’ll observe over time. By aligning your content to viewer search intent, using the right keywords, and optimizing all aspects, you can unlock a consistent flow of YouTube views.


There are several common questions about generating free YouTube views that many creators often ask. Here are some quick answers to these frequently asked questions.

How to get YouTube views for free?

Getting free YouTube views requires a multifaceted strategy. Creating high-quality content and optimizing it with SEO best practices is the fundamental starting point. Promoting your videos across social media platforms, maintaining consistency in publishing, and working on audience engagement strategies also contribute to your success.

How to get 1k subscribers on YouTube?

Reaching the milestone of 1k subscribers requires effort and strategic planning. Initiating subscriber-engaging features like contests, calls-to-action, or interactive content can encourage viewers to hit subscribe. Regularly interacting with your audience and acknowledging their input helps build a community that can expedite the subscriber growth process.

Does YouTube remove fake views?

Yes, YouTube routinely validates views on videos and employs sophisticated systems to do so. Any artificial inflation of view count, primarily through automated or forced traffic, is against YouTube’s policies. Such activities can result in removal of the video or even suspension of the account.

What is the best Free YouTube View Bot?

Using view bots to artificially inflate views is against YouTube’s terms of service. It's better to focus on organic growth strategies, such as improving content quality, implementing SEO best practices, engaging with your audience, and regularly analyzing and adjusting your content strategies based on performance metrics.

These questions cover just some of the areas that creators often explore as they work to boost their channels. Remember, gaining YouTube views is a dynamic process that requires continuous learning and adaptation to the platform's evolving best practices.


After an exploration of various strategies, we understand that winning YouTube views is no easy task; it requires a comprehensive approach anchored in dedication, consistency, and astute strategic planning.

While we've covered a broad range of strategies to garner free YouTube views, it's important to remember that the digital landscape is dynamic, processes are iterative, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Metrics should guide your strategy and steer your approach towards what works best for your audience.

As you implement these strategies, remember to stay authentic, remain patient, and keep innovating. Your growth on YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint; every strategy adopted brings you one step closer to your goal.

In the end, it's not just about attaining YouTube views but building a dedicated viewer community around your content portfolio. Keep creating, keep experimenting, and success will follow.


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