Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

Founder Avishek Agarwal Talks About The Growth And Expansion Of India’s Leading Platform For Recruitment In Healthcare Sector

Jobizo is the first digitized platform which provides a flexible recruitment process in this segment. The company envisions to nurture the healthcare ecosystem by providing a digital workforce augmentation platform.

Avishek Agarwal, Co-founder, and CEO, Jobizo
Avishek Agarwal, Co-founder, and CEO, Jobizo

In brief, tell us the business model of Jobizo? What are the services you offer?
As of now, we do not charge any money from the workforce to find jobs through Jobizo. This is the prime business model of the company. Though, we charge a small convenience fee from the employers only. Jobizo is an easy-to-use app where healthcare professionals can scroll through and choose short-term jobs from the vacancies posted by the employers. It is India’s first AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) driven aggregator platform for flexible recruitment in the healthcare sector. Jobizo wants to start with “introducing LOCUM jobs'' which is largely an unstructured system. The platform aims to become a one-stop solution for all the healthcare staffing needs be it locum, temporary, or permanent. The company is the brainchild of IFANglobal, which has over 20 years of rich experience in healthcare recruitment and training. This experience has helped us build the platform keeping in mind both sides of the coin, i.e. the recruiter as well the workforce. The platform contributed 15,000 hours of job and patient care within 3 months of its inception.

When talking about healthcare recruitment, there are several players in the market, what is the competitive advantage that you offer to your clientele?
Jobizo is the first digitized platform which provides a flexible recruitment process in this segment. The company envisions to nurture the healthcare ecosystem by providing a digital workforce augmentation platform. We aim to integrate a gig-model application with advanced technology such as Data Science to optimize staff resources. Till now, healthcare sector recruitment is mostly dependent on conventional recruitment methods which has led to a massive shortage of employees and a wide skills gap. Jobizo is on a mission to shorten the wide gap which exists between the workforce supply and demand. The platform assists in fulfilling this requirement with the help of cutting-edge and innovative technology. Jobizo empower job seekers and professionals in the healthcare market to find each other in a hassle free and easy way. 

How will you define and segment your current clientele and prospecting in the future?
Jobizo’s current clientele are a mix of corporates, big/prominent hospitals, small clinics/nursing homes, home-care providers and industries. Our technology has helped these clients hire verified and screened professionals in less lead time than usual. For future, we are prospecting a mix of all these clientele. As our technology is enabling big hospitals/nursinghome/clinics & diagnostic centers in aggregating verified healthcare professionals in reduced time, effort and other resources. Similarly, for big corporations & industries, they are able to hire verified healthcare professionals in a single click without hand holding the professionals in their new environment. We take care of all the initial needs like screening, background verification etc. to make sure that the on-boarding process is simplified.  

On demand healthcare recruitment is skills driven, how do you ensure the quality and fulfillment of services within the platform?
We understand the sensitive environment that healthcare professionals work in and the responsibility that they carry. To ensure the quality, we do a rigorous background verification check  of all the professionals and then only we let them apply for various jobs on  our portal. To ensure the fulfillment of services, our technology is enabled with various features like GPS empowered Mark in Mark out feature, which ensures the professional reaches the premises within the allotted time, rating system and many more. 

Can you briefly tell us the trends you have observed in terms of onboarding healthcare professionals vis-a-vis the services that are most ordered?
We have observed that clinical-healthcare professionals of all departments have signed up on Jobizo. Although we are only letting Nurses and Doctors apply for the open jobs, in the near future, our eco-system would enable all healthcare professionals to apply for open jobs which suit their profiles. Professionals hired through our platform have been a perfect mix of both Doctors and Nurses with rising demand for different healthcare professionals as well. 

Platforms like Practo and similar listing platforms enable on demand consultation as well as healthcare services, how do you think Jobizo configures all this?
At Jobizo, we encourage both employers and employees to adapt to new technologies in the healthcare sector; and changing market trends. We are motivated by seeing new technologies in the healthcare sector, and a future where the Indian Healthcare sector is more affordable and accessible by the majority using different technologies and facilities. 
Our advanced technology has empowered healthcare professionals to work independently and make their own schedule according to suitable time. Similarly for employers, we have aggregated a platform from which they can hire a professional even for a single day. The gap which existed in the market for so long, we are trying to reduce it one day at a time and the growth we have achieved in such a short span of time, shows our acceptance in the healthcare sector. 

What are some of the expansion plans you have in mind for the Indian market and globally, in terms of services, global presence, growth etc.
Jobizo provides its service to various industries that need a healthcare workforce. Currently, the platform is giving its service to around 75+ clients in Delhi/NCR and some in different pockets across India which includes Kolkata, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and certain parts of Mumbai. We are looking forward to launching our services in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka by the end of this fiscal year. This will include the capital of states which are Mumbai and Bangalore, respectively. We are looking to consolidate those people who are currently inactive in the job market.