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Dbol Steroids Pills Reviews: Side Effects, Test Cycle, Before And After Dosage Tablets

Dbol is best known among the bodybuilders and athletes for the purpose of best physique and for fitness and also to gain body muscle mass and help to strengthen the body.


Dbol Steroids Pills Reviews


Dbol is a second name for Dianabol. It is a type of steroid that consists of both of the properties of anabolic steroids and an androgenic steroid. It is usually used in the bulking cycle of a body building. Dianabol is a type of gear steroids that are very effective in the processes of body building that helps to create muscle mass and to strengthen the body.

Steroids are widely used by bodybuilders so steroids on sale are available on the market. Dianabol is considered as a type of oral anabolic steroids. Dbol is sometimes considered as an illegal steroid so we can also use D-bal in the replacement of Dbol as D-bal is considered as one of the most legal steroids.


D-bol (Dianabol):

Dianabol is a type of steroid. Dianabol is a brand name used for the steroid Methandrostenolone, which is an oral anabolic steroid or gear steroid . Dianabol was first discovered in 1955 for the best performance of athletes. Dianabol is always best known for its function of building up body muscular mass and also helps to provide strength to the body. Dianabol is also considered best among the steroids even though it is considered best and powerful than testosterone steroids.

D-bol availability:

Dianabol is mostly present in the form of 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg of tablets. Dianabol is considered as an oral steroid so it should be present in the form of tablets or capsules. Dianabol pills for sale are now available in the market.


Chemical Structure:

Dianabol is considered as a synthetically produced steroid because it is made in the replacement of naturally produced steroids. Chemically Dianabol is also given the name according to its formula which is 17 alpha methyl gamma testosterone or also as a 17-alpha methyl androst-1,4-dien-17 beta-ol-3.

Uses of D-bol:

Dianabol is very popular among many countries because of its benefits to humans. Some of the benefits that are reason for its popularity are:

  • Increment in muscular mass of the body.
  • Help to gain strength.
  • Retention of nitrogen increases.
  • Synthesis of protein occurs increasingly.
  • Rate of production of red blood cells increases.
  • Provide energy.
  • Help to lose fat tissues etc.
  1. Increment in Muscles mass:

Dianabol is used by many bodybuilders and athletes for the purpose of increasing their muscle mass that will strengthen their body, provide them energy, help them to lift up the heavy loads and also in many other bodybuilding cycles.

  1. Nitrogen retention:

Nitrogen retention is the method in which it balances the level of a nitrogen inside the body as nitrogen is very useful as after the less synthesis of protein nitrogen is the one that helps in the process of muscle growth. That’s why Dianabol is useful as it helps to increase nitrogen retention level.

  1. Increment in Red blood cells:


Dianabol is considered very useful as it helps to increase the production of red blood cells and due to which blood flow toward muscles increases and functions properly. Due to this as blood flow increases so oxygen level also increases that will pass from the muscles and then it will provide strength to the muscles of the body.

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Side effects of Dianabol:

As Dianabol has a lot of uses so like other steroids it will also have some side effects that includes:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Gynecomastia.
  • Damage to liver.
  • Testosterone level decreases.
  • Loss of hair.
  • Acne.
  • Change of voice.


  1. High Blood Pressure:

Dianabol intake sometimes increases the level of testosterone which further increases the level of LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol that can block the arteries and can cause blood pressure to increase to incredible levels.

  1. Gynecomastia:

Gynecomastia is a condition that occurs when a man's hormones start to become imbalanced. It is a condition in which men's breasts enlarge because of enlargement in breast tissues. It is very dangerous even though some gynecomastia patients need surgery to recover from this problem.

  1. Acne:

Acne over the face and oily skin occurs because of an increase in production of sebum which is produced in sebaceous glands. Acne is because of the androgenic effect of Dianabol. Dianabol also causes deepening of voice, non-necessary hairs over the body.


Is it Legal?

Dianabol as a gear steroid was firstly totally legal for medical purposes even though it was available at your local doctor but as the time passes it is included in illegal steroids in many countries because of its side effects and only it can be used now by the prescription of the doctor and in the mentioned quantity.

Dianabol Test Cycle:

For Beginners:

Week: 01 Dianabol: 10 mg per day

Week: 02 Dianabol: 10 mg per day

Week: 03 Dianabol: 15 mg per day

Week: 04 Dianabol: 15 mg per day

Week: 05 Dianabol: 20 mg per day



For men about 15 mg to 30 mg is the best dose and for women about 10 mg to 20 mg is the standard dose. Dianabol for sale is available for fitness of both men and women.

Before and After Dosage:

Dianabol is considered one of the best steroids. It has unbelievable effects on a body by increasing the muscular mass of a body, and also in strengthening the body. Before and After storage has the main difference of body muscular mass, strength of body, loss of extra fats from the body etc. Dianabol helps to gain 25 to 30 lb of strength in a first week of 50 mg per day. So by that time its dose also increases. You can buy Dianabol online , USA.



There are many products like steroids as steroids for sale are available that help in body building but the best of them all is Dianabol that helps in regulation of blood toward muscles that further help to increase in muscular mass of a body, providing strength to the body, losing fats from the body, and many more. Dianabol should be taken after consultation from the doctor and if it is used without consultation then its alternative D-bal should be used that has less side effects as compared to D-bol and also d-bal is considered as one of the legal steroids.


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