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Crypto.Com Referral Code To Get $50 On Signup is a very popular crypto exchange where users can trade in different cryptocurrencies. was earlier named as Staples Center and it got too much popularity for the past some times.

Crypto.Com Referral Code To Get $50 On Signup
Crypto.Com Referral Code To Get $50 On Signup referral code is “wfy4mzdge9” to get $50 on signup and free ruby steel metallic visa card. Trading is very popular nowadays because many users are earning a good amount from it. As we know earning through trading is not an easy task, you need to work on different strategies to earn some amount. We know that there are many platforms where users can trade in different crypto coins, we need to go with the best platform providing the best features. is a very popular trading platform where users can start trading, users just need to use this referral code “wfy4mzdge9” at the time of registration. 

About Exchange

If you have some knowledge about cryptocurrencies then you have listened the name of CRO . is a very popular crypto exchange where users can trade in different cryptocurrencies. was earlier named as Staples Center and it got too much popularity for the past some times. If we talk about its total customers base then more than 10 million users are already registered on that platform. 

There are more than 200 cryptocurrencies in which a user can trade on this platform. This is an amazing platform where users can start trading and purchasing with cryptocurrencies, very few platforms are providing this feature for the user’s convenience. Users can also take the part in advanced trading on this platform.

In the starting, users will have to pay a very minimal amount of fees so that users can take some interest on this platform. Users can also deposit amount as per investment because they are providing the interest rate of up to 14.5% on your further investments. Users can also go through some collateral loans and can apply for credit cards where users will get the crypto reward of up to 8% in their wallet.
There are some amazing features that make this platform a perfect choice for you. They are allowing the users 10x leverage with the derivatives of 50x, which is always very risky. All the Novice traders will suggest you not to go with derivatives. Apart from that, they have also some amazing features for businesses because now users can also take their business payment in the form of crypto that will take them to a new and advanced level. 

As we know, this is a big platform where many people are already registered and trading without any issues. They have also provided some amazing sign up bonuses by using a referral code. So let me help you by letting you know how you can register on using a referral code. 

How to Sign Up on using a referral code?

The Sign Up Process on is an easy task where users have to add referral code to claim a certain bonus. So let us know how  can we Sign Up on using a referral code.
●    First of all, users need to visit the official website of to start the process.
●    Then you have to tap on the Sign Up button that is available at the top right of the screen.
●    Then you have to fill in all the details correctly so that you can claim bonus. Users need to know that is a regulated exchange and users have to go through some verification checks to start trading on this platform.
●    Now they will ask you to fill in a referral code to claim bonus. Here, users need to add this referral code to claim welcome bonus.
● referral code is “wfy4mzdge9”
●    Users have to fulfil all the conditions before having the welcome bonus to be submitted in their wallet. 
●    Then after completing all the details, you need to submit it and start trading. 
●    After that, users can also join Referral program to earn more income that will be done by referring more people to this platform.
●    That’s it, in this way, a user can register their account on using a referral code. Referral Program referral code is “wfy4mzdge9” to get $50 on just signup .The Referral Program of has nothing new, users just need to go to the Dashboard and access Referral Tab. Here, users will get the referral code and reference link that will be shared with more people to earn more income. At that time, you and your referral both will get certain bonus after completing the sign up process.
Now if you have referred a person, he will get welcome bonus, and you will get the commission on trading fees paid by them for up to 12 months. Users will get their reward as a CRO, which is a coin of platform. Unlike other platforms, the rewards will not be locked for some time, it will get transferred to the account instantly. Fee is a huge platform where retail investors also come to invest and it has a but complex fee structure. The fee depends on various factors so users need to take care of that and have to trade accordingly. 

The trading fees of this platform is less for makers orders but it will take a lot of time to fulfill it. This trading period will be for up to 30 days. There is also a VIP program that will be very helpful for the users to reduce the trading amount. Basically, there are three VIP levels and the fee amount will be reduced after levelling up every level. But users need to meet different things to meet these requirements. 
Users need to increase their trading frequency to improve their level and after that, users will be able to pay less amount than previous one. So if you want to get more benefits then you have to do more trading on this platform. 


So that’s all about Referral code, you need to make sure that you have to use this referral code “wfy4mzdge9” to get $50 at the time of registration so that you can claim welcome bonus. We have given all the details of this platform so that you don’t have to search for any other thing. Now if you have anything to ask then please let us know in the comment section.