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Cinderella Solution Reviews - Real Weight Loss Program or Fake Flavor-Pairing Ritual?

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Cinderella Solution Reviews - Real Weight Loss Program or Fake Flavor-Pairing Ritual?

Cinderella Solution is a protocol that uses a combination of ancient and science-based strategies to fight excess weight. The program is marketed for women unable to shed extra fat regardless of their diet and workout program. How does it work? Is it effective? Who can benefit from the Cinderella Solution program?

Cinderella Solution Reviews
Cinderella Solution Reviews

Women are genetically favored to gain weight much easier than men. Their hormonal combination makes it easier to gain fat instead of muscles. Many women experience rapid weight gain, particularly after childbirth and menopause.

Estrogen, insulin, and cortisol are hormones that must be in optimal balance to inhibit weight gain and stimulate fat metabolism. Millions of women depend on diet and rigorous activities to combat weight issues.

Numerous dietary supplements and workout programs claim to help sustain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, some of them are too expensive, while others are impractical.

Cinderella Solution is a protocol that uses a combination of ancient and science-based strategies to fight excess weight. The program is marketed for women unable to shed extra fat regardless of their diet and workout program. How does it work? Is it effective? Who can benefit from the Cinderella Solution program?

What is the Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program designed for women. It is based on a hundred years flavor-pairing ritual that supposedly stimulates fat-burning for over 22 hours daily. The protocol can help women lose significant weight rapidly. Similarly, it offers a strong defense system to prevent future weight gain.

The Japanese and Asians are supposedly the longest-living humans across the globe. They consume quality and organic foods that support a healthy metabolism, fortify immunity, and improve their overall health.

The Cinderella Solution is advertised as safe and clinically proven to work on women between 20 and 65. It can aid users in shedding weight six times faster than most diet and workout programs. Users can expect to feel younger, energized, and in control of their appetite without hassles.

How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?

Most diets and supplements are developed to offer temporary results. You can shed a lot of weight and later amass it all. The Cinderella Solution is intended to kickstart a rapid fat metabolism allowing your body to use stored fat for extended periods.

Gaining weight is a gradual process that can affect your health. Diabetes, low libido, lack of energy, and chronic fatigue are common weight gain symptoms.
Many women gain stubborn fat after childbirth and throughout the nursing period. Insulin, cortisol, and estrogen are three hormones that may hinder proper fat metabolism when imbalanced.

The Cinderella Solution is a program that aims to rectify the hormonal imbalance, forcing the body to burn fat. The creator claims that women can experience rapid fat loss within 28 days. The protocol uses a direct and less stressful approach to stimulate fat oxidation. Per the official website, the program supports weight loss in two phases, the Ignite and Launch phases, each taking 14 days to complete.

The Cinderella Solution involves easy-to-follow meal plans that combine particular nutrients to amplify natural fat metabolism. The creator claims that the blend of nutrients is based on scientifically proven foods that aim to stabilize hormones, support fat metabolism, increase energy levels, and amplify weight loss.
The Cinderella Solution maker states that women from certain parts of the world consume high-carb and lots of fat but can maintain a healthy weight naturally. Therefore, a superior combination of foods and a regular workout routine makes it easy to burn fat.

The Cinderella Solution 28-Day Fat-Burning Process

Per the official website, it takes 28 days to complete the Cinderella Solution fat torching cycle. The protocol is divided into two parts, namely:

1. Ignite Phase – 14-Days

The developer, Carly Donovan, explains that this 14-day Phase prepares your body to shed weight. It involves the cleansing phase (detoxification) that aids in clearing toxins that inhibit fat oxidation and stimulate hormonal imbalance. The Cinderella Solution maker alleges that the cleansing phase is crucial in:

Resetting the Insulin Management System -The body produces insulin to break down the carbs and glucose into energy. Insulin malfunction forces the body to store the sugar molecules as visceral fat under the skin.

The cleansing phase supports insulin functions enabling the body to use fat reserves and inhibit fat storage. The Cinderella Solution provides different flavor pairs to stabilize the insulin index.

Stabilize Cortisol Levels – Cortisol, or the stress hormone, stabilizes moods and regulates how the body uses different nutrients. Dangerous cortisol levels result in chronic fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety, headaches, and slow metabolism. The additional flavor pairs in the Cinderella Solution can bring cortisol to optimal levels.
Improve Estrogen Levels – The female body produces high amounts of estrogen during pregnancy and before menses. High estrogen levels slow metabolism, increase cravings, and prevent weight loss.

The 14-day Ignite phase seeks to eliminate foods that cause hormonal imbalance and affect the metabolism. The different flavor sets aim at balancing the insulin, cortisol, and estrogen hormones, thus preparing the body to metabolize fat.

The Ignite process starts with a low-carb diet, and the Cinderella Solution creator provides options for you. The meals supposedly support fat oxidation for extended periods. Carly Donovan recommends eating three meals daily with more focus on a breakfast rich in healthy proteins and fats. Users should consume high-carb, high-protein meals at lunch, and dinner should consist of a high-fat/protein combination. However, the serving and portion sizes should follow the suggested amounts shown in the Cinderella Solution Manual.

The mealtime macronutrients under Ignite include:
●    Breakfast – Royal Fats + Prime Proteins
●    Lunch – Prime Proteins + Power Carbs
●    Dinner – Royal Fats + Prime Proteins

2. Launch Phase – 14-Days

Per Cinderella Solution maker, this stage helps the body to take advantage of the “Toxin-free” body to accelerate weight loss. After cleansing the body using different food pairs, the body is ready for the Launch Phase. The stage aims at:

Optimizing Thyroid Hormone Production – The thyroids are essential in producing a metabolic-boosting hormone. The chemicals support fat oxidation, energy production, and respiration.

Combat Acidity and Inflammations – Unhealthy inflammations and acidity can thwart fat metabolism. The Cinderella Solution combines certain foods and beverages that may stimulate acidity and unhealthy inflammations. The launch phase uses prime proteins to help the body to adjust to a new diet without problems and support cellular health.

Stimulate Testosterone, and Human Growth Hormone Production – The different food combinations in the Launch phase supports the production of testosterone and HGH, which are scientifically proven to initiate fat metabolism and muscle growth. The various flavor pairs allow the body to incinerate visceral reserves throughout the day.

Support Leptin Level – Leptin is the satiety hormone that supports weight loss. It hinders the brain from releasing hunger hormones and lowers cravings.
The Launch Phase speeds the metabolism by combining high-carb and protein-rich superfoods. Cinderella Solution creator recommends combining the 14-day Phase with physical exercises. The meal macronutrients under the Launch phase include:
●    Breakfast - Prime Proteins + Power Crabs
●    Lunch – Royal Fats + Prime Proteins
●    Snack – Prime Proteins + Power Carbs

Cinderella Solution Flavor Pairs

The Cinderella Solution is a 4-week digital program that supports weight loss by helping users to change their eating rituals. Some of the flavor pairing examples include:

Orange and Ginger

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and clinically proven to raise fat oxidation. Ginger comprises compounds that support digestion and bile production. In combination, the duo can help the boy to burn fat for extended hours.

Kale/Spinach/Lettuce and Olive Oil

Vegetables such as lettuce, kale, and spinach are rich in vitamin K, which supports healthy blood pressure and combats visceral fat. Olive oil is rich in healthy fats that hinder cravings and support weight loss.

Fish and Lemon

Most fish varieties have omega three that support digestion, healthy cholesterol, and fat oxidation. Lemons contain antioxidants and potassium to inhibit cravings and support heart health.

Egg and Pepper
Peppers are rich in capsaicin, which supports healthy fat metabolism. The eggs are rich in amino acids and zinc and are known to control appetite and hinder overeating.

Oatmeal and Apple
Oatmeal is a form of fiber that supports digestion and satiety. The apples accelerate fat oxidation and improve digestive health.
English Muffin and Cinnamon

Gluten-free English muffin provides the digestive system with fiber. Similarly, it can regulate hunger and appetite. Cinnamon is a potent anti-inflammatory that also slows down the absorption of high-fat meals.

Honey and Turmeric

Raw and organic honey can enhance insulin levels and improve the absorption of turmeric. The orange-colored spice is an anti-inflammatory that battles obesity and improves heart health.

Cinderella Solution Benefits

●    It can support healthy weight loss and inhibit fat gain
●    The Cinderella Solution may help the users to adopt healthy eating habits
●    The protocol stimulates energy production and combats fatigue
●    It can fortify the immunity
●    No exercise equipment or gym memberships
●    Done for you pre-made calendars with recipes
●    For women in their 30's up to people in their 60's.
●    The Cinderella Solution balances three major hormones and combats sleep issues.
●    It can support heart health and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
●    The Cinderella Solution may support healthy menstrual flow
●    It can balance moods

Pricing for The Cinderella Solution

The Cinderella Solution is only available via the official website for $37.00 and is a one-time payment . It is a comprehensive digital eBook that becomes accessible to users immediately after payment. The creator offers other bonuses that support your weightless journey, including:
●    Fat-Loss Master Plan
●    Cinderella Accelerator Movement Sequencing Activity Guide
A solid 60-day money-back guarantee protects the Cinderella Solution. Unsatisfied customers can reach out to the company by sending an email to:
●    [email protected]

The Cinderella Solution is a comprehensive weight loss digital eBook that uses a flavor-pairing technique to combat obesity. It is marketed towards women 30 and older who cannot lose excess weight. The Cinderella Solution offers a fast yet safe four-week weight loss program that uses pairing food combinations with exercise for quick results. The meal plans pair several food types to stimulate fat metabolism, improve energy production, and balance insulin, cortisol, and estrogen hormones.

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